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Nov 5th.

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Christmas 2013 Behind Us

December 26th 2013 8:45 am
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Hope all my doggie pals had a great Christmas with lots of toys, goodies, with friends & family that love them. But most of all, I wish that ALL doggies could be warm, safe & happy with families of their own. I hate to see those very sad doggies on TV that need homes. Although I was not a rescue, my Weim sister, Wren & Louie, the hound dog, were rescues.

As promised, Mom & Dad took the Christmas pictures in the barn. Mom brushed me out while Dad kept dragging Christmas stuff to the barn. They both worked hanging lights, our stockings & setting up the little Christmas trees. Something new this year, a sled that was decorated. Hmm..........Well, it wasn't long before I knew what the sled was for.....ME! Mom asked me to get on the sled, sit & stay. Ok, I have no problems with that. Then Mom & Dad started putting Christmas garland on Louie. I guess that was suppose to be his harness & he was going to pull me on the sled. I was thinking for real he was going to pull me around. Cool! That sounds like fun, let's go! But then I figured out it was all "pretend". Louie, the hound dog, must have decided he was NOT a draft dog & kept sitting down. Dad was getting frustrated & finally told Mom, "this is as good as it is gonna get-take the picture." Louie or Wren were wanting to cooperate with having any pictures taken. Me, on the other hand, was all cool with the pictures. Mom would tell me where to go & either sit or down & I did it. What the other two dogs didn't realize, there is always a treat in the end for doing the right thing. Geeze! That is a no-brainer. I think Mom posted a few pictures on my dogster page. She also send one of my pictures in to have it put on canvas. Mom said Wren had a big canvas picture so I should have one as well. I think she is going to put both our pictures in the den.

I finished my homemade pumkin dog cookies that Aunt Nila made for us dogs. I sure hope she makes some more because those were so good. Mom said there was no sugar in them at all. All I know, they were mighty tasty.

Well, that's all for now. No big plans for this coming week.
Happy New Year to all my doggie pals........Shelby

P.S. Thank you Chloe, Echo, Petey, Puff, Coco Rose for my pretty Christmas trees.


Merry Christmas

December 22nd 2013 1:22 pm
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Well, we are counting down until Christmas. But with all the rain & warm temps we had the past few days it sure doesn't seem like Christmas. But Mom said it is suppose to get colder. Last night Mom brushed me for almost an hour. Wow! Dad said I looked beautiful--he told me I looked like a little Lassie. I don't know who Lassie is but I think that is a good thing.

I thought I saw one of my presents but then Mom put it in a little gift bag & said it was for Aunt Nila's dog, Rosie. :-( Aunt Nila & Rosie came over today. But I didn't get to see them because Rosie doesn't like me. I have to stay in the barn, but that's ok, I needed to bark at the horses & herd the barn cat around. Aunt Nila brought some chili & she had a gift bag for me, Wren & Louie. She had been making homemade doggie cookies for all of us. They were sooooo good--peanut butter & pumkin. Aunt Nila said they were easy to make but took 3 hrs to bake! We ALL loved them though.

Well, not much to write about for now. I think Mom & Dad are going to take our Christmas pictures Tues. Mom said she is going to have Louie pull me on the sled. Wheeeee! That will be cool. Mom doesn't think Wren will sit on the sled for her picture but she knows I will! I will even wear my Santa hat as long as there is a treat at the end of the photo shoot! Hmmmm....
Merry Christmas to all my doggie pals...........Shelby


Winter Is Here!

December 14th 2013 11:50 am
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Yes, it's winter with the bitter cold & now LOTS of snow. Of course, I do not mind the snow at all. But last week it was bitter cold here, down in the single digits at night & only in the teens during the day. Every night when Mom & Dad brouht the horses in they had to pick snowballs out of their feet before actually bringing them into the barn. Otherwise, the horses slip & slide on the rubber mats in the barn. All the heated water buckets including for us dogs are in full operation in the barn. The barn cat won't even go outside. In fact, the cat has been sleeping with Louie, the old barn dog, in his insulted dog box under the stair ways. Mom put a coat on Louie because she was afraid he would get cold even though he is used to being in the barn. Mom said he is getting some age on him & she didn't want him cold. Louie loved his coat & pranced all around showing off when Mom put in on. (rolling eyes in head) Geeze! What a light-weight! I am glad I don't have to wear a silly coat when I am outside. Of course, I am in full coat now so I even get hot while playing ball in the barn. Then Mom & Dad put heavy winter blankets on the horses. Mom's horse got a new blanket that just came last night. While Mom & Dad were fitting Mom's horse all up with his new blanket I kept going in & out of his stall. I wanted to be a part of the action & see what it looked like. But they both kept shooing me out. Darn it! But if they don't latch the stall door, I know how to slide it open. But finally Dad got mad & started yelling at me so I stayed out of the stall.

