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Nov 5th.

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First Camping Trip of the Season

April 9th 2012 4:09 am
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Hope everyone had a nice Easter--AND no doggies got sick from too much candy! Our weather was great.
Hooray! We finally got to go camping this past weekend. We all left early Fri morning for the horsecamp in Brown County, IN. The weather was beautiful & we got our favorite camping spot. Dad was anxious to see how his new horse would do overnight camping. This means he would be on a high-tie at night. Now Mom's horse has been doing this for several years but this can be a whole new ballgame for a horse that has never done it. My job cames into play as I let Mom & Dad know if the horses are misbehaving on the line by barking, which I am more than happy to do. (*grins*) But Silks, the new horse, did just fine on the high-tie. He wasn't too sure about eating out of a hay bag at first but soon caught onto it.
Wow! The first ride out on the new horse got off to a very bad start. Dad's horse started acting up after he mounted. Silks wanted to buck & started going backwards. Mom & Dad didn't know what the problem was because he was fine when they went trail riding a week ago. Mom said it was a good thing I was in the back of the trailer because I would be barking & only upsetting the horse more. :-( They finally got the horse going, but he was still acting up. Mom said on the first big hill out of camp she was really worried Silks was going to 'pitch' Dad off. At the top of the hill, Mom & Dad met up with some friends & they all talked for awhile. Dad got off his horse & decided to loosen up the saddle thinking he had the saddle too tight. Well, that was the problem. Mom said after that, Silks rode off just fine & they had a really nice 5 hr. ride.
Meanwhile back in camp, me & Wren were in the back of the trailer enjoying the big chew bones Mom always gives us while they are out riding. When Mom & Dad got back & after they attended to the horses, they took us dogs walking. I have to tell you I had forgotten my manners a few times & got a couple of "corrective interviews" from Mom. When we passed by a few dogs & they ran out & barked at us, I barked back. Hmmm........I had forgotten Mom does NOT allow me to do that so I got in trouble a few times.
All in all, we had a good weekend. But I was sure tired when we got home. In fact, I slept ALL the way home! I guess changing my routine just tires me out. Plus I had to keep a watch out on the horses on the high-tie at the hitching rail. Dad took a few pictures of me, snoozing on a picnic table. So embarrassing! Mom will probably post them later.
Well better go & see if anything needs barked at!.......Shelby


Spring is here!

April 1st 2012 1:05 pm
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Hi Eveybody! Well, let's see what's been happening since Mom last posted for me. Last weekend, Mom & Dad went trail riding for the first time. They just went for the day so us dogs had to stay home. My Weim sister was really upset. When we hear Dad get the big dully truck out of the garage we think it always means we're going camping with the big trailer. Not so this time. :-( Wren was running & jumping all around, but I knew when Mom put me in the kennel early that morning that it meant we would not be going. I guess Dad's new Arabian did really well his first time out on the trails. Mom said he looked around a lot in camp but was a good boy & took all the activies in stride as there were several people camping. Mom said the trails were a bit muddy but nothing too bad. We were just glad when we saw them pull in the drive that evening from riding. Mom's Arabian, which is retired, stays home so I still needed to watch him & bark at him when he would come up for a drink of water so I had work to do even though they were gone all day.

Yesterday, Mom & Dad had to go to a funeral so we didn't get to do much at all. When they got home, they brought the horses up & spent most of the evening grooming on them, ignoring us. :-( I wouldn't stay out of Dad's horse's stall though while he was vacuuming him--I did get in trouble for that! :-( Geeze! I just like to snoop around in the sawdust & his horse doesn't seem to care, but Mom & Dad don't like me in the stalls when the horses are in. Heck, Mom & Dad couldn't find me one evening & was calling & looking everywhere. Finally, they noticed I was in Mom's horse's stall asleep in the corner! She had accidently shut the stall door not noticing I was in there. Scooter, Mom's horse, didn't mind me in there at all & he never bothered me. I was just catching up on a few zzzzzzz's. Mom seems to forget I AM a 'herder' & like to be with the livestock. (rolling eyes in head)

Mom & Dad had planned to go trail riding again today, but it was pouring rain when they got up so their plans changed. They decided to go out for breakfast & then to Rural King to look for a water tank for the back of Dad's truck. AND I got to go with them. Hey! I LOVE to go to Rural King! It's a great farm store & they give away free popcorn & all the little kids always give me some of their popcorn. Whewwwww Whoooooo! That works for me!

