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Binx's Tails! :)

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WHAT Was That!!!???

February 16th 2009 5:14 pm
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Oh my goodness, what a day today was! My friend Colaby's mom from my friend list here on Dogster came to Orlando and mom and I went to meet her. There was a really huge building that we went into to see her. We had to go inside this closet thing that MOVED! Holy wow! That was my very first time and boy did it scare the whiskers off of me! Mom said it was an elevator, all I know is that it moves and there is a big door that opens. I was fidgety but I sure did not bark at all though! That was not easy either that is for sure! Anyway, after we got off that scary thing we went to a room and met her, her name is Lisa. She was really nice to mom and me, I even let her have a picture of us together! She brought more Steelers stuff for us and mom and I gave her some Disney stuff for Coalby. Coalby was at home in Pennsylvania. Oh, she gave mom one of those bad towels that mom has wanted for so long, she says it is Terrible but I am still not sure what she wants with a towel that is bad... Oh, mom put my new picture of Lisa and me on my page, check out the new bandana that I have on! I had it on all day and you know, I didn't even try to eat this one! Well, that was my day! Until next time :)


My Valentine Weekend!

February 15th 2009 1:52 pm
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Well, mom just got over the flu just in time for Valentines, yay! We didn't do much for Valentines Day, Blake and Gregory had to work all day so it was just the two of us. We went to get some take out chicken for dinner though and she let me have a little. Yum, my favorite! Today was a busy day though. Greogry was home today to help mom and stuff so we went to Downtown Disney. Wow, is that place big and have a lot of people! I did real good though and did everything that I was supposed to do, stayed with mom and paid no attention at all to the little people that were running and yelling all over the place! Mom was very happy with me, oh yes she was! She said that her bad leg was bothering her so she said that she was glad that I was right beside her when we were walking! Then we went to this really big place that we drove the car in and there were all of these big things that made a lot of noise all over the whole car. They were swishing and swaying all over the place. Then there was another big noise at the end that made the water go off the car after. That place is a lot different than the other place that gets our car all wet! Oh, then Gregory actually used a big and loud thing that made all my pieces of fur go right out of the car, what's the deal with that! Now I have to start all over leaving some behind! Geeze! And hey, they even made my cute nose prints that I decorated the inside of the windows with go away! Oh brother! That is ok, I will have some of my fur and nose prints decorating that car again in no time! Hehehehe! Now mom and I are watching a bunch of cars go around in a circle over and over again. I just don't get it, but she loves it so I will snuggle up next to her and take a little nap for awhile! That is my weekend so far, hope that everyone elses was great also!


I Got Dog Of The Day At PDPC, Arrroooo!!!!

February 10th 2009 11:54 am
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Oh my dog, when mom got on the 'puter this morning there was a message saying that I am Dog Of The Day at the ~*~Princess Divas ~&~ Prince Charmings!~*~ group today! I can hardly believe it since I am brand new to the group there! They even made me a cool photo for the occasion! I can't stop doing the doggy dance yet because I am sooooo happy! Arrrooooo! Thank you PDPC group, I am one happy guy!

Click Here For Binx's Photo!



February 9th 2009 3:17 pm
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Holy wow, I can't believe that it is that time of year again already! WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB DOG SHOW starts tonight! My mom and I watch it every single year together. She tells me every time that it is on that it is because of watching that dog show that she learned about my breed and that is what started in her search for ME!! I am so glad that she watches that show. I sure can't imagine what our lives would be like if she didn't and we didn't find each other. Yippee!! :)


Crunch, Crunch, Sniff, Sniff........

February 7th 2009 11:56 am
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Crunch, crunch, crunch…. Well, today mom was laughing when we went outside because whenever I took a step all you can hear is crunch, crunch, crunch. There is no green on the grass anymore and it makes that funny sound when I walk on it! It smells different and you know that I just have to take my time and sniff, sniff, sniff! Last night when mom took me out at around 2 in the morning we could hear raccoons fighting and stuff, oh no! Mom was flipping out and you know that I had to sniff, sniff, sniff for that perfect potty spot. Sorry mom! The weather is nice today here after a bunch of cool days. Mom and I liked the cool days. Today there is a little breeze that flows on my fur so it feels good! We just went outside and mom didn’t mind all y sniff, sniff, sniffing since it is light outside and not real cold like last night when she had slippers on and her toes were real cold. Again, sorry mom! Yesterday when mom got the mail there was a letter for me from Dogsters Doggy Ice Cream, my favirite! They sent me coupons for FREE ice cream, oh boy! Mom had best get her tail to the store soon since I ran out this week! Haha! Oh, mom has been going on and on about this thing called Twitter, what is that! She said that she likes it a lot and we have our name on their now. Twitter…… Silly mom! She was all kinds of happy when she found the Dogster Dog there, again, silly mom! Mom is happy today that Toby from the Tiny Paws Cruise Line group taught her how to hover pictures. Oh no, that means that she will be posting even more pictures of me. What is a guy to do! Anyway, that is my day so far. If anyone else here has a Twitter, be sure to tell my mom so that we can find you there. Until next time…… : ) By the way, if you click on my name below this it will show you a picture of me, yup, mom and her new hover stuff! Again, silly mom!