Mom had gone shopping with her sister & brought me back 3 new balls. The were bright & pretty but they had a squeaker in them. I did NOT like that. Wren liked it & would get the balls when Mom threw them & start that darn squeaking. I would catch the balls when Mom threw them but drop it the minute it squeaked. Mom was disappointed that I wasn't thrilled with my new balls but I like my plain old tennis balls better. :-(

Today, I got to ride on the Ranger with Dad while he cleared the drive way & then the drive to the barn. I LOVED that. Wren stayed in the house with Mom cause she gets too cold so I got to ride with Dad all by myself. When Wren isn't around I get to be Dad's dog! I stick to him like velcro because I LOVE being outside. Mom yelled out to me & Dad to go next door & clean Joe's driveway. Joe is our neighbor & the sweetest old guy in the world. We all love him! But he is also the owner of the cat, Snowball, that whipped my tail earlier this year. (mad face). Guess Joe can't help it if he has a nasty cat that doesn't like dogs.

Well, that's about all happening around here. I know Christmas is coming. I did see Mom bringing down some Christmas stuff for the barn. That usually means she is planning on taking some Christmas pictures. She got really sick with flu last year & didn't take any Christmas pictures of us.

Bark at you all later...........Shelby


Happy Halloween

October 31st 2013 10:34 am
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Well, it's Halloween today. We usually go camping on Halloween weekend. Mom & Dad always decorate our campsite with lots of scary stuff. But this yr we didn't go. I can't say that I was upset about not going though. The last Halloween camping trip I spent most of my time barking at all the spooks & scary things in our campsite. I didn't like them at all & especially when they would move & make noises.

Well, Aunt Nila got good news from the doctors so all is well & good there. She is all settled in her new house now. Mom & Dad go over there a lot as they have been working in the yard & edge of woods. I still don't get to go there with them because Rosie, the Pitbull, doesn't like me. :-(

It got really cold here early so we didn't get to do much camping this fall. We did go in Oct. but it rained most of the day one day so that wasn't much fun. Maybe next yr will be a better yr for camping & trail riding.

Last Sun. I got to go to the Rural King store. Wow! I LOVE to go there with Mom & Dad. There were all kinds of dogs there. For the most part I wasn't interested in the other dogs as I was shopping with Mom. But I did meet a really cool labadoodle dog. She was nice & only about a yr old. Boy! She had some funky hair going on though. AND Mom says my hair gets a bit wild looking when I am in full coat! Nothing like that!

My Aunt Nila sent me a new ball. I am crazy about balls. Aunt Nila also gave me a new socker ball. It's big & pretty cool. I love to get new balls but I am not very good about sharing them with Wren. Besides she isn't a ball-dog. She doesn't even know what to do with a ball!

I don't know if we have any fun plans for this weekend. The weatherman says rain for the next few days. Uck! I hate it when it rains!

Happy Halloween to all my doggie pals........Boo......Shelby


I'M Back

September 12th 2013 3:39 am
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It's been awhile since Mom has had the time to sit down & update my diary. A lot has been happening around our place the past month or so. Grandma & Aunt Nila had planned a visit last of Aug. Well, Grandma got here but the day Aunt Nila & her dog, Rosie, were to arrive, Mom got a call that Aunt Nila had collapsed at work & was in the hospital in Louisville, KY. So next day, Mom, Dad, & Grandma made a flying trip to KY to see what had happened. Louisville, KY is only about 2 1/2 hrs so they got there very early. When they got Aunt Nila out of the hospital, Mom drove Nila's car back with her dog Rosie to our house. Dad & Grandma drove our car back. Now Rosie is a good dog & her & Wren play together great, but me.....not so much. Rosie doesn't like me & honestly I am a bit afraid of her. PLUS, I bark when I see her playing with Wren. Wren is my sister & I worry that another dog might hurt her. Dad calls me the "fun-police". He says I don't like Wren to have fun with any other doggies but me. I guess that is why they call me the "bossie Aussie". Mom & Aunt Nila do not let me & Rosie get together at all except when walking on lead. I have to stay in the kennel or the barn while they are visiting. But I really don't mind at all. I LOVE the kennel as I can watch the horses all day & it's nice & cool. AND of course, I am the queen of the barn so I like hanging out there as well. I sleep on the settee & it is quite comfortable.
I guess my Aunt's condition may be quite serious so her & Mom have found a house close to us. They are moving here Oct 1st. Mom & Dad have been at the house working & getting everything ready for Nila & her husband--(who drives a big truck & is gone all week). Aunt Nila has been here quite a bit too, going back & forth from here to Louisville. I haven't gotten to see much of her because of us dogs not getting along too well. I haven't seen much of Mom either. Mom comes & sits with me as I get to missing her really bad. Dad will get Mom & tell her when I am really sad so she comes & sits & plays with me. I know Mom is very busy with all of it but after all she is my Mom too! Grandma is closing her house in FL & she is coming up for a long stay Oct 1st too. She is going to help my Auntie, staying there during the week & our house on the weekends. Grandma likes me & thinks I am the smartest dog because I do all my little tricks for her. Grandma gets annoyed with Wren because Wren snoops thru her suitcases. I never do that! It is not nice to snoop but Wren is just a nosey girl.
Us dogs do not get to go over to the house yet. Auntie Nila has treated the yard for fleas & different bugs. The people there before had dogs. Mom said there was a very nice kennel that was in the shade & was partially covered. Now Mom & Aunti surely don't think Rosie will ever be in that kennel because that just won't ever happen! Rosie is strictly a city girl---she doesn't know about horses & weird noises from the country & the woods. Mom said there is a woods all around this house so Rosie will see lots of squirrels. Hmmmm.....I am thinking I need to go over there because I like to chase squirrels up the trees! But since me & Rosie aren't very good friends I probably won't get to go.
We haven't gotten to go camping for over a month. But then it has been really hot here. Mom said we won't be going camping until we get Aunt Nila all settled in. Then once all the tests are back & it is decided what type of treatment then we can think about camping. That's ok because Mom has always stressed to us that family is first...we can have fun later.
Well, bark at you all later..........when Mom has time to update my diary. Shelby

