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Nov 5th.

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We Say Good-Bye

August 24th 2014 3:16 pm
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Wow! What happened to our wonderful summer. This past week has been awful! It was been so hot & humid. I had to go to the vet yesterday for my annual allergy shot. I was itching & biting my feet like crazy. The vet told Mom it was exactly one year to the day that I got my shot last year. I have to take 2 pills a day as well. But it is so worth it as I am not itching any more. While we were at the vet's office there was a horse a lady had brought in to have a tooth pulled. Well, this horse was refusing to get in the trailer to go back home. The office lady told Mom they had been trying for 4 hrs to get the horse back in the trailer...& it was very hot out so everyone trying to help was drenched in sweat! Mom thought about letting me try to help load the horse, but decided against it as this horse was a mustang & not that well trained. Mom was afraid it might kick me so she wouldn't let me help. Plus Aunt Nila was with us & she didn't think it would be a good idea either. Hmmmm...........I bet I could have got that horse in the trailer if Mom would have let me tried!!

Last Fri was a very sad day for us all. Our vet was out to remove a sarcoid from Dad's horse's face. While he was there, Mom asked him about our hound dog, Louie. The vet agreed it would be the best thing for Louie. Oh no!! Mom took me & Wren to the kennel but we knew something was going to happen. Afterwards & even the next day me & Wren looked everywhere for Louie. Louie raised me & I wanted to know where he was!!! Mom wrote the eulogy below for Louie & posted it to FB as most all of her horse friends knew Louie & loved him for the gentle nature that he was. We miss him terribly. RIP.

---------------------------------------------------- ----------------

Today it is with a heavy heart that I post a few pictures of our beloved hound-dog, Louie. As I reflect back on his life, I recall the beginning when he was a stray wandering up & down our road. Fred couldn’t stand it any longer, & picked up this homeless hound. Even though we did not have a dog at the time, I objected, not wanting this big spotted dog that looked like a beagle on steroids! Well, that was 11 yrs ago & Louie (as he became known) has lived in our barn ever since. AND what a great dog he turned out to be!
Dear Louie: In your younger years, you went on every camping trip with us. Your gentle nature made you many friends & recipient of lots of yummy leftovers from fellow campers. I recall putting you in the Halloween Parade at Midwest dressed as a ‘Harley Dude’. You were so sure the ‘Harley duds’ would help you ‘pick up chicks’ at the festivities. It never mattered what I wanted to do with you or dress you up in, you were always fine with it. Everyone saw a different breed in you. But to us, you were just our “ole Louie”. You raised my Aussie puppy, whom we thought was a growth on your ear the first year of her life. Then came the very high energy Weimaraner, which you tried your best to keep up with but decided it better to just sit back & watch. You’ve been a bed warmer in the winter for our barn cat as you both snuggled in your insulted dog box under the stair way in the barn. As the years grayed your face & stiffened your bones, you were content to stay home during camping outings to watch over the barn. And even now though your legs have grown too weak to carry you & your tired eyes can barely see, we struggle with this decision to set your spirit free to run the fields of Heaven, where I’m sure we’ll meet again.
Today as we walk you to the Rainbow Bridge, we can see the devotion & unconditional love in your eyes telling us you had a good life & knew how much you were loved. Farewell our dear & loyal friend


Tomorrow Will Not Be Good

August 14th 2014 3:38 am
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You know I mentioned earlier that our old hound dog, Louie, was not doing very well & the vet was coming out. Well, he 'rallied' a bit after that & seemed to be feeling much better. Mom post-poned calling the vet. But for the last week or so Louie has refused to eat. Mom sometimes gets him to eat just a small amount but he just doesn't seem interested. He has lost a lot of weight. (Now mind you, he was quite a bit over-weight) The vet is coming out tomorrow to remove a sarcoid from Dad's horse's face so Mom said last night "it's time" for sure now. (sob! sob!) Last night I tried very hard to get Louie to play chase with us but he just wouldn't get up. Mom finally had to scold me to stop pestering him. When Mom was trying to coax him to eat a little bit I knew things were serious so I just sat on the settee & watched. I didn't bother him anymore. I am so sad because we all love Louie, he's such a gentle guy. I am not sure Wren realizes what's about to happen as she was flittering around as usual but I knew something was going on.

Mom & Dad are getting a new furnace & the man was out to check things out last night. He was a very nice man & wanted to see us dogs before he left. We were out in the barn while he was inside the house but Mom let us out to meet him. He played with us. Me & Wren really liked him. He was a real dog person. Mom was amazed that I liked him as I am usually very cautious around strangers. He even had treats in his car for dogs. Can you believe a furnace man has treats in his car for dogs??? Seriously. Cool!

