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Living Like A King

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My Midweek Will Fill!!

October 8th 2008 4:39 am
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Guess what!

WILL came over last night and he spent the night! I was so excited to see my pal Will!!!

Will and I played and ran and fought over chew sticks and ran up and down the stairs and barked and ran and played and drank water and ran again! I am so happy when Will comes over. We went into my crate that I don't sleep in anymore and pulled out all the toys and played with them. Will was running around snorting (he does that real good) and licking mom and dad. I was so happy to see Will. I hope I get to play with him later, he still is asleep with my human brother Mike.

Then yesterday mummy came home early. I was surprised. She woke me up from my beauty sleep. We went outside without the leash and nasty harness. BOW WOW. I brought my buddy outside too and would not let go of him. I ran around the palace yards with buddy in my mouth showing him everything. Then we went back into the palace and while I was barking at the white box that fills up with water and clothes and makes noise, a man came to the palace. He took this long yellow thing that came out of a metal square and was putting it on the floor and writing stuff down. I don't know what he was doing but I continued to watch him the entire time. One time he went to my toy bed (that is a bed that holds all my toys) and I ran over to protect my assets. I must of scared him off. He did not touch them. But he petted me and told my mum how "pretty" I was.

OK - here is the deal - GIRLS are PRETTY. BOYS are HANDSOME. Now I know all us cavs are beautiful, but c'mon people...PRETTY??? Mum said thanks and he wanted to know what I was. GEEZ, I am a DOG. Can't you tell???

Then she said Cavalier King Charles and I felt like an idiot. I missed that one. My bad. He ended up taking a picture of me to show his wife.

I also got to play with all the mini humans that were outside the palace yesterday! I licked them and ran with them and it was fun!

Oh yeah, I got a cookie yesterday dipped in yogurt that mom feeds me. It was really really really good. Five Paws for that concoction!

And guess what, this morning when dad took me outside in the dark to do my business..he mumbled something about 4am and he's gotta go to mummy but she didn't move....wet was falling out from the sky. I don't care for that falling wet. It makes me wet and my fur and paws all wet. But dad told mummy that it was raining and I guess that is what the falling wet is called...raining. I have to remember that.

Well, I hope I get to see Will today for a little bit because Will told me that he is not coming over on Saturday because his dad and my other human brother Steve are going to a Georgia Tech football game. I think that is what dad watches on the telly with me on Sunday and Saturday but I know there are two kinds of football because we watch running around football with a round ball where daddy yells "SCORE" when he watches Wigan and there is another kind that has a different ball and running around with a bunch of armour on. I am not sure which one they are going to. Maybe Will will tell me more today when he wakes up!


Weekend without Will

October 6th 2008 4:19 am
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Well my weekend with mom and dad came and went. I thought I was gonna have the bestest weekend ever in my life but you know, it didn't happen that way.

Will did not come over this weekend for some reason. I waited and waited and waited for him all day Saturday and even when mummy, daddy and I went out for a ride in the mini (yep yep yep, I got to ride in the mini, you know I LOVE to ride in the mini! Yep I do - oops, I just get so excited when I talk about riding in the mini). Well, whenever we got back to the palace, I was sure Will would be there waiting for me so we could run and play and rassle and chase the felines like we always do. But he never came. And neither did my human brother Mike who is Will's dad. I don't know. I waited by the door and he never showed. Mom kept calling Will's name and I kept running to the door but he wasn't there. I think she was tricking me. I think Will and Mike went somewhere. I am not sure though. I will have to ask Will the next time I see him!

So I was dissappointed that Will was not visiting me. But I got 2 new toys this weekend - a spider that squeaks and and pumpkin that has things coming out of its mouth that you can pull out and squeak them. I wanted to show Will my new toys!

And I also went to that place where they have all kinds of animal stuff. That is where I got my spider. Of course, everyone adored me. But the best part was the COOKIE BAR! I got to pick out my own cookies! YUM YUM.

And oh yeah, I was so upset about the Will thing that I made a big mistake and on Saturday night while I was sleeping in the big bed with the soft blanket next to mom, I had to relieve myself. Well, the bed is too high for me to jump down and mummy was asleep and would not wake up when I pawed her and daddy was downstairs on the throne. So I went. I know it was wrong. But I was hoping mom would not notice. She did when she rolled over and got all wet. I knew exactly what I did and tried to blame Misa - I kept side eyeing her trying to tell mom it was her and not me but she wasn't having any of it. It was really late at night too and mom had to take all the blankets off and clean and wash everything. Dad was not happy but then he said he should have taken me out before putting me on the bed. HELLO.

