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Nov 5th.

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In Trouble Again!

April 25th 2013 2:40 am
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Monday of this week was a nice sunny Spring day. When Dad got home from work (he gets home before Mom), he took us dogs in the Ranger back to the woods to see if any mushrooms had popped up. It was great fun. With my new hair cut I didn't get briars & stuff stuck in my coat. We didn't find any mushrooms but it was fun to romp in the woods. On the way back, Dad saw our neighbor man sitting on a bench in his yard. Dad drove the Ranger over to chat with him for a few mins. Our neighbor man, lives alone, except for his HUGE big tomcat named Snowball. Now Snowball is getting some age on him but he often crosses our yard & I see him. When I spotted Snowball sitting there I began to bark. Dad scolded me several times for it but I couldn't help myself. Snowball was just sitting there glaring at me. Darn! I sure would like to get down & chase him. But Dad finished talking & we crossed the yard over to our place. Dad was going out of the barn door & I slipped out too. I made a bee-line across our yard over to our neighbor's yard as fast & hard as I could run. Dad was yelling at me & hot on my trail! But I just had to go see that cat Snowball. I was going to show him I was the "bossy Aussie" & herd him right back into Joe's out building. I could hear Dad yelling & coming but I was too focused to pay attention to him. Well, when I got to the cat sitting there Snowball was waiting & ready for me. All of a sudden the darn cat was all over me, spitting & slapping & scratching. I started yelping & crying. When I was finally able to free myself I ran for home as fast as I could. When I past Dad he took his ball cap off & swatted me! Seriously I just got my tail whipped by that cat & now Dad is smacking at me. I want my MOM!!! Dad let me back in our barn yelling at me the whole while. He didn't even check to see if I was bleeding. Of course, I got a time out but I didn't care--I needed to check my wounds. Then Mom came home. I was soooo glad to see her. AND of course, Dad had to tell her the story. Mom was ashamed of me but she did check my wounds. She told me I would live but it might be touch & go for awhile. Not even funny Mom! I need sympathy! I laid across Mom's lap & she soothed me but did tell me how ashamed she was of me going after Joe's cat. She even went over & apologized to Joe. I guess Joe was still laughing about it. But Mom said my behavior was rude & uncalled for! Joe's cat was fine & strutting his stuff. I was used to herding our barn cat, Albert, around & he never scratches or hisses at me. I have several scratches on my face & one pretty deep one above my eye. I stayed really close to Mom all evening. So my week was off to a pretty bad start. Hope things get better.
Bark at you all later..........and lesson learned from me......don't bother the neighbor's cat....Scar-faced Shelby


Another Chilly Weekend

April 21st 2013 11:04 am
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Sure was hoping for a nice warm Spring weekend, but it is still unseasonably cool here. I think Mom got my hair cut off too soon. Brrrr.... Sat. I got to go shopping with Mom & Dad. We went to Rural King because Dad wanted to change oil in the lawn mower & his big truck. All right! I love to go there. Sorry Wren, you have to stay home because you get too excited & don't mind your manners like I do! :-) Dad went to the automotive dept. while Mom & I cruised the pet aisles. As usual, I was drawn to some cool balls that were down on the lower shelves. But Mom said "no" I already had way more balls than I needed. Darn! We past several other doggies shopping in the store but I was too interested in shopping myself to pay any attention. I got a bit bored while Mom was getting bird seed & then some peppermint & apple flavored mineral blocks for the horses. Several people stopped & asked Mom what kind of dog I was. Seriously? Mom would just explained I was an Aussie that just got a hair cut. EVERYONE thought I was a puppy. Geeze! Lots of people asked if they could pet me & of course, Mom always says "sure". I don't mind that at all. If they bend down low enough they might even get a kiss. :-) While I was sitting in line patiently with Mom to check out, one of the cashier's told Mom I had really big feet for a dog so small. Can you believe that???!!! Dad started laughing. Not even funny, Dad! Mom just told the lady that I was very sturdy build for no taller than I was. Thanks Mom. Another man said I wasn't as tall as some Aussie's he had seen. Whatever! Geeze, I was about over all those types of comments. Don't they know that Aussies come in different sizes & colors???!! I was pooped out from all my shopping & slept all the way home. After Mom & Dad groomed the horses & went in the house for the night, I had planned to watch a movie with Mom. But.........I fell sound asleep in Wren's big crate in the breakfast area that has 3 huge pillows. Whewwww, that is the first place I headed when we went in & never moved until Mom woke me up next morning to go out. Now mind you, I stay in here with the door open as I just love this big bed. Wren isn't too crazy about me sleeping in her bed but she was in her other crate in Mom & Dad's room.
Sunday was a bit warmer but not much. Mom & Dad mowed the grass. Dad was cold because he was riding but Mom was pushing so she didn't get cold at all. Is it ever gonna warm up & stay warm???
Hope all my doggie pals had a great weekend & warmer weather than we are having. Bark at you all later.........Shelby


