Nov 5th.

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Sunny Days.....

February 19th 2012 5:52 am
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Boy,these mild sunny days sure can give a doggie Spring fever. Mom is off on Fridays, so when she got back from the store she decided to brush me & give me a bit of a hair cut. Oh no! I get a bit nervous when I see Mom with those clippers.........not that I am afraid of clippers but just don't have too much confidence in Mom's hair cuts. I could end up looking like a "Texas poodle"! I would just as soon Mom let the groomer, Michelle, give me my hair cuts. Mom brushed me for a long time then started the clip. It wasn't too bad this time, as she just snipped off my "butt fluff" & leg feathers. She did trim my white neck apron a bit too. When Dad got home, he thought I looked pretty good. I must say, the brushing & combing sure felt good & put me right to sleep.
Of course, Mom & Dad groomed the horses for an hr or better that evening. I just sat outside Mom's stalls & whined a bit. I did go into Dad's horses' stall & watch for a bit. Mom never lets me in her stalls. But her Arabian will kick a dog so that's why she won't let me in his stall. Sometimes I get to go in the Rocky Mtn horse's stall & watch while she grooms him as he doesn't mind doggies.
On Sat. a man & his family that Dad works with stopped by. He brought Dad a snow blade for the Ranger. Dad told him if he came up that he would give him a truck load of fire wood. I liked them a lot & really liked their little boy that was 2 yrs old. I love kids & never jump on them or hurt them. I helped everyone load the wood in the truck. My Weim sister was acting all hyper, jumping on everyone & knocking the little boy down so Dad had to put her in the workshop room of the barn while we loaded wood. I am sure glad I didn't get in trouble for acting like that!!! My Weim sister just gets to excited when she meets strangers or we have company. I like them ok, but after a quick sniff, I usually go back to being by Mom's side.
We are going to the woods on Sun. to cut some wood & build a fire. Last weekend, Mom & Dad were tearing out an old rotten bridge & burning it that was over a little creek. I was worried to death about Mom when she scooted out on the big timber to remove a rotted top board. It worried me so I tried to jump up to my Mom to warn her to be careful. I was afraid Mom would slip off in the creek. Mom kept sssshhhh me & told me to stop "playing Lassie"! I was only worried about her. :-(
Well, better go sit on the Ranger to be sure they take me to the woods with them.............Shelby


So Sad............

February 11th 2012 4:23 pm
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We just found out that Mom's cousin's dog, who was also named Shelby, has gone to the Rainbow bridge unexpectantly. Mom said they had taken Shelby to the vet last week because she was having difficulty breathing. Then her Dad took her back to the vet on Friday & Shelby died at the vet's. Shelby was a beautiful & very loved Shelty. She was also a dog. I could tell Mom was very sad about it & felt very bad for her cousin. Mom said, like me, their Shelby was their "baby" & they will miss her terribly. I can usually tell when Mom is in a somber mood, so I tried really hard to pull her out of it by bringing my ball & putting it in her lap. I thought sure if Mom started playing ball with me she would feel better, but she didn't want to play ball with me at all. Dad did take me for a ride on the Ranger. Mom didn't want to go because she said it was too cold. AND it was cold! The windshield helped but the wind was really cold. Me & Dad didn't stay in the woods long it was so cold. Mom said she would go to the woods with us tomorrow & we would build a big fire & burn the tree tops that Dad chops down for campfire wood. Oh boy! It's more fun when we all go.
Well it's my bedtime.............Shelby


Thank you

February 10th 2012 6:51 am
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Wanted to thank for making me diary dog of the day Feb 1st. What a fun surprise! The picture was really cool! My Mom printed out the picture & pinned it on the bulletin board in the barn. I just know the other dogs are drooling over it! Hee! Hee! Dad says I am such a diva!
This week when Mom came to the barn she brought left-over chicken & dumplings to mix in our dry food. Hmmm..........I love it, but then I love any food. I just LOVE to eat. I only get one cup of dry (Taste of The Wild) dog food in the morning & one cup in the evening. Yep, only one cup. Mom watches my weight very close as I have a tendency to be kinda chubby. :-( Plus I rarely get any people food as I have a very sensitive stomach. Mom & Dad feed all us dogs morning & night in the barn together in a triangle. They think it helps in preventing us from being food aggressive. Since I am the 'alpha dog' Mom & Dad were mostly concerned about me being aggressive over food, but I never growl or fuss over food. Of course, since I get the smallest portions, I finish first. I do walk over & watch my Weim sister eat. She eats soooo slow.........geeze. I am not allowed to crowd her or eat any of her food so I just watch her eat. She is so picky too. Sometimes she won't eat any of her food. Can you believe that? Mom says I am a good little eater & always eat my food. Louie, the hound, gets the most but he is like me & always eats his food. But we never fuss or fight over food so I guess feeding us together is a good thing, but I sure don't understand my Weim sister being so picky. (rolling eyes in head)
Mom & Dad are still giving the new horse a lot of extra attention. After Mom gets her horses groomed, she helps Dad groom his new horse as they are still getting to know him & helping him settle in. Mom says horses grieve just like us dogs when taken away from their families so I guess it's ok that the new horse is getting so much attention. But it is sure cutting in on my 'ball time' with Mom & Dad. :-(
Gotta go, I think there is something they need me to bark at..........Shelby


