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Binx's Tails! :)

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Oh That Mom Of Mine And Stuff!!

March 17th 2010 5:53 pm
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Dear diary, there has been lots going on here this week, whew, where do I start! Ok, the landlord had some worker guys come over the other day to fix our super leaky roof, yup, after we had all that stooooopid rain it rained in the bedrooms after. Pooh! So they put stuff on it and hoping that it works. Then the worker guys had to re-do the pipe that goes from the washer to outside since some briliant person left it out over the yard and every time mom did laundry the yard got tons of water on it. After they fixed all that they built mom a really big and round raised flower planter outside in the yard. Mom planted flowers that very day, that was yesterday. Then yesterday we went to the college to finish paperwork. Then we stopped to the counselor's office that we hadn't been able to get through for months and guess what.... she was FINALLY there... but she couldn't see us until today... Mom and I went back today and met with her and you won't believe what mom is doing now.... She changed her major to not just one, oh no.... she now has TWO!! Yup, mom is not only going to get her degree for Medical Office Administration but Office Administration too. Oh boy are we going to be busy! Good news is that there are only two extra classes or so between the two so that is real good!

Ok, now for the beach sand project... Would you believe that after all the sand that Blake and the neighbors put down the landlord wants it all put back, HUH!! Turns out that he wants to run wires out to the beach for more lights so we can sit on the beach at night and they have to go under the sand. It will be pawsome to have lights out there but have to admit, sure am wishing that the beach was finally done!

My ears are doing real good and Gregory's arm and belly are too, thank dog for that! Mom just got me more pills for this week then I go back to the dogtor to get checked. Oh, would you believe that I can't have dairy stuff while on these meds, pooh!! Oh well, soon enough the cheese and yogurt will be mine, all mine, hehehe!! Have a pawsome night dear friends and Happy St Patty's Day to everyfur!! :) Binx


Ears, Boo Boos, Sand, And Stuff Updates!!

March 13th 2010 2:08 pm
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Dear diary, mom was real surprised the other day when the phone rang and it was my dogtor calling instead of the dogtor nurses that usually do, he's never called himself, uh oh mom said.... The dogtor told mom that I had the "worst of the worst" in my ears right now. He said that not only did I have the stoooopid bacteria infection in them but I had 3 of them in there, geesh! No wonder mom couldn't get rid of those stooooopid things and get my ears better! Well, she went right to his office and got my new meds as soon as she got off the phone. I have antibiotics, anti-bacterial ear drops, and anti-bacterial ear wash.... oh goody, more messing with my ears right... Anywho, started on those a few days ago and guess what.... I am really feeling pawsome, woohoo!! Mom and I have been playing together and stuff a lot again!! Oh, and I am not shaking my head because of my ears hardly at all anymore, how pawsome is that!!

Ok now, Gregory's boo boos are really looking good now too. Mom and him went to his doctor the other day and they were real happy that it looked as good as it did that day. Mom was flipping out because two days before they went the black dot in the middle popped out and left a big hole in the boo boo, gross mom thought! But the hole is all but gone she said so that is real good too!

Now for the sand, well, there has been a whole lot moved onto the beach but would you believe that there is still a TON to do!! And mom was thinking that there was no way we had enough to cover the whole beach, haha!! We are going to end up with a real thick layer of beach sand by the time it's all done! They didn't get any done the last couple days since we had really bad weather but it's going to be nice all week finally so more will get done. Oh my dog do I LOVE sniffing that beach sand, hehe!! Ok, gotta run and take a little snooze for a bit, mom and I had a rousing game of playing with a bunch of my tennis balls a little bit ago and I am just pooped!! Have a pawsome weekend friends!! :) Binx


Guess What!!!

