Nov 5th.

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My Mom's Behind..........

July 5th 2009 4:34 pm
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on my diary entry. She didn't realize it had been so long since she updated my diary. Geeze, Mom, you are going to forget some of the stuff we've done. My Mom got a new Rocky Mountain horse last month. Mom really likes her new horse & I like him too. He is very sweet & loves people & doggies too! I go in his stall all the time & snoop around but he doesn't seem to mind me at all. I bark at him when I am in the kennel & he comes up close to the fence, but he doesn't seem too threatened by me. Hmmmm..............I think I need to put more grrrrr in my bark! We have been camping several times in the past month. The last time we camped it was very hot so when Mom & Dad got back in from a ride, they took me & my Weim sister swimming in the creek. Dad found a really deep place in the creek by our campsite that was well over our heads. Dad had shorts on & waded out in the deep & Mom lead me out to him. (I had never been in deep water before.) Dad put his hands under me & I swam all around. It was fun but when he let me go I swam right back to Mom. My Weim sister jumped in from the bank & made a huge splash. We ALL got wet but Mom & Dad just laughed. They let us play for about an hr. It sure cooled us off. I have my summer hair cut so it didn't take me long to dry. Back in camp Mom had set some flakes of hay out to put in the horse's hay bags, but I made a nice bed out of it so she made Dad get another bale of hay to feed the horses. :-) I love it when a plan comes together. Well, this was not a very good 4th of July weekend as it rained the entire day Sat. & today was very cloudy & drizzled all morning. Mom & Dad went to Rural King to get horse supplies & I got to go with them since they let dogs in there. I LOVE to go to Rural King. It's a big farm store & they have lots of cool stuff. Mom always takes me to the dog section & I get to pick out a toy that I think I can't live without. I picked out a beautiful ball I found on the shelf, but Mom said, "no more balls you have dozens".
:-( So I found something else I liked. The ladies at the checkout always remember me & talk to me. Mom played with me all afternoon in the barn, going over a few of my tricks & doing the weave poles. I get so excited when I see her get the weave poles out, but I don't think I will EVER be as fast as my Weim sister. :-( Oh, well.


Enough rain

May 18th 2009 3:13 am
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Hi Everyone: I am sure everyone in the midwest feels the same about the rain, enough is enough. The farmers need to get into their fields & I am tired of having to stay indoors because it is raining! Mom & Dad didn't go riding/camping this weekend because the trails would have been too muddy. That's ok with me since they stayed home & worked in the yard. I like that because I can follow Mom around all day. Things were going pretty well for me (**grins**) until Sun evening. Mom was in the front yard putting miracle grow on some of her flowers & I was helping. I spotted some cows across the street & was fascinated. Well, when one of the calves jumped up & took off running, I could not contain myself any longer & took off to investigate. I totally forgot that I was forbidden to cross the street. But was I ever made aware of this fact very quickly. Mom was on me in a second yelling & scolding me. It just so happened that Dad, who was washing the lawn mower at the time, also saw me cross the street. OMG! Dad came yelling & scolding me as well. I ran back as fast as I could but Mom & Dad both continued to yell & scold me. I always get upset when they are mad at me. I got so upset, I began to pee on the driveway. Then I was so embarrassed. I ran to the patio & cried. Mom nor Dad came to get me for the longest time. Finally Mom came & I kept licking her & whining to tell her how sorry I was for crossing the road. She took me with her to the barn, but I could tell Dad was still mad. I tried & tried to make up to him by licking him. Finally...........he was over being mad at me. He told Mom I bet she doesn't do that again! I think he was talking about me. Heck no! No cow is worth the scolding I got!
Hope everyone had a good weekend & NOBODY went across the road without their human!
Woof, woof...............Shelby



