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Living Like A King

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ive got a secret!

April 8th 2010 5:53 am
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word about the palace is that gran is getting a sister for Winnie on Sunday. I heard mummy making all kinds of talk on that thing that has voices come out of it and she talks into.

i heard mummy talking to gran using that thing and she said that her name is cassie and she is a ruby. she is 8 years old and boy oh boy is winnie gonna be surprised!

the lard butt has no clue what is going on. he was too busy chewing on a nylabone. cant do two things at once like i can.


dads is off again

March 29th 2010 4:03 am
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we took dads to that place where he gets out of the mini, pulls out that wheelie bag, pats us on the head (just us, not mummy) and leaves. we were in the back seat of the mini laying there figuring we were going on a long ride like last week, but we got fooled.

so i guess that means that dads is gone again. he was home for only two weeks but it was so cool. he worked and then he took a break to play ball with us every day. plus he and mummy walked us in the morning and the night. i dont mind when it is just mummy walking the both of us, but i like it when dad has the lard butt and i got mummy alls to my self!

so, here we are again, just me, lard butt, mummy and the felines. i miss my dads already.


satisfied day

March 25th 2010 1:50 pm
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me and the lard butt were on feline prowl today.

fun times. except i dont think misa appreciated it as much as we did.

what the heck do cats know anyway.


we're back!!

March 24th 2010 9:24 am
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well, i am back home and that ride home from that nashville place was ok, but me and the lard butt were all wet and smelly. the wet from the sky was really bad and just getting into the mini, we was soaked. mummy tried to dry us off but i heard her tell dads she is not a contortionist and could not reach good from the front seat to where we was sitting.

so we basically stunk the whole way back. well, we got home and went straight away to bed. we were pooped! everyone slept like logs. but i liked being at my bro's apartment. and i love the ride!!!

now, i am back into the old routine of the palace except that dads has been home working. i like it when dads is home. we get alot of attention from him and get to sleep on him. i know he will be gone again soon and i dont want to tell the lard butt that because he is really loving having dads home. i think mummy loves it too.


LONG Ride in the Mini!

March 21st 2010 11:09 am
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Yep, yesterday we went on a long long car ride in the mini. I always enjoy my mini rides, but this was still dark out in the morning when we left! at least we werent going to that vet man. me, i got something going on with the hind end that i cannot communicate to mummy well enough for her to splain to the vetman. so's i was there TWICE last week. And i got some shot but the butt action is still happening. i heard her telling dads that she might take me to the lard butt's doc this week...uh oh.

but i digress....we were in the mini riding and stopping to smell grass and do our biznet, then we stopped for breakie and we got hash browns. then, we ended up my human brother's apartment! WOO HOO! Familiar smells!!

We walked about the university called vanderbilt where my bro attends and works at. he is some sort of doctoral something. but he cant figure out what is the matter with me being a doctoral something so what good is he. however, we waited with him and dads when mummy went to the bookstore and all the sweet college ladies were admiring us. love it.

then we stayed alone in my bro's apartment. i only wailed for two minutes then i stopped and me and lard butt jumped on the futon and watched telly until the pawrents came back. then we got to sleep on the big bed too. i like visiting peeps but i prefer a hotel over staying at my bro's. i get a bunch new smells and free breakfast.
we are going to ride home today and its all rainy. not liking the rain much. cant wait to get home to terrorize the felines and check out my fence to make sure it is still there


woohoo i am two!!

February 21st 2010 4:36 pm
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what a day i had today!!!

we are learning to have the run of the house when mummy and dads are out and today we got to stay home out of the xpen when they went to church. no messes!!! and now, since i am two, i deserve to have the run of the palace!!

then mum and dads came home and sang happy birthday to me and got a special bandana that says birthday boy and a birthday toy from dads - the dreaded red m&m! I like to carry him around in my mouth. then the whole fam went to petco and both of us got to pick out our birthday toys. I got a little ball and a little plush squeaky bone. skye got a nylabone and a tennis ball.

then i got brushed and dads played ball with me alot today and i got to lay on his lap too.

then mummy made me a cake. I really enjoyed it. they all sang happy birthday to me too. oh and my cav corner buddies threw me a pawty too!!

I love being a birthday boy!!!!!!


It's my birthday!!

February 20th 2010 9:56 am
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woohoo! i am turning two on monday!!!


All's I know is that I better be made KING soon. This Prince crap is starting to wear thin.


sibby is at the rainbow bridge

February 10th 2010 2:08 pm
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mummy took the old man, sibby (he is the 18 yr old feline) away in the car and did not come back with him. she had all the wet in her eyes and just his collar. she told me and the lard butt that she helped him cross the rainbow bridge and that all our other felines that lard butt and i did not meet where there to greet sibby, especially bibeault and fritze. only now, i think that sadie will be sad. sadie is his sister.


finally an entry!

February 8th 2010 4:23 pm
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well its been quite a while since i have gotten mummy's attention to write in my diary.

alot has happened.

will, my bestest buddy, has moved to a place far away called los angeles. mummy cried alot when he left and i miss all the play fighting we used to do. we were peas and carrots like my furiends ruger and riley are. I know mummy misses my human bro too. She had been really upset and misses him alot. i do too. but i really miss will. i mean skye is a bud, but will and i were there from day one.

and skye bot has been sick with some food thingy. he cant process things called proteins. so he has special food and gets nothing else which impacts my intake. no bully sticks, no cookies, no pretzels, nuthing.

mummy worked hard on an auction for all the show cavaliers this past weekend. that was fun because me and the lard butt got to spend time in the hotel where the party was. it was really special. dads came to the hotel and we had all kinds of stuff in our room but it was really big and had a sofa and two chairs. so we got to look out the window, which we liked alot. and the man downstairs that helped with luggage and stuff always liked us and petted us when we went to do our business.

then we went to the dog show and got our birthday pictures taken. mummy is really pleased with them so i guess she will put them on our website when she gets them.

and mummy won that pet bed she got donated for the auction that we smelled and liked from puppy hugger pet beds. we love our new birthday bed!

i miss writing our daily stuff in the diary. i hope mummy can focus now that she does not have to do the auction anymore!



November 10th 2009 4:54 pm
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That is what that wet stuff is falling down for what seems like FUREVER.

I hate it. Absolutely hate it. And it's doing it alot around here. So much that we have developed a lake system around the palace. I wonder if it is stocked with fish?

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