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Binx's Tails! :)

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I Went To School Today!

March 19th 2009 12:30 pm
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Wow, what a day! This morning mom took me to her daytime class with her. I usually go to the night time one when there are only one or two people there. Thursdays is when everyone is there. Mom was real nervous on the way there. Boy did I show her though! Haha! We got there early and took a little walk. When we got back to class there was only two other people there still. I got in my spot under mom's desk and stayed right there. Make no mistake, there was a couple times during the day that I did try and poke my nose out, but mom pointed for me to get back there so I did. All day there were people that stopped by the desk and talked to mom. Not one of the people even knew that I was there! When we got ready to leave boy were people surprised to see me! Hahaha! I didn't bark or anything all day today! It was real important that I didn't bark or get into trouble today mom said since her teacher and the class were being reviewed by a guy that came in and watched for awhile. He never even knew I was there either! Yup, it was a really great day and we are going for a walk to the park down the street when it gets cooler out! I can't wait! :)


We Watched The Space Shuttle Launch Today!

March 15th 2009 8:24 pm
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Mom and I waited patiently all day today for the Shuttle to go up tonight! Then it was time, we were in the house watching the last 9 minutes of the countdown... Then when it was down to the last 2 minutes and mom and I went outside.... We waited for what seemed like FOREVER.... Mom said, well, where is it... Did they cancel in the last 2 minutes.... Hmmmm.... Then a text came through saying "are you outside?"... Mom texted back yes... Another minute goes by... Wait, another text saying "lift off!"... We were happy and mom had her camera ready and all of a sudden, there is was! What a great view we have from home even though we live about half an hour from the Kennedy Space Center where it was! Snap, snap, snap went the camera and got a bunch of great pics! Here are some pictures below for anyone who wants to see to click on and check them out! Now, we have to find out just when that comes back so we are prepared for that great big loud boom that it makes!

Click Here To See Shuttle Photo!

Click Here To See Shuttle Photo!

Click Here To See Shuttle Photo!


Why Is Mom Laughing At Me???

March 13th 2009 9:01 pm
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Well, mom keeps laughing at me the last couple days! Ever since I have learned my new jobs helping her get things and all that when we are done I just keep on going! Today mom was doing reports for a long time and finally I had to get her attention. I stood at the coffee table and the phone was on it, I kept looking back and forth from her to the phone and when she didn't ask for it I poked my nose at the phone every minute or so and then looked at her again. WELL, she started laughing at me, A LOT!! Geeze!! Hey, at least I stood by it like that this time and did not just start picking them up and taking them to her like I did earlier today when she was doing her work! Haha! Yup, I really do love my job! :)


I Made New Friends!

March 12th 2009 5:55 pm
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Wednesday mom and I went to Kissimmee and met some Shelties friends. We met them on a Sheltie group and it turns out that they are here on Dogster, too! What a great time we had there with Oliver, Indy, and Gibson. We ran around the dog park and played with tennis balls. They worked on some agility stuff but I sniffed around and waited until it was treat time! They will be back our way in a few weeks and mom and I are going to go see them compete in Agility, I can't wait! We get to go see them again, make more new friends, see a competition, and go on another big road trip mom and I! Boy, we are sure FINALLY getting out and about more, I told mom that it was about time she stopped hiding in the house all the time since she has me to help her out now! When mom was sitting on the ground with all of us when she went to get up I was sitting next to her and she put her hands on me and pushed herself up off the ground easier than it usually is for her! So I have another new job for her now! We even practiced it again today. Oh, when she got home from class today she said that it was decided at her school today that starting next week I will be able going to her daytime classes with her and not just the night time ones! I can't wait! She said that people keep asking when she is going to start taking me with her. I have met her teacher and she is really nice. Mom's human son graduated college a couple weeks ago and yesterday started a new job at Universal Studios. He is very happy about that. That is what we have been up to lately! Until next time.... Have a great day :)


Important Toxic List Of Things For Dogs! Important!

