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Living Like A King

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A Terrific Tuesday Nite

January 28th 2009 3:40 am
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What a FANTASTIC Tuesday night I had!

WOW! I just love being a dog!

Mummy came home and we were good boys in the royal xpen. Only a pee on the towel that mum lays out. How good are we??? We got a GRREEAATT long walkie around the palace grounds and neighborhood and of course, I led the way! Man, the weather was nice, I got in alot of new smells, did some needed barking to keep the subjects in line....just a really really really great walk!

Then we got our chicken and kibble. It seems as if mum made it extra special because boy did it taste muy bueno. (See how multilingual I have become as the Prince of Alpharetta). I licked it all up and did not have to be cajoled into eating it! I even finished before my brother, the ole lard butt.

Oh, and then THE COOKIES!! We got TWO! How GRREEAATT is THAT??

And then the bestest. Two words - MINI and RITAS!!

We got to ride in the mini (gosh I just LOVE the mini) and we went to a pet place for food. I was smelling everything. Of course EVERYONE says, "look at the cavaliers!" "Can I pet them"? "How cute". GEEZ, the things I need to do to satisfy my public. They have a cookie bar at this place and mummy bought us each a cookie. YUMMMERS!

Then, (no my fantastic evening did not end yet) we went back into the mini and we were off to RITAS!! I love Rita's Water Ice! Skye never had it and it has been a while since I have had that flavorful treat. Well, was I excited when I saw the cherry water ice! GIMMEE! GIMMEE! GIMMEE! And of course, the other loyal subjects who were at Rita's just adored me to bits (and Skye too). I just loved eating my water ice. And Skye kinda liked it too!

Then we went back home and Skye and me fell asleep in the back of the mini. Mummy had to carry us inside and then we ran upstairs and wanted to go to bed. Mummy was not tired yet but we were! I got my Buddy and held him in my mouth and stared at mum until she finally said ok and we went to bed!

Gosh what a wonderful life as a the Prince of Alpharetta!!


The weekend in bullet points

January 27th 2009 9:46 am
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1. Will was over this weekend and spent TWO nights in the big soft bed with me, Skye, mum and dads. He stayed under the covers. I love it when Will comes over -know why - WE PLAY ALL THE TIME!!!

2. WE GOT TO GO TO WAGGY WORLD!! All 3 of us! YEAH BABY! I love Waggy World. Needless to say, we were exhausted when we got back to the palace! You think that is why dads took us there in the first place???

3. NO BATH this weekend!

4. I got to ride in the Mini on Monday (you know I JUST LOVE THE MINI) but we got taken to that place. You all know that place. The men with the white jackets, smells like a bunch of animals and medicine....THAT place. Didn't like it, not one bit. But at least I did not hid my face in mums arm the entire time like SOME cavaliers.

5. Got to play with the red light stick thingy. Gosh I love that red dot. All of us are OBSESSED with it!

6. Got the old ears brushed too. HATE IT.



January 26th 2009 12:38 pm
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I have been tagged to play this "sporty" game by my amigo Nibbles.

Here's how it goes:

You caught the football pass, so here's the next "play" - hurry and pass the ball to 5 of your teammates so they can make a touch down. Write down 5 funny things about yourself. Also, please leave me a bone and ask those who visit your diary to leave you a bone so you will know they have been there! That's the "huddle"message, so let's line up and have some fun!!!

1. I have to take my buddy outside with me when mummy comes home and lets us out. I carry him in my mouth the entire time.

2. I am very possessive with my food. I dont like to eat but I dont want anyone else to have it.

3. I go on walks like I am on a MISSION! Nose is constantly to the pavement!

4. I chase anything I can see outside - leaves, birds, the moon, an airplane....

5. I circle around exactly 3 times before I poo!

I'm going to p-mail five furiens to get out there on the field and play!


Skye boy is a Diary Pic!!

January 22nd 2009 4:20 am
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Well what do ya know! My little brother is a DIARY PIC OF THE DAY!

I had to tell him that this was no awards show and not to make a dogbutt outta his self by going around and giving an acceptance speech like I did. I can make a faux pas - I am a prince - and you know faux pas' just roll off princes like egg on teflon! (not only am I witty, dashingly handsome and worldly I am also very smart with using scientific terminology like "egg on teflon").

