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Its A happy dog

Its a Happy Dog's Life

January 6th 2009 1:30 pm
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I am so happy that I barked on the fourth time my mommy and daddy came in to see me they took me home that day.. It was not a good start, cause I came from a terrible puppy mill, I wouldn't eat or drink, I would not let my new family pet me, and I wouldn't potty inside or outside. They tried everything, then one day my mommy said this is stupid she just a little dog, My daddy was thinking about taking me back to the shelter. But my mommy kept picking me up taking me to the mail box and take me around the yard, I even thought I would bite her but she woldn't let me, she would hold me out away from her body and let me throw my fit and finally the third time I surrender cause I was not winning. Then I found out that the backyard was nice, my mommy would get out there and run me around the storm shelter and I found out it was fun and nice to be free to do things. Now I never have to worry about eating, sleeping or nothing cause my forever family is great for keeping me cause I was horrible to them at the start. Then we went on vacation, they took me it was great, but then my mommy seen a big boy she loves and bought him home His name is Winston. He is alot bigger than me but when we got back to the house it was nice to have a playmate and some one to push around, cause he is scared of me at times. But we run run run outside and go for walks and I am learning alot from him cause he is puppy and they have been working with him and I have learnt alot. Wowl it is a great life now , I just wish some people would not be so mean to animals, and so does my mommy and daddy..

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