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Living Like A King

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Let Me Tell You About My Daily Routine....

August 27th 2008 4:13 am
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It's Wednesday morning and I am not too sleepy right now so I will write about all my happenings earlier this week!

Let's see....Sunday night there was alot of rumbling and light flashes with the wet stuff falling out of the sky. Dad put me in my house to sleep and I was scared! So then Dad came down and got me and I got to sleep in the big soft bed between mom and dad! OH JOY JOY! I was a little ascared of the noise so I stayed close to mom all night! Then, Monday morning seemed like a typical day..get up, do the business (in the wet outside), eat and go into the royal x-pen till mom comes home. Dad left a little later than usual so it was Dad that put me in the x-pen. And I did not get a treat either! Well, I was not happy about this situation. Not one bit.

Soooo - I pooped in my pen. There. I did it. It's been months since that one happened but I did it. Maybe if I got a cookie like I am used it would not come down to this.

Mom came home and boy I was glad to see her! It was starting to stink in my royal pen. I gave her a bunch of kisses and ran outside but it was kind of wet still with wet stuff still falling out of the sky. We came back into the palace and mom fed me. I ate but I was not happy about the cookie rationing that is going on in this place. Then Mom cleaned up the poop. I supervised the cleanup and ran around the stick thing with a sponge on the end of it and barked at it to make sure it cleaned it up real good!

Then it was telly time with me and dad and then off to bed....

Yesterday, same routine and it was STILL doing that wet stuff outside! I am not liking that stuff so much. It limits my activities outside and puts pressure on my to quickly do my business! Don't rush the prince of alpharetta! But the best thing was that mom stayed home! I like it when I am not in my royal x-pen! I stayed by mom all day in the royal bed chamber, except for that time when there was alot of that noise and wet stuff going on outside and there was sirens. Then mom put me in my house and got the felines and went into the bathroom. WHY??? She was talking to dad on the phone thing that rings and told us that it will be okay. It was something called a tornado warning. But mom was right! It was okay and then we all back out of the bathroom and had a great day! I wonder what the rest of the week will bring???



August 25th 2008 4:54 am
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Wow, I had a great weekend!

It started on Friday - DAD stayed home. Those painter guys were still working in the palace and dad was busy watching them. But he made sure that I did not have to be in the royal x-pen all day and I got to stay in the room with the big wood eating table in it where dad was busy on the computer.

The only bad thing was I did not get any treats. He listened to mom and did not give me nuthin! Mom fed me the chicken stick, juice and kibble in the morning and that is all I had until she came home! And then, after all the kisses I bestowed on her, she did not immediately feed me. I don't know why! But then I understood....In came WILL!

Will, my bestest friend and buddy! I was soooo happy to see Will. And the best part is that he spent the whole weekend with me! We played together and I showed him my bone rope. We played tug of war and then we got to eat! Then we played all night until we were worn out and we both fell asleep on the throne next to dad.

Then on Saturday morning, Mom and Dad came down to take me and Will out for a bathroom break and then ---- we got to both go into the big soft bed in the royal bedchamber! Wow! We were both sooooooo happy! I got to sleep next to mom and Will went under the covers all the way down to the bottom.

We played alot again on Saturday and Sunday and I got to take Will to Waggy World. He has never been there and I had to show him all around the park! We met big dogs and puppies and I wasn't ascared of any of them! At first Will hid behind Dad but then he was okay and was playing! Then we went to RITA's! I got the Black Cherry water ice and LOVED IT (plus I was riding in the mini!). Will didn't like the Rita's ice so much so he just fell asleep in the back seat. I think I wore him out.

I miss Will during the week - he left last night to go back to his house. But I had alot of fun! I had so much fun that I even forgot about not eating and I ate lots of food like mom wants me to! Plus after Will and I ate up all our food, we each got a PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE!! UMMMMMMMM!



What did I do??

August 21st 2008 6:16 am
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You know, I thought Wednesday was going to be a GREAT day! Even though the rooms that I play in at the palace are all dishevled and stuff is all moved around, DAD was staying home. Mom went off to work but DAD was staying home! I was sooo happy!