April 28th 2009 3:50 am
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Hi Everyone! This past weekend we went camping with the horses for the first time this season. I knew something was up Thurs. evening as Mom & Dad were busy packing the trailer/camper. They made a million trips from the house to the barn. Then the horses got a bath, clipped & blanketed. Hmmm.......they sure are getting a lot of attention. I jumped up on a bale of hay in the stall next to Mom's horse's & peeked in to watch Mom brush her horse. I made some weird noises to get Mom to notice me but guess she was too busy to pay attention to me. :-( The weekend weather was perfect. It was in the 80's all weekend. Mom had gotten me a new summer haircut & I was glad. We were on our regular campsite so I went to my usual spot under the tree by the horse corral so I could watch Mom's horse. I love to bark at him (telling on him) when he rubs on the gates or does something he shouldn't. :-) Mom brought me & Wren some new bones to chew on while her & Dad were out riding. On Sat. though I was beginning to get worried because they were gone 5 1/2 hrs out riding. But they were fine when they got back & had a great ride.
Well that's all for now folks.
Bark at you later.......Shelby


Tagged by Kit-Kat

April 10th 2009 4:51 pm
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Here is more about me....

1. What color is your collar?

2. What kind of food do you eat?
Science Diet & treats when I do tricks & agility course.

3. What are your favorite treats?
All treats

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other??
My Mom

5. Do you get Table Scraps?
No, I never get people food of any kind. Hard to believe, but I get sick & vomit if I eat any kind of people food. :-(

6. What is your favorite toy?
Tennis ball

7. When is your Birthday?...
August 1, 2007

8. How many times a day do you get to eat?
Morning & night.

9. Do you have a favorite color?

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?
Yes, I can't wait to see their response.


Our new wheels

April 5th 2009 3:21 pm
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Hi All! Well, as you all can see from my newest pictures, Dad got his new 'wheels'. Wheeee haaaaaaa! We dogs are lovin' it! Honestly, Mom is kinda likin' it too. It is very handy. We ALL get to ride around together now. I get to sit up front between Mom & Dad. My Weim sister & Louie, the hound dog, ride in the bed. When Dad first brought it home, Mom thought it looked like something Fred Flintstone drove. (I don't know who that is, but Dad started laughing so he must have been a funny man)
My Mom & Dad's friend was in her barn on an extension ladder & fell from the top. She got hurt pretty bad & has been in the hospital about 10 days so far. Mom & Dad are taking care of their horses & her dog, Meggie, a blue heeler. Mom really feels sorry for Meggie because she doesn't understand & really misses her human Mom. Mom said Meggie was with Leeann when she fell & Meggie was not going to let the paramedics work on Leeann when they arrived. Mom said Meggie was only protecting her Mom. But today Meggie got to go to the hospital & see her Mom! EVERYBODY was so happy.
We haven't been camping with the horses yet, but I am hoping that will be soon. Mom said I have to get a hair cut before our first camping trip. She gives me a pill once a month for fleas & ticks & sprays me, but she said my hair is so thick right now, she couldn't find a tick thru all of it. I don't mine a hair cut--doesn't take Mom so long to brush me when it's short. :-)
Bark at you later...............Shelby



