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Binx's Tails! :)

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Oh My Dog, I Won Second Place!

December 29th 2008 8:05 pm
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I can't believe it! I am so surprised, excited, and happy that I won second place in the December Page Of The Month in the DogPark Playground and Pawty Place group that I am a member in! There were so many amazing pages there, holy wow! Thank you so much DogPark Playground and Pawty Place!!! It was great seeing so many great holiday pages this year, woohoo!! :)


What a Time Yesterday....

December 29th 2008 7:33 am
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Yesterday was different for me that is for sure! Mom's homan sons had the day off work and we decided to get in the car and take a ride past Seaworld to see how far along the new rollercoaster is coming. Blake and Gregory LOVE those things, mom and I stay right where we belong, on the ground! It looks huge that is for sure and they can't wait for summer when it is supposed to be ready. We drove past there and just had a nice ride around Orlando and then we went shopping. Blake and Gregory had gift certificates that they got for Christmas so off we went to there before we went home. I had never been inside such a big place so mom and I were just a bit nervous. We went inside anyway. I did great mom said. I stayed right beside her, didn't stop and sniff everything, and when she stopped I stayed right beside her then also. When Gregory was trying on some clothes he was getting for work mom and I were standing by a wall and I stayed right there. Even with a bunch of kids that were there, stuff dropping on the floor all around us, and everything - not a bark at all did I do! Well, there was a lady that worked there that asked mom if I was a seeing-eye dog and she said that I was not that and I am a Service Dog. She acted mad at mom and called her boss I guess. Mom got the law card from my vest and had it ready for when she got off the phone and I guess that whoever she talked to on the phone told her to leave us alone because she wouldn't even look at the papers. She was still crabby when she said that I couldn't touch the clothes though, which I never did touch anything in the store and then kept giving us dirty looks the rest of the time. People were looking at us enough with me being there in the first place and boy did people look at us more after also, she was not a very quiet lady you know! But we just continued to do what we were supposed to and then off we went. Anyway, it was my first huge and very busy place and except for that everything else went great! I am really getting the hang of this Service stuff in public that is for sure!


I Got My CGC Certificate Today!!!

December 26th 2008 3:39 pm
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Holy wow everyone, I got my CGC Certificate today! I am so excited, it is really nice! Mom is going to put it into a frame and hang it with everyone elses stuff that that is hung up and important! There will be a photo on my page soon also! Thank you to everyone who has been following my progress through all the classes and the test and the well wishes and support all along as well! Gotta go for now so that we can update my page tonight! :)


I Am Soooooo Excited!

December 19th 2008 7:04 am
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Hello friends! My mom and I have gotten so many great Christmas cards from our friends this week! How great it has been everytime we go to the Post Office to check the mail! Today we even got our very first ever piece of mail from a different country, England! Holy wow, how cool is that!

Anyway, mom and I would love to get some paw mails from our friends telling us what your Christmas and New Years plans are this year! We have a few things going on for mom and her human sons college vacations. Saturday is Gregory's 21st birthday, he is her youngest human son. Next week we will be going to Busch Gardens for that. This Sunday we are going to Ormond Beach to meet some friends for the afternoon. Next week we are going to Grama's house for the afternoon, she lives about an hour away. She sneaks me fruit and veges! Yum! Christmas night after it gets dark out we are all going to ride around Orlando and look at all the great Christmas lights everywhere! New Years eve we usually stay home and rest! That is what our holiday plans are so far! Hope that everyone has a very happy and safe holiday season! Until next time..... :)



December 18th 2008 8:47 pm
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Uh oh! Tonight I went with my mom to her college when she had a big test to leave beginners Medical Transcription and go to Intermediate Transcription. She thought that she would go for the night class since it was a two hour typing test of medical reports and it would be quieter. I had my Service vest on and everything and boy was I excited that I got to go with her to her school! She made me go under this big table that she was working at and every time I wanted to get up and stroll around the room and give it a good sniff over she stopped me real quick and I didn’t even have a chance to get out from under that table! Well, mom was typing away and her teacher was working at her desk when all of a sudden I heard something! Oh no, what could it be, I can’t see what is on the other side of the table! There is someone coming into the class, oh no! I am sorry that I barked mom! Turns out that it was mom’s teacher’s hubby that came to see here and I barked at him! Mom was not very impressed that is for sure! Her teacher and hubby told her that it was no big deal since they have 5 poodles at home and they are a lot louder than me! But mom was still not impressed with my barking anyway! I just got a little scared when I heard someone come in and I could not see what was going on! I have to watch out for my mom you know! Well, mom passed her big test even with a splint on her finger and limited movement of that hand and with my interruptions, whew! I know that I will do better the next time, after all, I am still learning right! Mom gets to be on vacation for two whole weeks now! I am so excited, there hasn’t been nearly enough playing time lately that is for sure with her school work! Woohoo! Until next time….. 


That's Not Fair!!!!

December 16th 2008 9:56 pm
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Ok you sneaky friend of mine who sent the snowball gift without telling me who you are! How is a pup to say thank you???!!! We started snooping through the friend list to see who is the sneaky culprit and Oh My Dog, there are so many amazing friends that we just couldn't go through all the pages in one night! So we so are saying thank you right here and hope that you see it! We did send a gift just like you did and have to admit that in keeping with your gift we decided that we had to be sneaky also!