Before Mom left, she attempted to feed me again and I let her feed me a few pieces of that yucky canned food. She was acting kind of upset with me and I got no cookie like I usually do. Then I hear her tell Dad, no treats for Finn and she put down some crappy kibble in the room with the big eating table that Dad usually works at when he is at home.

I didnt figure too much weight would hold with that statement. I've got Dad wrapped around my paw!

Then this truck pulled up with a bunch of men in white clothes and ladders and buckets. They talked to Dad and then they were all over the house, inside and out. I barked really good to protect my palace but they did not leave until really late. Dad said they were "painting". I dont know what that is but I stayed real close to Dad all day.

And you know what, even though I was the purfect pup, Dad would not give me a single treat. I even rang those stupid bells that they put on the door today! And Dad was telling me I was such a good boy and I got ZIP. NADA. NUTHIN. What good is ringing those bells? All he does is let me out when I ring those bells. I want a COOKIE!

Then, the worst thing that has ever happened to me in recent memory comes home and asks dad if I ate. He said nope he has eaten nothing. Then she tried to feed me. Well I am not going to eat now. I got no cookie today. I hear her talking to dad and then the next i know I am in the mini. And we went to that place where they poke you with sticks. I knew it was that place because I remember the smells.

Mom talks to a man and they take me back into the dungeon where I dont see mom and they poke me for blood, stick something you know where for a temperature and to see if I have parasites and then they take things called an xray. Mom thinks there is something wrong with me that I have not eaten in 3 days. Well the man tells her to stop all treats and all different foods and just give me something called a Gerber chicken stick with Kibble and water mixed into it.

I have never felt so VIOLATED. We went home and I immediately hid from mom. What did i do to make her mad???

Well, today is Thursday morning and she gave me that chicken and kibble stuff and I figured I better eat it without her feeding me. I did and you know, it was not that bad. I ate the whole thing and even licked the bowl. Did I get a COOKIE afterwards? NOPE. I guess I need to listen to mom now and eat what she gives me.....Oh yeah and those guys are back in the palace making all kinds of noise. Mom is home today and she is up with me and the felines in the royal bedchamber doing work!


Executive for a Day

August 20th 2008 4:23 am
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Guess what! I got to go to dad's work yesterday! FOR THE WHOLE DAY!

I made like a big executive and slept in the big leather chair and had all my calls held. Plus I got to go supervise copies and spent time in the executive bath room. You know, it was like they knew I was royalty...and of course all the nice ladies paid hommage to me and told my dad how cute I am.

Sometimes though, I let dad be important and then I went under his desk and slept on my blankie.

I also got to ride in dad's car, and although it's nice, it ain't the mini. I love the mini and always want to go in it.

I was so excited that I did not eat either. And when I got home with dad, mom was there waiting for me. I was happy to see her and expected kisses showered on me whilst I told her of my busy day being an executive and breadwinner but she did not want to hear it. She was mad at me because I am not eating. I dont know why I dont eat, maybe I dont like to eat alone. I love to eat when Will is in the house! I tried to make it up to her this morning by eating a small amount of food out of her hand but not much. Then I heard her tell treats today. AAARGH!

And there is something going on in the house.....All the furniture is moved around and the pictures are off the wall. Plus the felines are locked up in the royal bedchamber's bathroom (like a PRISON so I dont feel too bad about that one...). Something is up....


What a Weekend!

August 18th 2008 4:31 am
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Oh man! it was really late on Friday but I heard the noise that makes the garage door open up and DAD WAS HOME! I was sooo happy! I think mom was too!

Dad sat with me on the throne and we were watching the telly but it was really late and I was really tired, so I feel asleep straight away. But I didn't care....DAD was home!!!

Dad woke me me up at 3am and told me to go into my house (crate) and I was sooo tired that I just did without going out. Well, I needed to do my business, as they say, around 4am and started barking. Mom came down and we went outside for a bit. I was happy!!

