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Nov 5th.

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Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone

November 21st 2012 2:47 am
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Wow! Can't believe it is Thanksgiving all ready. But sad as it is, I never get any of the good food. Mom may let me have just a few bites of turkey but that will be all. I have a funny stomach & people food upsets it even though I LOVE people food.
Mom's sister is coming next week & bringing her dog, Rosie. Rosie is a pitbull & very sweet. She doesn't know much about horses & barns though. Her family just moved to KY so this will be her first winter to see snow. I guess they don't have much snow in AR. Mom sent Rosie a coat & when she is up here Mom & Aunt Nila are going to take Rosie to the Country Store to fit her for a another good warm coat. Rosie is like Wren, doesn't have much warm fur like me. I love to play in the snow.
Well, Mom is already thinking of ideas for our Christmas pictures. She loves to take Christmas pictures with all 3 of us dogs. Ole Louie, the hound dog, lets Mom do whatever she wants to him but sometimes Wren doesn't cooperate during the photo-shoot. Me, I LOVE to have my picture taken. Mom says I start posing before she is even ready.
I guess tomorrow us dogs have to stay home because Mom & Dad are going horseback riding in Brown County but just for the day. I guess the place is always packed on Thanksgiving weekend with campers. Mom & Dad have winterized & put the trailer up for the winter so they are just going for the day. It is suppose to be 64 degrees here tomorrow. That may be a record for Indiana on Thanksgiving.
Well everyone enjoy Thanksgiving & time with friends & family.
Bark at you later.........Shelby


Beautiful Weekend

November 12th 2012 3:34 am
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Hope everyone's weekend was as warm & nice as our weekend in Indiana. Not a lot actually happened around our place for us doggies. The men started replacing the barn roof so there was a lot of noise. I did help Dad with the weather vane on the cuppala. Well, maybe I didn't really help that much but mostly watched him.
I am finally playing with my Weim sister again. I don't like wrestling with her anymore but I will chase her in a game of tag.
Mom had said we might go to the Pet Expo in Indianapolis but ended not going. Dad was too busy with chores around the house & getting things ready for winter. Sat. evening me & Wren went with Mom & Dad to get a load of sawdust on the big trailer. It was cool watching that big piece of equipment dump saw dust in our wagon.
Sun. afternoon we all went in the Ranger to meet the new neighbors. They were all out in the yard tending to a big brush fire they had going in their yard. Wow! Their yard is about 5 acres! Their dog was pretty cool, a Wheaten Terrier. He was very friendly. Of course, us doggies had to stay in the Ranger, but I think their dog wanted to go for a ride with us because he kept jumping on the Ranger. The new neighbors have 3 kids & they were all nice too. The littlest girl kept touching my noice with her finger & I wasn't sure what that meant. But her Dad finally told her to stop doing that & just pet me. I liked that better.
Well, that's all for now folks............bark at you later.......Shelby



November 4th 2012 4:40 am
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Hope all my dog pals on the east coast made it through storm Sandy & are safe & warm with their families. We watched all the devastation on TV & feel so bad for all those folks. Our thoughts & prayers are with them.

Let me tell you it has sure been boring around here all week! The weather has been cold & rainy! We even had ice pellets & hail yesterday! Mom & Dad cancelled Halloween weekend camping & also cancelled this weekend of camping because of the weather. Dad & Mom were off work on Fri so Dad washed the camper & winterized it while Mom unloaded all the stuff out of it. Then it was put in the barn for the winter. That's always sad as we know the riding/camping season is over. :-(

