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Nov 5th.

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Another Year Almost Over

December 30th 2011 5:52 am
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Where did the time go? I will be 5 yrs old this year--August 1st. :-) Mom can't believe I will be that old. Mom said I sure wasn't a little puppy for long--she blinked & I was grown. I do remember going to puppy obedience classes though. I was the youngest but the BIGGEST puppy there! I went through puppy obedience & then puppy intermediate which involved 16 weeks. I liked all my classmates even though most of them were little "fu-fu" types. I especially liked my little Pug-friend, Lucy. She always wore clothes to class & in 16 weeks she never wore the same dress. Then we went to agility for a season. I sure enjoyed the 'home-practicing' for that! Dad made all the equipment for home & we got to practice almost every night. We had a ball!
Mom has been off work all week, but the shower project has taken a lot of her & Dad's time. It's almost done. Mom said this weekend we are going to play in the barn & take some pictures. Mom said she is going to do a little video of me--if she can get Dad to run the camera. I can show you a few of my little tricks. (*wink*) I am really fast weaving thru Mom's legs! I will do most anything for that treat at the end! But Mom said that's ok, because everyone likes a paycheck after work!
My Aunt Nila (Mom's sister) who lives in AR wanted Mom to send her all the pictures of us dogs as she is working on a project. Mom said she had no idea what she was doing but sure it would be a great surpise whatever it was. Aunt Nila came last year to our house & brought her dog, Rosie. Rosie is a Pit Bull that 'smiles' ALL the time. She is really sweet.
Bark at you later......Shelby


Another Christmas Gone By

December 26th 2011 7:16 am
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I hope everyone got just what they wanted for Christmas--new balls, chew toys, stuff toys,& lots of yummy treats.
Mom & Dad don't have much family left & what family they do have live in other states so they usually do a "house project" for their Christmas. This year was a new shower in the laundry room. We dogs get our baths in this shower so Mom & Dad are putting in a bigger one.
Christmas Eve day Mom & Dad had to go pick up tiles for the shower in the laundry room & other supplies. Us dogs stayed home, but I wanted to go with them. Most of those kind of stores let dogs in but Mom said it was just too busy with Christmas shoppers & I needed to stay home. :-(
Our weather has been unseasonably warm this Christmas. Mom took me on a 4 mile walk Christmas Eve day & on Christmas day we went on a 3 mile walk. Dad was busy installing the new shower in the laundry room. Mom said he was grouting the tile so we needed to stay out of his way. My Weim sister did get grout all over her face though. Mom said she is so nosey & has to check everything out. I sure didn't want to get that messy stuff in my coat!
Mom had gotten some new conditioner for the horses manes & tails so while they groomed the horses in the evening she gave us dogs some really good bones. Wow! That kept us busy the whole time they were grooming horses. (We usually run & chase each other in the barn & end of getting on Dad's nerves because we are so loud & crazy.)
Last night Mom brushed & combed ME for about an hour. Whew! That felt so good that I almost fell asleep!
Hope everyone is busy enjoying their new Christmas stuff.
Bark at you later.......Shelby


Another rainy day in Indiana

December 22nd 2011 3:23 am
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Well, you guessed it, raining again here. Today it really rained. I heard if this rain were snow we would have had almost a foot! Not much to report in the way of activity! My Mom was on vacation again today, but worked a few hrs to stay caught up at work. Then she started cleaning out the attic. Dad had said they needed to take some of the stuff stored up there to the Good Will. So Mom went up & down bringing stuff down. She had a pile to throw away & a pile to go to Good Will. Me & my Weim sister had fun snooping thru the stuff. Wow! She had a huge box full of dolls & stuffed animals. The Weim LOVES stuffed animals & Mom was forever scolding her to leave that box alone. Me,....I was just snooping for anything that looked interesting. That project took up most of the day. When Dad got home we all went to the barn. The horses were soaked to the skin when they came in so Mom & Dad didn't groom them. Instead, Mom played with me. :-) She put me thru all my tricks. She hadn't done that for awhile, but I did really well. Dad told Mom I wiggled a little bit, when she told me to sit & stay & then left the barn for a few mins. I kept trying to stretch my neck to see if I could see her & where she might have gone, but I stayed until she got back. Darn! I wish she wouldn't do that trick! I worry when she leaves the barn & want to go with her. Dad played ball with me, while the Weim & old hound dog wrestled around. I did play chase with the other dogs when they got to racing thru the barn chasing each other. That's always fun until we start getting on Dad's nerves & he makes us quit. Well that was pretty much my day. Bark at you later...........Shelby