So - I lift my bully stick up to my lil bro and say WELL DONE OLD CHAP to the Duke of Weatherstone!

(Just don't go getting a big head over this, because you already have a big ole butt!!)


Mom's got a Loser Stench!

January 20th 2009 10:24 am
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OH JOY! The pawrents have returned!

I thought they would and I kept telling Skye that they would, but you know, you NEVER know. I had a doubt but I never let Skye know.

I love Miss Maureen and her family but it's only like a short holiday and then I want back in my house. Yes, the Bunco ladies just loved me. Yes, I love playing with Maddie and Rosie and all the attention Miss Maureen and Mr Mike give me. But I need my mummy too.

Ok, so mum and dads come into the door last night and Skye saw them first as I was busy. Well, I heard dads voice and bolted to the front door. THERE THEY WERE! I quickly jumped on mummy's lap and immediately showered her with my kisses. Mine are better than Skye's! I tried to get him outta the way but he took his big ole butt and back his self right into mummy for attention. LOOK AT ME MUM!

Well, I got scared for a sec0nd because Dads says when I am sitting on mum's lap that I need to be careful that I do not get any of mum's LOSER STENCH on me. I smelled mum real good and she smelled normal. Is normal called loser stench? What did she lose? Did she get the stench in Vegas Baby? I don't know. Just know that she is back and I dont care if she has loser stench on her or not!

We went home to the palace and I was so excited that I ran all over and smelled everything! We went to bed in the bed big with mum and I immediately had the most peaceful sleep ever.

Today, mummy and dads did the routine again with us being in the xpando xpen, so I guess life is back to normal!!

Normalcy has it moments! And this is a good moment for me!!


A DOGSTER featured Diary Pick of the Day!

January 16th 2009 3:28 am
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OMD! I am SO very honored that Dogster bestowed this wonderful honor on this lowly prince! That Dogster dude is something special to have created this place for all of us to go to! Even mummy and dads thinks DOGSTER is fab!

I would like to thank mummy for typing up my daily rants whilst I dictate to her and I would like to thank Skye for providing me my daily entertainment to allow me to create entries for my Diary.

Also, all my loyal subjects in Alpharetta that adore me - thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and love.

And lest I never forget, my dearest Becky. Without your constant love and support I would not be what I am today. Thank you.

uh-oh - wait a second, mummy just told me that this NOT an awards show. How embarassing is this???

Well anyway THANK YOU DOGSTER and here is a big SHOUT OUT to all my furiends at the CAVALIER CORNER and CAVALIERS4EVA!! YOU ALL ROCK!


xpens and staring

January 15th 2009 4:03 am
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Did everyone get to see my new picture of me and my Becky faces in two hearts on my page? OHH I just love my Becky. She is the most beautiful cavalier ever!!!

We have been relegated to the xpanded royal xpen since the wall chewing incident and I dont mind one bit. I grew up in an xpen and love the feeling of security. Skye can be a pain in the neck. He sometimes paces to and fro and then he pees on the towels mummy leaves out for us. Why can't the dude hold it? I do! But the good thing is we do not poo in our pen (or have not for 3 days) and mummy is so happy about that. I think its a hard hold for Skye but not for me. I am THE MASTER OF THE HOLD!

Mummy has been loving me alot lately giving me kisses and letting me lay on her lap when she at the puter at the night. I love that. Except for the starer. He just lurks about the chair and stares. He thinks he is a right lurker but he is ANNOYING. He does not want mummy's lap, he wants MY beef bully twirl! He has his own.

And Skye thinks something is up because mummy is making little bags of food. Perhaps he is correct but I am not going to tell him that. He is only a lowly Duke to my Prince. But anyway, IF there is something going on, mum and dads always makes sure we are taken care of and when they come back, it is always the best moment when I see them for the first time! My whole body just WAGS!!!

Oh yeah.....and Skye needs to bag the staring. Grow up.


I have only one thing to say...

January 13th 2009 3:59 am
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Beef bully twirly sticks ROCK!

Oh yeah!!


The weekend started out brilliantly!

January 12th 2009 4:10 am
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Ok here is my weekend in a nutshell...

