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Tails from A Yellow LabbyTrieber

Summer Fun

August 7th 2005 8:12 am
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Deer Diary,

It habs ben a gud summer, cept for da heat here in Mitchigan. We dont hab air conditionin' an it gets reely, reely hot in da house wen mom an dad boff go to wurk at da same time (ownley on Wed. an Fri., fank gudness).

My fend Callie jus sent me an my bruvver, Foydee, each a skeemin' munkey in da mail. I lubs doze skeemin' munkeys! I bites dem an dey skeems, so I bite dem sum more, an dey skeems sum more! Too much fun.

I am goin wiff mom to Lancaster, PA dis weekend to da "Summer Geyhound Festibal." We are going to hep Aunt Cara sell her geyhound stuff der. I usually stay in da vendor boof all day an nap. I am going to by my lubly feeansay, Lady Lilac, sumpfin der, too. She canna go to da Festibal dis year.

I hab lost almos 20 pounds since Januwary on my cancer diet ob Chicky an Bejables an Bitamins. Eberybuddy says I's lookin' bery "svelte." I doan no what dat means, but I fink it means I's lookin' piddy gud now. I sure do feel bedder. I ken hop up in da car a lot eazier, dats fer shur.

Welp, gotta go take a nap wiff my munkey. Hope all my fends an Pup Pals is habin' a gud summer too!

Knight Brownie


I's Back!

April 28th 2005 3:31 pm
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Welp, I's back from da geyhounds ebent at Cheddysborger. I did get bedder bery fast, so mom sed I cud go. We did da looonnnggg dribe on Fyday. Now mos ob yous no dat I be's on a speshul diet fer my cancer. But eberytimebs da hoomins did stop fer da food, I gots to eat sum ob it, an I will bark to you dat it wuz jus da best!! I lubs to eat, an I gets to do lots ob dat wen I goes on da baykayshuns. My faborites be's dem homborgers an doze fencha fies. YUM!

My Aunt Cara an my Mimi (dat be's my skin grandma) went wif me, an so did my cuzin Snow (hers be a geyhound). Mom started goin' to dees geyhound ebents to heps my Aunt Cara sell fings der dat dey makes (dey be's cawled "bendors"). Now, wen I wuz at da bendin' boof (cuz I do hep, see), lots ob my fends came by to sniff heineys. Dey bawts deys moms and dads wif dem so dey cud gibs me lots ob pettin' an lubbin' (dey doan like to sniff heineys.... magine dat). Dey awso be ubber bendors der sellin fings, an dey allays seembs to be a bendor dat makes biskies (sum ob you canines cawls dem "cookies"). So I allays walkies my mom ober to dem kines ob boofs... hee hee hee.... Oooh oooh... an dey had dem a ice-ah ceam soshul at dis ebent!! I gots da peenut budder kine - it wuz bery tasty!! (Wuz hound ice-ah ceam, not hoomin ice-ah ceam).

Satyday night wuz "Da Greyt Heiney 'Niffin Ebent" whar all da puppers from my kindom gots togevver to sniff heineys an meet. I met lots ob my frends dat I ben barkin' wif on da bord fer long timebs now, but habs not eber met, so dat wuz purty kewl. Awso, my frend Duncan tole hims mom dat I lubs treaties, so hers made me sum speshul ones jus fer me (butt I did shar one wif my reely gud hound frend, Sir Cody).

Sunday mornin' we wuz bendin' agan an it wuz cold, fellas. But I sniffed more heineys, an gots sum more treaties, so it wuz fine wif me! Sunday night wuz not gud... see, Cheddyborger is a place whar dey fawts a greyt baddle called da "Cibil War" an lots ob hoomins did die der. So der be ghosts der, in Cheddysborger. Welp, da owney place to pee pee outside was in da bakyard ob da place we wuz stayin at, an neivver me or my cuzin Snow wud go der, cuz dey wuz ghosts! Den, Sunday night, one followed us back into da hotel apter I dun pee pee'd outside!!!!! Hims did not gets in da ellybaytor (fank doG), but it skeered me anyroo!