Well that's about it for now. I am dreading tomorrow for sure.
Hope all my dog pals have a good weekend & stay safe...........Shelby


Thank you Dogster for making me Diary Dog of the day.

August 10th 2014 2:32 pm
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Thank you dogster for making me diary dog. My Mom has been bad & behind in keeping my diary up. She promises to do better but work & the horses keep her pretty busy.

Friday, I had to go to the groomers for another hair cut. I still have these silly little pink bows in my hair. My Aunt Nila said the pink bows do NOT match my personality at all. I have to agree with her. I am a cowgirl......not a prissy little princess! Mom needs to get them out of my hair!

Well, this was a rather boring weekend. It was cloudy & rained on & off both days. Mom & Dad worked in the yard on Sat. so we had to hang out in the barn.

Today, I got to go shopping with Mom & Dad at Rural King. We stopped & picked up my Aunt Nila. Aunt Nila tried to interest me in some new toys but everything she picked out was "baby" toys. I am a big girl now & don't play with those kinds of toys anymore. Now a ball.........that interests me. But Mom said no more balls because I have a whole shelf full in the barn of different colored balls. When Dad plays ball with me he always tells me to get the pink one. If I pick out a yellow or blue tennis ball, he makes me look again until I bring him the pink one. I can tell which one is pink now so it doesn't take me so long to find it. :-)

While we were out, Dad wanted to go look at a hay elevator so we ended up there. I got out with everyone & looked at all the equipment but it was kinda boring. I was hoping Dad might stop for ice cream on the way home but instead everyone just got coffee to go. :-( Uck!

The rest of the day was just spent hanging out in the barn. Kinda of a wasted weekend. Maybe next weekend we can go camping.

Hope my doggie pals had a more exciting weekend than I did......Shelby


A New Week

August 5th 2014 8:50 am
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Camping was fun last weekend. We left for the campground early Thurs. afternoon. When we got to the campground, which was pretty empty, Mom & Dad got set up & then went out for about a 2 1/2 trail ride. Later in the evening they took me & Wren for a walk. Wow! Rabbits were everywhere. Dad said they were eating the clover & most of them were probably born under the little cabins. There were 6 little rabbits in front of one cabinet. Mom thought they were so cute, but I kinda wanted to chase them away.

On Fri Mom & Dad went for a LONG trail ride-5 1/2 hrs! They always put us dogs in the back of the trailer while they are out riding so that we won't bark & disturb anyone. But this time Mom forgot our fan! Thank goodness it wasn't too awfully hot & she put all the dropped all the windows down. Mom said she still worried about us being too hot. We were parked along a wood-line so it really wasn't too bad for us.

Fri evening some of Mom & Dad's friends came to the camp & parked across from us. They have 2 little Yorkies & another small dog they rescued. We never got to meet them though. I did get into trouble because when they played fresbie with the Yorkie, I would bark. I only wanted to play too! :-(

Mom & Dad rode with their friends on Sat. & Sun. & were gone a LONG time. We headed home on Sun. afternoon. I love to go but always glad to head home. Camping does wear me out. I think it is the fact that I have to be on a lead constantly. I am just not used to that!

Well, it is suppose to warm up this week & be more like typical summer weather. Dad noticed I had started scratching myself & reminded Mom it might be getting time for my Fall shot. I don't mind because I hate it when I start itching. Dad told me last night that if I don't stop itching he is going to put socks on me. Uck! I don't think I would like those! Wren never gets the allergies in the Fall like I do! That's not fair.

Hope everyone had a good weekend & a good week......Shelby


Going Camping Today

July 31st 2014 3:54 am
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Yay! We are going camping today. Mom & Dad are working half day today until about 10:00 am & then we are heading out. Well, first they will have to give the horses a bath & then we are going! I don't know why Mom thinks the horses have to be all clean & shiny to go trail riding. (rolling eyes in head) Sure glad she doesn't make me get a bath before we go. But I KNOW me & Wren will get a bath when we get back! We like to play in the creek, & dig holes to hide our bones so that is probably why we don't have to get a bath just to go! Plus we sleep in the back of the camper so it doesn't matter if we are dirty & stinky! :-) Sure hope it doesn't rain/thunder storm. I HATE rain & storms. The horses will be in the barns at the campground but me & Wren get really scared especially if we are in the back of the camper all by ourselves.