March 8th 2009 9:10 am
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This was in an email message from a group called Sheltie Nation that we got this morning and thought that since it is so important we HAD to share it with all of our wonderful friends! Here is the post below:

Did you know: there are over 700 plants that can be toxic to your dog?
This list can't possibly begin to cover every single poisonous plant in existence, and it should also be noted that some of these plants are much more toxic than others. It is important to use your best judgment when determining whether or not these plants should remain in your home or garden.
Consider your personal situation and the normal behavior of your pet.
Aconite – Is a garden flower whose roots, foliage & seeds can be poisonous.
Alfalfa (multiple exposures)
Aloe Vera
Apple – The seeds of an apple can be poisonous.
Apple Leaf Croton
Apricot (pit)
Arrowgrasses – These are marsh type plants whose leaves contain poisons.
Asparagus Fern
Atropa Belladonna – This is a type of garden herb in which the entire plant can be poisonous, especially its seeds & roots.
Autumn Crocus – This is a commonly found garden flower in which the entire plant can be poisonous.
Avacado (fruit & pit)
Baby's Breath
Baneberry - This is a wildflower whose berries & roots are the poisonous portions.
Bird of Paradise – This is a garden flower whose pods are poisonous.
Black Locust – This is a tree in which the entire plant can be poisonous, especially the bark & shoots.
Bloodroot – Is a wildflower & herb whose stem & roots are most poisonous, however the entire plant is toxic.
Box – Is an ornamental shrub that is poisonous in its entirety, but especially the leaves.
Branching Ivy
Buckeye – This is a tree whose sprouts, nuts & seeds contain poisons.
Buddist Pine
Buttercup – This is a wildflower & garden herb that is poisonous in its entirety but mostly in the leaves.
Caladium – Is a houseplant that is poisonous in its entirety.
Calla Lily
Carolina Jessamine – This is an ornamental plant whose flowers & leaves contain poisons.
Castor Bean
Charming Dieffenbachia
Cherry (seeds & wilting leaves)
Chinaberry Tree – Is a tree whose berries are poisonous.
Chinese Evergreen
Chockcherries – This is a wild shrub whose poisonous parts include the leaves, cherries & pit.
Christmas Rose – Is a garden flower that contains toxic leaves & rootstock.
Common Privet – Is an ornamental shrub whose leaves & berries can be poisonous.
Corn Cockle – Is a wildflower & weed whose seeds are particularly poisonous.
Corn Plant
Cornstalk Plant
Cowbane – This is a wildflower & herb that is poisonous in its entirety, especially the roots.
Cow Cockle – Is a wildflower & weed whose seeds are poisonous.
Cowslip – Is a wildflower & herb whose entire plant is poisonous, especially the leaves & stem.
Cuban Laurel
Cutleaf Philodendron
Daffodil – Is a garden flower whose bulbs are poisonous.
Daphne – This is an ornamental shrub that contains poisonous bark, berries & leaves.
Death Camas – This is a field herb whose poisonous parts include the leaves, stems, seeds & flowers.
Delphinium – Is a wildflower that is poisonous in its entirety, especially the sprouts.
Devil's Ivy
Dracaena Palm
Dragon Tree
Dumbcane – This is a houseplant & is poisonous in its entirety.
Dutchman’s Breeches – Is a wild & garden flower whose roots & foliage are poisonous.
Elderberry – Is a tree whose poisonous parts include the leaves, bark, roots & buds.
Elephant’s Ear – This is a houseplant poisonous in its entirety.
Emerald Feather
English Ivy – Is an ornamental vine that is completely poisonous but especially the leaves & berries.
European Bittersweet – This is a vine poisonous in its entirety but especially in the berries.
False Flax – Is a wild herb whose seeds are poisonous.
False Hellebore – Is an ornamental flower whose roots, leaves & seeds are toxic.
Fan Weed – This is a wildflower & herb whose seeds are poisonous.
Fiddle-leaf fig
Field Peppergrass – Is a wildflower & herb that contains poisonous seeds.
Flax – Is a wildflower & herb whose seedpods contain poisons.
Florida Beauty
Foxglove – This is a wild & garden flower whose leaves are poisonous.
Fruit Salad Plant
German Ivy
Giant Dumb Cane
Glacier Ivy
Gold Dieffenbachia
