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Nov 5th.

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Nov 5th

November 5th 2008 12:18 pm
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I have been tagged by my pal, Chloe, a beautiful blue merle aussie, so Mom is going to start keeping a diary for me. My dog family consists of a hound-mix "Louie" someone dumped on our street about 4 yrs ago, a female Weim my Dad got from Weim rescue, "Wren" she's about 18 months now and of course, me & I was 1 yr old in Aug of this yr. A few things about me:
1. I LOVE to play with all dogs. I am not aggressive, but I am bossy.
2. I love horses & will sit for hours & watch them in the field. When my Mom & Dad camp, I am tied next to the portable horse corrals so I can let them know if one of the horses should do something they shouldn't. That's right up my 'alley' as I am bossy & like tattling on them.
3. I have been to puppy obedience classes. I know several "dumb dog" tricks (that' what my Dad calls them), i.e. hi five, sit, down, roll-over, you know that kind of stuff.
4. I don't stay in the house, as I just get too hot & I NEED to know what is going on in the barn! Mom tried me in the house, but I would sit & stare out the window all the time & cry at the door.
5. When we camp, I am crated at night or when my Mom & Dad go off riding. They are afraid me & my Weim sister will bark & bother other campers. We don't mind because Mom always gives us a new chew bone each day while we are in our crates. Hmmmm....
6. I start agility classes tomorrow........I can't wait as I have been doing some practicing at home.


Completed 1st Agility Class

November 8th 2008 5:17 pm
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I completed my first agility class & had a great time. My class is 90 mins. long & I was getting kinda tired by the time it was over. I slept ALL the way home. My Dad made a lot of the equipment, so me & my Weim sister had done the obstacles prior to class but it was fun doing it with new doggie pals. The other dogs were older than me & my Weim sister but they were nice. Mom has us practice every night to keep us in shape & she says I need a job to do. I like to stay busy & if she doesn't find me something to do I sometimes get myself into trouble.


2nd Agility Class

November 15th 2008 3:54 pm
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I just completed my 2nd agility class. Wow! It was so fun. I got to go off lead & go thru the obstacles. I know my Mom was proud of me for staying with her & watching her to see where she wanted me to go next. :-) We got to do the weave poles & teeter totter this class. My Mom practices me a lot on the weave poles at home & I can walk thru them weaving, but not good enough to run yet. I sure was tired at the end of the 90 min. class though. I'm going to practice really hard this week for next week's class. :-)


3rd Agility Class

November 22nd 2008 4:52 pm
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Completed my 3rd agility class. It's getting a lot harder even tho my Mom practices me every night. I was having a hard time paying attention this class. We had a new dog in class & I had never seen a doggie so animated--he was everywhere & fast getting there. I was also wanting some of the hot dogs that was being placed on the obstacles for one of the dogs. I guess I wasn't a very good girl. :-( I have to really watch my Mom very closely & understand when her arm is up I am suppose to go away & when her arm is down, I am suppose to come in closer. Geeze! What's up with that......I always come when she calls me. Anyway, I have lots of homework this week to work on. Sat. I got to go to the fields & woods while Mom & Dad cut brush & burned it. I spent a lot of time snooping around but got tired & just layed & watched them. It was nice to relax & forget about jumps. teeter toters & tunnels for awhile.


Turkey Day Coming

November 26th 2008 4:00 pm
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Hi All! It's Wed. & my Mom was off work-using up vacation she has left. I love when Mom is home from work because I know we will take a walk to the fields in the back. It was a beautiful Nov. day about 45 degrees & the sun was shining. I got to run & snoop around the fields. When Dad got home, me & my Weim sister, Wren, practiced a few agility obstacles they set up for us in the barn.....a couple jumps, hoop jump, teeter totter, weave poles & holding table. Our holding table is funny because it is actually just two bales of shavings but it helps us learn the word 'table' I guess. Me & Wren did all the obstacles as we were directed so we only went thru it about 3 times. I could have done more--I like the treats we get when we complete a run. But Mom said let's quit on a happy note & our Dad wasn't feeling too good--getting the flu I think. :-( Tomorrow we ALL are going to the woods to cut brush & burn it. Whewwww Whoooooo! That means me & Wren get to run & snoop in the fields. We LOVE that! I heard Mom say we would be quitting early because I have to get a bath. Oh no! Uck! I usually go to the groomer once a month, but I got really muddy in the horse pasture the other day & it took my Mom almost an hr. to brush me out. I don't think she was very happy with me. I sleep in the barn, but she said I smelled bad & I have agility class Fri. so guess I am getting an extra bath this month. :-(
Everyone have a great turkey day!
Woof, woof.........from Shelby


A full day in the fields

November 27th 2008 4:49 pm
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It was a nice one! About 45 degrees & the sun was shining all day! Mom & Dad took me & my Weim sister, Wren, to the fields, where they cleared brush & burned it along a creek. Me & Wren had a blast running & snoopy. We were good & never got too far away. It was fun but very exhausting as we ran & ran & explored. When we got back home, Mom gave me that bath she promised. UCK! Now I smell like a sissy dog & I am a 'cowgirl'! Mom set up a few of the agility obstacles in the barn & we practiced some. She added the mounting block just for something different. Ha! That was no big deal & I handled it as if it had always been part of the course. :-) Mom was happy with me because I did everything right every time. :-) My Weim sister was so tired that Dad tried to practice her, but she wouldn't do it. She refused to get off the settee she was snoozing on so Dad didn't make her since she was so tire. She is such a 'princess'! Heck, I am always 'up' for a little practice because I LOVE the treats I get at the end. Hmmmm.........Well, it's bed time & I am pooped.
Woof, woof........Shelby