I was sure I was going into the crate but nope, mom and dad went into the other room where Will and Mike usually sleep when they stay over and we all slept there. I was going to make sure I was good because I knew I should not have done that.

Sunday was pretty boring without Will but I did get my scrambled egg. (Yep I love them too!) and I got to relax a bit. But I did not get to run outside without my leash at all. Now it always seems like I have to be leashed when I go out. I don't like that and my parents do not understand that I HAVE to run! Well, although the weekend was ok, it just was not the same without my Will around!


Smelling Like A Rose Now!

October 3rd 2008 4:13 am
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Oh yeah. I got a bath yesterday.

Mom went out like normal and I was in my royal x-pen all day with my buddy. I was just laying in my bed with buddy next to me when I realized that mom and dad are right. I really do smell. Bad.

The felines were up on the kitchen table looking at me, staring downward and I think they smelled me too. I don't really smell like dead fish, but it is rather aromatic. Kinda like wet fur meets dirt and grass.

Well, mom came home and I was sooooo excited and wanted to tell here to "GET ME BATHED"! I tried to give her cavalier kisses and squeals but she held me out and called me "stinky". I got that leash put on me again and we went outside. I could not do my business because of that darn lease. I like to roam free and do my business in private. After a while, mom brought me to the mini and she put me in the mini. I LOVE TO RIDE IN THE MINI! I was like "WOW, I am in the mini! This is great"!

I looked out the window and made sure that everyone saw me so they could adore the prince of alpharetta. We ended up at that dog wash place they take me too. The human that washes me was so glad to see me, she let me kiss her even though mummy says I am stinky. Mummy left and I got kinda anxious, because you know, she is usually around to supervise the activity. But she left and I got a bath. I don't mind the bath, it's that wind thing I don't like and I don't like my royal ears brushed. But I put up with it, because you know, I did smell ALOT better after the bath. I admit it.

Then there was this other dog there too. He looked like a giant mutant. At first, I was not sure it was a dog, but it looked like one and smelled like one. That dog got a bath too. I heard the humans talking and they called it "RUBY". It does not look like a ruby cavalier to me. Them are the only rubies I know. They also called it Newfoundland. It must be Ruby Newfoundland. Like I have 2 names. But anyway, that ruby newfoundland dog was like 50 of me.

Mom came back for me and told me how handsome I looked (of course I am handsome...) and we went back to the palace. I was exhausted but I ate my dinner (can't let them felines eat it) and then I waited for dad to come home. It's funny, mom went to bed really really early. I went with her and did not understand how come. But she and I slept through the entire night and did not wake up once. I know tomorrow is sleep in day because mummy took all the soft blankets off the big soft bed and put them into that white box that fills up with water and makes noise. I can't wait for tomorrow because that means quality time with the parents and maybe a SCRAMBLED EGG for breakfast!


Is that me that smells???

October 2nd 2008 4:16 am
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I was so happy yesterday!

Mom stayed home and did her work from the desk in the royal bedchamber. She worked on the computer all day it seemed but I stayed real close on the chair to keep an eye on her.

I got to roam around the palace during the day and got to ring those crazy door bells to let mom I had to go outside and patrol the palace grounds! There are some really GOOD smells out there recently that I have been a rabbit! I just know there is one out there somewhere but I can't find it.

Mom played with me and my buddy for a little bit yesterday too! She just kept squeaking buddy and throwing him. I was getting annoyed because buddy does not like to be thrown. He told me.

I think I am beginning to smell too. I think I cannot stand myself. I heard mom and dad talking yesterday about how bad I smelled (like a dog, they said) and I thought to myself..."well, gosh...I AM A DOG"! But anyway, I guess with me sleeping up by their heads and soft pillows at night I may be a bit aromatic. I hope mum takes me to the dog wash place soon so mum and dad can stand me again!


Note to Self....

September 30th 2008 6:59 am
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Ok this will be short and sweet....

Note to self...don't make the felines mad by barking at them (Will gave me new confidence this weekend).

They all ganged up on me last night.

I think I need to back off.

Paws together that they don't have claws to hurt me!