Some sad news to share. Our buddy, Louie the old hound dog, is not doing very well at all. In fact, the vet is coming out next week. Mom said he will be going to the "Rainbow Bridge". That makes me soooo sad. Louie raised me. In fact, Mom said they thought I was a 'growth' on his ear for the first year when I was a puppy. Louie never got mad at me & was always so gentle with me. I used to follow him EVERYWHERE. Mom got mad at him once because I followed him into the woods & got lost. Mom & Dad were very upset. But Louie redeemed himself by helping to find me. I was a scared little puppy that day. But I love old Louie & will miss him a lot. Mom said Louie was 12 yrs old which I heard them say that was old for a dog as big as him. Mom wrote a eulogy for him for FB. It made me cry. I know I will see him again someday.

On a happier note, hope all my dog pals have a great weekend.
Bark at you later.................Shelby


A Hot Steamy Weekend

July 27th 2014 2:20 pm
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Whewwww! It was sure hot, humid & sticky here this weekend. Uck! Glad I am in my summer cut, it's so much cooler. Not to mention, the storms that kept rolling thru both Sat. & Sun. It would come a storm & then the sun came out & be hot & steamy. Me & Wren are both terrified of storms so Mom had to take us both inside the house so we can't hear them as much. In the barn the rain sounds very loud & scary.

Boy! Me & Wren REALLY got in trouble on Sat. Dad was working behind the barn pouring concrete for the ramp coming into the barn. Well, I don't know anything about concrete & the fact that it needs to 'cure'. Mom told Dad he better be careful & close the back barn door because she figured Wren &/or I would go running thru the wet concete in one of our games of chase. Well, guess what?!! It happened! Dad had the concrete all smoothed & put lines in it so it wouldn't be slick for the horses. I was chasing Wren as she was in front & she ran right thru the wet concrete with me right behind her. I have NEVER heard Dad yell so loud at us. It scared us. Wren ran & hid in the dog box under the stairway to the loft. I jumped up on one of the settees & hid my face. Whew!!! I think we came within inches of getting a spanking. But we just didn't know about concrete.

Last weekend we went camping with the horses. The weather was awesome, in the 70's for middle of July! Mom & Dad ran into some friends at the campground so they rode with them & had a great time. Me & Wren had to go to bed early because the friends came over to visit & we have a BAD habit of barking when people first come to our campsite. We just can't help it. We stop once we see who it is but Mom & Dad get mad at us. Mom calls me 'bark-face" sometimes & I don't like that name. We had to go to bed early each night. :-( We aren't allowed inside the camper so Mom fixes our beds in the back of the trailer next to each other. It's really not too bad as we have a fan on us. Mom says the inside of the camper is just too small a space for 2 people & 2 dogs.

I think we are going camping again this weekend. I saw Mom putting stuff in the camper & she was cleaning in there. It is suppose to be much cooler this week. Mom & Dad like to get the horses as fit as possible before the good fall riding season. Me.........I just like to go camping.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Bark at you later.........Shelby


I'm Back!!!!

July 24th 2014 9:54 am
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Oh my! Has it been a LONG time since Mom has posted in my diary??!! Where as the time gone? So far, we are having a great summer weather-wise with below normal temps. so we have been able to do a LOT of trail riding & camping. Mom has been working quite a bit of overtime at work so that is one reason she has fallen so far behind with my diary. So today will be short & sweet as we catch up on what has been happening with all my doggie pals this summer.
Bark at you later............Shelby


Thank you Dogster For Making Me DDP!

March 2nd 2014 2:51 pm
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That's pretty cool! Thank you Smiley for the congrats! Here we go again with another winter storm! Yesterday (Sat.) was such a nice day in the mid 40's & sunny. While Mom cleaned house, me & Dad took the Ranger back to the woods to burn a big brush pile of yard & tree clippings. I LOVE it when I get to go on the Ranger with just me & Dad. Wren was in the house with Mom being the girlie girl that she is! Mom & Wren did walk back to the woods though when Mom got her work done. I had been busy digging for field mice so Wren joined in with me. We also played chase & jumped back & forth over the creek. I was sure pooped when we got back to the barn. Mom & Dad brought the horses in the barn, fed the horses & us dogs. I was out like a light on the settee in the barn 5 mins. after my supper.

OMG! Today winter is back! Sleet, wind & snow! Awful! Mom & Dad put the horses winter blankets back on them before turning them out this morning. Mom's horse would have just as soon stayed in the barn but Dad said everyone needed to go out to pasture & move around. After the barn chores were done, me & Dad took the Ranger to go check on our fire to see if all the stuff had burned up. Of course, it was cold so Wren went to the house with Mom. She is such a girl!

I spent most of the day helping Dad. We tidied up the barn, moved some shavings, cleaned the heated water buckets & filled all the bird feeders.

