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Binx's Tails! :)

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FREE Dogster Gifts, OH MY DOG!!!

May 28th 2010 3:49 pm
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Oh my dog, can you believe that it's that time of the year again when Dogster lets us give FREE gifts to all our pup pals!! I am so excited that I can hardly stand it, ok, I am not standing right now I am doing a big time doggy dance here!! Hehe!! This time they are letting us give away FREE hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream cones, and watermelon!! WOW, what a feast that is, woohoo!! Oh, did I say that they are all FREE, hehe!! I LOVE when they do this for everyone because it gives me a chance to send all over 800 of my fur friends a great gift to say that I am thinking about them and happy to have them as friends even though we may not chat often.

Thank you SO much Dogster for letting us do this, you ROCK!!

Ok pals, have a whole lot more gift giving to do, have a pawsome day!!! Binx :)


Our First INSANE College Day On Mom's Birthday, WOW!

May 12th 2010 10:10 am
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Dear diary and friends. Oh my dog, what a day yesterday was.... Mom and I went to the monster school for two long classes in the morning. The first one was ok, the teacher didn't say a thing about me and even met me after class, no touching of course, but she was real nice. Then we went to the next class and boy oh boy what a time that was. We walked into class and in front of everyone that was there the teacher called mom and me to the desk.... He said that we needed a paper for me to be there, mom said that she didn't have one that I am a service dog and I am allowed to be with her wherever she goes. Well, that teacher argued with mom that no, I HAD to have a paper to be there. We really thought he was going to kick us out of class! We finally got to sit down and take the class though and oh my dog does that class sound scary mom says. We went to the office for disabled people for the appointment we were supposed to have and they messed up the dates, it's not until next week. They insisted that I have to have paperwork to be there too. Mom is going to get in touch with the ADA and see if this is right. Anyway, we went back for the night class. Mom and I got a seat to the side, she got all her stuff out, I was in a spot right next to her.... then the teacher handed out papers with his name on it.... It was a different name than was on her schedule.... she thought, oh my gosh, did we go to the wrong room... nope, right room and right building... she looked at her schedule and yup, everything was right except for it was the wrong darn day, oops!! We were supposed to be there Monday and Wednesday not Tuesday and Thursday like she though. She promptly packed up our stuff and we bolted out the door. You should have seen the teacher's face when mom was darting out the door with me in tow!! Haha!! Oh, and did I mention that all this stuff happend on mom's birthday... She got a tough time from a teacher and the disabled person office at the college and then goofed her class for her birthday, yup, we were sure glad when we got home last night! Gotta run and get ready to go to class. Have a pawsome night everyfur! :)


I Am Binx, Duck Herder, Hehe!!

April 24th 2010 6:25 pm
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Dear diary, told you I would be back, haha!! Anywho, a week or two ago mom and I were sitting on the swing seat and two ducks were swimming in the lake right in front of us and boy were they LOUD!! I was just laying there on the swing for awhile and finally after those ducks kept swimming and quacking right in front of us the whole time I flew off that seat and guess what I did.... that's right, I ran right into the water to bark at them!! Uh huh!! Mom started laughing A LOT!! I only ran in the water up to my belly and didn't even come close to those loud ducks but I ran right out of the water and onto my dock and ran to the end. They were quacking right under it you know. Those silly ducks didn't even give a quack that I was barking my head off and jumping all over.... nope, they just kept swimming in my lake quacking even louder! Pfft!!

This is how my day started on the swing seat:

Then came along one duck...

That's it, now there are two and I am going in!!

Look under the end of the dock!!

Never came close to those silly loud ducks and they finally moved on and I sat back on my seat with mom again to dry off... Yup, that is my tail of duck herding, hehe!!


What A Weird Thing Happend Today!

April 24th 2010 6:02 pm
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Dear diary, sorry I haven't been writing much.... oh boy do I have lots to tell you. Decided to do it all in small amounts though so so watch out for lots more diaries to come this week!

Ok, this morning mom took Greogry to work before 6:30 and I stayed here with Blake, still sleepy you know! Anywho, when mom got back a few minutes after she left we went for a very early walk. We don't normally go that early... yup, that's right, we like to snooze in!! It was so nice though and cool out there. Do you know that the sun isn't even in the sky that early, holy wow!