The sun popped out this afternoon & it turned out to be a nice day after all. We all went mushroom hunting in the woods for a bit. No luck & Mom was afraid everyone would get ticks on them. Mom said they say the ticks are bad this year. Uck! I hate those nasty things. The new heart wormer I am on is suppose to kill fleas & ticks immediately if they get on me. Mom said it was expensive enough it better work. :-)

Well that's about all that has been happening around here. Hope everyone is enjoying the Spring so far! Remember the Easter bunny comes next weekend. I am NOT going to chase him because he brings treats & surprises! :-)
Bark at you later.......Shelby


As the week ends..........

March 22nd 2012 2:55 am
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It's been another record breaking week of temps in the 80's here in Indiana. Sure glad I got my hair trimmed last Sun. It's still a bit long for the hot weather but it feels better & Mom says it looks better. The lady came & put shoes on Mom & Dad's horses last night. Although I only got to see (sniff) her briefly as I have to stay out in my kennel when she is shoeing. Mom also put my Weim sister in the kennel with me. The Weim HATES being in the kennel though so she cries & howls the whole time. Geesh, it's not bad in my kennel at all with plenty of shade, nice gravel to do our business & a wood deck with two nice dog houses. Plus we can see the horse pasture. Us dogs can't be in the barn when the shoer is there because we like to grab the hoof trimmings & chew on them. Wren & I both get sick EVERY time we eat those things! Last night as the farrier was leaving, Mom let us out of the kennel. I went over to sniff her shoes & Wren grabbed a hoof trimming before Dad had gotten them all swept up. Well, somehow Wren got a piece of hoof trimming stuck in the roof of her mouth. How in the world did she do that? Dad had a hard time getting it un-stuck & out of her mouth. Mom didn't have much time to spend with us after the farrier left though. She had to fix dinner & then had a conference call for work for an hr. later in the evening. :-( Then she wonders why I hang so close to her when I can. She is gone all day at work & in the evening she has to split her time with the horses & us dogs. Mom said Dad's new horse was a bit nervous getting his shoes on. Another good reason I shouldn't be in the barn when the farrier is there. When the horses are dancing around or misbehaving, I get upset with them & bark at them. Mom says that would not have been good for the new horse. Mom's horse was good getting his shoes on so I could have sat by Mom while she held him. :-(
Well better start my day & see if there is anything out there I need to bark at.............Shelby