This week is suppose to be really cold all week. So that means a pretty boring week.
Hope all my dog pals stay warm & safe..............Shelby


Dogster Is Staying

February 22nd 2014 1:24 pm
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So good to hear that Dogster is staying. Not that Mom always keeps up with posting in my diarty or skips a week before checking up on all my dogster friends but we still LOVE having Dogster.

I don't think this winter will ever end. In Indiana this year we broke a record for the snowiest winter ever! AND the coldest I am sure! Mom has been feeding the birds & I help her every night. The other night I was excited to help Mom so I was racing across the drive to the garage to get the bird seed & slipped on the ice. OMG! I went sailing on my side for several feet. It was quite frightening. Mom was afraid I had hurt myself. Once before I was running in the wet grass, turned real sharp, slipped & wrenched my back. I yelped & couldn't get up. Mom & Dad had horses in the trailer ready to take off for a camping trip. I couldn't move my back legs & crawled to Mom. Mom was so upset. She told Dad to go on without her because she was taking me to the vet. Dad calmed her & me down & I quit yelping. Dad made me lay still for a few mins. & massage my back. Finally, I got up & was able to limp around. In a short time I was able to walk very gingerly. Dad lifted me in the truck & said I probably pinched a nerve & would be ok. It takes us about an hr to get to the horse camp & that gave me some time for the muscle to relax. When Dad lifted me out of the truck I seemed to be ok. But ever since that happened Mom worries I will hurt my back again when I slip or fall. But I was fine after slipping on the ice.

It seems every weekend Dad has to get the Ranger out & plow the driveway & the drive to the barn. Of course, I have to ride with him & help. AND Mom watches out the window & worries that I will fall off the Ranger because Dad never puts my harness on. But I hang on so she doesn't need to worry so much.

Today, (Sat.) it is in the 50's. Woo Whooo! Feels like Spring! Dad washed all the vehicles & scrubbed the garage floor. I wanted to help but Dad said I would track in & out so I hung out in the barn. Even the barn cat, Albert, went outside. Mom said he was so bored having to stay in the barn because of all the snow. I guess cats get bored too. I thought all they did was sleep mostly. Hmmmm......

Well, that's about all that's been happening around here. Guess it is suppose to get cold & snow more next week. I am sick of all this cold & snow. The horse pastures have been so wet & muddy that Mom won't let us go out there & play. We have had to play chase in the barn & end up getting yelled at for barking, running & being wild. B-O-R-I-N-G!

Bark at you all later............Shelby


Thank you to all my doggie pals!

January 19th 2014 7:45 am
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Wow! Mom got several e-mails of goodies/gifts from several of my doggie pals. Thank you, Chloe, Echo, Pety, Whisper, Dixie, Sophie, Gizmo & I hope I didn't leave anyone out! Thank you for the hugs---I LOVE hugs & the hot choc. hmmmm...........

We are having one of the worst winters in a long, long time. Record snow fall so far here in Indiana & record cold temp. We haven't gone to the woods to cut camp fire wood yet at all this winter. But then Mom & Dad have spent several weekends painting over at Aunt Nila's. I never get to go there though because Rosie, the Pit-bull, doesn't like me. :-(

We got another 2 1/2 in. of snow last night. After Mom & Dad brought the horses in, us dogs got to go play out in the pasture chasing each other in the snow. We had a ball & all came in panting & covered with snow. Mom had warmed some chicken cubes & poured over our dog food. Since I can only have dry dog food, Mom thought a little warm chicken broth would be good on a cold night. was good! Mom feels bad for me because I can't ever have any other food but dog food & certain dog treats because I have such a sensitive stomach. I love to eat too! Wren gets to eat ANYTHING & I get so jealous of that!

Today Dad got the Ranger out & me & him started clearing the drive-way. Mom & Wren were watching out the window. Mom gets upset with Dad because he never puts my harness on & secures me in. Oh, heck Mom, I know how to hang on! Mom rolled out the window & yelled for Dad to be careful with her "baby"! Geeze, Mom! I am NOT a baby! Dad yelled back that I knew how to hang on & that I was a 'sports utility dog'! I don't think Mom liked that too much though because she mad a face back at us! Me & Dad cleared our drive-way then went next door & cleared Joe's drive way. Dad said Joe usually has a little football gathering on Sundays. Joe's friends are elderly & Dad didn't want them getting stuck in Joe's drive. Then me & Dad headed for the fields in the back. Dad wanted to burn a big pile of brush & trimmings from our yard & Joe's yard. With the snow on the ground, it would be a good time to burn the pile. So I had a pretty busy morning while Wren stayed in a warm house. She's such a princess!

Well, it's getting close to lunch time & time for me & Dad to head for the house.

Hope everyone is staying safe & warm.............Shelby

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