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What Am I?........The Tiki FAQ's

June 26th 2005 11:07 am
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All this pointing and staring can drive a dog crazy!!! These humans are always
saying, "What is that?", or "Oh my gosh honey look at that puff-ball!" The miniature humans yell, "Mommy Mommy look at that Really Fuzzy Doggy! can I feel it?"

I do admit my appearance is unusual and my eclectic style is a bit overwhelming. However I have a solution for all this. I will begin to wear a sign to address a few of these comments:

No, I'm not a chow or the largest pomeranian you've ever seen.
I'm not related to Don King or Albert Einstein....
although I will admit there is some resemblance.
Yes, it's hard work to keep my coat looking fabulous, luckily I don't have to do it!
No, my parents did not spin me in the extended fluff cycle.
Yes, there is a dog under ALL THIS FUR!
And Yes, you may pet me! ............ for a treat of course!



are you a self snacker? If so.....BEWARE!

January 17th 2005 11:20 pm
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Maybe you're not sure what I mean by self-snacker? Normally my human pals give me treats when I go to the bathroom, do tricks or just do the "cute head tilting" and say "please". I'm finding that this is just not enough to satisfy my treat needs. I think they are cutting back on a diet or something...
So I have found many ways to open the cabinet and help myself when they are not home. ....hence the term "self-snacker", I help myself to MY snacks!!
Normally I just sneak a few and they don't notice.
I gotta tell you....they got these new ones....Oh boy! gosh they were delicious!! I couldn't have just one......two didn't cut it..
so I ate the WHOLE BAG! Wow!! I kind of over did it and I had the worst tummy ache ever! A little of the hershey squirts too! This time I also made the mistake of leaving "evidence".....the empty bag on the kitchen floor. I got in big-time trouble! YIKES!!!!!!

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