March 8th 2009 9:45 am
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Hi All! Spring must be here. It was 73 degrees yesterday! What a great day. Our Mom & Dad took me & my Weim sister back to the fields & woods. My Mom was raking up dead weeds & small brush & burning it along a creek in a valley. Me & my Weim sister played in the creek, wading & jumping back & forth from one bank to the other. It was great fun & we were getting really dirty & loving it! Then we went to help Dad burn a big pile of the dead tree limbs. Dad took the tractor & wagon back to the house to get another chain for his saw while Mom & me & my Weim sister stayed to put sticks & limbs on the fire. Then all of a sudden Mom ran & grabbed the rake because the fire was taking off in the dead grass in the field. OMG! The wind picked up & the grass fire was taking off in every direction. There was smoke everywhere! My Mom was right in the middle of the fire & all the smoke with her rake. I got really scared for her & started barking & jumping on her to warn her to get out of there. But Mom wouldn't listen & kept scolding me to get back. She was afraid all my hair would catch on fire as the grass was really starting to burn. My Weim sister stayed far away from the fire & smoke. I would NOT leave my Mom. Please Mom come away from there! I barked & barked at her but she kept raking along the fire's edge. I was really upset. Then our Dad got back & started trying to put out the grass fire. Mom said she was going for help because she was afraid the fire would make it to the bordering woods. Mom took off on the tractor & forgot me. MOM!!! WAIT FOR ME!! I ran as fast & hard as I could after my Mom on the tractor. The next door neighbor saw Mom coming very fast on the tractor with me chasing it & new something must be wrong. He ran to her & she told him about the grass fire heading for the woods. He jumped on his backhoe & headed back there. Mom called the fire dept. Mom was upset so I was upset. By this time my Weim sister joined us & Mom told us both to go to the kennel so we did because we were scared of the fire & smoke & then the firetruck siren. Both me & my Weim sister sat in the kennel with the door wide open & just waited & watched the big scary firetruck. But as the firetruck started down the lane to the back field, Dad called Mom on the cell phone to say they had gotten the grass fire out with the backhoe. So the firetruck left. Mom then came to the kennel to us. She was so upset & frightened that she started to cry so I tried to console her. I was just glad she was ok & licked all the soot off her face. My Weim sister was scared to death & was in one of the dog houses. Mom took us both back to the field where Dad & the neighbor man were. Wow! The whole field was black & the black line had gone really close to the woods. I think everybody was exhausted. I know I was. I had never ran that fast or long trying to keep up with that tractor! Whew! I was glad when bed time rolled around!
Woof, woof.........Shelby


Is it Spring yet??

February 15th 2009 4:20 pm
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Hi Everyone! Well, we finally got to see the ground this week. Actually I LOVE the snow because I love to play in it. After Mom & Dad bring the horses in at night, they let us all go out & play in the horse pastures. We run & run with the snow flying all around us. When Mom finally calls me in, I have snow packed all in my feet & stuck to the hair on my legs. Mom usually turns on the salamander & melts me before she can even brush me. :-) My Mom has been having to work a lot of hrs. at work this past week, but she still found time to practice me & my Weim sister on the weave poles & a few jumps a couple of times. We LOVE doing the weave poles & try to see who can do them the faster. Of course, my Weim sister ALWAYS wins because she is so fast. :-( Mom & Dad took us back to the fields & woods behind our house today to cut trees & burn brush. We had a ball running in the fields. I even caught a little field mouse. I was so proud of it. Mom got to tease my Dad again because this is the 2nd field mouse I have caught while running along side my Weim sister--the hunter. Hee, hee! :-) When we finally got back to the house, we were pooped & had to take a nap. My Dad said we are going to get a Polaris Ranger to take back to the woods. (Mom doesn't think we need one though. :-( ) But Dad said then we can all ride back & forth to the woods with our chain saw & tools. Dad takes the tractor back there now, but Mom walks with us dogs. If Mom drives the tractor I try to get on with her & she said there isn't enough room. She is afraid she will run over me so she walks with me. I sure hope we get a ranger so we can all ride together. :-) Well, that's all for now folks. Spring is coming soon because I saw a Robin in the yard!
Woof, woof...............Shelby