March 8th 2010 8:36 pm
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Dear diary, you know those monster piles of beach sand that got put here a couple months ago.... WELL, yesterday and today Blake and the neighbors have been spreading it out.... that's right... ON THE BEACH where it's supposed to be!! Woohoo, I can't wait for it to be done!!! Mom was thinking that there was no way there would be enough sand for the entire beach but she was super surprised after they got a big section done there wasn't even one pile of sand gone! Wowser!! It's going to be a pawsome beach to play on and dig, dig, dig the sand. Shhh, don't tell mom I want to dig in the sand, she isn't really into me being a digger you know!! It's going to take awhile to move all that sand but it will so be worth the wait!

Anywho, I am still waiting for the test results for my ears. Yup, waiting, waiting, and oh, did I say waiting... Last night the infection on Gregory's arm got messed up. The booboo he has had a black dot in the middle and that thing popped and yucky stuff came out. OH MY DOG, it left a hole in the center of it. I don't know what an eraser is but mom said it was almost the size of a pencil eraser, yikers! Mom and Gregory are going to the doctor tomorrow. I get to stay home with Blake, mom said that I so wouldn't want to go to where they have to go especially since my ears are bothering me so and that I would be more comfy waiting here. Blake has the day off from work tomorrow. Oh, almost forgot to mention that Blake smells like the pizza place all the time now, WOW! I love pizza as much as the next pup but have to admit, sometimes that smell is.... well.... just plain stinky!! Haha!! Well, off to snooze and snuggle with mom. Have a pawsome night and mom said that there will be new pics up real soon! Nighty night :) Binx


A Blue Winter And Stuff Here...

March 5th 2010 10:51 am
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Dear diary and friends, sorry I haven't written in awhile. This winter has been so stinky that we've been a little blue around here. Mom and I waited all year in the super hot months to be outside more this winter when the weather is usually perfect but it's been really cold, windy, and rainy down here. Gosh, feel real bad for people that have been coming down this way to get warm this winter. Anywho, with my ear STILL messed up I don't like being outside so much because the wind and cold really hurts my ears. So we are waiting for better weather still.

As for my ears, turns out that after all that time of being on medicines and stuff it wasn't a yeast infection like it has always been, nope, it's a stooooopid bacteria one this time. I had this test on my ears yesterday and mom said we will know just what kind it is within a week. I can't wait let me just say! As soon as they are feeling better mom and I will be outside more even when it is cool and windy.

I did get to the dog park a couple times lately and had a pawsome time with my friend Kasey. She is 13 and boy can she run around!! She doesn't feel very good sometimes though and is having a bad week this week so I won't see her at the doggy park this week.

Mom's non fur son lost his job at Universal and he was real upset about that, he LOVED working there. Turns out that a guest at the park was being a pooh head and wanted to butt in line when the lines were super long. Well, when Blake didn't let him and asked him to go back to his spot the guest got real mad and shoved Blake real hard and knocked Blake into the emergency stop button of the rollercoaster and it made the ride stop real fast. Universal called it a safety violation and told him that he couldn't work there anymore. Can you believe that someone can come into a theme park and do something to a worker then go on their merry way and the worker loses their job, that is so not right! Well, mom and I took Blake out every single day for over a week all over the place and Blake is now making pizzas at a company. He is happy once again.

Mom's other non fur son got a real bad infection last week and mom was real scared that it might be something called MRSA, I don't know what that is but she did say that people can die from it. She took him to a doctor and he is on meds for it and doing much better now. It was some kind of staph infection she said but isn't catchy since she got him there in time. He has really BIG red bumps, one on his arm and one on his belly. They sure look like an ouch to me!

So see, we have had kind of a blue winter so far and want to thank our amazing friends that have sent messages in the last couple weeks to check on us. We have been on here every day just been kinda quiet. Promise to get back to normal though and thanks for thinking of us! Have a pawsome day! :) Binx


Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Tonight!!