Winter Rain..........boring days

December 20th 2011 5:25 am
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Well, it's winter time in Indiana. So far we have been very lucky with only rain. But that makes for some long boring days. My Mom had so much vacation time to use up that she only had to work 6 days in Dec. She has been taking me for long, long walks which I love to do. We have a county road near us that has very little traffic so Mom & I walk that road. There are several dogs that live on the road & they come out & bark at us, but none of them ever leave their yards. I like the Beagle & Bassett hound even though they bark at me, their tails are wagging so I know they like me. :-)
When Dad gets home from work, we all go to the barn to bring the horses in & feed them. While Mom & Dad groom the horses, us dogs go out to the pasture & run around chasing each other. We are not allowed in the horse pasture while the horses are out there because I have a habit of barking at them for which I get in trouble for. Mom says I have way too much herding instinct. Then Mom & Dad play ball with me while the other 2 dogs wrestle. They're so silly.
The barn cat, Albert, likes to sit on Mom's lap when she sits down for a cup of coffee in the barn. I really don't like that cat on Mom's lap, but I can't let it show or I will get in trouble. When the cat's on Mom's lap, I also sit as close to her as I can so she will pet me & not the cat. I like to 'herd' the cat around when he is not on her lap, but I don't ever hurt him. None of us are allowed to chase him either! We ALL know that is a "no-no" & sure to get us a "time-out"!
It's raining again today so I bet there will be no walk.......b-o-r-i-n-g!
Well, better's now count-down until Santa comes with those new balls & treats!


I'm Back

December 18th 2011 9:26 am
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Hi Everyone! Wow! It has been almost a year since my Mom has made an entry to my diary. Where has the time gone? Well, it was a busy year for my Mom at work so she totally forgot about my dogster diary. The weather in Indiana this past year has not been too great for trail riding & camping. During the Spring it rained a lot of weekends keeping us from going, the summer was very hot. The fall was nice & we did go trail riding/camping a lot this fall. The time that stands out most for me was Halloween weekend. Mom & Dad decorated our campsite for Halloween. Whew! It was scary & many of the props made noises & moved. I did NOT like the creepy 'reaper' that kept rising up from the grave making a scary noise. In fact, my cable allowed me to sit on him to keep him from coming up! But Mom caught me & moved me too far to reach him. I loved the kids who came trick or treating though. The kids would pet me & some dropped candy which I would grab. (sorry Mom couldn't help myself) I almost forgot about getting attacked in the campground this fall by a Jack Russell. Me & Mom had gone for a walk & I was just walking along side Mom minding my own business. From out of no where a Jack Russell dog jumped on my back & started biting me. Mom was screaming & kicking at the dog, but instead she was actually kicking me. :-( Finally, the owners came & got the mean little dog. But instead of tying him up they just sat him under their awning & sat back down to eat. Well, here he came at us again. Only this time, I was ready for him. I had to protect my Mom! I lounged at him not realizing my lead had wrapped around my Mom's finger. Hmmm.........bad thing for Mom's finger as I took her finger with me as I tried to keep the Jack Russell from getting us. Again, the people came & got the mean little dog. Long story short, my Mom is still going to therapy trying to get the use of her finger back. I guess all the tendons were pulled from her finger. I feel really bad, but Mom said it was her fault for having the lead wrapped around her finger. Mom can't understand why little dogs aren't kept on leads as ALL dogs should be in the campground. Especially dogs that have not been socialized & are dog aggressive & mean! I always like to see my Aussie friend in the campground named Izzy. She's a beautiful red Aussie & really sweet. I also like to see Buckshot & Tucker. They are nice & always friendly. I just don't know why those little guys have to be so hateful & always want to fight!
Now it's Christmas time & Mom took a bunch of pictures of us dogs in the barn. I think she is posting them here today. I am hoping for some new tennis balls & yummy treats to be in my stocking! :-)
Better go for now, me & Mom have a lot of diaries to read to catch up on what my dog pals has been during.
Merry Christmas...........Shelby


Went to the woods!