Oh Boy, I Got Mail Today!!!

February 6th 2009 4:20 pm
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Oh my goodness, I got mail today! Mom went to the post office today and brought home a package that our good friends Coalby Lupyan Rivard and her mom from Pennsylvania, not far from Pittsburgh where our favorite Steelers are sent us! Oh boy, you should see what I got! Mom called it a Jersey. It is a black thing that goes over my head and my arms and paws go through it. It says Steelers 00 on the back and it fits me really good! I have never worn anything like that before and wasn’t sure at first. I left if on and sat there for mom to take pictures. Silly mom, she was all kinds of happy! Mom got special edition newspapers from there that have the Steelers all over it and a Super Bowl hat. It was real funny when she came home and had it on. Blake and Gregory were real surprised! I don’t think that they have ever seen her with one of those on before. She tried to put it on me when she put my new Jersey on me, but come on mom, my head is just too little for one of those! Once again, silly mom! My Jersey is folded on the back of the couch and I keep going over to it to give it a little sniff every now and then, you know, making sure that it is still there you know! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Coalby and Coalby’s for the great present and we can’t wait to meet you when you are able to get to Orlando! Off to do the Doggy Dance with my new Jersey on! Woo Hoo!!


Ahhhh, Cool Winter Nights!

February 5th 2009 5:10 pm
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Yup, that's right everyone, I am saying it once again - I love the cool winter nights! Winter finally came to Florida and it is Brrrr, cold here at night! A fluffy guy like me usually snuggles mom at night on the pillow then when mom is about to sleep I usually hop on down to the floor where it is a little cooler. Well, not this week! I have stayed right next to mom for the whole nights this week. I stretch right out on the side of her and my feet are on her back even. Hey, a guy likes to be comfy you know! Oh yes, I sure do love that snuggle time when it is nice and cool in the house at night! I plan on doing a whole lot more snuggling before the heat comes back in a few days :)


Oh No, WHAT Is That Noise????

February 2nd 2009 5:52 pm
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Oh no, what on earth is that loud noise I keep hearing from across the hall?? Last night different people moved across the hall from us. It was bad enough that they kept SLAMMING the door all night and all that. Well, there is this noise like I have NEVER heard before that I keep hearing in our apartment. It is scaring the whiskers off of me it is so loud! I keep running around and barking at the door trying to find out what it is and make it STOP, but it is still there! And mom keeps scolding me for it! When I won't stop she makes me go to the bedroom all alone and lay on the bed until she asks if I can behave now. Well, I didn't think I was not behaving myself in the first place! Anyway, mom told me that it is a baby that is crying across the hall. What is a baby and do they make that noise ALL the time like that? So, not only are the new people slamming doors all the time but now there is a really loud noise coming from there. What is a a little guy to do..... I am so glad that mom doesn't have any of that baby stuff here that is for sure, WOW!


Super Bowl Commercial Video!

February 2nd 2009 7:35 am
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Hello all! Mom tried to put the code for a funny commercial here but it wouldn't show up! She put it on my page about in the middle on the right if you want to take a peek! Too funny! If anyone gets an error when they click on my page please refresh it. Hope that you like the video! A little hint, it has a dog and a horse in it! :)


They WON!!!!

February 1st 2009 8:34 pm
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Holy wow, what a game that was! The Steelers are now the most winning Super Bowl Champions in NFL history! And that 100 yard touchdown, what a flipping great play that was! Anyway, as usual I was trying to nap on the comfy couch by mom, but that was not to be! She was hooting and hollering because she was happy for awhile then all of a sudden things must have not been going so good because she started hollering, and it was just her and I in the room! She was yelling at the tv, I couldn't believe it! Can the people on the tv hear when people are hollering at them, I just don't know..... Then she was quiet for awhile and just watching. Well they finally won and she went nuts and started hugging the stuffing out of me about! Anyway, whatever will she do until they start playing again.... I am sure that I will keep her very busy until it starts again! Next she will be going crazy when all those cars start going around in circles on tv this month.... And you know right where I will be when she is watching that, yup, that's right - right on the comfy couch napping next to her! Until next time..... :)

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