From my family to each of you out there in Dogster Land, we are very happy that we found you all here this year. We have had so much fun getting to know so many wonderful people and their amazing dogs! I know that with so many friends on my list it we don't get to talk to as many as we would like, but as you all ALWAYS know, anytime you write we are always very happy to hear from you and very quick in getting a reply to you! We look forward to getting the usual pawmails from everyone that is on our friend list, oh yes we are! Anyway, my family and I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and an amazing New Year! Thank you all so much for being such great Dogster friends and following me along with my adventures since I have been here and all the encouragement that you have sent as well! :)


I Can’t Believe That Super Shy Me Passed My CGC!!

December 3rd 2008 7:58 pm
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I Can’t Believe That Super Shy Me Passed My CGC!!
I can’t believe that I did it! I really, really did it! I passed my CGC test tonight and boy are my mom and family proud of me! I was the second one to take the test tonight and I did almost everything just right. I even let the test guy brush me, check my ears, check my teeth, and even gave him both paws all by myself! I did everything good except that I would not let him pet me. I kept trying to hide behind mom. Well, my mom was not about to give up on me! We waited for a second turn to try the petting and I sat right there and let him pet me that time! Me, super shy Binx let a friendly stranger touch me a lot and passed my CGC test! Can you believe it! Mom took me to the park this afternoon to have a good walk and then she threw a stick that she found for me to run and get it for her before we went to take the test. That was a good idea I think! I have a special bandana and even a patch for passing the test! Mom is going to put my patch on my service vest just because she said I earned it and she wants to show it off! I wonder if other people do that too…. In January there is a different training class for something else that mom and I are going to, I can’t wait! Well, that is todays huge adventure that I just HAD to share with everyone! Until next time!!!....


I got my Service Binx, I mean Dog vest and patches FINALLY!

November 18th 2008 12:11 pm
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Finally, after training with my mom and everything I got my new vest and patches! I am really a Service Binx, I mean Dog in training for my mom! Mom says that I am learning so fast and doing great! I am staying close to mom when we are walking; she even had my leash in her hand that has a damaged tendon with a splint on it when we went for a walk the other day. I did not pull at all either! When we stop I sit down and wait, come on command, and all the other things I am supposed to do. Now I am learning how to pick things up for mom next. Mom has a hard time walking sometimes and when her bad legs starts to give out on her I am already there beside her to make sure that she does not fall again. I try real hard to help her all the time and now it is so great that I can help her anywhere she wants to go. Maybe now she won’t be so afraid to go out in public more and do stuff if I am with her! I know that we have a lot of friends that are Service Dogs and if anyone has any tips for my mom she would like that a lot! She said that she has really appreciated the advice that she has gotten from some of them already! I don’t have my CGC class this week, but mom and I have been practicing all week anyway. Until next time!! : )


Uh oh, I had a ruff class this week....

November 12th 2008 9:32 am
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I was so happy to go to class like always yesterday! Mom said I was a little hyper though at first. I guess I did kind of act up, I suppose that I surprised her since I have been doing so good all along! Before class started we walked around the building a bunch of times to calm me down she said. I was more in the mood to play and that is why I was a little hyper! I am a very social Sheltie you know! Anyway, I was calm by the time class started and mom said that I was doing really good again. Remember the dog that I barked at last week for bothering me, well the dog was there again. It is a puppy and boy is that dog super hyper that is for sure! The dogs person is this big guy that is kind of loud and all. Well, when it came to the part of the class where mom and I had to stand in the middle of the class for everyone to come and pet me one at a time I was my usual shy self. I was a little figgity but mom kept giving me chicken and I was ok. That big guy came over for his turn and the way he put his hand at me really scared me A LOT! The chicken was not even on my mind at that point! I was trying real hard to hide behind mom from the scary, loud guy and do you know what he did? He kept coming at me anyway, WHAT! The instructor tried to get him to back off and mom told him to please stop so that she could calm me down, you know what he did then? He still came at me! You have got to be kidding! All my hard work was out the window from that! I wouldn't let anyone pet me again for a bit after that guy FINALLY got away from me! Why do people do that to me I just don't get! Mom was really mad that is for sure! After class she went to the instructor and asked her to keep that scary guy away from both of us because we have had enough! Mom and I know that I have to be good with strangers to be her Service Binx, I mean Dog, but do we really have to put up with aggressive people that come at me in that kind of way? Anyway, there is no class next week and mom and I will be doing a whole lot of practicing and training together and she said that she is going to take me for a good walk before the next class! Hopefully that big guy and his super hyper puppy will stay away from us when we go back! Until next time..... :)


Holy wow, I saw two real, live black bears yesterday!

November 10th 2008 2:18 pm
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Oh my goodness, I saw two real live Black Bears yesterday! We went for a ride yesterday to a place called Christmas, Florida and when we got there we stopped at this store that was the shape of a HUGE alligator! Holy wow! When we got out of the car there were two black bears that were behind a double big fence in the parking lot. With all the training classes that I have been going to and training with Mom the rest of the week I have learned to sit still and be a lot calmer. Mom had my leash and we sat in the parking lot and looked at the bears. I have never seen anything like them! Before I started my classes believe me when I say that I would have so barked a whole lot at them that is for sure! Well, all of a sudden the one bear realized that I was there and stood right up and grabbed the fence and shook it and made this loud growl like noise! Well, I just had to do a little barking then! Not much though! I swear, that scared the whiskers about right off me! I even got to go inside the store to buy bear food for them! The girl that works at the store gave me a bag of treats because I was sitting there being really good next to my mommy right where she told me to sit! And then there was a squirrel that came inside the store, they had the door open. That squirrel came almost right up to me! I have to tell you, I am a herder and it was not an easy thing to sit still and watch that squirrel! Mom was so proud of me she said! I still can’t believe that I saw real, live bears! I am so glad that they were behind those fences! They are so much bigger than I am that is for sure! Well, until the next adventure……

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