An absolutely BRILLIANT weekend for the Prince of- Alpharetta!

September 29th 2008 4:22 am
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Well, you know Friday did not start out so good...I had alot of sucking up to do with dad to make up for my chasing escapade on Thursday! So both mummy and daddy went to work on Friday and I stayed in my royal x-pen. I played with my buddy and slept and was soo glad to see mummy when she came home.

We went outside and she gave me hugs and I gave her squeals and cavalier kisses all over her face. Then we played stick just for a little bit. I love stick. I just love to play stick! We came back inside the palace after we played stick. Then mommy started to run the hoover. I also just LOVE to bark and run and attack that thing! We went all over the palace and I just made sure it knew who was the boss! Then mommy took a long stick with like a soft thing at the end of the stick and a big water bowl and she took the stick and stuck it in the water bowl and was rubbing it on the kitchen floor! She called it mopping. I made sure that I let that stick know who was boss too! I was barking at it and it's funny but the floor was slippery when she got done rubbing the floor with that stick! I looked rather ungraceful sometimes, but I had fun!

I then helped mom fix the big soft blankets and pillows on the big bed that I am now sleeping on in the royal bedchamber! That was fun too!

I also got to lick mom and dad's food plates after they ate and we went for a real small ride in the mini to "pick something up". I don't know what we picked up but it was not a Rita's water ice!

I got to sleep on Friday night and mummy told me that Saturday will be an exciting day for me when she kissed me goodnight! Boy, was she right! We got up and went outside and then came back in to lay in the big soft bed for a while whilst I was being adored by mom and dad! Even Misa came to me! She must know I am IT!

Then I helped mummy clean the bathrooms and make the big soft bed. Then, we got into the mini and we all went to a place where there are a bunch of tables and chairs and they bring you food! I got a scrambled egg and also had some bits from mummy's plate. Plus, there were new people there and they were all adoring and loving me!

THEN - we went to Waggy World! I LOVE Waggy World! That is the bestest place on EARTH! I got to meet a bunch of non-cavalier dogs and run and play but then, all of a sudden, ALL my cav friends showed up! We ran and played and rolled and sat and ran forever! I got to see Francisco and Leroi! I think Leroi loves me! He sniffs me out everytime all us cavvies are together! Then I got to meet my half sister, Rosie. She is just as cute as me (of course) and her dog daddy is my daddy (Pascavale Pancho at Brookhaven) but she has a different dog mommy than I do! We took at few minutes to warm up to each other but we do LOVE each other soooo much! And we played too!

I was soooooo happy to be playing and with my cav buddies! But then we all had to go home and playtime was over! So we got home and I was all POOPED OUT! I tried to snooze a bit, but then guess who showed up whilst I was snoozing????

WILL!!!!!!! Oh boy, even though I was tired I was sure glad to see my Will! We ran all over the house and chased the felines. Will does not understand yet that we have formulated a treaty between me and the felines so I let the felines think it's all his fault! Will and I played and played and we ate our dinners and our desserts! Then we had special chew sticks that mummy gave us! YUMMMMM.

Will spent the night and on Sunday we played and ate some more and then Will had to go home! I was sad. I love Will. I wish he could always be around to play with! I suppose I will see him next weekend! Then after mum and dad ate, I got to lick plates again. It was good! I got to taste a fish thing they call halibut. I liked it! Then we went for a leash walk around the palace grounds and I got to pee on every mail box in front of the other palaces! I even am starting to lift my leg a bit, but it is still kinda hard and sometimes I fall down!

Then I FINALLY got to relax and snooze away the afternoon after my absolutely brilliant weekend! (Oh yeah and daddy LOVES ME AGAIN)


I made daddy mad.....

September 26th 2008 5:08 am
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Uh oh.

I guess I wasn't a good prince yesterday. I thought the day would be great. Mom and Dad were both home but I stayed upstairs with mummy most of the day and watched her work on the computer. I laid on the chair in the royal bedchamber with my buddy and slept and keep a side eye on the feline Misa who wanted mom's attention.

But when I had to go outside, I went downstairs to ring the bells on the door. Dad got up to let me out and he came with me, but you know, I just wanted to run and play. So I ran out of our immediate palace grounds to the other palace buildings and thier grounds. And I made a game of chase me. Dad was chasing me and I kept running back and forth, then I decided to run around our palace grounds. I think that is when Dad got mad. Well, I still wanted to play and I ended up getting all wet and muddy and daddy was really mad.

