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We playing the Tag game

Farewell & Thank You

February 28th 2013 7:21 am
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To My Wonderful Dogster pals & families,

As you might or might not know, I have crossed that glorious Rainbow Bridge. My last day here at home was Feb. 15. I had such a memorable and treasured life with my family. I could not have asked for more! And also with all my SPECIAL furiends here at Dogster! There are so many furiends here at the bridge and we are all watching down over all of you and your families. Thanks so much to all of you for the fun, laughter and memories! Special thank you and hugs to Sophie Claire, Harley D and Jerri!! I do miss you! (smoochies) Remember; Ole Cash is keepin a close eye!
Love to all


Valentin's Day Surprise!

February 15th 2009 9:26 am
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Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy!! Me gots some treats from Stewart's Cookies! I even got 2 different kinds! Mint and Apple Cinnamon! And boy are they YUMMY! Guess who they came from? My brother? NO, my pawrents? NO. They came from my sweetheart, Sophie Claire in Oklahoma!! She did say me has to share with my brother, Sebastian. That's okay, I can do that. And me thinks that Harley D had something to do with it too. They such special friends to us and we lub them. Me and my brudder were dancing on the deck when daddy brought the mail home. He said we had a package and right then I knew it was from Sophie and Harley. Well, I better scoot along cause me thinks it is time for another treat!! Have a grand day all fellow furs, I know we will! Thank you Sophie Claire, Harley D and Stewart!
Sophie Claire's hunky



January 25th 2009 12:35 pm
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I have been chosen by several of my pals to catch a pass and score a touchdown. I did just that! Now I will call on 5 of my dogster pals to do the same. All you need to do is pick 5 of your furiends and tell them to go to your diary and read the entry and then they will know what to do. Also, you must list 5 things about yourself and you may or may not list who you are going to call upon. Have fun and keep it going!

1. I eat a lot
2. I like to go for walks with my dad.
3. I get to come inside when it is real cold outside.
4. I love Dogster
5. I love rawhide bones.


Tagged Again

January 12th 2009 4:18 pm
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I have been tagged by my good football buddy, Bear. This is how ya do this. List 7 things about yourself and then pmail 7 of your buddies and tell them to read your diary for instructions caused they been tagged. Here we go

1. I love to hunt with my daddy.
2. I have a brother named Sebastian who is a schnauzer.
3. I gots long legs.
4. I have a routine for bedtime.
5. I have a girlfriend, her name is Sophie Claire, and she is my lub.
6. I love to eat.
7. My pawrents spoil me!

Now I am gonna go and tag 7 of my pals!!


Doggie Games

November 5th 2008 4:32 pm
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Me good pal, Oscar, has tagged me so will in turn tag some more furiends!! The instructions are to list 7 things about yourself in your diary and then list 7 furiends you intend to tag. Oh, be sure and pmail those 7 you have tagged and tell them to read your diary for instructions if they need them.

1. Me LOVES pears.
2. Me LOVES to hunt pheasant with daddy.
3. Me gets to come in the da house if it way hot or way cold.
4. Me whines when daddy pays to much attention to my brother.
5. Me so thankful for all the pals here on dogster!!
6. Me lubs my brudder, Sebastian.
7. Me birthday is February 27, 2000.

Now, me is taggin
2. Buddy
3. Reba
4. Mellow Joe Santana
5. Sebastian (not me brudder)
6. Agent J
7. Sasha

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