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Binx's Tails! :)

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A PAWSOME Walk And Stuff Today :)

January 11th 2010 5:45 pm
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Dear diary, this afternoon we dared to venture outside to try to take a walk again.... It turned out to be still a little cool but it was pawsome weather to take a walk in finally! Woohoo!! We walked around our beach for a bit then walked down the street to the park, and then we walked around the neighborhood some too! We loved it! Then when we came home we came in the backyard again and one of the neighbors was grilling his dinner and I nicely sat down and didn't even bark at him... yup, you read that right, no barking at all!! Then another neighbor and his mom came out and guess what I did then.... stayed right still quietly while mom was talking to all of them! Oh, and then when we went back to the beach the neighbor lady from the other house was outside with her little dog AND cats and I stopped..... looked... looked more..... mom made me sit so I did.... looked some more.... then we walked over that way and mom said hello to her and do you know what I did then..... I didn't bark or pull or anything, that's right.... I just kept looking at them and kept oh so quiet the WHOLE time! As soon as mom was done she was so happy with me that she said I was going to get a really good treat and I started hopping around all kinds of silly! Mom heard that the weather is going to be even warmer tomorrow and said that we will be out there again, I can't wait!! Well, that was my day.. that and I had my weekly allergy shots. Hope that everyone is still staying warm and had a great day too! :) Binx


One COLD Walk Today

January 10th 2010 7:08 pm
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Dear diary, nothing much going on today. Mom and I stayed home most of the day today because it is still so stooooopid cold outside. Mom says that our bodies aren't used to this foolishness anymore and boy is she right! We have been so cold lately that we haven't been in the yard by the beach at all so today we went out there...... let me just say.... BRRRRRR!! Mom was so surprised that I only wanted to do my business and come right back in. We did go for a walk though over by the park and that was enough of that. Mom has been wearing her furry coat, she said not to worry when I asked her just who's fur is she wearing and said it's not a real fur. Whew, I was thinking that maybe she went around the house all the time I have been losing my fur and making a coat out of it or something! Haha!! When we were outside for our cold walk today she had that on and even had the hood up! Oh, did I tell you guys that I am not the only one around here with a cold nose lately, hehe!! Mom's has been real cold the last few days too!! Anywho, hope that everyone is keeping warm. Mom is going to bake some stuff then we are going to go and snuggle for the night. We so can't wait for Tuesday when the people inside the tv said it is supposed to be warm again. Since mom can't start school this week she said that we are going to find lots of stuff to do to keep us busy until we get to go back! Can't wait to go on more adventures soon, woohoo!! Nighty night and bundle up!! :) Binx


WHAT Is With This Weather??

January 9th 2010 11:15 am
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Dear diary, OH MY DOG, it is sooooo cold outside. I have to ask mom if she moved us back to NY when I was sleeping or something! There were snow flurries and sleet stuff down here this morning. We didn't see any here yet but Blake and Gregory's grama lives less than an hour away and she had some. I love grama, she gives me goodies.... ooops, got sidetracked! Mom's nose is cold like mine today, hehe! Those people inside the tv said it is supposed to get warmer in a couple days and I can't wait!

Oh, guess what! Today when I was playing it was the first time in a long time that I almost cleared out my toy box! Mom was laughing every time I took a toy out and tossed it to the side and went back for another! Yupper, the new meds are making me get back to the little ruckuser that I used to be!! Woohoo for new meds!! Have a pawsome day :)


Looooong Day On Campus Today

January 8th 2010 6:13 pm
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Dear diary, this morning mom and I headed out around 8 this morning to the college for orientation. The guy gave mom her paperwork and she knew it was going to be a looong day right off the bat.... The lady that mom gave all her stuff to over a month ago, remember the one that never turned it all in? Well, she didn't do anything with the stuff at all when she came back from taking time off and never put in the system mom's credits from the last college. They want mom to take Keyboard 1 again, REALLY???? Oh brother... Then on that paperwork mom saw that on the CPT test that she took over a month ago for the English she got an 80 but you need an 83 in order to not have to take the extra class on that. So, after orientation we went to the test place and mom did a little review and then she took the test again.... got a 97 she did, woohoo mom great job! She needs to take this extra math class because let's face it, mom is so NOT a wiz at math but she said that is ok though. WELL... for the problem. In order for mom to be able to take any classes at all starting Monday she HAS to have that math class on her schedule. Guess what though..... yup, even though mom had all the stuff in over a month ago and it is because of the school messing up that now there are no spots in that math class on any of the campuses. When we got home she called and told off the President of the College about what happend. Looks like we aren't going to be able to start until May now. She is supposed to call the President back Monday but let's face it, if there is no spot in any of the classes then there is nothing that can be done right.