March 19th 2012 2:47 am
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Hello Everyone! Isn't this weather great? It sounds as though it is all across the country. It was 80+ degrees all weekend. I think I had mentioned that Mom was going to attempt to clip me & Dad talked her out of it. Well, I did go to the groomer on Sun. for a shampoo & my first summer clip. Michelle, the groomer, told Mom she would trim my belly, legs, my white apron but leave the back since this is still only March. But Mom said if the weather continues to stay so warm she would be bringing me back in about a month for a shorter clip. I get really hot in the summer & it is much easier for Mom to bath me if I don't have so much hair. Since I had gotten so mad when Mom was clipping me with the scissors last week, she was anxious to ask Michelle how I did. Especially since I cried when Mom left me. I kept weaving in & out of Mom's legs not wanting to stay when I first got to the groomer's. But when Mom picked me up, Michelle, said she really didn't have any problems with me. :-) What Mom doesn't know is Michelle gives me LOTS of peanut butter dog cookies while she is clipping. :-) Hmmmmm........Mom forgot to tell Michelle about my diet.
On Sat. morning I got to go to the Country store with Mom & Dad. I love to go there. Mom & Dad get our dog food there. They have dog stuff, horse stuff, cool jewlry & clothes, plus really unique gifts. Mom lets me do some shopping while I am there too. Whew! I went straight for the dog aisle & started to grab myself a pigs ear. Almost had it when Mom said, "no". She reminded me that I had gotten sick the last time I ate one. :-( Mom found a really neat fountain for in front of the barn though. So Dad & the man had to take it apart & load it in the back of Dad's jeep. Hey, where am I suppose to sit?? There sure wasn't much room for me with the dog food & that fountain in the back of the jeep.
Mom & I went for a walk in the fields on Sat. afternoon Our neighbor man is 80 yrs old & had taken his backhoe tractor back there earlier in the day & Mom was beginning to get a bit worried about him since he had been gone so long. He is a wonderful neighbor, lives alone & owns about 200+ acres all around us. He lets Mom & Dad cut wood back there & do whatever we like. We dogs LOVE to go back there & run & snoop around as we can be off leash & have a ball. There is also a creek we like to play in. Mom & Dad also get their hay for the horses from him. But Joe was fine when we got back there just working on cleaning a fence row. Mom still worries about him & I do too because Joe is really nice to me & tells me what a good dog I am. :-)
Oh yea, we had company on Fri. evening, Dad's 2 neices & sister-n-law stopped by. Mom & Dad were in the barn when they got there so us dogs stayed out there while everyone went inside to visit. When they were leaving they wanted to meet Dad's dog, the Weimaraner. Mom warned them that she gets very excited when company is there & told them not to let her jump on them. Mom explained to them that life was a "bowl of cherries" to Wren & she was a party girl! Well, as usual, Wren was excited & jumping all over the place. She jumped on Tammy, Dad's neice, twice & almost knocked her over. When they asked Mom to meet me, I came out smelled their shoes, they petted me, then I went over & sat by Mom. They all laughed at mine & Wren's different demeanors. I like people but I would rather be with Mom. I did go through several of my 'little tricks' for them & they clapped for me. (**grinning**) Yep, my Weim sister goes all crazy when people come--she just gets so excited. (rolling eyes in head).
Well better get my day started.........bark at you later.......Shelby


2nd Week Of Diet.............

March 13th 2012 3:39 am
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Hi All! Well it's the 2nd week of my diet. Mom is taking me on more walks & since the days are nice I am out in my kennel where I can see & bark at the horses in the pasture for more exercise. This past Sat. morning I was out in the barn with Dad (while Mom was inside doing housework)& I was in Dad's little workshop room in the barn. This is where the dog food is kept in plastic stacker containers. Well, being the little 'smarty' that I am, I had been watching Mom & Dad open the bin with the dog food. So, while Dad was cleaning stalls, I went into the workshop room & was working the latch to open the bin door to the dog food. Cool! I got it open, flipped the lid with my nose & there was my dog food. Cool! Oh no, Dad appeared at the doorway! BUSTED! I guess Dad heard the scraping as I worked the latch & caught me! :-( Needless to say, Dad put key-pin latches on the bins.
This has been a bad week for me! Mom was brushing me out on Sun. afternoon in the barn. I really wasn't in the mood to be brushed & wanted to go play with the other dogs. Plus, we had been to the woods & I had twigs & grass in my coat so it was hurting a bit. Mom kept insisting I be brushed so I started pouting, which is what I do when I am made to do something I don't want to do! Then Mom decided she was going to try clipping me since I haven't been to the groomers yet this Spring for my first hair cut. She was using the scissors to trim off my "butt fluff" & asked Dad to bring the clippers. Oh no! Dad felt the same as I did! Now, my Mom is nice, but she is NOT a good dog clipper. Dad was able to talk her out of it convincing her that Michelle, the groomer, does such a nice job that Mom should just wait & take me there soon. Whew! That was close.....thank you Dad! But I was still pouting at Mom for making me sit & be brushed. Mom finished & said I could have a cookie for enduring the brushing. At this point, I am mad & don't want a cookie. She called the other dogs for a cookie, but I just sat there & refused to come & get a cookie. Yep, I was mad! I sat there pouting at her while she gave the other 2 dogs 3 cookies each! Big deal, when I am mad, I am mad! Mom called me a big baby & "grumpy pants", which just made me even more mad. I pouted for about another 30 mins. before I finally decided to join the family again.
Our weather has been great, in the 70's this week! Could be an early Spring. Mom & Dad are anxious to go camping & trail riding. Especially Dad as he has that new horse to try out on the trails. Dad's new horse is pretty nice & I go in & out of his stall all the time. Silks, (the horse)doesn't mind me at all & I even sniff up all his legs. I like him the best.
Well, better go bark at something........Shelby


First Week of Diet..............