Instead of staying downstairs mom took me upstairs, and guess what...I got to go on the big bed in the royal bedchamber in between mom and dad! It is really high up off the floor so I had to have some assistance from mom. that bed soft. It has a blankie on it that is really soft! Plus, the feline Misa was not on the bed! I curled up between my forever parents and we slept for a few more hours. It was nice to wake up next to them!

I got to go for a ride in the mini today too! We went to a place called "dad's work" and it had a throne in his room too! I knew it was dad's room because everything smelled like dad! That was not too bad! I could snooze on this throne too! Then we went to see GRANDMA! She loves me alot. She has KC, but he is kinda old, like a grandpa dog. He liked to smell me but I was not having any of it!

Then WILL CAME OVER to the palace! We went CRAZY!!! I love Will. I tried to tell him that Misa and I have a truce but he had to find out for himself. She went after him too after his incessant barking at her. Man she is a small cat but she packs a punch!

Will and I played hard all night until Will had to go to bed. (He spent the night!)

Sunday was my playtime with other cavs but we took Will along too. He was afraid of all the other dogs and parents but I told him to join in the fun and he eventually did. Mostly he stayed by dad. Mom and dad told my human brother Mike that Will did real good on socializing with others - he really did but not at first! Me...I was all over the place! Leroi and I played alot, then I met new friends Francisco and Scotch. Will like Francisco too! After playtime, Will and I were exhausted. We fell asleep in the mini before we even left the playtime parking lot!

We came home and mom made us dinner and we each had a special doggie oreo cookie! But Will had to go home around 6pm. I will see him next weekend - I was sooo tired and exhausted from my fun filled weekend!


No Rita's Water Ice???

August 15th 2008 6:20 pm
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Ok here it is Friday night...Mom comes home and I am sooo glad to see here because I know it's Friday and Fridays I get to go in the mini and go to Rita's.

I do my thing and jump all over mom to let her know how special she is (and so she will love me more to take me to Ritas IN THE MINI). But, she does her routine and then, what....she puts on her going to bed clothes. What is up with that??? Where is my Friday night ride in the mini? Where is my water ice?? Where is my adoring public?? All I get is that feline Misa on the throne hissing at me. And she had the nerve to chase me off the throne tonight and sit on mom's lap, while mom laughed. I personally did not think it was that funny....

And to top it off, I think mom is trying to get me to ring some stupid bells hanging by the front door. She put them up yesterday and rings them and says " ring the bells, finn". Like she thinks I am going to do something as silly as that......Then she takes me outside. What...does she actually think I am going to ring those frickin bells to let her know I want to go out? C'MON PEOPLE!!!

Man, I wish dad would hurry up and get home.


Life With Just Mom is BORING....

August 14th 2008 9:12 am
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You know I have not seen dad around this week....I wonder where he went. Mom just tells me "daddy's coming home Friday". I miss him - he watches telly with me and watching it with mom is not the same. Plus, she puts me to bed earlier than dad and I don't get to sleep on the throne (sofa) as long as I like to.

I am interested in the telly and the goings on especially last night. These humans were jumping off a board together and going into water. I barked at them to warn them about the drop off on that board but they couldn't hear me or would not listen.

I also have decided that I am going to be a putz about my food. I get tired of eating the same thing. So I will see what mom puts down next. And if I give her my sorry looking eyes, maybe she will feed me by hand! I have her wrapped around my royal paw!

I think the feline Misa and I have come to a healthy respect for each other. I stay about a foot away from her and bark and she will only come after me and attack if I break that foot radius. If she dares to lay on mom's lap ON THE THRONE, I just side eye her instead of moving over to mom and making the feline mad.

Oh yeah, I also got to ride in the mini last night. I love to ride in the mini. I can climb in by myself now. It kinda makes me sleepy, but I like to go places in it. Mom took me to a store that had a bunch of toys and food smells in it (and it was not Petsmart - I know that smell) and mumbled something about "you're going to eat something in here eventually" and bought some food and a toy for me. I also had my public acknowledge me in the store, which I love!

