Nov 5th.

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Riding Season in Full Swing

May 6th 2010 3:25 am
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Hi All! Well it has been quite awhile since my Mom has updated my diary with what we have been doing. For starters, we sure have been camping a lot. I think we have been camping/trail riding the last 4 weekends. We usually go for 3 days-Fri, Sat. & Sun. It's been a great Spring, warmer than normal & dryer than usual. Mom said the riding trails in all the state parks & forests have been in great shape. Oh yea, I got a hair cut. I mean I REALLY got a hair cut! I usually don't get it this short until middle of summer when it is very hot. Mom was a bit surprised as she told the groomer to trim me up but not take me all the way down. If Mom was surprised, she should be me! Ecccck! When Mom took me home & I walked in the barn, my Weim sister didn't know me & growled at me. I was so embarrassed that I ran to my room & hid. Mom & Dad had to coax me out. We were leaving to go camping/trail riding the next day & I had to go looking like this--no hair & my head looking like I had a helmut on! I was very quiet on the ride to the camp ground. Mom & Dad were meeting friends at the campground as Dad & his friend were going to trade horses. Dad's Rocky Mtn horse is very laid back with lots of trail miles & his friend thought he would make him a good horse. Dad's friend's horse was a pretty Rocky Mtn mare but she didn't have the experience. Since Mom & Dad have rode Arabian horses for yrs. that didn't bother Dad. I guess all went well on the trail rides over the weekend because we brought their horse home & they took our 'Country' horse home with them. Of course, since I have to sit in a grate while they are all out riding, I don't know how things really went. :-( Plus, I didn't feel good all weekend. I didn't eat very well & got sick a few times. Mom was worried because I am a very GOOD eater. Mom thought the drastic hair cut had kinda put me in shock. I slept all the way home. But when Mom & Dad got home from work on Monday, I was back to my ole bouncy self, carrying my ball around in hopes that someone would throw it for me! :-)
All is going well with Dad's new horse. Mom said she is very pretty & such a good girl. But if you ask me, she looks just like any other horse! AND pays no attention to me at all, when I bark at her to move. :-( We are going camping/trail riding again this weekend. Mom & Dad are trying to get the horses fit. Of course, me & my Weim sister get to go, but since we have to wait back at camp while they ride guess I will catch up on some zzzzzzzz.
Everyone have a good weekend.
Bark at you later............Shelby


First Camping Trip Of The Season

March 29th 2010 9:36 am
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Hey! We are going to the horse camp this coming weekend. Me & my Weim sister are getting excited. The weather sounds like it is going to be great. The horses have new shoes on & ready to go. I love everything about camping but having to sit in that crate while Mom & Dad are out riding. It's not too bad since Mom always gives us a yummy bone to chew on while they are gone, but I am not as used to being in a crate as my Weim sister is.
Mom had a little Easter egg hunt in the barn this past Fri evening. One of Mom's friends from work brought her little 5 yr oldgranddaugher out to see the horses. Mom decided to stuff & hide some eggs for the little girl around the barn. It was a challenge for Mom to hide them where us dogs couldn't get to them. I watched her hide them & could smell the choc. candy in them. But Mom put them in places that were too high for me. When the little girl came, I stayed right with her during the hunt in hopes I might get a piece or two of candy. But it didn't happen. :-( Oh, well, the little girl was really sweet & she played ball with me. I got to hang out with the little girl but Dad had to put my Weim sister up because she kept jumping on the little girl. The Weim just gets so excited. The little girl sat on all the horses & I would slip in the stalls every chance I got just to be a part of the action & get some attention.
On Sat. Mom cleaned the camper & repacked it. I followed her on every trip back & forth from the house to the trailer in the barn & I know we made 100 trips! Whew! I was sure tired at the end of the day. I made every trip with her in case they decided to go camping early--I wanted to be right there & not be left at home.
Bark at you all later..............Shelby


Spring is finally here??????

March 9th 2010 3:09 am
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Hi Everybody! Can you believe we all made it through that nasty winter of cold & so much snow? Bring on Spring--sunshine & sweet smelling flowers! We have spent the last few weekends back in the woods, cutting trees, burning brush & stacking firewood for our campfires. Mom & Dad think it is great exercise, but me & my Weim sister love to play in the surrounding fields while our Mom & Dad work. When we finally poop-out, we both retreat back to the Ranger & nap until they are finished & then we all head for the house. I believe my last entry Mom was teaching me to back up on command. Well I mastered that so she is working on a new trick she saw on TV on Dog Town. (rolling eyes in head) She started last night. I think this one will be easy for me. Mom practices my tricks most every night but I don't mind because I get those yummy treats for doing them. She has incorporated my Weim sister, Wren, in our practice too. My Weim sister struggles with the sit & stay or anything that involves stay. Mom says her attention span is a bit short. Mom said something about 'the attention span of a knat". Hee, hee! But Wren is doing much better. Dad gets frustrated with her & tells Mom to work with her. I wish he wouldn't do that because I prefer to have all Mom's attention for myself. :-( Soon we will all be going camping & taking the horses. Mom & Dad have started the shedding process on the horses,trying to rid them of their long winter hair. While they are busy brushing the horses. we dogs run wild in the barn playing tag. We have a blast until Mom or Dad yell for us to "settle down". :-( I am very sensitive & it hurts my feelings to get yelled at so I then sit outside my Mom's horse's stall & wait for her to finish with the horse & pay attention to me.
Bark at you all later.............Shelby


Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.........Snow & Very Cold

January 8th 2010 4:48 am
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Hi All! I usually don't mind winter as I love to play in the snow but this cold is NOT fun. Mom & Dad took all of us out to play in the snow after they brought the horses in last night. I was plowing around in the snow & all they could see was my wake. When they called us into the barn, I had ice all over me. Mom made me stand in front of the salamander heater until I melted. :-( Mom practiced with me on my new back-up trick. I can go backwards really fast now when she tells me so I thought I had it mastered. she wants me to back up next to her at the same time she does. I am confused all over again. Mom tells me not to worry that it will make sense in time so I keep trying--mostly for the treats she gives me while we are practicing. :-) After our practice Mom plays ball with me. I could play ball for hours so Mom usually has to say, "that's all for tonight". I have had to stay in the last few days because of the cold & I hate doing that. I can't see the horses & it is boring even with all the toys & bones Mom gives me. I like to watch the horses during the day. They may get too close to the fence & I need to bark at them to get back or a wild animal may try to enter the pasture & I need to scare it off. :-)
Bark at you all later............Shelby


Happy New Year!

January 1st 2010 8:34 am
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Hard to believe another year is gone. I will be 3 yrs old this August. The horse vet was out yesterday. Dad's Arabian horse (Elijah) was all swollen up in his "private" area & Mom wanted the vet to check her new horse's (Scooter) teeth. I like the vet ok but I stayed really close to Mom & watched. The other dogs had to stay in Dad's workshop room in the barn while the vet was there because my Weim sister gets excited & jumps on strangers. It was not serious about Dad's horse but just due to the very cold weather. The vet did some drilling on Mom's Rocky Mtn horse's teeth. It sounded awful & the 'thing' on his head looked scary. He also did some flossing as Scooter had a space between two teeth that had impacted food. All the tools the vet used kinda worried me. Mom reminded me how important it was that I be good while she brushes my teeth. I really don't mind it too much because the tooth paste tastes like chicken. I like it better when she uses the finger brush instead of the longer one. I usually try to bite down on the long on. The vet was there for a long, long time it seemed to me. But I guess he gave all the shots, cleaned the geldings, & checked everyone's teeth. He was nice but I like my vet better--I think she is pretty & gives me peanut butter doggie cookies!
It is really, really cold today so I have to stay indoors. I am b-o-r-e-d! Mom is going to add some new pictures for me & my Weim sister on this site.
Bark at you later........Shelby


Winter is here!

December 27th 2009 4:45 pm
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Hi All! Wow! Winter is here & we have a couple of inches of snow to prove it. I love the snow! My Grandma was here from Florida last week so Mom didn't get to play with me much because Grandma is NOT a dog lady. :-( But things are pretty much back to normal now. We aren't taking agility lessons this winter, but sometimes Mom & Dad set a small course up in the barn for us. Mom has been working on a new trick for me--backing up when she tells me. We have been working a little each evening in the barn. She got this idea when she places me down the aisle of the barn, tells me to stay & then throws the ball to me from the other end of the aisle. I am pretty good at catching 'air balls'. I use my front feet. But Mom wants me to back up farther away when she tells me. I wasn't understanding so Mom decided she needed to teach me what the word 'back' means. She said I am doing pretty good but sometimes my backing is a bit crooked. But Mom is very patient & always tells me I am doing good even though I know my backing is crooked. During Thanksgiving break from work, Mom & Dad washed all the barn walls & stall walls & re-stained them. They do that every 2 yrs & the last time they did it, I was just a baby & drove Mom crazy trying to keep me out of the stain. Mom & Dad have also spent a few weekends in the woods cutting wood for our camping trips next yr. But the last time we all went to the woods, I was playing with my Weim sister & got a million stick-tights in my coat. I got some really nasty briars stuck in my hair too so I went running back to Mom to help me get them out because they were hurting. Mom was NOT happy. When we got back to the barn it took Mom 40 mins. to get me all brushed out. My Weim sister had her hoodie on because she has such short hair & gets cold but she never gets all stuck up with briars like me. :-(
Well, that's about all folks. Hope everyone got lots of goodies from Santa. We all got some yummy treats in our socks, my Weim sister got a new hoodie, Louie got a HUGE bone & I got 2 new tennis balls! :-)
Bark at you later............Shelby


I'm Back!