Gold Dust Dracaena
Golden Pothos
Hahn's Self-Branching Ivy
Heartland Philodendron
Holly – Is a shrub containing poisonous berries.
Horsechestnut – Is a tree containing poisonous nuts & sprouts.
Horse Nettle – Is a wildflower & herb poisonous in its entirety, especially the berries.
Hurricane Plant
Hyacinth – This is a wild & houseplant whose bulbs are poisonous.
Indian Rubber Plant
Iris – Is a wild & garden flower whose leaves & roots are poisonous.
Jack-in-the-Pulpit – Is a wildflower that is entirely poisonous, especially the leaves & roots.
Janet Craig Dracaena
Jatropha – This is a tree & shrub whose seeds are poisonous.
Jerusalem Cherry – Is an ornamental plant whose un-ripened fruit & foliage are poisonous.
Jimsonweed – Is a field plant that is entirely poisonous, especially the seeds.
Laburum – Is an ornamental plant whose seeds, pods & flowers can be poisonous.
Lacy Tree Philodendron
Lantana – Is a houseplant whose foliage is poisonous.
Larkspur – Is a wildflower that is poisonous only as a young plant.
Laurels – This is a type of shrub with poisonous leaves.
Lily of the Valley
Lupines – Is a shrub whose seeds & pods are poisonous.
Madagascar Dragon Tree
Manchineel Tree – A tree containing poisonous sap & fruit.
Marble Queen
Matrimony Vine – An ornamental vine containing poisonous leaves & shoots.
Mayapple – A wildflower poisonous in the form of its un-ripened fruit as well as the foliage & roots.
Mexican Breadfruit
Milk Vetch – A wildflower poisonous in its entirety.
Miniature Croton
Mistletoe – A houseplant with poisonous berries.
Monkshood – A wildflower poisonous in its entirety, especially the roots & seeds.
Moodseed – A vine whose fruit & roots are poisonous.
Morning Glory – Is a wildflower containing poisonous seeds & roots.
Mother-in Law's Tongue
Mountain Mahogany – Is a shrub with poisonous leaves.
Mustards – These are wildflowers whose seeds can be poisonous.
Narcissus – This is a garden flower whose bulbs contain poisons.
Needlepoint Ivy
Nicotiana – Is a garden flower whose leaves are poisonous.
Nightshade – Is a wildflower & vine with poisonous leaves & berries.
Oaks – Are trees with poisonous leaves & shoots.
Peace Lily
Peach (wilting leaves & pits)
Pencil Cactus
Philodendrons – Are houseplants poisonous in their entirety.
Plumosa Fern
Poison Ivy
Poison Oak
Pokeweed – Is a field plant containing poisonous roots, seeds & berries.
Poinsettia – Is a houseplant with poisonous leaves, flowers & stems.
Poison Hemlock – This is a field plant containing poisonous leaves, stems & fruit.
Potato – A garden plant whose shoots & sprouts can be poisonous.
Potato Plant (green fruit, stem & leaves)
Precatory Bean
Rattle Box – Is a wildflower that is entirely poisonous.
Red Emerald
Red Princess
Red-Margined Dracaena
Rhododendron – Is an ornamental shrub whose leaves are poisonous.
Rhubarb – A garden plant with poisonous leaves.
Ribbon Plant
Rosary Pea – Is a houseplant whose seeds are poisonous.
Saddle Leaf Philodendron
Sago Palm
Satin Pothos
Silver Pothos
Skunk Cabbage – A marsh plant whose entire plant is poisonous but especially the roots & leaves.
Smart Weeds – Are wildflowers containing poisonous sap.
Snow-on-the-Mountain – This is a wildflower whose sap is poisonous.
Sorghum – Is a type of grass whose leaves are poisonous.
Spotted Dumb Cane
Star of Bethlehem – Is a wildflower poisonous in its entirety.
String of Pearls
Striped Dracaena
Sweetheart Ivy
Swiss Cheese Plant
Taro Vine
Tomato Plant (green fruit, stem & leaves)
Tree Philodendron
Tropic Snow Dieffenbachia
Velvet Grass – A variety of grass whose leaves are poisonous.
Weeping Fig
Wild Black Cherry – Is a tree with poisonous leaves & pits.
Wild Radish – A wildflower with poisonous seeds.
Wisteria – Is an ornamental plant containing poisonous seeds & pods.
Woody Aster – A wildflower whose entire plant is poisonous.
Yellow Jessamine – An ornamental vine that is entirely poisonous.
Yellow Pine Flax – A wildflower poisonous in its entirety but especially in the seedpods.
NOTE: If you suspect that your pet has been poisoned, contact the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Poison Control Center at 1-888-426-4435. This is 24 hour a day hotline. (Note that in some cases a consultation fee may be charged to your credit card.)


