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Angel turns 15 today!

About to turn 16

February 2nd 2014 7:14 pm
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So, Angel turns 16 this month and still has the ability to outrun and out sleuth the pack. Why just today, while some of us had turned to keep an eye on Ellie, Angel just vanished. For a good 20 minutes we all looked high and low, restepped the path we had taken, alerted hikers, stroller pushers, cyclists, and equestrian (a very distracting walk today) all to no avail. Then suddenly up pulls a friends car who caught sight of Angel crossing the school grounds a good 2 km away. Wow how we were all relieved, not the least being Angel who must have wondered why she couldn't find us that entire time. Not bad for a near 16 yr old!


Happy Birthday Angel

February 11th 2013 8:34 am
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Angel turns 15 today and wants to send a resounding bark of joy. She is as active as ever and determined to be first in all things. However, 15 is getting on a bit so it is understandable if she sometimes drags a little behind on the walks. But fortunately there is younger sister Ellie Mae to nudge her along. A big woofy Happy Birthday to the best dog ever!

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