Well, that is all for the mid-week blues...Just waiting for Friday and Dad and the WEEKEND!!


Time Flies When You Sleep

August 12th 2008 6:37 pm
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Whew! It has been busy around the palace the past few days and I have not had a chance to update the story of my life...

After Will and I graduated from puppy school (yea!), we had a party! At least I think it was a party...another human that i never met had come over and fawned all over me, but she got the present....I don't get it..I am the PRINCE!!

I was so worn out that I slept real hard and I think I was snoring...I cant be sure but I could have dreamed it....

Sunday I spent the day in the royal and dad got up REALLY early and woke me up (did I mention that I have a new royal bed??). I was not happy...but I was happy to see them return later in the day. They smelled like smoke and talked about being "losers" and not big winners at a place they called a casino...They are not losers as they have me.. the prince of alpharetta gracing their presence. I have also decided that I did not want to eat my chicken and broccoli either. I need variety - it's the spice of life!

Today, Tuesday, I spent all day out of the xpen and I was allowed upstairs into the royal bedchamber where those felines sleep on the human bed. I really got them going today and put them in their place. I told them real good, just like Will taught me! That led me to fall asleep on the upstairs throne. I am still not too hungry for the broccoli - mom kept feeding me treats today to keep me quiet...I may have a stummy ache!!! But I cant complain....Life is good as I always say....


I R A Graduate!

August 9th 2008 7:29 pm
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Well, it's official..I gradutated from Petsmart puppy training today with Will! I got my picture taken with a special graduation hat. Mom was so proud of both me and Will today. But you want to know the best part of graduating??? I don't have to go to training class on Saturday's anymore! WOO HOO!

I also got taken to a place where I got a bath. Mom said I was flithy and before you know it, I am get all shampooed and blown dried. I hate that blow dryer, but I do admit I felt much better after the bath.

Will and I played all afternoon and we wore ourselves out. Then we fell asleep on the throne ( I allow Will to share my throne) while my human brother Michael watched the telly and something that they are calling "Olympics". Then we got up and Will showed me more pointers on the fine art of feline control. We sure had them today!! I need to make sure that I practice Will's suggestions this week so I have hand going on in this relationship (because I don't get the idea that they are going away).

Guess what...I also got a new "house" today to sleep in. The other one was too small! I love my new house! But I love the throne much more....Mom said something about this being my big boy house....

Friday night Mom and Dad and I went to Rita's Water Ice again. This time there was no DJ, and I have some cherry water ice. Wasn't bad but I got a bit of brain freeze....I was just too sleepy to even notice the ride home and was so happy to fall asleep next to dad on the throne!


Citrus Rockfish Ain't Rockin

August 7th 2008 7:22 pm
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Oh man, I had a taste of mom and dad's dinner tonight - Citrus Rockfish and veggies. I sat and watched them eat and figured I was going to get to lick the plate out even if there usually nothing on it. Well, I did and it was spicy! I started rubbing my nose in the carpet and ran for the water fountain. Mom stopped me and gave me a little bit of milk and that seemed to stop the burning in the mouth.

Whoa. They eat that and it doesn' t bother them. How do they do that?

Tonight while on the throne watching the Gilmore Girls with mom and dad (I just love Michel, and yes I am a GG junkie...what about it??) that evil white and gray feline entered the throne room and proceeded to PARADE in my area trying to get love and attention. Drat her. I sat there and side eyed her like I did earlier in the week but it didn't work. I must need Will here to assist me for her to respect my authority. She finally left and then mom took me out (on a leash). I thought I was going in the mini for a ride but she took me on the sidewalk and trotted me around like I was some kind of prancing car ride. I was tricked.

I made sure tonight to acknowledge dad when he came home and gave him some lovin. After all, what I did last night to him, I figured he deserved some love from me (and I needed to get back in good graces). I think it worked!

Tomorrow is Furiday!! YEAH. I heard mom and pops talking about dad staying home tomorrow. Know what that means?? NO X-PEN for ME!! I am going to go bed a happy prince tonight!

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