Then mummy came out and I saw her talking to dad. He was throwing his arms up in the air and I heard him tell her he was mad at HER dog and that he doesn't listen. Then I saw mummy and ran right to her. I think that made daddy even more mad.

Mummy had to put me in the sink and wash and dry me off. I was upset that dad was mad and mom was none too happy either. I ran upstairs and was hurt that my forever parents were mad at me. I just wanted to play! I immediately when back on the chair in the royal bedchamber and stayed their the entire day and did not move!

But whenever I got to go out, I got my harness and leash put on me. That is not good for me to do my business in! I like to be free to roam the grounds and the leash restricts me! I guess that was my punishment. Plus I know daddy was still mad at me and I tried to stay away from him even though I wanted to give him kisses and make up. He is a tough one to crack, all I have to do is look at mom with my eyes and she cracks!

Well I thought dad had forgiven me because I still got to sleep in the big bed, but this morning he did not take me out. Mummy did. So I guess I got some big time sucking up to do tonight to make daddy love me again!


It's just another day

September 25th 2008 5:57 am
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You know, my mom stayed home all day yesterday and I thought that we would have fun. She went out for a little bit and put me in my royal x-pen and I really didn't mind it all since I was a bit sleepy after breakfast which included some more of that yogurt! I get one of the bowl on metal stick filled with it every morning! Mom told me that the vet (don't know what a vet is....but it sounds like something for me) said that should help with my stomach bacteria and my runny poop. And you know what, it kinda does work. I think that is what those white dots mom pushed down my throat did too and yogurt is much better then them dots!

So anyway, mom comes home and has a bunch of white dots too. I thought they were for me but they are for her. She has some sort of respitory thing and that is why her voice sounds funny and she wants to sleep alot. Mom slept alot yesterday and did not work on her computer like she usually does when she stays home. I stayed by mom and tried to be a good watch dog and made sure the felines did not try to sleep with her!

I also was very good (I think) when mom was sleeping. I played with my Highland Cow and of course, Buddy. Then I slept on the floor right next to mom who was sleeping on the throne in the royal bedchamber. I woke up a few times and the only bad thing I guess I did was to chew a leaf on one of mom's plants. I know I should not have but mom was asleep and I thought she would never know! But she woke up and saw the plant carnage on the floor. I guess I had a guilty look on my face too!!

We went downstairs and mom took me out and we played STICK! Gosh, I love to play stick. I wanted to bring the stick in but mom took it and put it in a special place so no one else will take the stick.

Then dad came home and he made the food! That was different. But I got to lick the plates and then dad took me for a walk. I thought I may run into that Jake that people on the palace grounds are talking about but no one came out to adore me. Dad and I even cruised to the other side of the palace grounds to see if there really is a Jake but we did not see a Jake. So, I wonder what is really up. I am prince of these palace grounds as far as the eye can see and I can walk!

And I have been sleeping in the bed soft bed with the soft blanket every night!! I love to sleep right by mom and dads head and I am really, really quiet and do not move hardly at all! I LOVE TO SLEEP NEXT TO MY MOM AND DAD! The feline Misa sleeps by mom's feet but I don't mind as long as I'm in the bed too!!

And this morning, mom and dad are both home no x-pen for me! BOW WOW! I am staying with mom but I check on dad downstairs every once in a while. I have a feeling today will be a great day for me!!


A new taste and a potential threat to my princely-ness!

September 23rd 2008 5:25 am
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It looks like we are back into the old routine of mom and dad leaving and me going into my royal x-pen to catch some z's for the day. I am glad that I have my Buddy with me during the day and also that bone rope that I like to chew on. I don't get any kibble or treats anymore. Mom said I may choke again and she would not be here to rescue me. I know those darn felines would do nothing but watch!

But I had a new taste sensation today and I LIKED IT!. Mom gave me something called yogurt and she put it on those metal things that humans use to eat their food with. This metal thing had like a bowl at the end of it, not the spikey points. Well, I had only one of them metal bowls on a stick filled with the yogurt and I really liked it! Mom said I get one "spoonful" - that thing must be called a spoonful or something - a day to help with my digestion - whatever that is. She told me it is in place of those white dots that get shoved down my throat. I don't like those dots but I like this white yogurt! YUMMMM

Daddy took me for a walk around the palace grounds where all the other palaces are and one of my subjects came out to adore me. She seemed nice and said I look alot like Jake (whoever THAT is) that lives on the "other side of the neighborhood". What is a neighborhood?? These are all my palace grounds! And this Jake - is he an imposter? Is he trying to overthrow my title as the prince of alpharetta?? What up with that?

