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Home:Shawnigan Lake, a, Canada  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 12 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 11-25 lbs

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The Noidster, Little man, Little boy, skinny butt and Noid the freak-a-zoid

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

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Quick Bio:

June 13th 2004

1st and foremost Mommy, 2nd food (see favs below) and 3rd a nice snuggle with Ryder on the doggy mat in front of their own spaceheater

baths, nail clipping,

Favorite Toy:
His pink piggy that he picked out from several different toys at Petsmart

Favorite Food:
Sadly Noid has been diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called Cystinuria and has to be on a prescription diet so no more tasty treats :-(

Favorite Walk:
All around the back trails and logging roads up behind our house

Best Tricks:
twirls in circles while on his hind legs, high fives and shake a paw, sit pretty and crawling

Arrival Story:
We saw him on and a week later we went to Surrey BC just a ferry ride away and picked him up. We went into the apartment building and rode the elevator up to the breeders floor and as we turned the corner in the hallway he was standing just outside his doorway and started barking at us then spun around and ran back in the apartment. As we got closer he came back out and came and sniffed me then turned and ran again, it was at that moment we knew he was going home with us! We went in and paid for Noid who happened to be named Potter at that time and asked just a couple of questions and then bundled him up and went on our way! We went back to the car where Ryder our other dog was waiting and introduced them then left and caught the very next ferry to get back to the Island! He has been my little boy ever since!

Noid has recently been diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called Cystinuria , it basically means that he forms crystals in his bladder which can move into the urethra and cause blockage and stops him from being able to pee! There are not many options and there is no cure at this time however we doing as much as we can at this point to help the poor little boy! He now is on a restricted prescription diet which unfortunately he hates :-( We are also looking into drug therapy however the one drug Thyiola is nat available in Canada but D-Penicillamine is so that may be an option. Failing all else is the Scrotal Urethrostomy which basically means a new hole is made for him to pee from. UPDATE: well we tried the diet and it didn't work, Noid still formed crystals as large or larger than previous and on May 15th 2008 Noid underwent the Scrotal Urethrostomy. It became a situation where we had no other choice, Noid had to have it as he could not keep going back every few months to have a catheter and flushing the bladder. He continued to have blockage and this last time he went in he had clogged again within one day. He has been through a rough time it has been very hard on him and according to the vet has probably been in pain for a very long time which may have contributed to his cranky demeanor. On the upside however he is healing very nicely since the surgery and is almost back to his wonderful little self and on Friday May 30th/08 he gets his sutures out. Noid is the inspiration for his new on-line Doggy Boutique Please come and check us out and don't forget to sign the guestbook!

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Noid's doggy daze

UpDate on Noid

May 27th 2008 9:28 pm
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Yes it has been a very very long time!

Guess life just gets busy sometimes and for a long while just didn't really feel like being here and we are sorry to any and all of Noids friends for just up and dissapearing!

Many changes have gone on and more to come too but the two most important ones are that Noid has been diagnosed a while back with a rare genetic disease called "Canine Cystinuria" and the second major change is that Big Brother Ryder has been re-homed to family friends because of many reasons one of which is Noid's condition!

So about Noid's Cystinuria......
he was diagnosed back in August 07 and we went on the diet management program where the Vet Prescribed science diet U/D that didn't go well and Noid lost weight and would not eat it.

The vet then put Noid on a strict home cooked diet of boiled hamburger, pasta veggies and supplements which he didn't care for but did eat!
We could not get the one drug Thyiola here in Canada that apparently helps with his condition and there was one other drug penicillamine-D but the vet didn't like what the side effects were so we stuck with home coooking.

Well on May 14th Noid stopped being able to pee again and was rushed to the vets where they did the cathiter and flushed his bladder and we took him home.
By the next evening however he blocked again so back to the vets this time after checking him out she urged us to have the scrotal urethoscopy done as he was going to be a stone former and we couldn't keep this up for much longer.

So on May 16th Noid had the surgery, basically they re-route his "plumbing" and make a hole for him to pee from at the base of the scrotum this way no crystals get into the penis at all to block the urethra. The opening is larger and the route shorter and he now should be able to pass the crystals befoer they form into large stones.