March 5th 2012 5:26 pm
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AND I'm starving! I LOVE to eat. 3/4 of a cup of dry dog food twice a day just 'ain't' getting it for me! :-( When the other dogs get a dog cookie, I get a greenie. Don't get me wrong, I like greenies, but they are NOT the same as a cookie.
This past Sat. we all went to the woods so I got lots of exercise. I even scared up a rabbit & almost caught it. I think Mom was glad I didn't though. Sunday was a 'kick-back' day. Dad did take me for a ride on the Ranger, to check on the fire we had the day before. I got to snoop around a bit while Dad bunched up the stuff that hadn't burn. The fire started back up so we stayed to make sure everything burned up.
Oh, & my new heart worm pill didn't make me sick so that was a good thing. It is a Lilly/Elanco drug & that's where my Mom works so she was glad it agreed with me. The vet said some dogs get sick & they don't keep it down.
It was really cold over the weekend, but Mom said it is suppose to warm up this week. I think Mom & Dad are anxious for Spring so they can start the camping/trail riding season.
Well, it's past my bed time.
Bark at you later..........Shelby


Annual Vet Visit & Those Dreaded Scales

February 25th 2012 8:30 pm
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Friday, Mom & Dad took me to the vet for my annual shots. Of course, first thing I had to get on the scales. Oh no! Mom gasped! I had gained 5 lbs. since last year's annual visit. Mom was upset as 5 lbs. on a dog as short as me is NOT a good thing. Mom has always been so careful with my diet she couldn't believe it. The vet told her to cut my dry (Taste of the Wild) to 3/4 cup twice a day. I am currently getting 1 cup twice a day & let me tell you one cup of dry food isn't very much! :-( Mom admitted she probably was giving me too many of the doggie treats for doing my tricks & when she teaches me new ones.'s back to just cheerios for a trick. I like those but I have to admit the doggie treats are better.
:-) Mom had also added a little left over chicken & dumplings on my dry food when she fixed it for her & Dad. Guess that won't be happening anymore either. Dad did come to my rescue by saying I hadn't been as active this winter as I usually am. So guess I am on a diet until the 5 lbs are gone. Mom keeps telling me it's for my own well being. Seriously??
Today, Sat., Mom had some work to do on the computer so me & Dad went to the woods. Dad told Mom I was a good girl, helping him in the woods when she came to the barn this evening. But honestly I wasn't feeling my normal self & just wanted to take a little snooze while they groomed the horses. Mom & Dad said it might be from all my shots yesterday. Maybe I will feel more peppy tomorrow.
Bark at you later........Shelby


Sunny Days.....

February 19th 2012 5:52 am
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Boy,these mild sunny days sure can give a doggie Spring fever. Mom is off on Fridays, so when she got back from the store she decided to brush me & give me a bit of a hair cut. Oh no! I get a bit nervous when I see Mom with those clippers.........not that I am afraid of clippers but just don't have too much confidence in Mom's hair cuts. I could end up looking like a "Texas poodle"! I would just as soon Mom let the groomer, Michelle, give me my hair cuts. Mom brushed me for a long time then started the clip. It wasn't too bad this time, as she just snipped off my "butt fluff" & leg feathers. She did trim my white neck apron a bit too. When Dad got home, he thought I looked pretty good. I must say, the brushing & combing sure felt good & put me right to sleep.
Of course, Mom & Dad groomed the horses for an hr or better that evening. I just sat outside Mom's stalls & whined a bit. I did go into Dad's horses' stall & watch for a bit. Mom never lets me in her stalls. But her Arabian will kick a dog so that's why she won't let me in his stall. Sometimes I get to go in the Rocky Mtn horse's stall & watch while she grooms him as he doesn't mind doggies.
On Sat. a man & his family that Dad works with stopped by. He brought Dad a snow blade for the Ranger. Dad told him if he came up that he would give him a truck load of fire wood. I liked them a lot & really liked their little boy that was 2 yrs old. I love kids & never jump on them or hurt them. I helped everyone load the wood in the truck. My Weim sister was acting all hyper, jumping on everyone & knocking the little boy down so Dad had to put her in the workshop room of the barn while we loaded wood. I am sure glad I didn't get in trouble for acting like that!!! My Weim sister just gets to excited when she meets strangers or we have company. I like them ok, but after a quick sniff, I usually go back to being by Mom's side.
We are going to the woods on Sun. to cut some wood & build a fire. Last weekend, Mom & Dad were tearing out an old rotten bridge & burning it that was over a little creek. I was worried to death about Mom when she scooted out on the big timber to remove a rotted top board. It worried me so I tried to jump up to my Mom to warn her to be careful. I was afraid Mom would slip off in the creek. Mom kept sssshhhh me & told me to stop "playing Lassie"! I was only worried about her. :-(
Well, better go sit on the Ranger to be sure they take me to the woods with them.............Shelby