New Hair Cut

April 14th 2013 4:31 pm
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Well, no one would recognize me now! I got all my winter coat cut off. I mean really, really short. Mom took me Fri morning at 8:00 am & I wasn't done until late in the afternoon! Whew! But it isn't too bad because my groomer, Michelle, gives me lots of cheese treats. She has been clipping me since I was a puppy. When we got home & went to the barn, my Weim sister, Wren, started snarling & growling at me. It scared me to death. Dad had to hold her because she didn't realize it was me. I know I look different & smell different but geeze, I'm still me! It took Wren about 30 mins. to figure out it was me & then she was ok. Dad really liked my new cut & said I looked like a puppy again. Everyone says that when I get my hair cut off. But I feel better & Mom won't be pulling my hair during my brush outs!

Mom & Dad mowed the yard & all around the horse pasture on Sat. It was cold & windy. Mom was fine because she was running the pusher. Dad froze because he was on the Dixie Chopper. In the afternoon, Dad hooked up the sawdust trailer & I got to go with them to get sawdust. But that wasn't so much fun because I had to sit in the truck. :-(

Mom & Dad wanted to go riding on Sun., but listened to the weather man-- who said gusty winds on Sun. up to 35 mi. per hr. Well, that is dangerous to be in the woods as dead branches are falling. But then it turned out to be so nice with no wind on Sun. so they were both a bit bummed about it. But Dad worked in the yard some more on Sun. trimming trees & bushes. Us dogs got to go with him on the Ranger when he took the trimmings to the back field to burn later.

Well that's about all that happened at my house this past weekend. I just don't know when we will be going camping. It's getting boring around here. I am ready to go do something!

Hope all my doggie pals had a great weekend & a good coming week.....Shelby


Beautiful Weekend

April 8th 2013 3:39 am
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Wow! It was awesome this weekend. In the low 70's each day. But to tell you the truth, I am needing a trip to the groomer as I actually got hot this weekend. Mom said it was time for my Spring clip. I don't really mind as I like Michelle, my groomer. She gives me lots of tasty treats & I can't wait to show her my new trick of "patty-cake". I bet she will give me some special treats for doing that! :-)
Mom & Dad went horseback riding on Sat. Of course, we dogs had to stay home because they only went to the horse park for the day. I wanted to go but Mom said it would not be any fun for me to have to sit in the truck or back of the trailer all the time while they were riding. Mom took her new Arabian horse. I was worried since it was her first time to take him out on the trails. But when they got back, Mom looked fine & said the new horse did well for not having been on the trails for 2 yrs. & he is only 8 yrs old. Guess he is what they call a "keeper". I hear Dad say that term all the time. Mom said she was surprised there weren't too many campers in the park for as nice of weekend as it was. I can't wait to go camping!
On Sunday first thing, I got in trouble. Mom was in the house doing housework. Dad was in the barn & was clipping all us dog's nails with that silly electric filer that I just hate. Well, Dad did my right paw, but when he tried to do my left paw, I kept pulling it away & finally I nipped his finger. Oops! I'm sorry Dad but I warned you I didn't want it done. Boy! I got smacked & a "time-out" for that one! AND of course, Dad had to tell Mom on me when she came to the barn. Mom said she was ashamed of me for acting that way. I was crushed because I hate for my Mom to talk to me that way.
On a happier note, Dad took the windshield off the Ranger. I tried to help him. Once he got the windshield off, we all went for a ride in the fields. Mom kept spotting rocks making Dad stop so she could put them in the back. Mom likes to put them around her flowers.
That evening Mom & Dad groomed the horses so us dogs got ignored. But we got a good game of chase & tag going so spent the evening running in & out of the barn into the horse pastures. Whew! I was pooped after that.
Well, hope all my pup pals had a great weekend with warm weather & sunshine. Have a great week.........Shelby


Will Winter Ever End???