February 15th 2010 8:43 am
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Dear diary, we are excited here, yup! Tonight starts the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show that we watch every single year. Well.... to tell the truth.... mom watches it while I snooze next to her on the couch!!! Mom loves that show because if it weren't for that she wouldn't have me, she said that's how she found the Sheltie breed and that's SO me!! Boy am I glad she watches it... who knows where I would be if she didn't you know! Oh, we've been watching this stuff on tv where people are playing in the snow... I sure miss snow... Mom calls them Olympics.. I say I want to run in the snow too.... well... without those big skinny things they wear on their feet though!! Hehe!! And let's not forget that thing she watched ALL day yesterday on tv with the cars going round and round and round on it. You know what I say about cars going round... let's just get in our car and go for a ride already, haha!! That was our weekend, nothing much... watching people play in snow and cars going round in a circle. I'm thinking that the dog show will be lots more fun to watch, especially if one happens to bark... do you think that if I bark they might hear me.... Just a thought! Have a pawsome day :) Binx


So Sorry Dear Friends....

February 6th 2010 8:36 am
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Dear Diary and my all my Dogster friends, we are real sorry that we have been super slow with pawmails, not posting to friends diary things and pictures, and stuff like that lately. Mom came down with a nasty stomach virus and was pretty sick for better than a week from it and we have been sleeping a lot because of it. Yup, I slept right along with her, why not right, nothing like good nappers right! Today she is still tired and she said her stomach is still feeling a little off but she said that she is feeling MUCH better than she was. We sure hope that we didn't miss any of our friends important stuff and if we did please let us know!

Anywho, since we have been sleeping a lot nothing going on around here. It is real windy outside here today. Yesterday we had tornado watches all over our area. I hear that there is a a whole lotta people getting tons of snow this weekend. Hope that our pals that are getting the snow are having fun in it and you and your families are staying warm and safe in the weather. What a dog gone crazy winter it is this year isn't it.

Hope you all have a pawsome day and talk to everyfur later :) Binx


I Had A Pawsome Weekend With Ray!

January 25th 2010 9:10 pm
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Dear diary, mom and I were hanging out Saturday morning watching the news and stuff.... well.... let's be honest here, I was snoozing and mom was watching the news, hehe!! Anywho, the phone rang and I heard mom say that she was watching tv and then I heard her say "Are you in Florida?" and then she got excited..... It was my Ray from back home that came down to surprise us! He is the one that got me for mom when I was "No bigger than a minute" mom likes to say. Ray and mom were together for 17 years she said and then a few months ago they weren't anymore and he still lives back home.

Mom and I were waiting outside for him and as soon as he pulled in and shut the car off and got out mom took my leash off and off I ran like a crazy Binx! I was jumping and barking and running circles around him and the car! I couldn't believe that he was there, it's been about a year and a half since I saw him and played with him. Oh, did I mention that it was the first time he seen me since i've been a service Binx, I mean dog? I showed him what I can do and he thought it was pretty cool! Mom and I took him to Universal too before he went home on Sunday. It was so pawsome seeing him!

As for my pupdate on my health stuff, I have been a ruckus raising playing Binx let me just say! Mom said my fur is getting real soft again and it is growing back most of it too! Still the one spot that is being stoooopid and sloooow coming back where my collar would go but soon I hope. Oh, mom said my fur is getting nice and shiny again too! I am playing more and more all the time and today mom got me a new frisbee and ball for outside and we played on our beach for awhile, it was SO much fun! I got my last shots today from the second set of vials for my allergies and next Monday I start the last set of vials. My thyroid test is Friday to test the levels of that but mom is expecting it to be all good!! So that's what i've been up to lately. Hope that you all have a pawsome night and nighty night until next time!! :) Binx


I'm Binx The Shark Attacker, Hehe!!

January 19th 2010 8:31 pm
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Dear diary, bet I got your attention with the shark attacker title didn't I!! Anywho, mom bought this little Shark hand vac for the monster couch and the car. With all the sand in the yard she is always going crazy with keeping the floors and furniture clean. Well, when she was doing the couch with that little Shark vac I just HAD to jump right up there and "help".... I attacked and barked at that silly thing, oh yes I sure did! Hehe!! Mom of course didn't think it was funny, she didn't get mad but told me that I could not attack the Shark. Pfft I say.... let me at it!!! Oh, I did jump right back in a couple times before she was done, haha!! Hey, she has this new Shark thingy that has steam stuff coming out when she uses it on the floor but I didn't try to attack that! I did however walk around the floor when she was getting it wet and all though, just making sure she didn't miss a spot you know!! That thingy got the floor super clean and that's pretty cool, especially for a fluffy guy like me that likes to snooze on a cool and clean floor you know!