So Sad............

February 11th 2012 4:23 pm
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We just found out that Mom's cousin's dog, who was also named Shelby, has gone to the Rainbow bridge unexpectantly. Mom said they had taken Shelby to the vet last week because she was having difficulty breathing. Then her Dad took her back to the vet on Friday & Shelby died at the vet's. Shelby was a beautiful & very loved Shelty. She was also a dog. I could tell Mom was very sad about it & felt very bad for her cousin. Mom said, like me, their Shelby was their "baby" & they will miss her terribly. I can usually tell when Mom is in a somber mood, so I tried really hard to pull her out of it by bringing my ball & putting it in her lap. I thought sure if Mom started playing ball with me she would feel better, but she didn't want to play ball with me at all. Dad did take me for a ride on the Ranger. Mom didn't want to go because she said it was too cold. AND it was cold! The windshield helped but the wind was really cold. Me & Dad didn't stay in the woods long it was so cold. Mom said she would go to the woods with us tomorrow & we would build a big fire & burn the tree tops that Dad chops down for campfire wood. Oh boy! It's more fun when we all go.
Well it's my bedtime.............Shelby


Thank you

February 10th 2012 6:51 am
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Wanted to thank for making me diary dog of the day Feb 1st. What a fun surprise! The picture was really cool! My Mom printed out the picture & pinned it on the bulletin board in the barn. I just know the other dogs are drooling over it! Hee! Hee! Dad says I am such a diva!
This week when Mom came to the barn she brought left-over chicken & dumplings to mix in our dry food. Hmmm..........I love it, but then I love any food. I just LOVE to eat. I only get one cup of dry (Taste of The Wild) dog food in the morning & one cup in the evening. Yep, only one cup. Mom watches my weight very close as I have a tendency to be kinda chubby. :-( Plus I rarely get any people food as I have a very sensitive stomach. Mom & Dad feed all us dogs morning & night in the barn together in a triangle. They think it helps in preventing us from being food aggressive. Since I am the 'alpha dog' Mom & Dad were mostly concerned about me being aggressive over food, but I never growl or fuss over food. Of course, since I get the smallest portions, I finish first. I do walk over & watch my Weim sister eat. She eats soooo slow.........geeze. I am not allowed to crowd her or eat any of her food so I just watch her eat. She is so picky too. Sometimes she won't eat any of her food. Can you believe that? Mom says I am a good little eater & always eat my food. Louie, the hound, gets the most but he is like me & always eats his food. But we never fuss or fight over food so I guess feeding us together is a good thing, but I sure don't understand my Weim sister being so picky. (rolling eyes in head)
Mom & Dad are still giving the new horse a lot of extra attention. After Mom gets her horses groomed, she helps Dad groom his new horse as they are still getting to know him & helping him settle in. Mom says horses grieve just like us dogs when taken away from their families so I guess it's ok that the new horse is getting so much attention. But it is sure cutting in on my 'ball time' with Mom & Dad. :-(
Gotta go, I think there is something they need me to bark at..........Shelby

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