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Binx's Tails! :)

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Dear Diary, Frisbee In The Rain Today! :)

June 30th 2009 3:24 pm
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Dear diary, yesterday mom didn't get to write for me because there was a lot going on here. She is not happy with the tv and phone people at all, uh oh, they better watch out you know! See, my mom is real nice but when she gets mad, yikes, you better hide! The tv guy came to put a thingy on the side of the house that looks like some weird bowl, mom called it some kind of dish thingy. Well, that guy was so not nice to my mom! He said that he didn't want to put some wire thingy all the way around like he had to and told her that she was wasting his time or something like that. WHAT! Anyway, he left, oh yes he sure did! The person that let us move here to MY new yard called them and gave them a what for and someone is coming back tomorrow. Then the phone guy came. I knew that he was going to be trouble too and barked at him first thing! Hey, I was right about the tv guy too by the way! Anyway, after he was up off the ground for awhile he came back and said that there was nothing that he could do either, WHAT! There are no wires or something like that for a long way from here so that's right, they have to come back too. Mom was real mad at first, until I went into action that is!

We went outside by the lake and were just hanging out and all of a sudden I jumped right into the lake! Haha, mom didn't catch me this time!! I knew it would be a matter of time before I went in! I was real sneaky about it too! I didn't jump off the boat dock in the deep part, oh no, I just all of a sudden ran right off that dock and went on our beach and jumped in. Not once either, nope, three times! Mom was laughing at me! She wasn't mad anymore after that! Haha :)

This morning started like yesterday. Right after it got light outside Mom and I went out our back door and went right to the lake. It was so cool! After only two days of being here and doing that both days I am thinking that it is what mom and I will be doing every morning! WooHoo! A little while ago mom and I went to Petsmart and Petco and when we got home it was still raining. After it about stopped mom and I went outside with my new Frisbee and tennis ball and played for a bit. That is right, in the rain! Since we were getting wet anyway mom threw the Frisbee and tennis ball to the water for me to run and get, and run and get I sure did! So, now I am pooped out and have to take a little snooze, so until next time - I am off to dream of what mom and I may be up to tomorrow for another great adventure! :)


I'm A Dogster Daily Diary Pick Of The Day, OH BOY!!

June 29th 2009 4:32 am
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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, I can't believe my little ears, mom said that she got a pawmail from Dogster and I am one of the Diary picks of the day! It is my very first time getting it, woohoo! So thank you Dogster for picking me today, I am one happy boy let me just say! I have been so doing the doggy dance this morning! :)

Ok, here is my entry for today!

Dear Diary, June 29th, Well, we are all out of the old place and got to stay in the new one last night. It sure was weird let me tell you! There are so many new and different sounds that I was a jumpy little guy through the night. The thing that turns on sometimes to make it cooler in here makes little click noises and I know that I have to get used to that. Mine you, it isn't a loud click it is really light, but I hear everything! Oh, did I tell you about that pesky tiny fly that is in here that is driving me CRAZY!! I kept flying off the bed trying to catch it last night, it finally hid somewhere. I am so going to get that darn fly today, oh yes I sure am!

Last night when mom and I got on the bed it started moving, weeeeee! Mom said something about having to get the wheel thingy locked underneath. She said that by the time we go to bed tonight it will be fixed. Oh, and no more carpet, woohoo! I am really hoping for no more allergy shots soon, how about that!

Oh, oh, I almost forgot to tell you about this morning! When mom and I got up and as soon as it was light out we walked out to the back yard and down to the water. Can you imagine, how weird and wonderful is that! Mom and I went to WalMart yesterday and picked out a nice new table with a shady umbrella that we will be sitting at soon! Yup, I can sure see having lots of Binx tails to write about in my future! Anyway, off to help mom for awhile!


Dear Diary, June 28th.