January 2nd 2011 6:38 am
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Finally, yesterday I went to the woods with Mom & Dad. I was the only dog that got to go. Mom & Dad weren't going to take any of us dogs as they thought it might be muddy since all our snow has melted. But when I noticed Mom & Dad loading tools in the back of the Ranger, I knew they were going somewhere so I jumped on the front seat & refused to get off. Mom even offered me my favorite treat, bacon strips. Nope, I would rather ride on the Ranger than get down & grab that treat. Mom finally 'caved' & told Dad to let me go. Mom didn't want me to go because I had just been to the groomers the day before & she was afraid I would get all dirty. It turned out that it wasn't muddy & I didn't get dirty at all. I would snoop around, but never get very far from Mom. It was cold & very windy but when I got tired, I took a nap on the front seat of the ranger on Dad's coat, out of the wind. Every now & then Mom would call my name & I would set up so she could see I was fine just napping in the Ranger. We did have some excitement as we were heading for the woods. I started acting terrible, whining & lunging over Mom. Dad got mad & told me to "sit" real mean. But finally they saw what I was upset about. There was a coyote caught in a down woven wire fence. It was struggling like crazy to get free. Upon closer examination, Dad discovered the coyote had been caught in a trap that had been wired to a steel post. Dad said the coyote had pulled the post out of the ground & drug it across the field in an attempt to get free. But when the coyote got to the old woven wire fence the steel post got stuck & no way the coyote could get it free. Poor thing. I felt bad but was very excited as I had never seen a coyote up close.....but I was NOT afraid & barked my head off. There was no way Mom & Dad could free the coyote from the trap as she would bite them. Mom took me away & Dad went & got the neighbor man who brought his gun. Mom told me they had to shoot the coyote to put it out of his misery. But why??? I couldn't understand why Dad couldn't just get the trap off. I was feeling very bad. I heard Dad tell Mom it was a female, had an excellent coat & appeared to be in very good health. Ohhh that poor thing.
Well, I am tired from my day in the woods.
Bark at you all later............Shelby


Wishing for a sunny day!

December 29th 2010 10:16 am
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Hi All! Boy! I can't say I am enjoying this winter. It has been too cold too early! Brrrrr.......sure glad I am in full coat now because it is cold. I love playing in the snow but it has been so cold Mom & Dad don't stay out with us to play in the snow long enough. Mom has been off work this past week as she always is between Christmas & New Year's. BUT, she has been busy as her & Dad are still doing stuff to the house. Dad has been painting on the weekends & Mom has been cleaning house & closets. Geeze! By the end of the day, they are too tired to play. Mom has played ball with me a couple of nights. One night we had an obedience practice. Mom says I am the teacher's pet, (of course) but the other two dogs watch me & it is helping them do better. Dad usually takes us dogs for a lap around the field on the Ranger on the weekends. Wren, the Weim. didn't get to go last time because it was too cold for her. I sit in the front sit with Dad & the windshield keeps the wind off me. Louie, the hound dog, was riding in the back but he did get cold as the snow was blowing up on him but he still wanted to go & never wants to get out when the ride is over.
Mom said it is suppose to be 55 degrees by Fri so she made me an appointment at the groomer. She was going to take some pictures of us dogs, but said I was looking scufty. :-( Mom said I need my leg feathers trimmed & some of my 'butt fluff' trimmed up. Good because it was making my butt look big. Dad teases me all the time about having a big butt! He is just used to the Weimaraner, who by the way, has put on a few pounds herself this winter! But my Weim sister has those long skinny legs. I can actually walk right under her, which I do a lot. LOL! Mom taught me to weave in & out of her legs while she walks so I do it to the other dogs. Hee, hee!
Not much news here. Mom is going to post some new pictures of all of us this weekend.
Bark at you later..........Shelby


I am back!!!