Breeder's Visit

November 30th 2008 6:26 am
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Hi All! Yesterday we had a visit from my breeder, who is also a friend of my Mom & Dad. She brought one of my 8 month old half sisters, Cinna, with her. But she was very shy & didn't really want to play with me & my Weim sister. I let her chew on one of my bones. I showed her some of the jumps & teeter totter I practice for agility. But she wasn't interested in any of that at first. But after awhile, her Mom & mine got her started on some of the stuff. She did really well & my Mom thought she was beautiful & very smart. I didn't mind that at first, but after awhile I was a bit resentful because Cinna was getting too much attention. I want Mom to like me best so I snipped at Cinna, but that was not a good thing because I got in trouble for that. :-( Later we practiced some agility stuff & I was 'pumped' & did a good job for Mom so she wouldn't be mad at me anymore. :-) My Weim sister is "smoking" me on the weave poles, but I am making up for it with following my Mom's directions better. :-)
Bark at you all later..........Shelby


Completed last class in first agility session

December 8th 2008 6:56 am
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Hi Everyone! We just completed our last class in our first session of agility. It was a blast this class as we got to do 12 obstacles in a row, including the 'hold table'. That was so much fun. I think it 'pooped' all of us out because all the dogs were just laying around during the discussion at the end of class. There are actually only 4 dogs in our class so we get a good workout in the 90 mins. :-) Dad was especially proud of my Weim sister as she did really well this last class. (rolling eyes in head-whatever) She is very fast, but she is a 'lean-mean machine'! Now if I sound like sour grapes, rightfully so because I am a bit thicker than my slender Weim sister & am not as fast, especially on the weave poles! :-( Our Mom & Dad signed us up for the next agility session. They do not plan to compete us, but think it has been very good for us.
As it was REALLY cold this past weekend, we didn't get to go out much. Bummer...........I hate boring weekends of having to stay inside most of the time. We did a little bit of practicing in the barn, but Dad turned the blower/heat thingy on & I hate it because it makes a lot of noise. When I was little I used to bark at it all the time.
That's all for now.............Shelby


A Trip To The Vet

December 11th 2008 2:59 am
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Hello! My Mom got a card from the vet & it was time for all my annual shots & check up. Uck! I knew something was up when Mom got home from work because we didn't practice any jumps or weave poles, but she started brushing me immediately. Hmmm........I wasn't done playing with my Weim sister either. Mom always waits until after we play & rough-house before she brushes me. Then when she put me in the car & I knew it wasn't we weren't going to class. ????? But it didn't take me long to figure it out. (rolling eyes) I really don't mind it so much because I love the dog cookies they have at the vet & I LOVE my vet. I think she is pretty & she says nice things to me. :-) I was a good girl for all my examine & all my shots but I didn't like that stuff they shot up my nose, but I still gave the vet & assistant a big wet kiss. The vet said I did not have one ounce of fat on me. She told my Mom I was solid muscle, even down my back. :-) Mom told her that I am on dry food-Science Diet & get NO people food ever. The vet told Mom to keep it up as so many dogs are over-weight & it is so bad for them. Mom said Dad will have to quit calling me "Shelb the chub". Hmmm.......maybe this wasn't such a good thing afterall. That means I will NEVER get some yummy people food. :-( I LOVE to eat.....I LIVE to eat. I love my doggie treats during agility practice & class but they are so tiny. MOM! Let's talk about this!


Got Sick.............

December 13th 2008 4:11 pm
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Hi! I got very sick after I went to the vet for all my shots. My Mom didn't realize it but soon figured it out when we started to practice our agility stuff. I fell off the teeter totter, knocked over a jump & kept skipping weave poles. I ran to my room embarrassed & stayed there until Mom came & got me. When Mom petted me, I couldn't help but whine. I felt soooo bad. Mom thinks maybe I was having a reaction to the kennel cough vaccination. The vet told us some dogs do have reactions to it. The next day was agility class & Mom wasn't going to take me if I was still acting weird. But I was fine the next day & back to my normal self playing with my Weim sister. But then my Weim sister tore one of her back toe nails out somehow. It bled a lot but she never cried & she never limped. We all went to class that night but my Weim sister's toe started bleeding really bad after she made one run thru the course. Dad pulled her out immediately & sat the class out with her. Class was really fun as we did 14 obstacles in a row. I think my Mom was out of breath trying to keep up with me. Hee, hee. Dad told Mom he thought I did a really good job & was fun to watch. (**big grin**) I try really hard to please Mom but I was getting pretty tired near the end.
Sat. I went to the fields & woods with Mom & Dad to cut brush. My Weim sister didn't get to go because Dad was afraid her toe would start bleeding again. She had to stay in the house, but I don't think she minded because it was cold & windy. I had fun snoopying around & found a really cool animal carcass. I was so excited that I ran to Mom to show her. She freaked & made me drop it & then she threw it in the fire. Darn! Guess she didn't realize I was planning on taking that back home with me. :-( We practiced on some agility stuff for a bit & my Weim sister did just fine & her toe didn't even bleed. Well, I'm pooped & it's my bedtime.
Good night all!

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