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Treat Box -- 22-May-2010

May 25th 2010 9:23 am
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Mom recently got this nice little fabric box that she has been excited about when Pippi or I would sit in it. She would give us treats just for sitting there. Parents can be so funny so we humored her and began to get used to the "treat box". After about a week of this she came home with a HUGE box and began building this big thing. When she was done she put the treat box way up near the top of the thing. I watched patiently as she did all this and I was fine with it until she picked me up and headed for the treat box. Now being in the treat box on the floor or the bed was one thing, and I could even tolerate when Mom would pick the treat box up and carry it around while I was in it. Well, I struggled and resisted a little, but Mom is a lot bigger than I am so it didn't do much good. I was in the treat box on top of this big thing she had built. I got my treats for sitting there and she let me back down. All was good. Welllll, the next day (Saturday) Mom takes the thing she built and went outside with it and rode around on it for a few minutes. Then she came back in the house. We heard her coming up the stairs, or so we thought. When the "person" got to the top of the stairs we were sure it was an alien! It had a deformed head - unusually large. Pippi and I barked and backed up so it couldn't get us. Then it spoke. It was Mom's voice. Oh the horror. Mom abducted and altered by aliens! Pippi got brave and stretched out to sniff and see if it was really Mom. I can't tell you how relieved we were that it really was Mom and not some alien. She was wearing something she called a bike helmet. Well, and relief was short lived. She picked me up and took me outside next to the thing she had built. She called that a bike. She started to put me in the treat box on the front of the bike, but I used my Chihuahua death grip to prevent that. Alas my strength failed me and I was put in the treat box after all. Maybe it was really an alien and not Mom after all. I was fastened in the treat box, Mom got on the bike and we started to move. What the heck?!! And then I felt it ... so refreshing ... kind of exciting ... the wind in my face. Oohhhhhhhh, I put my nose up a little. Just feel that breeze. So the treat box has multiple kinds of treats. Both the tasty kind and this new treat - a breeze in your face. Well, we rode around for just a short time then headed back home. Mom got me out of the treat box and took the helmet off her head, it really was her, and back in the house we went. I was jumping around and telling Pippi all about it. I hope we get to do that again soon!


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