After we got back we laid around for a little bit then we took Blake to work. It was still morning when we got back so we sat out on the back patio awhile. I finally decided that the couch would be more comfy so that's where I ended up. All of a sudden mom was moving around out there so I just had to investigate. She had that big old pool net thingy and was by the pool.... oh my gosh, what's in the pool:



Did you see them!! Aren't they super cute!! Mom got real upset though when one got out and the cat from a couple houses over ran over and got it, oh my gosh!! That cat took off real fast when it went to run to the pool to get the others and mom ran after it! After we they got out of the pool and was back on the patio we saw this:


It was a relaxing morning for sure, well, except for the cat... I keep telling mom that if she lets me just chase those kitties they will never come in the yard again.... but nope she won't let me.

Then we went for a ride. It was a nice and long one. When we came home and pulled into the driveway mom almost went into a tree! There was something laying in the driveway... we don't have a pic of that... would you believe that it was a stinky big old dead fish... in the driveway nowhere near the lake!! Holy fish mom said! She thinks that one of the big birds must have got it from the lake and dropped it flying over the house. Gregory went out with a shovel to move it out of the driveway. That was so weird!!! Ok, that's it for this one. Will be writing about some cool stuff we did soon!! Have a pawsome night :)


I Am Binx... Squirrel Chaser!!

April 12th 2010 9:03 am
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Dear diary, well, mom and I went for a walk at the park this morning. As soon as we walked into the park I had to stop at that spot I like right inside the gate and do some business.... There was a tree a few feet away from me and then it happend.... in the middle of my business a squirrel dared to jump on that tree right in front of me and you know what he did next..... he stood right there on that tree looking at me, WELL.... As soon as I finished I didn't even kick the grass like I always do.... nope, ran to that tree and tried to climb up in it after that squirrel barking my head off, there you dastardly squirrel!! Mom of course didn't let me get away with it and made me sit right down though....

Then we went on the path to start our walk and I was still wound up from that squirrel that when another pooch and his person were in the parking lot I just HAD to bark at him. Mom wasn't impressed though and yup.... made me stop right away and sit down...

All was good for a few laps around the park.... then there it was..... another squirrel and this one ran in front of me! Yup, you guessed it.... I barked and tried to get it... But mom wouldn't let me once again. She said that she is happy that I have that silly Gentle Leader thingy on when we go for walks, pfft I say, let me at those squirrels!! I sat right down again and after that I was good the rest of the time. Anywho, I am all kinds of tired out so off to take a snooze for a bit. Have a pawsome day!! :) Binx, Squirrel Chaser, hehe!!


We Got Bo's Book: Bad to the Bone: Memoir of a Rebel Doggie- Blogger!! Aaarrrooooo!!

April 11th 2010 1:10 pm
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Dear diary, mom and I are SO excited!! When we went to the post office to get the mail there was a package..... Mom opened the package and it was our pal Bo's (CLICK HERE TO SEE BO'S PAGE!!) book, aaarrrooooo!! We've had a crazy week around here with my stuff again so mom is reading it to me in between my stuff and OH MY DOG, Bo, you are one funny pup I have to say! Can't wait for it to cool off outside so we can sit by the pool and read more today!!

Oh, almost forgot something else... when mom opened the book it was pawtographed too, woohoo!! That was super cool!! Thanks to Bo and his pawrents for sending it to us to read. We've really been wanting it but with me getting sick like I had been mom has been using all her money on me..... By the way, it came at a perfect time, we were having a not so good day here with my skin stuff and I was super itchy from it and mom was kinda blue about my skin stuff.. You sure perked our day up!! :)

Ok, off to help mom get dinner done... well... I will stay right beside her... you know, just in case she drops something, hehe!! Hope everyone had a pawsome weekend!! :) Binx


Oh Stink-A-Roo And Stuff....

April 6th 2010 7:39 pm
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Dear diary, the day started off pawsome as you know.... This morning mom was doing the usual rubbing of my fur, hugging me, and singing good morning to me (yup, my mom sings good morning to me every day about and I REALLY like it!) Well, she was checking my belly, we're so happy that I have fur there again you know!! That's when she saw it... then she saw two.... yup, you got it.... or rather, I've got it... there were two baby fleas on my belly, oh stinker! I am so alergic to fleas that mom started to wash all the throw blankets on the couch, all the throw rugs, all the blankets and everything on our bed, and stuff all day long. When she had everything out in the laundry room Blake took me outside to wait for her and she took a can of flea stuff and sprayed the furniture and everything..... Then she came out with that silly little white bottle she called Frontline spray and.... yuppers, you guessed it.... I got sprayed all over.... oh stinker.... AGAIN!! My belly is red and stuff from those stoooopid little fleas that I didn't even invite to jump on me but not too bad yet. Mom's hoping that she got them in time.... sigh..... I'm not so itchy tonight, thank dog mom said. Tomorrow we are going to my dogtor, he started selling some pill for fleas that I am going to try. Mom was talking to some other Sheltie people about it today.