Anywho, we want to thank everyone of our amazing friends here for the wonderful comments and gifts that were left for me after mom was sad about having to delete my rose vase, she wanted me to tell you all that my Dogster friends rock!! You are all the best for sure and made us feel lots better after we were feeling kinda blue about it so a big round of appaws to you all!! Appaws, that sounds funny doesn't it!! Hehe!! :) Well, after being on campus for about 8 long hours today we are pretty pooped and going to hit the hay, not sure if mom is WAY overtired or catching the bug but she said she is feeling not so good. Oh, almost forgot to tell you all that mom dropped a pen out of her hand and couldn't bend down to get it so even though I had my leash and leader on I flew right into action and got it for her... that's right, right at the college where there were lots of people around! Remember how much I said before that I didn't want people to see me do stuff, well I am much better now!! Ok, stay warm everyone and nighty night. Going to sleep so we can get up to maybe see some snow here in the morning, that's right.... in Florida there is supposed to be snow flurries!! :)


I Am Real Sorry :(

January 7th 2010 5:55 pm
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Dear diary, tonight there was another dead rose on my page so mom decided to delete my rose vase that so many wonderful friends took the time to stop by and send such nice notes to me on. We are sad and sorry. We don't know if it is someone who keeps watch of the Diary Central that sees my entries or maybe someone on my friend list is upset with us for something. If it is someone that is upset with us for whatever reason please feel free to delete us from your friend list.

Anywho, mom's orientation turns out to be tomorrow (Friday) and not today. Mom rescheduled because my ear was still bothering me so this morning so we stayed home. I am feeling much better tonight and even full of ruckus a bit mom says! We should have mom's schedule and books by the time we get home tomorrow so will tell you all about it then! Until then nighty night dear diary and friends :) Binx


How I've Been & A Meanie Pants Was On My Page...

January 6th 2010 5:14 pm
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Dear diary, things are starting to change a little around here since I started my new meds. This week when mom was doing stuff I took toys and "Binxed" (poked) her leg with them. She was so happy that she put everything down and we played and played every time. It's been awhile since I did that since I haven't been feeling so good you know. I am getting some little fuzzy furs that are starting to come back on some of my bare spots too, woohoo! I still have one spot under my chin that is taking it's sweet tail time to come back though so mom got me some bandanas to wear until then. I can't wait to be able to wear my Mickey Mouse collar again you know! Yesterday mom and I took the frisbee and my soccer ball outside to play and it was PAWSOME!! Silly mom so needs to get better aim though, she had to walk into that freeeeezing cold lake water to get them when she threw them there, hehe!!

I had a ruff day today though. I still have this pesky ear infection and when we went to the park for a walk the cool air made me start to shake my head a whole lot. Mom thought I was going to hit my head on the ground so we came right home. I am just snuggling next to mom now so that I can feel better for tomorrow. We go to orientation at the college tomorrow.... FINALLY...

Anywho, when mom was fixing my page for me with all new stuff she saw that some meanie pants left me a dead rose in my vase. That was so not nice and they left a pooh headed note in it too. Geeze, I would never do that to anyone you know. Oh well, bigger things to ponder I suppose than some pooh head meanie pants right.. Off to get some rest so nighty night until next time :)


Two New Meds and MORE Beach Sand...

December 29th 2009 5:30 pm
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Dear diary, mom and I headed to the Dogtor this morning and it went really good mom thinks. The Dogtor was real surprised that my thyroid results were normal when they came back but mom showed him some stuff on Shelties like me that says that normal isn't normal for us. He really liked mom's stuff and asked to keep it and mom said that was just fine. They talked awhile about all the stuff and decided to start me on meds for the thyroid stuff. I have to take two teenie weenie pills a day with a teenie weenie dose of it in it then I get another blood test in a month to see how it is going. The Dogtor told mom to watch for hyper stuff from me because that would not be a good sign. The Dogtor told her that in time if this med is right for me that I should be just like I was before all this stooooopid stuff started happening to me. So we are taking it day by day and month by month!

Mom was real happy that yesterday and today I brought toys over and Binxed her leg to get her attention to play with me. Yup, she dropped everything she was doing and we played awhile. Haven't been playing so much since I have been going through all the allergies and other stuff. Oh, and today when we went to get our garbage can I did something that I haven't done in awhile, I grabbed right hold of that leash and gave it a what for, oh yes I did! Mom started laughing real hard at that and I think that the new neighbors saw me pulling that leash! Bet they got a giggle too!

OH, and when we got home from the Dogtor there is even MORE monster piles of beach sand in the yard and it goes from one end to the other. No swing seat right now but that is ok, soon we will have a real nice sandy beach out there, woohoo!! Well, that's it for tonight so nighty night!! :)


Oh The Excitement In The Yard Today!