March 14th 2013 4:50 pm
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It's been awhile since Mom posted anything on my diary. We've been busy every weekend working in the woods cutting fire wood for camping & building fires to burn up the brush & tree tops. Well, Mom & Dad have been busy doing that, while us dogs run around the fields digging up field mice. My Weim sister, Wren, even got a field mouse all by herself. Whewwww Whooooo! That's a big deal for her.....or Dad made a big deal out of it. (rolling eyes in head) I do it all the time & she is SUPPOSE to be a hunting dog. Yea, right! But we do have a ball running around & digging holes. We are still finding bones back there too. We usually play so hard on Sat. that when we go back on Sun. we mostly lay around & watch Mom & Dad. I have been known to fall asleep on the seat of the ranger for several hours. Of course, I am in full coat & Mom has a time getting all the weeds, dirt & briars out of my hair.
This winter is really dragging on. By this time last year, we had already been camping. It's been unusually cold here, cloudy & just down right depressing.
Oh, I am learning a new trick. Now keep in mind I am not a youngster anymore--I am five years old! I am learning to do 'patty-cake' with Mom. Yea, I know, that's kinda of a baby's game for an big girl like me! But Mom thinks it's a big deal because I would give "high-fives" but would only use my right paw. I would Never use my left paw. Mom was playing with me one night & I started giving her "high-fives" with my left paw. Mom was really excited & started singing the "patty-cake" song. Well, now this was kinda fun. Mom would give me a treat after 4 patties, then I would go 6 patties before a treat so that's how I learned to play "patty-cake" with her. She thinks it's fun so I humor her--mainly for the treats though. :-)
Well, that's about all I can think to tell her to put in my diary for now. I want to go read my doggie pals diaries to see what they have been up to.
Bark at you all later.........Shelby


Thank you Doggie Pals for the valentines!

February 17th 2013 11:25 am
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Mom just logged into Dogster today & wow, we saw my valentines. Thank you to my doggie pals--they're the best pals ever! Of course, my Mom is always behind & didn't send out valentines. Shame on my Mom! But anyway I hope my doggie pals got lots of sweets for valentine. I LOVE you guys!

Well, last Fri. I had to go to the vet for all my shots & heart worm pills. I jumped right up on the scales & sat like a good girl but that might have been a mistake. I gained 2 lbs. from last year. Oh dear, what's a girl to do! The vet wasn't upset as Mom was because the vet said I was solid muscle. See Mom I told you to stop worrying about me & how much I enjoy eating! I stay very active. But Mom worries so about me being overweight because I just LOVE to eat! Mom & Dad were both surprised though because as a rule, I am a bit standish to strangers. Oh, I will great them & don't mind a pet or two but then I go right back to Mom or Dad. But today I was in a really good mood so I gave the vet a big kiss even after I got 4 shots. I even kissed the vet assistant. Everyone laughed & thought I was a good girl, but Mom & Dad were a bit surprised. BUT........I didn't stop there, I kissed a guy in the waiting room & even leaned over the counter & kissed the girl preparing our bill! Again, Mom was shocked. I was just happy & marched right out of the vet's office without a care in the world. Mom & Dad just shook their heads. Now they expect that behavior from my Weim sister, who loves everyone, but not from me. I sure fooled them! LOL!

