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I am full of surprises -- 31-Aug-2010

August 31st 2010 1:13 pm
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From time to time Mom gets these wild ideas. She has had two recently. The first was that Pippi and I would have a workout on an exercise peanut/ball. She's had us up there the last two days and tells me we will have a session today. I don't know where she comes up with this stuff. The good part is that we get treats while we are up there. So it's not all bad. I am more content to sit up there on the peanut than Pippi ... that is if there is not a constant stream of treats.

The other wild idea Mom had was to have Pippi and I play on a teeter totter. Not at the same time, mind you, although someone should remind Pippi of that. Talk about your circus acts! I would be air borne the first time Pip bounced onto her end. BOL. Nothing quite that entertaining in mind here. No, just a short, low teeter totter that we could walk across. The first time Mom brought this contraption out Pippi and I were a bit afraid. And the first time one end bonked on the ground we scrambled away from it. Mom tried holding one end up, but we still weren't too sure about this. Didn't seem like one of her better ideas. So, Mom talked with a friend and got some advice on a better way to get started with this, and the first thing was to put the board flat on the ground and let us get used to walking across it that way. Piece of cake. What could be easier than walking across a short board flat on the ground and getting a treat when you get to the other end? Then Mom threw a twist in. She wanted us to stop at the end of the board with two feet off and two feet on. Whatever. These people have some weird ideas, but I can do that. In fact, I picked up on that bit faster than Pippi. It's usually the other way around. I was first to walk across the board, first to stop with my feet the way Mom wanted. I was so pleased with myself. Almost as excited as Mom was. It takes so little for her to get excited sometimes. Bless her. Well, today Mom threw in another twist and turned the board back into a teeter totter. Hmmm. Maybe we could do this. We tried it but decided it was a little slipperier than we liked. No problem. Mom took an old towel and stapled it to the board. Perfect. So after a few not so great tries and some being timid I decided to go for it. I took my time and went slowly across, let the other end drop and finished my way across, put two feet off and looked for my treat. Well if Mom was excited about us walking across a board on the floor you should have seen her when I did this. Unbelievable. And after all that excitement all I got was a Cheerio. I mean really. Where was the good stuff?!! And only one?!! Good thing I like Cheerios, and seeing Mom so excited, so I went back and forth on this teeter totter, making one end then the other drop. Cheerio after Cheerio. Oh, Pippi took some turns, too, but it took her a lot longer to get the idea of letting it drop then two feet on and two off. I'll cut her a little slack since she is heavier and the thing makes more of a bumping noise when she goes across. Mom really thought Pip would pick it up faster than me and I would be afraid of it for days, but I showed her.

All in all I think this teeter totter thing is going to be okay. I just wonder what Mom will come up with next!


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