P.S. Good luck to my doggie pal, Chloe, on her upcoming hip surgery. I know you will have the best care & do just great! Echo will keep things 'lined-out' while you recover.


Summer Flying By

August 5th 2013 12:59 pm
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Ok, I know it has been quite awhile since Mom posted anything in my diary. Let's see what have I been up to since her last post which was way back in May, Well my dog cousin, Rosie the Pitbull, came to visit for a few days. I really didn't see much of her though. I don't think Rosie likes me very well & I am a little bit afraid so Mom & Aunt Nila decided it best to keep us apart. Roise mostly hangs with Wren, the Weim. I had to spent a lot of time in the kennel, but I don't really mind that too much. It's shady & I like watching out over the pasture at the horses. Rosie liked to hang out in the barn with Wren. Rosie thought she was a real guard dog watching over the horses. That didn't make me too happy cause I am the "head herder" at our house. PLUS, I am the queen of the barn so my nose was a bit out of joint during cousin Rosie's stay.

I have had a couple of hair cuts so far this summer. Mom keeps me really short in the summer. Surprisingly, we have done some camping in June-July, which is usually too hot & humid for Mom & Dad to ride horses & camp. We have been going to a different campground because the trails at our favorite place have been too muddy to ride. I don't like the other campground though. Neither does Wren. The lady there doesn't particularly like dogs even tho she has Aussies, she yells at other Aussies. She even hit Wren on the head once, Mom & Dad were really mad about that. They wouldn't go there for several yrs after that. Mom said she is a mean, nasty person with no people skills. She has no dog skills either because me & Wren don't like her! Mom's new Arabian horse is doing great & she really likes him. (rolling eyes in head) He never does much wrong in his stall so I don't get much of a chance to bark at him. But her other horse makes up for it. He is forever rubbing or making noises in the stall which requires me to bark & jump on the stall wall. For which Dad in turn yells at me.

Since Mom is so far behind with my diary, I am sure some stuff has happened that she has forgotten to write about. I will keep on her to stay more current with my diary.

Thank you to all my doggie pals for the birthday wishes. Yep, I am now 6 yrs old! Mom thinks she can tell I am maturing & slowing down a bit. I seem to "chill out" more while at the campground not having to be busy every single moment & actually 'chill' more at home as well. Which Dad is very happy about. Dad was forever telling me to 'light' somewhere & stay put for 5 mins. :-)

Bark at you all later..............Shelby


In Trouble AGAIN!

May 30th 2013 7:31 am
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Hope all my doggie pals had a great Memorial Day weekend. We stayed at home & did yard work all 3 days. A storm that went thru on Friday night blew down a big pear tree in our yard so I helped Mom & Dad clean that up. Well, maybe I didn't help that much but rode on the Ranger when Dad took the limbs to the back field to burn later.
Wow! I got in really big trouble last night. We were all out in the barn. Mom & Dad were taking a little break from grooming the horses & us dogs were just hanging out with them. The barn cat, Albert, came in thru the kitty door & as he started to go up the stairs to the loft for his supper, I nailed him. Yep, I was spitting out a bunch of kitty fur. But before I knew what was happening, Mom was up & she swatted me good on the behind, yelled at me & put me in time-out for 5 mins. I have never seen Mom that mad at me. She surely must have had a bad day at work to get that mad at me for pulling a little hair out of the cat. Geeze! I was just teasing him. I don't think Mom has EVER smacked me before so I was a bit surprised. When I got out of time-out I tried & tried to make up with Mom. I made all kinds of noises & even sobbed a bit but Mom wouldn't even look at me. She was REALLY mad. That darn cat gets me in way too much trouble. I think when he scurries upstairs that means I should chase him. It's just a game, but Mom doesn't think that way. I sure hope she is in a better mood tonight.
In the dog house.............Shelby


