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Living Like A King

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February 13th 2014 12:20 pm
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Mummy just told me they aint shutting down the community page in dogster. i think it was because they took one look at my handsome face they could not but help to keep it up and running.



eat some of that fud and get some z's

November 28th 2013 4:48 am
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hey its that thanksgiving time again. mummy in the kitchen, dont mess the house up, the whole house smells yummers driving me and the lard butt crazy.

my P.i.C. (that there is partner in crime), Willy is coming to spend the night too. he sleeps in our bed and dont give me and the lard butt much room. yeah, mummy and dads sleep in there too but they move way to the edges and we use them as bed bumpers so we dont fall out.

so the thankful piece...(serious now)

i am thankful for my hooman pawrents. they love me and care about me, sometimes too much. but i love them i think more than they realize.

i am thankful for the big old lard butt. yeah. i know. but i love him. he has been with me his entire life except for a tiny time when i was taken to my new home and he stayed behind with miss paula and brenda.but not for long. (you see i am two days older than him). i dont think he would know what to do without me.

i am thankful that i am relatively healthy. yeah, i developed a murmur this year but i aint on no stinkin meds. i have bad allergies to the air and sometimes have a hard time breathing but mummy helps me with a new air filter and she washes my face everyday and helps me try not obsess because i am a bit ocd. i dont have that severe sm like some of my other friends do, but sometimes i do get ocd when the weather changes.

i am thankful i am handsome. yeah, i know supposed to be serious and i am. i am handsome. nuthin you can do about it. i could have been a champion is what everyone sez...even mummy's showdog friends. now the lard butt on the other hand...he's handsome but he's a lard butt.

lastly, i am thankful that there is a rainbow bridge that i know my friends go to when i cant see them any more. but i know one day i will and they will be waiting for me with tail wags and cavalier kisses (and boston terrier sloppy kisses) and we will play and run all day with never getting tired. and i will see and watch over my mummy all the time and never be sleepy. and one day when she comes to the bridge, i will be there waiting for her with tails wags and cavalier kisses.

happy thanksgiving y'all.


hey yeah its me..

October 22nd 2013 1:53 pm
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I finally caught my typists attention....

just to let you know i am still around. i got me some bad sinuses and i cough a bit. i am still complex (so mummy sez)but the same lovable me.

I was to the CKCSC USA National in October. and me and the lard butt were in a therapy dog parade and got us some neat ribbon and a treat. it was fun walking around the show ring...

but i am glad i am just a cavalier who loves to gives hugs....

that is all for now because ITS DINNER TIME round here.


just to let ya all know

August 16th 2013 8:51 am
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June 4th 2013 12:41 pm
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Well you know i got me some good news. the tumor on my leg was be nine. no cancer. mummy was happy. but i was not feeling very well at all since the operation. i was panting and coughing and biting and just feeling very very CRAPPY.

Finally, mummy got to see the vet we always see and she took off my bandage and stitches but i had to wear the cone of shame for two weeks afterward. my paw was raw from licking and biting and also the bandage was too tight. But the worse part was my heart....

See, i always see the cardio lady 2x a year to get OFA'ed. that what mummy calls it. And my vet lady always listens to my heart, just like she did before my tumor got gone. It was fine. the cardio in november said i passed my ofa. then i go to cardio in may too. but i was good. until i got back to the vet and mummy just complained and complained so the vet lady listened and listened long to my heart and told mummy i dont believe it he has a grade 2 murmur. WHAT??? is that why i was panting and coughing and upset? I know it made mummy upset and she went and started crying. see i am only 5 and my daddy and granddaddy are still alive and they ofa too. still.

what is strange that i got a shot when the vet lady took off my bandage. it was an antibotic to last for 2 weeks as she mentioned something about a bacteria infection in my heart maybe. mummy was in shock and immediately called the lard butt's doc, dr. jory. we went in for blood work and echocardio and the xrays that the vet lady took got sent over. yep, a grade 2 in the mitral valve. dr jory said there was no infection but it was hard to tell since the shot would have cleared it all up. well, that was a week before we saw dr jacobs the cardio man. he said yes, it is 1-2, more to the 2 side than 1 but i dont need no meds. now i am under scrutiny more than ever. mummy wants me to stay calm and carry on.

but for now, i am finally back to being me. complicated finn. just with a thick Mitral Valve closure now. cardios still 2x a year and a yearly echo and xrays. i pray that i will be around a long long time to come so mummy stays happy because she said she loves me so much and i am HER heart.


well i am wishing and hoping and praying

April 27th 2013 3:43 pm
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gosh, i had a very not so great week. i threw up and was panting and all sorts of unsettled and mummy whisks me off to the vet man. well, i got something to calm my stummy and a doggie prilosec pill to take at nights. it did make me feel better. but two days later something on my leg was making me itch so i started licking and biting it. it was on my back leg. mummy saw me licking and came over and she freaked out on me. it was raised above my fur and shiny and red. mummy had daddy come and look at it and i heard them say go to the vet men. ugh, i was just there people....

so we go there and they look at my leg. and the vet lady says it needs to come off and they are gonna do it NOW. WHAT???? Are you kidding me. So mummy is all teary and kisses me and says "I love you so much little man"... WTF.