On Fri. I did get in some very serious trouble. Well both me & my Weim sister got into trouble. Dad was adding sawdust to the stalls so he didn't see what happened but he sure heard the fight. Me & Wren got into a fight, a REAL fight. When Dad heard it he came running & started yelling & kicking at us. Wren had a hold of the hair around my neck & Dad had a hard time getting us apart. Wow! Once he got us apart he slammed us both in opposite directions. I got a time out to the kennel & Wren had to go sit in the workshop room. Dad did check us both out to be sure there was no blood or punctures from teeth. Neither of us were hurt but we were both mad! When Mom came to the barn Dad told her about it so Mom went all over me again because with all my hair it might be hard to see if I had gotten hurt. Of course, Wren is short haired & easy to see if she had any bites. In the 5 yrs we have been together we have never got into a fight so Mom was very surprised. But Mom knows that when playing Wren gets very rough & will bite hard which makes me get mad when she hurts me. I was mad at Wren the rest of the day & wouldn't even look at her. Wren tried to get me to play with her & even brought one of my balls to me. But I turned my head & ignored her. I was also mad at Dad & wouldn't go to him. When I am mad---I am MAD! Mom brushed me for about an hr so that made me feel better but I still just hung with her. Mom also played ball with me for a long time as I still continued to ignore Wren. I am not sure when I will play with Wren again!!! In fact on Sun. I was still ignoring Wren. Mom played ball with me but I refused to join in with Wren & Louie as they wrestled around in the barn.

Oh yea, on Fri they started putting a new roof on our house. There were people everywhere & a lot of weird noises. Mom & Dad kept the horses up in the barn as the horses were very concerned about all the activity & noise. I went back & forth with Mom as she unloaded the camper & took stuff to the house, but I was not interested in the guys milling around roofing, but stayed close to Mom. Wren did run up to one of the men getting something from a van & scared him to death. Mom couldn't understand what he said, but let him know Wren was harmless & wouldn't hurt him. The man smiled & laughed because Wren startled him so I guess all was ok.
Well that's about all that happened around our place.......Bark at you later.......Shelby


Fall Camping

October 17th 2012 3:03 am
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We went camping this past weekend at Brown County horsecamp. The weather was really nice. We were on our favorite site so that was good. Us dogs were especially good. I never barked one time when Mom walked me through the camp. Mom & Dad had decided to test us dogs while in the back of the camper to see if they could not put Wren's, the Weim, crate up. Always before Wren slept in a crate while Mom & Dad were out riding & at night. I didn't have to be in a crate but slept on a big pillow bed. Mom & Dad figured we would wake them up at 5:00 am every morning wrestling around back there as we like to wrestle with each other. Nope, we were good. In fact, me & Wren even snuggled up together because I liked her bed better than mine. :-) Mom & Dad were pleased because that saves them having to haul Wren's crate & setting it up every time. I guess me & Wren are both finally growing up--we are 5 yrs old now. Friday night friends stopped by our campsite so we stayed up a bit later than normal but that was ok because the weather was nice. I did fall asleep on the picnic table though.
We came home Sat. evening because of rain & high winds coming in on Sun. On Sun. morning Mom & Dad went to Rural King (a country store) & I got to go with them. I love that store. I even got a new bed there. Oh yea, there was a witch there that started talking as we walked by. Well, I did NOT like her at all. The hair on my back stood up & I barked at her. This nasty witch came up out of a barrel & started laughing really loud & hateful. I really got mad & barked at her more! I guess I gathered quite a crowd & people were laughing but I didn't think it was funny at all. That witch could have hurt me & Mom. I needed to protect my Mom & make that witch get back in the barrel. Mom finally pulled me away & I settled down. There was a nice family there & they petted me every time we passed them.
Mom & Dad worked on their Halloween props a little bit in the afternoon, but us dogs couldn't go over on that side of the barn. I guess we get in their way because Dad yells at us a lot when we sneak thru the door. I don't like that Halloween stuff anyway so I really didn't care.
Well better go see if anything around here needs barked at.......Shelby