He is healing well and although for several days afterwards he slept alot and had an awful lot of bruising all over the penis the belly and his bum and Wow the blood, there was a lot of blood! Thankfully doggy diapers were invented.
He was so weak even taking a step or two winded him but now almost 2 weeks later he is stronger and the bruising is gone and he gets the stitches out on Friday.

He is still not 100% but I expect zoomies and him to be better than before in no time! He is a little trooper.

So we figured we should at least update here in case anyone wondered where and what happened to us and to say we hope that all is well with everyone we do think of you often!


New Food a No Go

September 16th 2007 1:17 pm
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Well I do Not like Hill's science diet prescription U/D
yucky hate it won't eat it in fact hate it sooooooooooo much Mommy was getting worried again because I was losing weight over a pound in under 2 weeks!

How the heck would she like to eat bland tofu forever tho I mean come on really now!!!!

She had a chat with my Vet and she gave us some kidney friendly ultra-low protein recipes and supplements that have to be added to the food but at least now I will eat.

The other day I had shell macaroni with boiled hamburger and carrots, not horrible a little bland but hey it's not that tofu like crap!

Tonight on the menu is boiled rice mixed with hamburger, personally I think there should be more meat than there is but hey some is better than none right?
Mommy is mixing it together then making it into meatloaf and veggie of the day is broccoli.

Took another pee sample to the vets yesterday...hahahaha got to pee on mommy's hand while she was trying to get it in the cup maybe that will stop her hehehehehe

She was talking to daddy tho about making a cup with a long handle for future pee samples...hmmmmmm guess that means this is going to be a regular thing?
And just what is this litmus paper that they mentioned, hope it's not anything nasty or tasteless?!?!

OH OH got to go run and hide here she comes with a pill.......


I'm Back

September 5th 2007 11:21 am
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And yes it has been a very very very long time!!!!

Lots has happened and much has changed and not really any excuses for not being here or keeping touch other than mommy needed a break from all the computer stuff and then the computer crashed and we had to get a new one and lots of stuff was lost....

Anyways biggest change is that I am one sick little puppy this however is just a recent thing we found out, August 2007 not even 2 weeks since my diagnoses!

It started on August 24th 2007 and my mommy noticed that I wasn't pee'ing properly trying to go alot of times but only dribbling so she knew something was very very wrong!

I was taken to the Vets on Saturday and they kept me overnight, very scary as I had never been away from mommy and daddy before!
The vet had to put me under and used a cathiter #5 french to try and get the stuff that was blocking my ability to pee *yikes*
well they got most but not quite all of it as I had to go back on Thursday to do that all over again! Talk about a sore wee wee!

The vet sent samples off to the lab and found out that the blockage were small little cystine crystals that were lodged in the urethra and some in the bladder.

Also this is a genetic condition and I will have to be on a ultra low protien diet for life! Yuck too I am not crazy about it, mommy says it looks and feel alot like tofu.
I'm not allowed any of my favorite treats like pepperoni or bacon or cheese, the vet says that mommy has to be very strict about that and can't feel quilty and give in because this is so serious that if we aren't very careful kidney failure could happen and well that is not good at all.

There is also a drug that could possibly help but it's not available in our country and it's extremely expensive, mommy says that that doesn't matter though! She is researching to see if there is anything else out there though but because this disease is so rare there may not be too many options.
She is very very worried I can sense that so I am trying to be a good boy and eat that yucky food to make her happy!

Now however she is worried that I am not drinking enough but it's still smarting when I pee so who wants to drink???
She has taken to adding water to my food so that I get some extra water intake I guess that's a good thing but she sure is being fussy!

I guess I just don't understand what all the fuss is about but I am glad that my mommy and daddy love me and are doing what they know should be done even if I don't like it.

Mommy also started a Noid Store for me too where my cute little face is on Tee's and coffee cups and license plate frames and all kinds of stuff!
Not making many sales yet though and mommy hopes soon things will pick up to help pay for some of the vet bills that she has been getting but even if not she is happy just having things at home with me on them!

I even have 2 cartoon versions of me, one is Goth Noid which there is a picture on my page and the other is Anime' Noid in the style like the Japanamation which is very cute!

If inclined please check out our store

Well it's nice to be back, hope to catch up with all our old dogster friends soon hope they just aren't too mad at us for not being around though and dissapearing like the way we did!
Puppy Please forgive us ;-)

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