Camping Finally

May 23rd 2013 3:46 am
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First of all, I want to say "thank you" to my doggie pals, Echo, Redford & family, Coco & family, Angel & Dixie for the gifts of flowers! My doggie pals are the best & all so sweet. Mom says it's the "power of the paw" & people that don't know it are sure missing out.

We finally got to go camping last weekend. Mom & Dad were so busy all week making sure everything was loaded in the camper since it was the first trip of the season. The night before we dogs are very anxious as we know we will be leaving in the morning. Mom & Dad gave the horses baths & groomed on them it seemed like forever. I got in trouble several times because every time Mom put her brush tote down I would get in it. Sometimes Mom puts treats in it for her horse when she is all done grooming. I like those horse treats too & been known to steal them out of the tote. Then when Mom goes to give her horse a treat there are none. :-) Sorry Mom but I like peppermint too!

We went to a different campground this weekend. Mom said I had been there when I was a puppy but I sure didn't remember it. Needless to say, it was all very strange to us. This place had barns with stalls for the horses so the horses didn't have to stand tied to the hitching rails. Mom put my cable-tie in one of the empty stalls which was cool because I could bury my bone in the sawdust. I bet I buried, then dug it back up & reburied it a dozen times. I wanted to make sure NO ONE could find my bone.

But when people who hadn't seen Mom & Dad in a few yrs stopped by, me & Wren would bark a lot. We got in trouble for barking, but couldn't seem to help it. Dad was really mad at us & yelling all the time. We would stop barking as soon as we saw the people were nice. Dad said we sounded like a dog kennel. I think we got on his nerves big time. :-(

Mom took her new Arabian horse & said he did great on the trails. She baby-talked him a lot & told him he was such a good boy! (rolling eyes in head) "Whatever"! She didn't give me much attention at all. I did hang out with Mom & Dad under the camper awning in the evening.

As usual, we all came home pooped & it was early to bed Sun. night!

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day & stay safe......Shelby

P.S. I heard I might be getting another hair cut this weekend. Really?? Seems like I was just there. Dad said I was looking like one of those old stuffed animals at the Fairs that no one picks--all fuzzed out. :-(


Another cool & rainy weekend.

May 6th 2013 4:59 pm
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Will Spring ever get here for good? I am tired of all this rain, not to mention I am terrified of thunderstorms. :-( I am ready to go camping & see all my doggie pals at the horsecamp. And I am anxious to see some of Mom's friends. I want to show them my new "patty-cake" trick. I am sure it will get me some praise & treats! (giggle)

Not much news to report around here as I haven't been anywhere! I did go for a ride with Mom & Dad on the Ranger Sat. afternoon between rain showers. Dad had the sprayer tank in the back of the Ranger so I was the only doggie that got to go since I ride in the front seat. I was good & didn't get all excited since we didn't see any squirrels.

Well, me & Mom are going to go read some of my doggie pals diaries since I haven't got much to report.
Everyone have a good week.......don't forget Mother's Day!


Not Me This Time!

May 2nd 2013 3:48 am
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First of all, thank you, Dogster, for making me Diary Dog of the day! That's so cool!

Ok, so this time I am NOT the doggie in trouble at our house. This past Monday evening, Mom & Dad brought the horses into their stalls for the night. They usually let us dogs then go out & play chase in the horse pastures as they are all fenced so we are safely contained. So out in the pasture us 3 dogs go for some fun chase games & whatever else we can find to do out there. After about 30 or 40 mins. we were all tuckered out from chasing one another & came back into the barn. That's when I heard Dad yelling really loud & what he was saying was not good! He was really mad. Then I saw the problem. Wren, had rolled in some really fresh stinky stuff she found out in the horse pasture. OMG! It was ALL over her. You see Wren gets a bath every Sunday night. Dad even puts some of Mom's Estee Lauder bath oil on her so she smells really good. So Dad was really unhappy with Wren since he had just given her a bath the night before. Boy! She did stink!

We haven't been allowed in the yard at all this week because Dad sprayed it for those yellow flowers that pop-up in the Spring. Personally, I think they are kinda pretty but Dad hates them. Dad is afraid we will eat the grass (as we are sometimes known to do)& the spray will make us sick.

Oh, yea, my cousin, Rosie, is now active on dogster. Hopefully, she will soon have a bunch of new dog pals on Dogster.

Bark at you all later...........Shelby_

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