On Sat. we got a visit from my real Mom. Yep, I know I am adopted & know who my real Mom is, as I see her all the time at the horse camp. She's a really nice lady & has several Aussies including my dog Mom, Tarb. Everyone says I look just like my dog Mom in the face except for my color. My dog Mom is red merle & I am a black tri. In fact, I was the only black tri in the litter. Well, when my real Mom & her friend came over I had kisses for her as well. My real Mom brought her little horse trailer over as Dad is going to replace some boards in the floor.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful & boring as it has been cold, sunny but cold. Yesterday me & Dad did take the Ranger back to dump some plume grass & branches on the burn pile. I was the only dog that got to go because it was cold & Wren would get too cold as well as Louie, the hound. They don't have as much hair as me. But I did get a little cold myself. The Ranger has a windshield Dad puts on in the winter which helps but it still gets cold going across the open fields to the woods.

Mom said my real Mom is coming over this afternoon because Dad has her trailer all ready so guess I will see her again. Today, I have been hanging out in the barn with Dad as he tidys the barn & puts in fresh sawdust. Sure beats hanging with Mom while she cleans house. Uck! I hate house work. I would much rather follow Dad around in the barn.

Oh, yea, I almost forgot. Thank you Dogster! I was diary dog again. That was cool! When Mom told Dad, he said Mom has too much time on her hands! LOL!

Well, bark at you all later. Thank you again Doggie Pals for my valentines...........Shelby


Cold & Snowy

February 3rd 2013 2:58 pm
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That's what our winter has been like so far-cold & snowy. This past week has been brutally cold. Not fun! Too cold to go outside & do much of anything. Yesterday, while Mom cleaned house, me & Dad took the Ranger to the back & picked up fallen tree branches & stacked them on the burn pile. Well, actually I guess Dad picked up fallen branches while I dug some holes. Low & behold, I found another huge deer bone. How cool is that? This time Dad let me keep it & take it back to the barn. I was quite proud of my big deer bone.
Today, after Mom finished more housework, we all went to the back to cut down some trees for camping wood & burn the branches. It was cold & blowing snow but Dad & Mom got a huge big fire going so that kept us warm. I ran around with the other dogs searching for more bone. Yep, we found more bones. Dad said someone must have shot a deer & possibly couldn't find it & it died. The coyotes must have found the dead deer & cleaned the bones leaving them scattered about. Regardless, us dogs were having a ball finding them. That pretty much sums of my week. Except for having fun today the rest of the week was b-o-r-i-n-g!
Bark at you all later.........Shely


And More Winter Days!

January 27th 2013 3:48 pm
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It's been awhile since Mom updated my diary. She has been so busy at work & comes home only to get back on the computer & work some more. I am sure glad I am not a human---I would hate to have to sit at a computer all day & half the night!
There really hasn't been much happening around here. It's been bitterly cold, but we haven't had too much snow since the snow blizzard day after Christmas.
Finally, yesterday (Sat.) after Mom & Dad got back from going to breakfast & getting groceries, we all went back to the woods in the back & started a big fire. Dad cut down some more trees & me & Mom put the branches on the fire. I found the neatest big bone ever! Dad said it must have been from a deer. I spent most of the afternoon chewing on it.
My Weim sister, Wren, didn't go with us, but stayed in the house. She's a big sissy & Dad thought she would get too cold. When Mom called me to come get on the Ranger to go back, I came running the best I could dragging my big bone. I may several attempts to jump on the front seat with that big bone but it was just too big. Then to my amazement, Dad took it away & threw it in the fire!!! OMG! Yes, he threw it in the fire!!! How mean was that!!!??? But he said it would cause a fight amongst us dogs if I took it back to the barn. Boy! I was sure sad because I wanted to show Wren my big bone. :-(
Well, gotta go bark at something.........Shelby