October 27th 2009 4:37 am
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Hi All! Wow! Couldn't believe it had been Aug. since Mom updated my diary. We have been busy camping a lot lately. Of course, fall is the best time to camp & ride horses. We stayed at the horse camp a whole week earlier this month. It was a lot of fun, except for the times that Mom & Dad were out riding & me & my Weim sister had to be in our crates. Mom won't let either of us go out on the trails. Mom said if we should spook someone's horse & the rider fall off she is responsible for the damages. (I would never do that.) Even Dad said he thought I would be fine & stay right with the horses but Mom said 'no' that a strange horse might kick me. :-( So I have to be in the crate while they are out riding. But Mom has been sitting our crates outside under the awning so we can watch the horses/riders go by. Mom & Dad set some of our agility equipment up in the back yard & have played with us every evening. We had not practiced since our classes ended last Spring. Mom & Dad were very pleased that we had retained it all & did even better than in class. Mom thinks it is because we are both maturing. I am 2 yrs old now & all grown up.....just ask me! (big grin) One day while we were practicing agility in the back yard, a little lost beagle came into our yard. She was scared & hungry. We weren't allowed to play with her though because Mom thought we would scare her even more. She was wearing a collar but no name or tags. Mom & Dad took her to vet, but no chip either. They took her up & down our road in the Ranger to see if anyone knew where she belonged but no one knew her. Oh, dear what to do now. But Mom said, "I know who needs a dog... Joe, our neighbor". He lives alone & is retired. He owns all the land around us. So Mom & Dad took her over there.........and she is still there. :-)
Well that's about all I have been up to the last couple of months. Happy Halloween to everyone.........and don't let those spooks scare you!
Bark at you later........Shelby


To the vet :-(

August 20th 2009 2:31 am
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I had to go to the vet last night for a shot. When the weather gets hot & humid & there are lots of molds in the air, I get itchy skin. I started scratching myself even though I had taken my monthly Comfortis flea pill & Mom puts Frontline on me as well. I got a bath with medicated shampoo, no fleas were found but I continued to itch. The same thing happened to me last yr & I had to get a shot. I really don't mind going to the vet. The girls behind the counter come out & talk to me & give me peanut butter cookies. A lady came in with 3 little dogs; a Bichon, a Schnauzer & a Yorkie. The lady asked Mom if it was ok for them to meet me & Mom said, "sure". We all became friends instantly & Mom let me lay by them while we waited for the vet. A huge big black & tan coon hound came in & when she barked she sounded just like our Louie hound at home. The lady took her 3 little dogs over to meet her but the owner said, "no" because the hound was growling & barking at them. I stayed by my Mom & just watched. Those little dogs were sure glad to come back & sit by me. :-)
It has been really hot & a storm was coming when we got home from the vet. I was in the yard w/Mom when we heard a huge clap of thunder & lightning cracked really loud. The horses in the pasture jumped & started running around. I ran start to my Mom & got under her legs. Wow! That was scary. We better get to the barn fast!
My Weim sister was w/Dad in the barn & shaking terribly from the noise. She is terrified of any kind of storm, even just rain.
The weather is suppose to cool off this weekend so we are going camping with the horses. I can always tell because Mom makes about 100 trips from the house to the camper with me right on her heels. (Don't want her to forget to take me) I like to go camping (except for having to sleep in a crate at night) because I help Mom with the horses, there's always good stuff to eat, go for walks thru the horse camp & look at all the horses & meet other dogs. Mom said we are going to stay 4 days. Cool!
Bark at you all when I get back................Shelby


Hot, humid & too many bugs!

August 17th 2009 3:45 am
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It's sure been hot here for the past couple of weeks. Even with my summer 'do', I don't like hot, humid weather. As a rule, I don't care much for the water but Mom bought me & my Weim sister a little pool to cool off in. As far as I am concerned, she could have saved her money. Dad wasn't too impressed w/it either & said it would have to go in the rock garden so as not to kill the grass in the yard. My Weim sister LOVED it. But she has those webbed feet & like the 'duck-head' she is, was jumping in & out of it before Mom could even get it filled! As for me, I watched cautiously but was NOT eager to take my turn in the little pool. Mom coaxed me in but I wasn't too happy about it. I did a few 'little tricks' while in the pool only because I thought I could get out sooner if I did! :-( Even Louie, the hound dog, liked the pool & would get in to cool off. Hmmm..................Of course, those two could care less about how they look---great big dogs in little plastic pool. Not me, I have an image to think about! I sat on the deck most of the time & just watched the other 2 dogs make fools of themselves in the little plastic pool. Lucky for me, Mom didn't make me get in it again, saying it must not be my "thing". Thank goodness! I did get to go shopping at Rural King (farm store) on Sat. I love that place. I sleep all the way there, but as soon as we pull in the parking lot I am awake & eager to go in. I like to browse the doggie aisle for a new toy or yummy bone. :-) I like to meet all the people who talk to me & the lady at the check-out always gives me a doggie treat. :-)
Bark at you all later.............Shelby


Summer Fun

August 12th 2009 2:40 am
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Hi All! The heat is finally on & I'm sure glad to have my summer hair cut. No lessons of any kind this summer so I have just been hanging out in the yard & watching the horses. Once in awhile I find it necessary to 'herd' the 2 old barn cats around (if they are in the mood & don't smack my nose). Anxious for the fall so we can go camping/riding with the horses.
Enjoyed reading everyone's diaries to see what they have been up to this summer.
Bark at you all later...............Shelby

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