Friday when mummy gets home...WAGGY WORLD!!! What a high - my weekend must be gonna be GRRREAT!!! I love Waggy World. Man, I got to ride in the mini (love the mini) and then I got to run around at Waggy World. Not alot of other furs but just enough to have a blast!!!

Get home and get fed. Can't complain there.

Get the harness taken off. OH YEAH! Comfort!!! Play with Skye for a bit, rassling around the house. Harness goes back on but we get a WALKIE!! YIPPEEE! Go patroling around the grounds, do my stuff come in side and the harness is OFF again!

I think the weekend is gonna be PERFECTO!

Go to bed with mummy and Skye - I was a bit tired. Then, DADS comes home! He pets both of us and we shower him with kisses! Get the harness on again and get to go outside at MIDNIGHT! WOOHOO!

Come back in, harness off, back to bed with both pawrents!

LIFE IS GOOD and it's not even Saturday morning!

Uh-oh. Get fed and walked and get penned up on Saturday. We are in there almost all day (well, it seemed like it). At least we slept. Then the pawrents come home and we get to go in the mini (YEAH) again. Skye just closes his eyes - I am looking all around.

Uh-oh. We are at that bath place. I'm not liking this situation. Granted, I stink but I don't like this bath place. Skye is petrified of it. I am furious that I am left here. I get bathed first and I get my hair cut where the "mats" are and my ears get brushed to get the tangles out. YUCK. The weekend is quickly going down the toilet.

Pawrents come and get us - I am SO glad to get outta that place. We get home and I am ready for my princely nap. I sit on mummy's lap and take a snooze. Then Steve, my human brother, comes over and everyone gets busy with taking down that tree that has been in the front room. I supervise.

Then on Sunday, we get our special egg really early. I dont want to eat it. It is not the right time but I cant pass it up so I do consume it. Then we get penned up again! For a long time. What is this.

And when the pawrents come home, we get to go in the mini again (3 times now!) and we go to that dog store called Petsmart. Everyone loves us there. "Oh you are so beautiful", "Oh what lovely dogs - are they girls?" Yeah, like I am a girlie dog. Well the pawrents buy ANOTHER royal x-pen. I thought I was done with the royal x-pens.

DRAT! Dads put the 2 xpens together in the kitchen and we are now spending our alone time in the expanded royal xpen. WHY, you ask? Well, seems like Dads was not appreciative of our chewing on the wall corner and moulding in the kitchen. He made some comment about dogs controling our lives. Not sure what that meant. Now the kitchen is practically all xpen. The eating table where all the food goes is all moved and there is hardly any walking room but Dads is adamant that we will learn something from this. HARUMP.

Not sure I am liking spending time with Skye in the expando royal xpen. We shall see how the days progress....


More Princely Rants

January 8th 2009 4:17 am
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Well it's princely rant time again for the Prince of Alpharetta....

1. It has FINALLY stopped with the all wet falling from the sky. ABOUT TIME! I almost was ready to move. Now I can go outside with confidence. It better not come back anytime soon.

2. Skye needs to back off. He is beginning to get under my fur. What is with his STARING?? He just lays there and stares at me. While I eat, while I gnaw on a bully stick, while I eat a cookie....GEEZ. The boy needs to get a life. I know I am extraordinarly handsome, but the staring has got to cease.

3. Ok and what is with the blowing outside?? It was really alot of blowing. Where does it come from? It blows the leaves all around and they look like they are flying. Makes me wanna chase them.

4. Cant chase the leaves. Why, you ask? Because I am on a lead. Why, you ask? Apparantely, I have been accused of being a bolter. Well, if the palace groundskeeper would invest in a FENCE maybe the need to bolt would cease. Ever think about THAT?

5. Back to Skye..WHY does he want to play with MY toy that I got from MY girlfuriend? ITS MINE. BACK OFF.

6. That laser light thingy that mummy and dads plays with us...what is that? Why do we like it so much? It is like possession by the devil when I see that stick that the light comes from. I wonder if we look like fools playing with the red dot?

7. Oh and back to Skye again. He ratted me out to mummy on the poo eating. What is his problem? Cant he keep his little brother mouth shut? Now she knows its me.

8. When are we going back to WAGGY WORLD??? I need to run really bad. Walkie aren't doing it. Hear that mummy? WALKIES AREN'T CUTTING IT.

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