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Dogster Peeps

January 19th 2014 9:08 am
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Hey all, if you decide to keep in touch
and are on Facebook, please come by
and join the Dogster Pals Facebook Group! :o)

We're almost 900 members strong and growing!
It's a great way to introduce yourself and your pupper!

Come check us out:

This was posted by Flicks'a Mom as well

This was set up yesterday... it isnt Dogster... but its something... and they are going to at least give us all breathing space.. and who knows...


Please Friend us on fb

January 18th 2014 1:44 pm
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We are very sad that Dogster and Catster will be eliminating the community areas of their site. That is where we got to know so many of you..

We have created a lot of pages for our furends and encourage you to save all your photos to your computer by hovering over each one, right click and choose "save as" then choose the location on your computer to save not to lose them

I hope HQ will allow this... I am asking my friends that are on fb to please friend me so we may keep in touch.... We truly care about all of you!! This is my fb link.

It has been fun and I hope to hear from you soon


OMD!! BoooYaaaa DOTD!

May 20th 2013 5:26 pm
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I kept trying to call Mom at work but her darn phone kept going to barkmail... So she didn't know until my pals Riley and Caileigh told her I was Dog of the Day!! I am so honored and want to thank all my pals for recognizing me on this monumental day!!

Wags & Licks


Pawlease be safe!!

October 29th 2012 10:06 am
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We want to extend our thoughts and prayers to everyone in the path of hurricane Sandy. Be safe!


Miss Dog Needs Our Prayers

August 31st 2012 8:17 am
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Please say a prayer for one of the sweetest pups on Dogster Miss Dog . She is going through a very ruff time and her Mom is so sad and could use some cheeering up. Miss Dog is the sisfur of Autumn and Roscoe. Their Mom has been there for us so many times and she and Dog need us now!!

Please get better sweetheart and we pary it is not cancer....

Love you girl

PS.. Autumn, Cheyanne and Dozer are rounding up the Angels at the bridge to watch over her...


Happy Easter Bunny

April 8th 2012 5:57 pm
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We want to wish all of our Dogster & Catster families a blessed and safe Easter.

We are so thankful for our friends here!!

Hugs and Ham Bones ( I wish)

Sasha, Kai, Lily
& Diesel Kitty


Urgent Help Needed

August 26th 2011 9:32 pm
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Reposting: Urgent help needed! Delaware Humane Association has been ordered by the city of Wilmington to evacuate by 6pm tomorrow. If any of you are able to temporarily home a cat (most dogs are going to various doggy daycares) please call or inbox Angela Downey. Thank you to anyone who can help!

Humane Phone #(302) 571-0111


Woofday Thank You Hugs!!

July 18th 2011 4:50 pm
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I want to thank all of my pals from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful pressies and woofday wish pawmails!
We love each and every one of you!!

I had a great day.. Even Dozer was nice to me...Problem is... I spent all day watching my back because that never happens.. I was waititng for him to jump out and scare me at any time.. The most paranoid woofday I ever had..



Please make BANE your furend!!

December 10th 2010 7:12 pm
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Please click on the link below and visit Bane's page. He is a brave K-9 Officer with the Michigan State Police. BANE IS LOST!! HE NEEDS OUR HELP TO GET HOME.


You may not live in Michigan, but chances are good that one of your furends might be...


My Life Has "Gone to the Fleas"

November 21st 2010 8:55 am
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Well Pups... I think my life (as I know it) over.

It all started back on July 24th. Mom and Dad had to leave Dozer and I in a kennel while they went to a family thingy somewhere waaaay far away. I was appalled because we have NEVER been to one..... nor left in a place with other barking dogs....I know Mom had to fly there so Dozer and I were only there for 2 days.. (Hmm I wonder where Mom hides her wings)

Anypup.. She dropped us off and it turned into the worst 2 days of my life... It rained so hard with thunder and lightening.. I was sooo scared. Finally Mom picks us up and I was never sooo happy to see her( and she wasn't even panting from flying so far) I love you Mom is all I kept telling her....I even love Dozer now cuz he protected me from all the loud noises....

So we get home and I am going Itch..Itch...Itch....Scratching and chewing like a maniac.. Off we go to the Dogtor to find out what is going on... Well Dogtor Joe was on vacation so I saw this really nice lady that looked at me, talked to me and then told Mom and Dad that It appeared I had a food allergy.. Mom and Dad are like... Can't be... They had the same food while they were there... and they have NEVER had food allergies...The dogtor tells them.. If they became stressed (understatement) it can happen overnight... "Ya hear that Mom.. (I WAS STRESSED - CONFIRMED!) So now it starts.. I go through Grain free food... no change... Poultry free food... No change.... Beef free food... No change...not to mention endless bouts of the soupy poopies....Now Mom is beside herself cuz she can't figure out the problem...

Everyday.. she says... "Sasha.. let me see your belly" and that is music to my ears.. I jump on her bed and rollover and she rubs my belly while she checks out all my new red spots from my so called allergy. Mom is scratching me and all of a sudden she screams and calls Dad....I'm like MOM... What's your problem..... I am the focus here...She calls Dad in and together they are holding me down inspecting my belly... I'm like Okay guys.. This is NOT fun anymore.... I guess Mom found a flea... (whatever that is) so now I am told I have fleas and come to find out they are "Superflea Vampires cuz they chewed on me even with my Frontline plus..and to top it all off... We find out I AM ALLERGIC TO FLEAS!! Now Mom has to learn the "Flea Cycle" I'm like MOM... Just learn fast cuz these things are killin me....I guess I have shared them with Dozer and Lily too..No wonder the brown nose hasn't even looked at me in weeks...Turncoat! He hangs with Lily now... Ha ha ... you both have fleas... You fleabags.... hehehe. OUCH!

Anypup... I have fleas and have distributed flea eggs all over the house and yard along with the summer home.....
Mom called that Dogtor to tell her I do NOT have food allergies... but fleas.. They siad they didn't see any indication of fleas so that was the diognosis...

I don't know why they didn't just ask me.. I knew something was chewing me.. I could feel it... I sure hope Mom is a quick learner and makes these things go away... FAST.

I am now grounded.. I cannot go to see any of my cousins and even my bratty one in Florida won't come to see me... Life stinks now!!

I know things could be worse but this stinks....


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