Fall Weekend

October 9th 2012 3:00 am
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Whew! It was sure chilly this past weekend. Mom & Dad cancelled camping as it poured rain & was cold ALL day on Friday. Sat. was a bit better but still cold. Mom ran errands all day on Friday, Dad was off work too so I hung out with him in the barn. Mom & Dad mowed grass on Sat. & I played with Wren & Louie in the barn. Poor Wren had to wear her jacket all day because she was cold. Sunday, Mom & Dad took only me back to cut some firewood for camping. I enjoyed snooping all around while they cut wood & loaded it in the Ranger. But the min. I heard Dad start it up I jumped in & was ready to roll. In the afternoon, Mom & Dad got in the attic & got all the Halloween stuff out. Eeeeck! I hate that stuff! This year they have an idea to make the gooseneck part of the trailer look like a haunted castle. They covered cardboard with plastic paper that looks like castle blocks. Dad put glue on the cardboard & then papered it. Dad cut windows on each side which scary looking guels will hang. Mom is putting a black light so they will show up at night. Mom has even more spooky stuff to decorate the campsite for Halloween this year. Eeeek again! Most everything is motion/sound activated & makes scary noises. Us dogs couldn't go on that side of the barn where the camper is & they were working because we kept walking on their cardboard. Dad yelled at us several times & finally put us out to the other side of the barn. We just wanted to see & help too. :-(
I think we are going camping this coming weekend. The weather is suppose to be warmer. Mom & Dad try to go as much as they can because we all know winter is just around the corner.
Bark at you later.......Shelby


Why The Rain Now????

October 4th 2012 2:56 am
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Geeze! It doesn't rain ALL summer & now that fall is is the rain! We were suppose to go camping this weekend, but the weather sounds like it is going to be very cool & rainy. Mom cancelled so I guess we will just be hanging out around home.
I did it in trouble. Dad was mowing a patch of grass behind the outside run-in sheds for the horses with the push mower last night & I decided to bark & bite at the wheels. Well, Dad yelled at me several times but I didn't listen. But when I got a swift boot in the behind with the side of his foot, I decided to listen! Yikes! It startled me & kinda hurt. After I was over the inital shock, I went & sat down & just watched Dad from then on. I was mad at him though & wouldn't look at him the rest of the evening. Of course, he had to tell Mom on me as soon as she got home from work. But Mom could tell something wasn't right because I was quiet & refused to look at Dad. Dad told Mom he bets I listen the next time he tells me to stop doing something. :-(
Mom is starting to get some of her Halloween ideas together. Her & Dad always decorate our camp site on Halloween. Mom has tubs & tubs of stuff. I don't like some of it though because they move & make weird noises. Last year I would lay on the grim reaper because he kept popping up from the grave making awful noises when little kids stood in front of him. Mom finally had to move my tie-out so I couldn't lay on top of him & the kids could activate his moving & noise. (rolling eyes) Geeze! I don't like those giant spiders that move up & down under the awning either. Me & Wren would like to grab them & chew them up! They are ugly & a few almost as big as me!!! I do like when the kids come to our campsite for trick-or-treat. They almost always drop candy when Mom is filling their bags. Hmmmm..... :-) I used to bark, but I caught on pretty quickly that they have candy so I need to be their friend. (grinning)
Well better go find something to bark at.......Shelby