Well, we got back to the palace and I was a bit concerned about my princely title so I went to look for mom. She was already in the royal bedchamber in the big bed with the big soft blanket. Dad said mummy has a bad cold and to make her feel better I laid next to her all night, it was a bit restless - mom was having a hard time breathing, I could hear her nose since my face was real close to it. And me, well, I tossed and turned because I was wondering who this Jake is and what his intentions are and why is he in my palace grounds??


I saw WILL this weekend!!

September 22nd 2008 4:24 am
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Wow let me tell you all about my weekend...Friday night when mom came home she took me out of my royal xpen and we went outside. I thought we were going to play but after I did my business she took me back in and put me in the royal xpen.

What was up? That is not normal. Then I saw her come down the steps from the royal bedchamber area and she was carrying that pink colored ball that she puts that grey and white rodent with the long tail into to walk around the palace in. She calls that rodent Sweetie. But this time, the wet stuff was coming out of mom's eyes. I wanted to lick them away but I was in my royal xpen. She took Sweetie out and I think they went for a ride in the mini because mom had the jingly thing she uses to to put it into the round thing she puts her hands on in the mini.

She came back later without the ball and Sweetie and was still having the wet stuff come out of her eyes. She took me out of the royal x-pen and told me that Sweetie was gone and isn't in pain anymore. She said Sweetie was really old for a rat (she called her a rat so that is what Sweetie must be) and that she lived a long time. I felt sad for mummy.

Daddy came home and took Sweetie's mini-palace (it was like she had her own house in a house) and cleaned it all up so mummy would not have to. Mom went to bed early and even took me (which was a really good thing for me). I got to sleep in the big bed with the really soft blanket ALL night. I stayed right by mummy's head and made sure that if any wet stuff came out I would just lick it away!

The next morning, mom made me and dad scrambled eggs (I just love mom's scrambled eggs)! Then daddy had to leave in his car and me and mom worked around the house. I helped her put away clothes, and watched her sew. Then we played with the dot thing. That is some sort of long pencil looking thing that has a red dot coming out of it that can go out and re-appear. I like to chase the dot and so does that feline Misa! We were both playing with the dot and I had to make sure she did not attack me! Then dad came home and all of us took a ride in the mini (yeah!). I love to ride in the mini. I just love it. It's the best. We went to a dog place and I met lots of big dogs and sort of played with them. I ended up being kind of smelly after that and I was stinking up the mini on the way back to the palace

Then Steve, my human brother, came over. I love him alot! I wanted him to pet me and love me and I was following him all over. He is my big brother! We all went again in the mini (two times in ONE day) and I ended up going to the place where I get a bath. At least I stopped smelling like a wet dog.

Then, the bestest part EVER this weekend happened....WILL came over with his dad and my other human brother, Mike! WILL!! I was just so excited and so was Will! Will came to the door and I greeted him and we ran and ran and played and rolled and ran up the stairs and down the stairs and around and around the house! I missed Will! We even cornered the feline Misa and was barking her up! She was not happy but we were exerting our dominance over her and the palace! Then she hissed at us and we immediately backed off. We are a bit chicken...She is highly unpredictable.

Me and Will played like there was no tomorrow! Outside we ran circles around everyone and we were exhausted! We drank lots of water, played tug with our toys, barked and rassled all over the house until it was bed time! Sometimes, I got mad at Will because he kept taking my toys and just SOMETIMES, I don't like to share. When I got mad, Will ran to mommy and jumped on her and licked her. I immediately had to put a stop to that! That is MY mommy. I think Will knew that made me jealous. Will got to spend the night, but I got to spend ANOTHER night in the big bed. I was SOOOOOO happy!

Will and I played all day on Sunday and we had no sleep time. I think we drove mom crazy. Will and I play fought alot so people think we are mad at each other but we really are not. We love to rassle around! Then Will had to go home. I hope I get to see him again next weekend. It was way too long from the last time we got to play.

The weekend did not start out so good, but then it turned into a great playing weekend for me and Will!

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