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Desert Princess

Sweet Desert (No not Dessert Dog) Dog

June 28th 2010 9:41 pm
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I accept that my adopted son/bro pup gets a lot of attenti
on..he is kind of cute,but I am the Alpha Dog..I am running this show and I will not let my mom forget it.. I have outbested coyotes and chased wild hares down..and forget slow movin' humans and if I ever get my paws on that postal carrier I am the one who will go postal..The Golden Chow in me is contradictory with rough Chow and sweet Golden..I am a force of nature to be reckoned with Aaroooo


My Day

October 10th 2010 3:23 pm
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Mom told me it is my Birthday today and I am about nine years old. I am moving a bit slower these days and have to take DGP after I eat my breakfast. I love Dodger but he is just the right size and fits right under me and I know he is trying to trip me up but he also cuddles up wth me and mom on the bed at night. I have learned you have to take the good with the bad. I always talk to mom when she first comes home from work and still leap onto the bed and I can crumb snatch with the best of them ( mom calls me Hoover at times ). I like to lay in the sun and do my happy couch dance after a vigorous massage or belly rub. Mom is going to treat me to a spa day at Petco next Weekend. Mom says I am a sweet ducklin' and I will be getting the works. And I will get some meat later tonight after my Milkbone ( MY FAVE!)..Snarfle, snarfle ...


I Did Not Fall In The Pool Mom, I Meant To Go For A Morning- Swim, Geez".

August 25th 2011 6:55 pm
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So on Tuesday I was outside and I was barking at a squirrel on the power line and I was REALLY into it and then SPLASH into the pool I went. One of mom's roommates (who doesn't swim well) ran into the house where mom was on her treadmill and alerted her that I was now dogpaddling like a mad fool (Heck I am part Golden) and then mom's other roomie reached into the pool with super strength and picked me up by the collar.. There I was dripping with water and humiliation as that darn squirel laughed and chattered up a storm. Okay for you squirelly but I will have my day so don't let me catch you in my backyard..Grrrrr!


My Day

October 10th 2011 6:43 pm
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Thanks to all my pals for the Birthday wishes! Mom came and gave me a big old hug and wished me a Happy Ducklin' Day and I got just a little bacon fat on my food. "What kind of treat would you like Miss Ducklin'on your most special day?" asked mom. I looked at her with a smirk and told her "Food mom. You know that I like food and especially cheese and meats of any kind". Mom said I can have a little bit of food "in moderation". I don't know nothin' about no moderation.. sounds like that is for cats..Anyway I have had a great B-Day and off I go to play with Charlie and Dodger!!! Smooches to all!!


I'm Still Standin'

January 7th 2012 10:16 pm
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Happy New Year! I am an old lady now; I move slower and my eyes are getting a little hazy and my hearing is not as it once was but I have better days than not, can frisk like a pup at times and I can still bound into the bed to snuggle with my with my mom. I can still show the boys that I am the true Alpha Dog, send out a hearty watch dog growl when needed and my appetite is fierce and my love of food unparelled. I play when I want and run like a she pup and there is no love like the one I have with my peeps. I have many things to teach to my furmily still.. Patience, Selflessness,Unconditional Love and a true appreciation for nature and the natural way of things.. As mom says Change is the only constant in Life.. Be Well my furiends!!


I Am Flying Now, See Me Spread My Wings!

February 28th 2013 4:08 pm
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I had not been feeling well for a few months now.. Was drinking excessively (probably kidney failure) was urinating in the house (until mom put me on a water routine) and the last week I had been throwing up and was sometimes throwing up my food. I also was starting to fall and when mom saw the pinkish tinge in the water I threw up today she and the other mom took me to the vet. Mom told the vet I was exhausted (well yeah I am fourteeen after all and you see how you feel when you are getting up there mom.. gosh). Mom and mom (I am lucky to have two moms) told me it was time to rest.. kissed me all over my head and said such wonderful things to me that I was blushing (I know it was hard to see mom with all this fur but I was I tell you). I will miss my brothers, Dodger and Charlie and even that cat Gypsy Butters who always took a playful swipe at my tail when I passed by him perched upon the couch. I got my wings and am now at the Rainbow Bridge with all my old and new pals.. Don't cry so much moms I am still with you in spirit and I will be waiting here for you just like you told me and until then when you feel me jump up on the bed to snuggle up with you or hear me talking to you like I did when I wanted a little more attention know I am still watching over you until we meet again.. Aarrrrooooo!!!

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