December 28th 2009 7:29 pm
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Dear diary, it has been a few days since my last entry. Been crazy for a bit then have to admit a little lazy with my mom, shhh... don't tell anyone!! Haha!!

We had a pawsome Christmas this year. We went to a Golden Corral place for breakfast just the four of us. I had to stay in my spot under the table and not get breakfast there but mom gave me mine before we went. It was ok though, see mom got a take out thingy and got me some yummy cantelope and pears to bring home and it was delicious! For the rest of the day we parked our tails on the big comfy couch and watched movies and yup.... we snoozed!!

Today there was excitement in the yard, holy wow! Mom and I were on the couch when all of a sudden there was door slamming and stuff going on outside. The new neighbors haven't been door slammers so mom thought she would see what was going on. We looked out the door and mom thought she was seeing things..... looked like a Jeep IN the lake..... she got her glasses on to look again.... YUP, there was a Jeep in the lake! So out we went to see what was going on. I sat there nicely, yup... DIDN'T bark at all at everyone, woohoo! They looked at mom and were laughing and mom very nicely pointed to the Jeep and said " Um, you do know that that is not a boat, right?" Boy did everyone in the yard start laughing a lot at that! The landlord pulled him out and then the silly head drove his truck in the lake, he didn't get stuck though. Well, when he got out mom nicely pointed to his truck and said, " You do know that that isn't a boat either, right?" Yup, everyone cracked up again! Silly guys! After that there were these super monster dump trucks mom called them that kept coming into my yard. There is a HUGE pile of new beach sand all over the yard. We are getting our beach all redone, woohoo!

One last note to my friends who have been wishing me well with all my stuff, I have a dogtor's appointment at 10 am and mom has a bunch of Sheltie and thyroid research printed and ready to go and we are hoping that it helps the dogtor help me. Will keep you posted!

Oh pooh, forgot one more thingy, thank you Dogster for my zelies for all the contest votes mom made, they came just in time! Nighty night :)


The Test Results Are In :(

December 23rd 2009 7:12 pm
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Mom and I are sad today. The test results are in and they say that my thyroid levels are normal... WHAT!! How can this be mom said, I have almost every symptom of it... Mom was so shocked when they told her that on the phone she almost started arguing with them but instead got herself together and made an appointment with my dogtor instead. He is away until the 29th though so we have to wait a little bit. Today was a not so good day for that stuff on me, I had some yucky wet stuff come out of my missing fur spot on my neck. Bath time again.... Mom is still real sure that it is thyroid, she found out from other Sheltie mom's that had the same things as me that us Shelties need different levels and that the normal numbers aren't good for us. If anyfur wants to see here is a link to it:


When mom saw it it made her about cry seeing the symptoms and pictures of other Shelties. I am missing lots of fur already too but not as much as the ones in the pics.... yet... Mom is determined to make me better though so I know that I will be ok. Just taking more time than we hoped. Mom said that she misses my Binxey smiles lately but she knows that I haven't been feeling like myself lately. I am betting that I will be a smiley Binx real soon though. Anywho, that is the results.... for now anyway... Mom is sure that my dogtor will start me on a small dose of those meds to see what happens when he sees the info mom is taking. Will keep you posted... Nighty night, time to snuggle my mom. :)


A Very LONG Road Trip Today....

December 21st 2009 6:04 pm
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Dear Diary, around 8 this morning Blake, Gregory, Mom, and I all jumped in the car and all of us got buckled up and we hit the road. Too bad it wasn't for something fun though... We had to go all the way to Tallahassee and back and it was about 548 miles. We were in the car for almost 10 long hours today, whew, that is sure a LONG time for a pup like me to be in the back seat in a seat belt away from my mom! When we finally got home I jumped up and gave mom a bunch of kisses and hugs just like she was gone without me all day. See, the thing is that Gregory won't let me have the front seat when he is in the car.... I say pooh to that! Blake doesn't care so much though so I get it when he is in the car. People think it is funny when they see me sitting by mom in the front seat and Blake or Gregory in the back seat, hehe!!

Anywho, mom got the last of the paperwork from Tallahassee that the college wants to we are heading there in the morning to give it to them. If that is FINALLY it then we get to go to some orientation thing mom calls it and she gets to pick classes to start on the 11th. We are stopping at the Dogtor's tomorrow on the way home to see if my test results came in and with any luck they will and I can start new meds right away if all goes well. Please keep your paws crossed for me, I am really hoping that it is a positive result so mom can stop worrying and I can start new meds and feel better! Nighty night, off to snuggle mom now :)

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