The vet lady uses a thingy called gas on me and the next thing i know i got a bandage on my leg and i am not feelin so hot. but mummy and dads come and i was so happy to see them and get the you know what outta there and go home. i was never so glad to see the big old lard butt...

but i was panting really really hard and was all unsettled and wonky. i finally got on the sofa and slept next to mummy but i was hurting and not feeling so hot. I did eat a little but mummy had to feed me by hand.

the next morning i felt better but i still panting alot. this was all done on thursday and today is saturday and i am still not my complicated self. i really dont want to eat, and i know i am mopey and the leg is making me want to bite the bandage.

mummy is worried, she gives me water off the water bottle and tells me she loves me. i go back to the vetman on monday to get my bandage changed and i know mummy is gonna ask how come i am panting so much. then, a week from monday i get the stitches out. but they had to send out that lump to see if it is maligant or benign. mummy is all worried and prays for benign, so i guess that is what i want it to be also. so dogster buddys, pray it is benign. okay. i even asked the big old lard butt to pray for benign..he said he would because he is my brother and he loves me...

stay tuned...


breakin in the new bed

March 23rd 2013 3:54 pm
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So the pawrents got a new bed for me and the lard butt to sleep on at night. It is upstairs and on the holder that has the pillows and blankies on them. The pawrents sleep on it too. it is like big. but not real real big like the hotel kind of beds we sleep in. we have lots of room in them beds.

this one here is much higher up than the old one. mummy needs a stool to get into bed now. daddy says she's over the hill. i dont see no hill anywhere just a stool and a bed.

but that bed is way more softer and better than the other one. i like it. the lard butt probably cant tell the difference. he still sleeps on the pillows. them are the same.

so this aint the greatest post. but its all about comfort when you is 5 like me.


my little bro turns 5 today

February 23rd 2013 5:40 am
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check this out. i have to SHARE my PAWTY with the LARD BUTT. What up with that...


I am FIVE today!

February 21st 2013 4:30 am
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I know I don't post alot anymore, what with being a big man now with big man responsibilities and such but I did want to post that today I am FIVE years old! I got big kisses last night from the mummy and dads before I went to sleep on the big bed about how it was my last night as a four year old. The sleeping was the same as ever, it was no different being four or five. I kept watch at the end of the bed and the big ole lard butt (my bro Skye) slept on dad's pillow. Wills is staying with us and he slept under the cover by mummy.

Well I woke up this morning to the lard butt wagging his big ole tail in my face. Dads was talking to him in the bed. So mummy says to me "Finny come" and I saunter to the top of the bed and lay right next to my mummy and I got the best petting and hugging in a while. I felt special. Plus mummy and dads sang Yappy Woofday to me and said the big man is FIVE now.

We got outta bed cuz all of us had to pee and poo (us canines, that is) and we ran out the back and did our biznet and came running back in. Mummy told me "finny's on fire" and did her jazz hands to me then played the special birthday fuzzy cake toy that played the birthday song when you squeezed it. I know what that means...

So Mummy says that I get a special today. that is an egg. i love eggs. but we dont have them anymore because the lard butt is lergic to them. but I GET A SPECIAL for my brekkie! WOOF HOO! And i have one pressie this morning a fuzzy blue snakey squeak toy. Mummy says since the lard butt's fifth birthday is on Saturday, we will be sharing our pawty on Friday, inbetween our real birthdays. BUMMER, there better be LOTS OF TOYS FOR ME. I was hoping for a backyard agility set and a big box come to the front door last week and rang that bell i like to bark at. sniffed but could not figure out what it is. mummy told me to stay away from the box, so i did.

Let me tell you, five is a good age for us cavaliers. I am still spry but more mature for the women in the ring. They look at me while I sit there and watch them and they say...Look at that handsome man...I gotta get me some of that...yep, that is what they say. I play hard to get but i do enjoy the women. it is better than being humped by the lard butt when he gets all wound up playing with me.

Welp, I need to run. I got me alot of YIPPING AND YAPPING to do today.



This is all I have to say...

July 31st 2012 11:51 am
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OMD it is just WAY TOO HOT outside. Hurry up autumn.

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