Thank You Dogster.Com

February 8th 2012 3:44 am
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I just learned from a doggie pal that I was Doggie Diary of the Day on Feb 1st! Wow! Mom hadn't checked the community page in awhile & we didn't even know it! Thanks, That's cool! We loved the picture! We also love reading other doggie diaries to see what everyone is up doing!
Bark at you later.........Shelby


Another Week of Winter Gone By.........

February 7th 2012 3:56 am
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Hi All: Monday morning brought a beautiful, warmer than normal, sunny day. Mom worked from home since the parking garages where she works had to be cleaned after the Super Bowl. I mostly just hung out not doing much of anything. When Dad got home from work I helped him in the barn. Mom was later coming to the barn because she had some kind of conference call for work. Since the new horse came & Dad is trying to 'bond' with him, Mom & Dad spend most of their time, after bringing the horses in, brushing & clipping on them. Geeze! What about us? But Mom did take time to play ball with me. Dad had told her he sure wished he had the camera as he caught me snuggling with the barn cat, Albert, on the settee. But the min. Mom opened the barn door, I jumped down. So embarrassing!
Dad's new horse is settling in very well & they think he is going to be a sweetie. Not as sweet as me I bet! :-) The new horse seems to be used to me as well as the other dogs, but Mom says I can be the most annoying as I like to bark at the horses when they come up to the water tank. Silks, the new horse, does just like the other horses.....ignores me. :-( Hey, I'm an Aussie & they should listen to me!
Bark at you later.....Shelby


Super Bowl Day!

February 5th 2012 7:28 am
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Hi All! Well, everyone is all fired up for the Super Bowl & most everyone has had a chance to enjoye the NFL experience downtown Indianapolis. Of course, I didn't but I have seen a lot about it on TV. Honestly, I probably won't be able to stay awake for the actual game. I start getting really sleepy about 8:00 pm! :-(
I hung out all day with Dad in the barn. It was raining most of the day. Dad had left the back door of the barn open & I spent a lot of time out there watching the horses. Well, needless to say, Mom was NOT happy when she came to the barn & I was soak & wet. But Dad said I needed to be a dog & do what I LOVE to do--watch the horses. Yea, Dad! Mom had to towel dry me & I could tell she was a bit annoyed. :-(
Well, last night when Mom & Dad brought the horses in for the night Dad's new horse had spent the day rolling in any mud he could find in the pasture. WOW! He had mud caked on him. Poor Dad would have a job getting all that off. AND, he didn't want to use the vaccum on him yet until the new horse was more used to all of us. But while Mom & Dad groomed the horses, us dogs decided to get in a 'full-blown' game of tag. We were running out of the barn into the pasture & then back into the barn at top speeds. We would make a big sweep around the Ranger which was parked in the aisle of the barn & then back out again. But Mom said the new horse was watching it all but didn't seem to be bothered by our craziness.
I was sure tired after all of that & fell asleep on the settee even before Mom & Dad were finished in the barn.
Well, that's about all for this Sat.
Bark at you later.......Shelby


New Horse In The Barn

February 4th 2012 12:33 pm
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Wow! On Friday morning Mom & Dad were up & in the barn at 2:30 am! What in the world was happening? We never eat breakfst this early. Although I kinda new something was up because Mom & Dad were putting stuff in the little trailer & every night the past week grooming Dad's mare to the 'hilt'. Mom was clipping on her one night for hours, all the while I sat in the stall door watching. Well Friday, at 3:00 am. Mom & Dad loaded Dad's mare & headed out. Once again, I did not get to go. It turns out they were on their way to Bowling Green, KY to take Dad's Rocky Mtn mare & pick up Dad's new Arabian gelding. Mom was still kinda sad to take Hanna, the mare, because she was such a good horse, but Dad wanted another Arabian. It was going to be a nice day near 60 degrees so Mom said I could stay outside in the kennel while they were gone so I could watch the horses & bark at them when they came up to the water tank.
Mom & Dad pulled in the drive to the barn about 2:30 pm that afternoon. I was anxious to see the new horse. They put him in a stall in the barn though & I couldn't see him. But later in the evening when Mom brought her Rocky Mtn gelding & Arabian gelding in for the night I did get to see the new horse. Heck, he looked just like Dad's other horse to me. What's the big deal? But he did seem to be kinda nervous & jumpy about stuff. Dad spent a lot of time grooming him & Mom told us dogs to be quiet & not be playing tag in the barn until the new horse got used to us being so loud & wild. what are we suppose to do meanwhile. Mom gave us all a bone to chew on so we stayed busy for the first night of the new horse's arrival. That horse has a strange name......Silks.....that's kinda funny name for a horse, but Mom said it was part of his registered name & we would all get used to it.
Well that's about it for this week. I'll let you know what the new horse thinks when all 3 of us dogs are playing tag & running full blast from the pasture into the barn & then back out again.
Bark at you later........Shelby


Sat--One of My Favorite Days.................