Got a little pupdate on my health stuff progress, yuppers I do!! Guess what!!! One of my bare spots where all the fur came off on my belly started growing back in, woohoo! Mom was rubbing my belly where it is yesterday and I was sure loving it! Mostly the spot under my chin on my neck that still has to come back, you know, that spot that kept having goopy, runny, and stinky-pooh stuff that kept coming out still has to come back in and I can't wait for it to so that I can wear my Mickey Mouse collar instead of bandanas all the time. Oh, only a tiny bit of wetness this week from there so that is real good mom said! I have been a playing fool lately. It had been so long since I played a lot and now I have toys all over the place like I used to! It's pretty cool, mom always drops what she's doing to play with me but then again she always did that before anyway. Glad that that didn't change after all this time! I get my blood test for my thyroid level next week but we are expecting all good stuff, will keep you posted! Off to snooze so nighty night until next time, have a pawsome night :) Binx, the Shark Attacker, haha!! :)


I Had A Ruff Night...

January 15th 2010 9:23 am
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Dear diary, mom and I are a lot of tired today. We went to bed kinda early last night and started out with a real good snooze.... until a little after 3 this morning that is. I started walking all over the bed and shaking my head real hard and woke mom up. My ear was really being stoooopid. Mom thought it was my right ear still and since she was half asleep she only cleaned that one then she laid back down. She usually does both ears when one is bothering me though. Anywho, I kept moving all over and shaking my head hard and mom said she could hear swooshy stuff in there and so she did the left ear and that was the one. After a few minutes of shaking my head and stuff I laid back down and went back to sleep with mom. I sure can't wait for my ears to finish clearing up so they don't get stoooopid anymore. The dogtor thinks after this finally gets better and since I have the thyroid and allergy meds too that I might have less ear stuff after this one clears up. So we aren't doing much today and just relaxing right now. We might have chicken on the grill later today and hang out in the yard later though. LOVE chicken on the grill, yummy! Have a pawsome day :) Binx


Me?? A Diary Pick Of The Day? Wow!!

January 14th 2010 2:48 am
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Dear diary, mom and I woke up early..... well, let's be honest here.... MOM woke up early. Anywho, she turned on the puter and there was a pawmail from the Dogster peeps saying that I am a Dogster Diary Pick for today! WOW, thanks so much Dogster! Mom was surprised and checked to see and yup, there I am right there! I know that I have had it before, but am still honored and excited to have it just the same!!

Good news for Florida, our weather is better finally, WOOHOO, the Florida Freeze is over! Oh my dog, you should see the bad stuff that happend down here from it.... it's crazy. Lots and lots of plants and food stuff that was growing died and oranges that make the orange juice mom likes so much died when they got frozen, too. Tropical fish, mom said that they are fish like people have in those glass thingies we used to have, well lots and lots of them died. Oh, and lots of people had to go and save big turtles that were in the water because the super cold made them sleepy and then they drown. Another thing is it was raining iguanas some places further down in Florida.... that's right, raining iguanas. Seems like they do that super sleepy thing when it is super cold too and when they do that in the trees they fall off. Yikes mom said, can you imagine walking somewhere and an iguana falling on your head, YIKES! And then there are plants and trees in people's yards that didn't make it, mom thinks that there will be lots and lots of planting going on soon. It's supposed to be 70 degrees today and she said we might wash the car. Mom said there is lots of furry stuff in the car..... I say, well where did that come from, haha!!

Well, gotta run for now. Have a pawsome day :) Binx

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