Finished Our Last Agility Class

February 6th 2009 4:25 am
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Hi Everyone! Last Sun. was our last agility class which was our 2nd session. The instructor is going to quit for awhile. Hopefully she will start up again later. Mom & Dad thought me & my Weim sister were really 'on our game' the last class. They were very proud of us both. Wren stayed on course & I was a 'good girl' & didn't give any dirty looks to the other dogs. The instructor even brought her pitbull over to lay next to me & instead of glaring at her, I rolled over for a belly rub from the instructor. Mom was so proud of me for being nice & going into a submissive mode even with a strange dog laying next to me. All thru class, I had a nice pleasant expression & stayed in a good mood. But Mom has been working me a LOT at home after the instructor showed her how to handle my 'wanting to control all others' mode. :-) I am doing much better, but after all I am a 'herder' so it comes naturally. :-) Plus, Mom has been watching that Cesar Millan guy on TV. (rolling eyes in head) Mom says we are a 'pack' & I can't be 'bossing' my Weim sister & hound-dog brother around. I try to boss the old barn cat around, but he keeps scratching my nose so I mostly ignore him! (bad kitty) Mom & Dad have been playing a new game with us in the barn. Mom sets up jumps & then has me sit & wait. She throws the ball, releases me to go & I jump over the jumps, grab the ball & jump back over the jumps to bring it back to her. Of course, she gives me a yummy treat when I bring it back. Sometimes I am in such a hurry to get back to her that I drop the ball before I get to her. But if I drop it, I don't get a treat. :-( My Weim sister is REALLY good at this game. She doesn't even care if she gets a treat. She just loves to jump & get the ball. She jumps into my Dad's arms. AND she is NOT a little doggie! Wow! Dad must be strong to catch her like that. But me, I am all about the treat at the end. :-)
Well that's it for now.
Woof, woof...........Shelby


A foot of snow!

January 28th 2009 11:42 am
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Hi Everyone! Wow! We have about 12 in. of snow on the ground & I am having a ball playing in it! Dad left me inside the barn today because it was still snowing really hard when he left for work........bummer. I hate not to go out to the kennel to see the horses. But, my Mom worked from home today so on her lunch time she came out to the barn & got me. She shoveled a path to the kennel while I ran & ran & tumbled in the snow. She laughed at me when I tried to jump a snow drift & landed right in the middle. She couldn't even see me for a min. Whewwww! This is fun. Mom shoveled all the snow that had blown onto the covered deck of the kennel so I would have a place to sit & not be in snow. She also shoveled the sidewalk in the kennel along the fence so I could bark at the horses. :-) She let me play out in the yard while she shoveled all the snow away from the back door of the barn because it wouldn't even open so much snow had blowed against it. When she called me in I was huffing & puffing but having a ball. She had to go back to work but she left the back door of the barn open so I could sit & see the horses in the pasture. She knows I need to watch them so nothing bad will happen to them. One time a stray dog was running around the outside of the horse pasture & I scared him off by barking & barking at him. :-) He knew not to mess with me! Mom said he was ok & she thought he lived down the road & called the people to come & get him. Anyway, it could have been a bad thing if that was a mean dog. So I was pretty proud of myself none the less. Hope you all are staying warm & safe but do get a chance to 'play' in the snow!
Bark at you later...........Shelby


Another week of winter........

January 25th 2009 3:41 pm
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Hello & brrrrrrr it's cold! This winter is lasting forever! I really don't mind the snow as I have a good double coat to keep me warm but some of the really cold days I have to stay inside the barn. B-o-r-i-n-g! We went to a Sun. agility class today. My Mom knew there would be some different dogs there & wanted to work some more on my social skills with different dogs. (rolling eyes in head) We worked some on agility but I wasn't on my 'game' today. Mom was frustrated with me because I wasn't doing the weave poles. I wanted to skip them all together. I know how to do them, I do 12 at home just fine but just wasn't in the mood I guess. We worked on interacting with other dogs & I tried to do my best so as not to get in trouble. The instructor did show my Mom how to 'lay me down' though. Hmm.........that could be a bad thing for me. :-( We only have 1 more agility class as the instructor is going to quit for awhile. But Mom & Dad are going to continue with it at home. They have no plans to compete us, but think it is good exercise & gives us a job. I LOVE doing it at home & so does my Weim sister. At home, we can bark as we do it & Mom & Dad cheer for us. We both get so excited when we see them getting the stuff out we start jumping & running all around. Well, I'm worn out from class (trying to be good is tiring) so I think I will turn in with the chew bone Mom gave me.
Night all! Shelby

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