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Hayley's Diary Days

I had a birthday...yipee!

August 20th 2005 9:14 am
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My birthday was August 13, 2005. I am now officially one year old. Boy, I have had so much fun with my new family. They love me so much! Sadie is always letting me nibble her ears and bite at her tail. She plays tug of war with me all the time. I just love her.

Zoe will now play with me. At first she wouldn't, but now she does. Since she is deaf, I always alert her to when daddy comes home. I tell her when Justin boy or Jennifer girl gets home too. She tells me thank you and that she appreciates the tip's. She really is sweet when she wants to be.

My daddy takes me and Zoe on scooter rides everyday! Yippee, I can't wait to go again. He lets us sit in a basket between his legs, and we just fly down the road, with our ears flying in the wind. Yeah! I love to have the wind blow my face.

Boy, isn't life just grand!


My new home

October 28th 2004 5:16 am
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Oh, how exciting, I have a new family. There is mom who came and got me, she is so wonderful, she gives me belly rubs and kisses me all over. She smells so good and I love sleeping on her neck. My new dad is GREAT. He lets me nibble his ears and sleep on his pillow next to his head. He has no hair, so I keep his head warm. Justin boy, what can I say...he is cool...he lets me chew anything in his room. Jennifer girl is very kissy...she squeals when she sees me everyday, I really love her.

Then there is Sadie, what a lady. I really look up to her, and she has made me feel so welcome. She lets me play with all of her toys and she plays chase and tug of war with me. She likes it when I snuggle and nip at her ears.
Zoe, what can I first I didn't think she was going to like me. She growled at me everytime I looked at her that first day. She also snapped at me and made me cry. But, that night she gave up her spot beside of Dad's head to me...that was sweet. So, now I think she is warming up to me. She lets me take naps with her. Sadie told me that Zoe is deaf and that, that is why she is a little cranky. Well, now I have to look out for her, after all I need to be her ears. I love that Zoe!

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