Free Gifts For Everyone! WooHoo!

March 2nd 2009 10:06 am
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Hello to all of my Dogster friends, all 819 of you by last count!! This morning when mom and I got onto the computer we had a whole bunch of gifts and thought WOW, did something happen?? Well, when we checked it turns out that Dogster has put a brand new gift on the site that we can give to all of our amazing friends for FREE!! Oh my goodness Dogster, you are so amazing! No wonder so many people love you so much!! Thank you, thank you, and oh, did I say thank you!! We went and started clicking away this morning after we found the perfect graphic to put inside of the gift and sent them all out to every single one on our friend list. We had been wishing that we could afford to send everyone a gift for awhile now and now we could! Yay!! Well, gotta run for now. Thanks again Dogster for the FREE gifts that you let us have and to all of our friends make sure to click open your gift to see the cute message inside!! Have a great day :)


Ok, Just WHO Is Lassie??

February 26th 2009 4:15 pm
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Ok everyone, I went to Universal's Island Of Adventure today with mom, Blake, and Gregory. I did really good, even with that really loud thing that flew people through the air screaming right by where we were sitting. Mom said it was something called a rollercoaster I think. I don't get it, if they are scared enough to scream so loud like that then why were they on it?? Anyway, once again, not a single bark today at all! Well, since I was a baby and came to live with my mom people have always called me Lassie, just who is this Lassie? Does anyone know? Today I lost track of how many times I was called that! And something about a Collie, huh??? What is that? Ok, so that is my biggest questions, just WHO is this Lassie and WHAT is this Collie that people keep calling me??.....


I Got The Keys!

February 26th 2009 9:34 am
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Hi all. Guess what, you know those rascally keys that I was learning to get, well boy do I get them now! Oh yes!! Yesterday mom took the phone, remote, a pen, and the keys and put them in different spots in the living room. Then she asked for each one and I went and got them all for her! I have to admit though that once I took the keys and jumped up on the couch with them and started tossing them around for a minute then I brought them to her. After we did that qute a few times with all the stuff we took a break on the couch. The remote and phone was on the couch too and you know what I did, I kept picking them up anyway! Mom was laughing! I think that I am really getting the hang of this new job of mine! Today Blake (mom's oldest human son) finished college and it happens to be his birthday so we are all going to Universal Studios for a couple hours. I get to go with them. Will let you know how I did later! :)


Guess What I Have Learned!!

February 23rd 2009 1:54 pm
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I just HAD to tell everyone the latest on my service training, other than the going with mom to the concert and stuff! Last night mom thought she would see just how much I would do, and boy did I show her! She tossed the remote on the floor and asked me to get it, and I went right over and got it and brought it back to her! She was so happy that she tossed other things after, a camera case, eyeglass case, her school ID, checkbook, and the car keys. I brought every single thing back to her right away except for the keys. The keys I put in my mouth but it was so weird that I dropped them back on the floor. Mom and I worked on that again today and I am getting much better. I am so close to getting over how weird that is with all the keys! Oh, today mom asked me to get the phone for her, which will be one of my most important jobs for her and I did it, yup, just like that! Mom and I are learning a whole lot together and having a lot of fun doing it! Mom said that I am learning to be a wonderful little worker for her! :)


Mom And I Went To See A Concert Today!

February 21st 2009 7:03 pm
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Hello friends. Well, today was another brand new thing for mom and I. We went back to SeaWorld to see a concert, that is what mom called it. It was a huge crowd in a big place and everyone sat on seats and listend to loud music. Well, that is everyone but me got to sit on a chair. My spot was right at mom's feet. Mom said that people making all the noise were named Hall and Oats. What a silly name isn't it! I stayed right put the whole time, oh yes I did! Mom was nervous that I would be really scared of the loud noise. I sure showed her, haha! I got treats and mom brought water for me as always. I really wanted the chicken or whatever that yummy smell was that was all around us though! There were people right in front of us that mom was talking to, and by the way, I let them actually pet me! Anyway, turns out that they are from right where we are from back in upstate NY. And I can't forget to mention the silly bunch of guys that had silly wigs on and were dressed silly, mom said that they looked like they had gotten stuck in the early 80's! They were funny to watch, they were in our section. Here are some pictures that mom took, hope that you like them! Oh, quick note about the photo that says sign language guy, this is a guy that did sign language to the whole crowd when the band was singing! We thought that was pretty cool! :)

Click Here To See: This is my spot

Click Here To See: The silly guys

Click Here To See: Hall and Oats

Click Here To See: Sign Language Guy

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