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A Dog's Tale


November 1st 2005 1:27 pm
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Halloween was fun as usual and this year I was a devil. I had the horns and a cape. My adopted sister, Bonnie (the hyperactive border collie) was spider man. We looked smashing if I do say so myself. not a lot of people came to our hous though. I think our street is just to dark. Not a lot of people on my block like to pass out candy on Halloween or maybe it's because everyone on our street has kids and are just taking them out to trick-or-treat. I wish some families would pass out doggie treats. I'll suggest that to my human family that way everyone can go trick-or-treating and those other poor dogs won't have to stay home on Halloween night. While trick-or-treating one of my human brothers got a black eye. One of his friends was waving their arms around and accandentaly hit him in the eye so all his friends came over and I got to hang out with them. Even though it is the day after Halloween but HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!


chanuka / christmas

December 26th 2004 8:28 pm
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So every year my human family celebrates 2 holiday's: Christmas and Chanuka. They don't give eachother gifts for chanuka though. This year was my sister, Bonnie's, first year and my older human sister gave Bonnie and I some doggie doughnuts and some raw hides that looked like sparklers. They were all very yummy. There are still some sparklers left. I hope I get some later on when my human sister comes home. Yummy yummy yummy. Maybe another member of my human family will give me one. I'll go ask. Bye!


a poodle puppy

November 22nd 2004 10:18 am
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I met a poodle puppy over the weekend. Her name is Brownie. She's only a couple of moths old but she looks just like me when I was younger. Someone is trying to call her Mila. Like she's gonna respond to that. Come on! It's like hello! anyone home? Anyways, I played with her and my sister Bonnie (who had to stay on her leash, hahaha) for a little bit then I chased after this little bit sized dog. Man, that little dog made me so tired. A little while later it multiplied. There was 3 of them! I gave up after that. I was laughing for a little bit because my dad hooked Bonnie's leash onto my other human sister's pants and let go. My human sister was being pulled for a little but by Bonnie but took the leash off her pants and threw threw the leash. I don't think my human dad liked that to much, neither did my human mom. It was a fun day though. Bonnie and I had to wait in the car though while my human's went to get Starbucks and exchanged something at Trader Joes. They really like that place since one was opened near our house. A couple minutes later they came back with more than they left with. Bonnie and I had windows to hang our heads out of though so we were ok. Oh, I hear a treat with my name on it. BYE!

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