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April 17th 2009 2:05 am
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Ever since my best friend Trey passed on, I started living inside the house again, with Mochi and Choochay. Before they joined our household, I was the only one living inside - the kitchen was my territory. My bed was under the kitchen table. I love living with the humans - too much i guess because I love snacking on human food. When they eat, I am there beside them asking for some freebies. I like dog food too but i often get the cravings for human food, which with my skillfulness and wit, I can "borrow" food off the table and straight into my stomach! I do not devour and eat the food fast like Trey. I like to chew and savor each bite. I especially love fried chicken! This munching is my only weakness...

As I was saying, when Trey was still alive, we lived outside, we had a big doghouse to ourselves. That helped me control my snacking urges and I was able to maintain my trim and lithe body. It also helped me stay in top beagle form since I really get to fulfill my duties as beagle/alert dog to visitors and pests. Unfortunately, as I age, I I started becoming less interested in things, opting to get stratched and sleep. I also failed to realize that my body doesnt get to burn the food as fast as i used to. I do walking exercise everyday around the village, but unfortunately, I take many rest breaks in between from fatigue - too much weight to carry.

I think I've lived a good and long life...but of course I could have stayed on longer. The end was very sudden... I wasnt even able to properly warn the humans and even say goodbye.


Human Food

June 30th 2006 8:03 pm
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Last June 25, I celebrated by 7th birthday. Sister treats each one of us on our birthdays with fried chicken meals ( about 4 pcs each, sliced, no bones). Of course, I ate mine with gusto! I was also the champion - the first to finish!

Did you know that when i first arrived, they didn't have a place for me to stay in so before Trey became my friend, I lived in the kitchen - literally. I had a pillow, blanket under the kitchen table. I get to taste test all sorts of yummy foods that i know are not good for me but well... until now, I haven't quenched my cravings for human fried chicken, meatballs, and etc... I can't wait for Trey's birthday so we'll have another chicken treat!


Walking Outside!

April 12th 2006 7:10 pm
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For the past two days, sister and two other housemates have been taking me, Kitty, and Trey outside during the late afternoons for some strolling outside the gates. Since its summer now here, the cool early evening air is such a treat!

I have been sooo excited! The minute is see a leash, I start jumping up and down by the door to my house. Trey however is more relaxed about it. I guess he doesn't get too excited with it because he sometimes gets anxiety attacks with wide open spaces.

I probably should relax more before every trip. I get tired faster because i already excited myself too much before the real trip so i don't get to do much sniffing around!



February 9th 2006 6:09 pm
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HUH! I have improved a lot since i last made an entry here. I don't have issues with my vitamins anymore. I eat them without being forced to - as with my new year's resolution sometime ago.

I have also started exploring and tasting new cool delicious treats as sister likes buying new dog food stuffs like biscuits and other treats for us to try out. I rarely often do before. Its not that I am scared of getting a tummyache - I just am not that adventurous.

Now that I like the same treats as the rest of my housemates, I squabble with Kitty over some treats - across the divider of course. Before, I used to catch her sneaking her fat paws through and snitching my treat share and I pretend not to see her. But now, we engage in some ventriloquist growling (aka growling softly without moving my mouth!). I win of course, since the treat is on my side. I even sit down in front of her and eat it as fast as i could!


New Year's Resolution

March 3rd 2005 5:34 pm
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My new year's resolution is to learn how how eat my own vitamins without the humans having to feed them to me. So far, i have been keeping to my word. I've also learned to start exploring and tasting new food which i seldom like doing before because they might taste gross.

But of course being the playful dog that i am, i have to throw my vitamins tablet around first and play with it before i eat it!



November 17th 2004 11:21 pm
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I removed the gauze they placed on my knee yesterday. My human sister visited our room earlier than expected and i haven't thought of where to hide the removed gauze yet. So, i placed it on the floor and lied down on top of it - no evidence!

I thought I escaped and that she didn't notice bec. it was evening already but when she mentioned it, upon seeing the remnants of tattered cotton and gauze scattered around my room, I had no choice but to stand up and ask for some scratching and say oops!


Knees and Elbows

November 15th 2004 5:33 pm
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I have been wearing elbow and knee gauze for almost 2 weeks now. They change the dressing everyday and everytime they do, i fight like there's no tomorrow! So now, 2-3 people hold me down while they replace the damn gauze! I don't know why i like rubbing my knees and elbows on corners. I know its bad but its just soooooo itchy!



November 1st 2004 5:58 pm
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I have been rubbing and scratching my knees and elbows against rough surfaces again. Needless to say, I got puss again on them. I got a thorough inspection yesterday so i was treated. Now, I have tons of plasters and gauze areound my elbows and knees to prove it!

I think i was on them for almost the entire year last year, but that was because of my weight. Too much pressure on the knees to stand up, all that according to the vet. But i have since lost weight. I don't know, I guess I'm just bored so I scratch them.

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