Fall In The Air

September 26th 2012 3:57 am
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I guess it's been awhile since Mom has had time to update my diary. Thank you to all my doggie pals for the awesome pirate flags--so cool! Mom is going to have to think back to all that has been happening since her last post. First of all, now that the weather is cooler my itching has stopped, plus my pills help. Mom was talking to her friend (who has my dog Mom) & said she gives her Aussie's Flaxseed. So now I take flaxseed for my dry, itchy skin. We have been camping for the last 3 weekends. Mom & Dad save all their vacation for Sept & Oct to go riding/camping with the horses. We usually go down to the horse camp on Thurs. morning & stay thru Sun. afternoon. Dad really likes his new Arabian horse & Mom said he is a real sweetheart & so easy to handle. He is camping very well on the hi-tie too. I never have to bark much at him as he is quiet. Now Mom's horse, I do have to bark at him because he likes to turn around on the hi-tie & scratch his butt on the hitching rail. I bark a lot at him for doing this because I know Mom doesn't like him to do it because it messes up his tail. Dad says he is just spoiled. Imagine of Mom's animals spoiled???
Last weekend I guess I was kind of a stinker because I got in trouble several times. When Mom was walking me thru the horse camp (2 miles of horse camping) I would bark at the dogs that barked at me as we walked by. I just started doing this & Mom doesn't like it. I can't help it though because it annoys me when they bark at me first. I am bossy & think I need to get my 2 cents worth in. So needless to say, I got scolded numerous times on our walks thru camp. Plus some of Mom & Dad's friends camp to our campsite & brought their little Jack Russell, Dottie Mae, & their 1 yr old blue heeler dog. Mom made me stay in the back of the trailer while they were there because I don't like any dogs by my Weim sister, Wren. Mom said she was not dealing with any bad behavior from me so I sat in the back of the trailer & whined while they were there. Wren hadn't eaten all her dinner so Dottie Mae (the Jack Russell) finished it for her but Wren didn't care. She LOVES all dogs & will share her stuff. Mom says Wren is better "natured" than me. :-( I can't help it if I am bossy & don't like to share my stuff! I don't fuss with Wren or Louie-the hound at home, over food but no way would I let a strange dog eat my food. But Wren just doesn't seem to care--she would rather play than eat any time......not me.....I am all about the food!
We are heading back to the campground again this weekend. Dad is taking his Rocky Mtn mare this time because a friend is buying her. I will miss Dad's mare as she is nice & I can hang out in her stall & she doesn't care. But Mom said she will get a wonderful home & we will see her often in the future at the horse park. In fact, the lady friend that is buying Dad's mare ALWAYS brings special treats to the campground for me & Wren. We LOVE to see her come to our campsite & she gives us treats when we stop by her campsite as well. Hmmm.....nice lady!
Well bark at you all later......I am going to try my best to be good this weekend......Shelby


I Was A Bad Girl

September 2nd 2012 8:55 am
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Ok, last weekend I was in the kitchen hanging out with Mom. Mom was washing some veggies, tomatoes & bell peppers & putting them on a plate on the counter. Well, just as Mom turned around she caught me sneaking a big green bell pepper from the plate. YES, I ate the whole thing........seeds, stem & all! Mom yelled at me, mostly because she thought I would get sick all over the kitchen. She quickly took me outside & to the barn. Dad was in the barn working & knew the min. he saw Mom that I was in trouble. Mom told Dad that I had been counter surfing & ate a big bell pepper & that I would probably be getting sick. But you know what???? I never got sick at all. :-) I LOVE any kind of veggies. Dad told Mom she was lucky that I hadn't stole a big, over-ripe tomatoe as she would then really have a mess in the kitchen. For some reason Mom didn't see the humor in that! Needless to say, I got the cold shoulder from Mom for several hours.
It was another hot & humid weekend so not much happening except some yard work.
This weekend it is raining. ALL weekend it has been raining. We are going camping next weekend-leaving on Thurs. so Mom spent most of Sat. cleaning & loading the camper. Whewww whoo.......I saw a couple of bags of tasty bones going into the trailer for us dogs. Mom always gives us dogs a big chew bone while they are out riding. Hmmmmm.........While Mom cleaned the camper, I helped Dad clean the barn. Only problem Dad stepped on me numerous times as I am always right with him. Dad didn't mean to, but says I am like a velcro dog! Well, since Mom wouldn't let me in the camper with her what did he expect me to do. I knew they were getting ready to go camping & I didn't want to risk getting left behind. I sure have sore toes today.
Well that's about it for now. Can't wait to go camping next week.
Gotta go take a nap.......Shelby