Hope All My Dog Pals had a Merry Christmas

December 27th 2012 8:44 am
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I sure hope all my dog pals had a Merry Christmas with lots of yummy treats & fun new toys. Mom had found an old fashion sled like she had as a kid in a junk store. She had planned to take Christmas pictures of me & Wren on the sled with the hound dog, Louie, pulling it. But guess what---she hasn't had time to do that! :-( Just too much going on. Mom was actually off work most of Dec. trying to use up all her vacation. BUT, as usual, she ended up working from home most of that time! Mom got a suprise for Christmas. She got a new Arabian horse! OMG! AND that means another horse around here for me to bark at! Mom & Dad drove to Lexington, KY to see the new horse on Sun. Dad said if she could ride him & got along with him then he was her Christmas present. The ad had said an advanced rider recommended. That kinda worried Dad so he wanted to be sure Mom felt at ease with the horse & he worked well for her. Guess what.....Mom rode the horse in the indoor arena, then outside on a little trail ride & got along great with the horse. So next day, which was Christmas Eve, Mom & Dad went back to Lexington, KY with the truck & trailer & brought the new horse home. The sad part is that I didn't get to go with them. Mom said too long of a ride (4 hrs) & it was all about horses & not dogs on these 2 days. :-( That is just wrong! Plus Mom has been messing with the new horse EVERY single night, which has cut into my ball time! I heard her tell Dad the horse was a sweetie! Seriously??? I could she say that about a horse......I am her sweetie!!!
The day after Christmas we got a blizzard! It snowed & blew ALL day long. I could not wait until Mom & Dad went to the barn so I could go out & play in the snow. Me & Wren ran & ran & ran in the snow. Wren could jump completely over the snow drifts, but when I tried, I ended up in the middle of them. But that was ok too because we were having a ball. Wren would go so fast that she would fall & go rolling in the snow.
Well, I better go because I have to eat one of our doggie peanut butter Christmas cookies.
Bark at you all later.......Shelby


It's December Already!

December 2nd 2012 2:34 pm
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Sure couldn't tell it was Dec. by the weather. It has been great weather all week. Mom's sister came from Louisville, KY on Wed & brought her Pit-bull, Rosie. My Weim sister, Wren, walked around the house growling the first day Rosie was here. Rosie just wanted to be friends with her. But by the 2nd day Wren was 'ok' with Rosie & they became friends & would play. I stayed in the barn during most of their visit--just too much going on in the house. Mom had put me out in the kennel on Wed. because it was so sunny & warm. I like to watch the horses in the pasture from my kennel. Plus, there were men working on the barn roof I could watch. On Wed. afternoon Mom & Auntie Nila came out to get me to go for a walk with Rosie. When I first went up to Rosie, she jumped on me & started growling real mean. It scared me to death. I cried & cried. Mom went all over me & I had no bites so Mom said I wasn't going to die & we started our walk. At first Rosie, the Pit-bull was dragging my Auntie as she had not ever seen such vast fields & all the new smells. I kept an eye on her though as well as stayed on the other side of Mom just incase Rosie decided to jump on me again. But as we walked Rosie settled down & we were able to walk along side by side in peace. We got to go for several walks together. I think all the walking in the fields really wore Rosie out though. She is kinda chubby & not used to that kind of exercise. :-) Auntie Nila & Rosie went home on Sat. Mom said Wren was sad & had searched the entire house for Rosie. She just couldn't understand where her new friend had gone.
On Sun., another warm day, Mom played "Lassie" with me. I LOVE to do that. Mom walked back to the woods & told Dad to bring me back on the Ranger in about 30 mins. Mom hides & I try to find her. Mom had really hid in a good spot this time. There are a couple of big wooden reels that telephone cable comes on that the neighbor's grandson uses when he is target practicing. Behind the big reels are a couple big round bales of hay so that his bullets will go into them. One of the wooden reels had some boards missing so Mom slipped down inside of the reel & hid. Good place because she couldn't be seen at all but she could see us coming thru the cracks. Dad brought me & Wren down to the valley on the Ranger, stopped & let us off. Dad said I immediately started running with my nose to the ground. Mom saw me running past her thru the cracks, then I circled back, jumped all the way on the top of the big bale of hay & looked down at my Mom! I was so excited to find her I was barking & crying at the same time. Good girl, that is how we play the "Lassie game". I was so excited to find Mom it took her awhile to get me settled down. Of course, I don't remember or know who "Lassie" is, but I know what the game means. We all rode back to the barn & Mom played ball with me for awhile. By this time, I was tuckered out & ready to call it a day.
Hope everyone had as nice of weather as we have had because we all know it can't last.
Bark at you all later........Shelby

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