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Living Like A King

Happy Easter Y'all

April 7th 2012 7:11 am
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Well this has been a good week for the prince of alpharetta. big news. i mean BIG. for the last couple of weeks, mummy has been tormenting me by saying "will will is coming home. where is will will? Is he here"? Like a FOOL, i perk my ears up and look at her thinking "WILL??? WHERE????" And nada. nuthin. no will.

so, one day, i am just laying there being my royal self and i hear dad yell to mummy that michael is home. well, me and the lard butt get up real quick so we dont miss nuthin. And mummy gets up and the door opens and who RUNS INTO THE PALACE LIKE A JET PROPELLED HEAT SEEKING MISSILE....(i know about them, the government asks my advice on alot of stuff being a prince and all)....WILL!!!!!!!

yep, will is back! and so is his daddy, my hooman bro, michael. we is peas and carrots, me and will are. for sure. so glad. i mean i like playing with the lard butt but its was just me and wills when we was wee little lads. I feel sorry for the lard butt, though. he is just starting to feel better and wanting to play but now he is the third wheel (that is what daddy says). so mummy and dads give him lots more pets and lap time. but you know what, that is okay by me because ME AND THE WILL WILL ARE BACK IN TOWN!!! WOO HOO!


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