December 14th 2010 6:52 am
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Hi Everyone! It has been forever since Mom has updated my diary. Let's see..........what have I been up to since Mom's last post back in July. I can tell you that we had a very busy fall riding season. We went camping/riding for 9 weekends in a row this past fall. I got to see all my old trail dog buddies, Izzie, Buckshot & Tucker & I met a few new buddies that I can't remember their names. It was a beautiful fall season. The last trip out was my least favorite. It was Halloween, Mom & Dad worked in the haunted barn at a campground we don't go to very often anymore. I didn't like it there at all. There were spooky things making noise & flapping in the wind. I barked at a lot of the scary stuff. Me & my Weim sister were in the back of the trailer in our crates, but we could hear the strange noises & screams from the haunted barn. It scared both of us & we couldn't get to sleep until Mom & Dad got back to our campsite. And that was nearly midnight. One day while we were at this campground, the owner lady hit my Weim sister, Wren, on the top of the head several times because Wren was jumping up & down on her lead. I was shocked that a stranger would hit my dog-sister on the head like that! She didn't hit me, but I was not anxious to see her as I am funny about some strangers. Dad said she was a mean lady & was not a good dog person. Dad said we didn't have to go back there ever again. Mom took a new job in Aug this year & it kept her really busy & even working some at home at night. Guess that is partially why she hasn't kept my diary up-to-date. Also, Mom & Dad are having stuff done inside the house so they have been busy with that. Me.......I have just been hanging out in the barn a lot. No dog classes for us this year.......which doesn't bother me. I have gotten to go shopping at Rural King with Mom a few times. I LOVE that place. I always find popcorn on the floor. I am usually able to grab a few pieces before Mom scolds me. Mom always let's me pick out one toy to bring home too. :-)
It is really cold here now. My hair is all grown out so it doesn't really bother me. We also have had some snow, not a lot but enough I can bust through the snow drifts. I love playing in the snow. When Mom plays I like it when she falls down & I can jump on top of her covering her with snow! Well that's all for now. Hopefully Mom will stay a bit more current with my diary.
Bark at you later.........Shelby


And the hot, humid weather drags on..........

July 19th 2010 9:46 am
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Geeze! Enough of this! Not much news when it stays this hot & humid for this long. Nobody wants to do anything, including me! I did ride around with Dad this past weekend on the Ranger. Dad & Mom have been calling me the "ranger girl" because I like to ride on it so much. I just can't help it. I really like it now that Dad has taken the windshield out for the summer. I love the wind blowing in my face. Mom & Dad worked in the yard this past weekend, trimming trees & bushes so that means Dad will be making trips to the back field to dump the clippings--and me too! :-) I heard Mom telling Dad that some friends' horse was struck & killed by lightning over the weekend. Yikes! No wonder Louie & Wren get so scared when they hear thunder. I don't like it, but I don't get as scared & shake like they do.
Bark at you later...........Shelby


Dog Days of Summer.............NOT!

July 16th 2010 4:19 am
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Hi Everyone! I don't know about you all, but I am tired of all this heat & humidity! Mom says I am going to have to have one more hair cut this summer because she is afraid I will get too hot with my coat growing back in before the fall weather comes. It's really ok with me because I do feel better with it short in the summer & I am used to how I look now. Our neighbor lady got a new puppy--blue heeler. Mom & Dad went to see it but didn't take me. :-( Mom said I could meet the puppy later. I guess the neighbor's older dog isn't too happy about the new puppy, but Mom said it will teach the puppy social manners. I wouldn't be mean to the puppy if I could go see her, but Mom said I might scare her. :-(
Sounds like another hot weekend so guess we will be staying home again. Mom has been getting home later every day this week so I have been hanging out with Dad when he gets home from work. Mom was upset last night because when she got home & came into the barn, I didn't greet her. The other two dogs were there but no Shelby. Mom started looking & found me & Dad working in the little building behind the barn. I was helping Dad rearrange things & tidy-up. :-) Dad said I was a good little helper & stayed right with him while the other two dogs laid in front of the fan. But when I saw Mom was home, I was glued to her......sorry Dad. Mom went over a few of my 'doggie tricks' with me & threw the ball for me for awhile.
Well not much news other than more hot weather.
Stay cool & bark at you later......Shelby

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