Munday wuz leabin' day, an dey did tricks me. Dey puts eberyfing back in da trieber mobile, an we all gots in, an we dribed an dribed, den I beguns to see dat we's not goin' anywhar!!! Turns out, we wuz dribin' round on dem baddle fields. Dat wuz bad enuff, but den, we drobes up to a big piture ob one ob da greyt war generals, an he wuz on hims horse, Trabbeller. Eberybuddy got out to look at da General an da Trabbeller.... so I wuz gonna get out too (I figgured I wud pee pee on Trabbeller, an dat wud be a greyt story to bark wen I gots home) but dey wudna lets me outta da trieber mobile!!!! How roood!!!!

So finally we gots home, an I ben makin' up fer lost timeb - I gots naps dat needs to be taked, an bonesez dat need chewin', an my pee-mail ben fadin' so I habs lots ob refreshin to do. I did gets a nu toy at Cheddysborger - is a skeemin' munkey. I bitesez him an shakesez him an he jus skeems an skeems. Is lots ob fun to hate dat munkey!

Till anubber timebs,
Knight Brownie


I Needs to Get Bedder QWIK!!!

April 21st 2005 7:37 pm
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I habs not ben feelin' too gud laytley. Firs I cudna poo, den I gots da big D. I fink is from da cancer mebicines I ben takin'... I doan gots to take dem no more after today. Da bet doktor gabes me a dipperent mebicin to make my poo bedder. But I wuz upposed to go on a baykayshun tomarrow to a geyhound ebent in Gettysburger, Pencilbaynia. I fink I barked afore dat lots ob my pals, a cupla my cuzins, an da gurl ob my deams all be geyhounds (da kine da oosed to race at da trak, but now dey be's attired an doan gots to wurk no more, which is bery nice).

Anyroo, now mom sez mebbe I canna go to da baykayshun. So I am bery unhappy bout dat. Hope I be's lots bedder tomarrow so I ken go! Wish me luck!



My Nu Pitures on Dogster

April 8th 2005 7:46 pm
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Today Mom put sum nu pitures ob me here on Dogster. Der is one dat I sent to da lubly Lady Lilac, whar I gots my best duds on, an sum roses for her... I sended dat to her on Balentine's Day wif a proposal and she barked YES! Can you beliebe dat? I's gettin married! I lubs dat hound soooo much - hers is so beeyoutiful. Hers be's one ob my pup pals, so you ken look der ip you wud like to see a piture ob her.

Da ubber two pitures ob me is wen I went to da "Sandy Paws" ebent in Jaja (mom sez its spelt Georgia, but down der, dey calls it "Jaja"). One is ob me on da beach wif my mom. Aldoe I is a yellow labby trieber, I doan like da wadder, so you ken see I wuz NOT goin' in der.

Da ubber piture is ob me in my knight ewniform. See, mom gets on da puter an posts to dis bord whar da moms all talk bout der hounds (most ebery doggie on da bord is a rescued geyhound). On dis bord, da hounds get to post too (we calls it "tic tic" cuz dats what our pawnails sound like on da puter keybord wen we's typin....). OK, so dees hounds all b'long to a kindom (da Kindom ob da Skware Tabble) and eben doe I aints a geyhound, dey let me join da kindom, an I wuz bonked "Knight Brownie, Trieber ob Royal Fings." An lots ob us in da kindom gots ewniforms. I lubs my ewniform... see dat reely kool sord hangin' on my side? My girlhound, da lubly Lady Lilac gibs dat to me. I's so prowd ob dat sord!

So it took us two days to dribe to Jaja and two days to dribe back, and dat wuz my firs-eber baycashun. I's goin' on anubber baycashun in cupla weeks. Dis time we be goin' to anubber ebent dey cawl "Geyhounds in Gettysborg." Dis will be eazy I fink, cuz mom sez it owney takes one day to dribe der. Whew.

I guess da ubber fing I shud bark to you bout is my cancer. I gots da mast cell tumors kine ob cancer. Dey found dat in July last year, an I got six dipperent surgurees to remoob dem bad lumps, an dey still kep comin' back. So mom sed I dinna habs to do dat no more. We went an found a reely gud diet to fight dat cancer, and is wurkin reely gud fer me. So I doan wurry bout nuffin. I lubs my nu diet - chicken an begetables!! Yum!!!

Will write more in my nu diary layter.

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