Awesome Weekend

August 20th 2012 3:01 am
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The weather was awesome here. On Fri morning (Mom is off on Fridays) I had to go to the groomer. Mom put a big fuzzy throw over the other front seat & let me sit up front with her. Cool! Mom had just given me one of my 'itch' pills, which make me sleepy so I slept the whole way, waking up only when we pulled in the groomers. I did cry just a bit when Mom left. Mom went to meet her girlfriend for breakfast. I knew it was Jan as I smelled her dogs on Mom when she picked me up later. Jan fosters pitbulls & is very active in their rescue. After Mom picked me up from the groomers we went home & Mom started sweeping & tidying up the barn. Mom & Dad were going after a new horse the next day & they needed to get his stall all ready.
Sat. morning after breakfast, Mom put me in the outside kennel. I was NOT happy about this because I saw they had the truck hooked up to the little trailer. I think every time that truck comes out of the garage that I should be in it. I let it be known too. But Mom & Dad left without me. Several hours later they came back with a new horse. All the horses out in the pasture were excited to meet the new guy so I had lots to bark at as the horses all milled around the new guy right by my kennel. Sat. night Mom gave her horse a bath & Dad was busy grooming his new horse so I knew they must be planning to go somewhere riding the next day.
On Sun. morning right after breakfast, Mom put me in the outside kennel. AGAIN, I was NOT happy. I knew they were leaving again without me. Mom & Dad were gone a good part of the day. Actually it's not too bad when they are gone & I am out in the kennel as I can lay on the deck & watch the horses in the pasture. Mom & Dad finally pulled in late Sun afternoon, unloaded the horses & FINALLY paid some attention to me! Geeze! Mom said she saw my Aussie friend, Izzy, at the campground & that she thought Izzy's Mom had a new puppy. But turned out Izzy had a hair cut & Mom just didn't recognize her at first. I hung out with Mom & Dad the rest of the day.
Mom said pretty soon we will start camping again. I can't wait. It's been a boring hot summer.
Well, I better go now. I need to bark at the new horse when he comes up to the water tank. He doesn't know the routine around here so I need to be sure he understands that I am the "Queen of the Barn".


Cooler Weather & Rain

August 14th 2012 3:36 am
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Oh boy! Finally some cooler weather & some rain. Things are beginning to look green again. This past weekend was busy for Mom & Dad as they spent both days working in the yard. Dad decided to re-level all the landscape blocks holding the gravel in the drive-way to the barn. Now that was kinda boring to me. I laid under the tree & watched him for awhile but couldn't stay awake. Mom was bored so she got the push mower out & mowed ALL the road ditches all the way down to the next road. Of course, it was mostly just a weed here & there as nothing has been growing in the heat & drought. I don't know why she likes to mow so much & push mow at that! Uck! But she likes getting the exercise & making things look nice too. Since she was so close to the road I couldn't go with her. Mom & Dad said it would have been a great weekend to go riding/camping. Yea! But they hadn't made any reservations at the park & decided they would be riding regularly in a couple of weeks anyway so better get stuff done around home. :-( B-o-r-i-n-g! When Dad got the Ranger out & me & Wren did get to ride around on it for awhile. The trouble with that is.......we don't want to get off when it stops. Dad has to make us get off---just like to be there ready when it goes again. I did get a time-out on Sat. evening for mauling the barn cat. Well, not really mauling him.....just herding him around. I guess Dad got tired of watching me push the cat here & there & told me to get on the settee & stay there. :-( Thank goodness Mom popped in the barn when she did because I got to go water the flower beds with her. :-) The neighbor man was walking down the road while we were in the front watering. He stopped to chat with Mom. I was going to run to him & bark but Mom yelled right before I got the chance. So I had to sit & stay as she won't allow me to go that close to the road. I did sneak up where they were talking once, but Mom made me go right back & lay by the flower bed. Darn it! Dad was watching me & told Mom he was amazed that I went right back to the flower bed & laid down while she stood by the road & chatted with the neighbor. Mom just smiled & patted her pocket.....saying, "it's all about getting that treat at the end". Yep, I can be good knowing I will get my favorite bacon treat when we are all done. :-)
Well that's about it for this past weekend. Sure will be glad when we start camping & doing some fun stuff.
Bark at you all later......Shelby

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