January 28th 2012 5:43 pm
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I helped Dad in the barn all morning. He always puts fresh sawdust in the horse stalls on Sat. & tidies up the barn. Sometimes he says I am too much help. :-( Dad & Mom had gotten the little 3-horse bumper pull horse trailer out of the barn to take his Rocky Mtn mare to the vet for her vaccinations & coggins on Friday as they will be taking her to KY next Friday. Since we always take the big trailer w/living quarters camping, the little trailer sits in the barn most of the time. Dad said it was dirty & he wanted to wash it inside & out before the trip to KY, but he wouldn't let me help so I hung out in the barn. Then, Mom & Dad decided they needed to replace on of the rubber mats. Since they were going to Rural King (a farm store) Mom said I could go with them. I love to go there. They have all kinds of farm animal stuff including lots of dog stuff. Mom let me shop through the dog isles, but I really didn't find anything that I wanted. Mom tried to interest me in a stuffed animal, but I am too old for that baby stuff. There were some rabbits in a cage that everyone was picking up but I couldn't care less about them. Now if there had been squirrels in that cage that would have been a different story! There were several other dogs in the store, but I didn't know them so I wasn't interested. I did get petted by a lot of people & one lady gave me a dog biscuit. I ate it, but it was rather dry & tasteless. When we got home, Mom & Dad brought the horses in for the night. They groomed them all. Me & my Weim sister kept pushing the stall doors open & going in & out of the stalls. Of course, Mom kept shooing us out. Of course, the barn cat sat on Mom's lap which he has gotten into a habit of doing every night. Hmmmmm.......when he sits on her lap, I jump up on the settee & sit as close to her as I can. Mom thinks I like the cat, but I would just as soon he not sit on her lap.
That about does it for my day.
Bark at you later.......Shelby


Another Gloomy Winter Week

January 26th 2012 12:22 pm
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We are one week closer to Spring! It's been cold, rainy & cloudy all week. I am so ready for Spring or just a dry sunny day would be nice!
Well, Mom & Dad went to Bowling Green, KY last Sun. to see the new horse, but I didn't get to go. Mom said it would be a long drive & a long day. I was beginning to worry before they got back home though as it was getting kinda late. Mom said Dad took the horse out for a trail ride. I guess they both really liked him, said he was very sweet & cute. (rolling eyes in head) That's suppose to be me.........not a horse! Anyway, they are going back next Friday to bring the horse home. Mom said the new horse is used to dogs because the barn dog went out on the trail ride with Dad & another client that was trying out a horse. (shrugging shoulders) Mom never lets me go out on the trails with them anyway. She says another horse might kick me. Guess Mom has seen other dogs get kicked by strange horses on the trail & some horses spook at dogs.
At least on Sat. Dad took me on the Ranger with him to the woods. He let me off to chase a squirrel which was fun. I never seem to get to them before they get to the darn tree though & I run as fast as I can go. I am the only one of the dogs that like to chase squirrels.
Well not much news to report except for Dad's new horse that is coming next week. I will let you know what I think of him once I meet him. Personally, I like Dad's mare. She is nice & doesn't care if I go in her stall & sniff around. But Dad likes his Arabians so Mom said we would have to sell the Rocky mare. Mom's kinda sad about it but she gets attached. :-( Poor Mom..........bark at you later......Shelby

Oh yea, the Super Bowl 'buzz' is in full swing in Indianapolis. Mom said she has a great view of the Lucas Oil Stadium where she works & can see as downtown takes shape for all the Super Bowl activities. I sure would like to go & see all the sights but Mom said that won't be happening. :-(


Winter is here!

January 14th 2012 1:24 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] it ever cold--8 degrees last night. Guess our luck of mild winter weather ran out! We got a couple of inches of snow & bitter cold winds this week. Good thing I have my full winter coat. And with this cold weather not much happening to report. Me & Dad took a ride on the Ranger today. It was too cold for the other dogs, but I don't mind as long as I get to go. I hung out mostly with Dad today because Mom was busy running errands, & cleaning house. Of course, we had barn chores to do as Dad strips the stalls every Sat. & always needs my help.
Dad is thinking about getting a new horse......another Arabian. He misses his Arabian & Mom says the Rocky Mtn mare just isn't filling the void. They are going next weekend to look at the one Dad has picked out. I am so hoping Mom will let me go with them. I promise I will be good & mind my manners. I have been hanging especially close to Dad so he won't say 'no' to me going with them.
Hopefully this bitter cold won't last & we can be outside more.
Bark at you later.......Shelby

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