Anywho, before it got dark and before my fave park closed mom and I walked over and took a nice and relaxing walk around it then we came home and sat on the beach until it got dark and it was so nice on that swing seat!! Oh, did I tell you that mom has been swimming in the pool again today... without me!! WHAT!! She said in a couple weeks at most the water should be warm enough for me to throw on my life jacket and hop right in there with her, woohoo!! Gotta say though that she sure did look cold when she got in today!! Well, that was my day, I am sure tired after watching mom do all that today. Oh, I did help make the bed though, I catch the pillows when mom tosses them off the bed and then when mom is ready I bring her the pillows back and even got her the pillow cases. I LOVE that joh, it's so fun jumping in the air to catch them!! Hehe!! Have a pawsome night everyfur, off to do the snooze-a-rooze for the night :) Flea Free Binx!!


Aaarrrooo, Who Knew, WooHoo!!

April 6th 2010 4:05 am
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Dear Diary, mom got an email from Dogster today and I got one of the Diary Pick of the Day today!! Aaarrroooo!!! Thanks Dogster for picking me!! Who knew that getting hosed yesterday outside would help me get that!! Hehe!! By the way, did I mention that the hose water is not freezing?? Did get some pawmails saying it must have been brrr for me but when it's in the 80s here and hot, hot, hot and the hose is in the sun, sun, sun all day long for many hot, hot, hot days it's only cool water not cold. The landlord thinks that the maintenance might have gotten it hooked to some of the warm water from the house too so when it's hot outside that water is refreshing, uh huh!! So not to worry friends, I am so not freezing my fur off out there!!

And oh my dog, not sure how many of my friends here are from West Virginia... mom and I feel just awful to see on the news this morning that 25 coal miners have passed away in a mine and some are still missing. Our heart felt thoughts are with all the family and friends of all those affected there, what a terribly sad day there. :(


Playing In The Lake, YAY.. Hose Bath, NAY, And Stuff!!

April 5th 2010 8:20 pm
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Dear diary, what a day today was quite a day. First mom and I took Blake to the college and helped him get everything ready and would you believe that he gets to start tomorrow (Tuesday). Gosh, mom and I have been waiting forever and still have a month to go! Turns out that this new computer IT class is going to be really good for him, his teacher said he'll be getting his hands dirty learning how to fix computers better.

After we came home mom and I went out in the yard to the beach, it was HOT outside today. Mom and I got a little wet playing in the lake, it was so nice and cool!! After mom sat on the edge of the pool and I put my back legs in the water on the step and my front paws on mom's lap and snuggled her for a few. After that mom went in, she said it's still a little cool for me to get all the way in. WELL..... after she got out she got that stoooopid hose out and my shampoo..... She gave me a shower outside, oh brother! The good thing though is that it was over real quick. Mom said that the hose water was warmer than the pool, we think that it's hooked to the hot water tank a little, the water is cool but not cold. After that we sat by the pool so we could both dry off. It was a nice day.... well.... except for the hose shower anyway! Anyway, that was our day today. Hope everyone is doing pawsome tonight :) Binx


Oh My Dog, News About My Painting!!!

April 1st 2010 11:29 am
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Dear diary, you won't believe this... well, I can't believe it anyway!! Mom and I got a pawmail from the great lady that did my painting a few weeks ago (with me being sick and so much going on at home mom didn't get to do a proper diary about it until now). Well, the lady who did it, Kathryn Beals, put my painting and video of how she made it onto her permanent web site. Oh my dog, how super cool is that!! It's called How To Paint A Sheltie Portrait. It's so pawsome!! I would love to have my wonderful friends stop on over and take a peek at how it was done and let me know what you think!! Oh, I've even heard that there may be another contest sometime in the future too and hopefully one of my fabulous friends will get it this time!! If we hear anything we will pass it on! Ok, here is the link:


Have a pawsome day, off to rest right now, mom and I went for a walk at the park. :) Binx

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