June 27th 2009 10:10 pm
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Dear Diary, today was a very crazy busy day here. Mom brought home this real big truck that I can't even jump up in, huh! Mom had a hard time getting in and her arm kept hitting the horn, silly mom! Well, after she got the great big truck she asked the neighbor to back it in to our spot and he did, he and his wife are nice and they even took mom to get her car because she didn't want to drive that truck again! I am a good jumper into our car, oh yes I sure am! Anyway, I didn't know why mom had that big truck but sure found out quick! Most of our stuff is on that thing. What is going on here I am wondering and where are all my toys???? Blake and Gregory worked real hard putting all of our stuff on it. Mom and I are sleeping on the couch tonight and I am sure glad that she didn't give away our pillows from our bed too! Mom keeps telling me that it is ok and that all of our stuff will be in our new place tomorrow and we will have our bed back. I sure can't wait for that!

After we got done today we went to the other place and I got to run around for a few minutes. When the landlord was walking in the yard I actually ran beside him, of course mom was right behind him with Blake and Gregory though. Oh, and about that great big stick thing with something on it that he picked up and put in the pool, what the heck was that! I ran around to the other side of the pool and just had to bark a what for about that! It was only one or two barks, but I do think that I made my point - keep that thingy away from me!

Well, off to get on my favorite pillow next to mom for the night. Tomorrow night we will be in the new place and that yard will really be mine! WooHoo! Nighty night :)



June 26th 2009 5:24 pm
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Hello friends! Guess what time it is here....... Well, did you guess?? Ok, I will tell you :) We are finally moving to the new apartment where MY new yard is, woohoo! There are boxes everywhere here and there has been stuff going on all day today here. I told mom not to do all that stuff since Blake and Gregory are here and doing it becasue I told her that it would sure stink for her to get hurt again and not be able to take me outside in MY new yard becasue she can't move again. I am happy to say that she has been good and only packed a few boxes and let the guys do the rest. Whew! Don't get me wrong, I sure do love to help my mom all the time, but geeze, I want to play in MY new yard you know!! Mom said first thing in the morning she is going to get a real big truck and the guys will start putting all the stuff on it then Sunday they are putting all that stuff in the new apartment. The bummer is though that we won't be on here much to see what is going on for a couple days because the net won't be hooked up til Monday. Mom has this thingy that she uses for when we are away from home for the net, but I am guessing that we are going to be doing lots of stuff in the new apartment. But mom said to tell you that there will be new pics real soon of everything that we will share with you! Well, gotta run to see what the guys are doing. Gotta make sure that they get stuff done so mom won't try to do it herself. Talk to you soon and have a great weekend :)


I Almost Jumped Right In The Lake!

June 21st 2009 7:29 pm
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Hello everyone. Mom is just starting to feel a little better with her back from hurting it so much. I keep getting things for her anyway. She keeps laughing at me because I keep getting her the remote and phone even when they are right next to her! Haha!! Last night I tried to take the remote from her hand just so that I could give it back, she thought that was pretty funny! Hey, I get treats whenever I do stuff and I just LOVE my treats you know! I even get the bag of treats that I want and give it to mom, anything to make it easier you know! Hahahaha! :)

Anyway, it is almost time to move and we are getting real excited! We are out of here on the 27th and 28th. The new landlord called and wanted mom and I to go to the new place to see all the work that has been done and he was asking mom what else we wanted and after we went to get Blake and Gregory from work we went back and hung out by the lake for awhile. Oh yes, I do so own that yard already! I don't have to wear a leash or anything there, woohoo! I was running and jumping all over. Then we went to the boat dock and I ran right to the end. I was looking over the edge so much, it was so great! I was ready to jump right into that water, oh yes I was! After we went back to the yard I ran right for the water edge but mom said that I couldn't go in. Oh pooh! That is ok, pretty soon I will so own that pool too! Oh yes I will! You know how my mom is, she is going to have a ton of pictures soon to show everyone of me owning that new yard! Woohoo! Hope that everyone had a great weekend :)


Mommie's Helper

June 16th 2009 9:44 pm
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Hello friends. As a lot of you know my mom has a real bad back and that is why I started my real important job helping her this year. Well, she sure did it this time, oh yes she did. Last week with all the things that we did to get the new apartment ready, meet the family at Universal, and all the other stuff , she did way too much and she hurt her back real bad. Mom and I have been in bed for four long days now because she can hardly walk or anything. When she does get up to go in the kitchen I am right by her side and keep poking her with my nose on her hand. I have been getting her pillows and her heating pad that fell on the floor and I even picked up her medicine when she dropped the bottle on the floor, that was my very first time doing that. I have been getting lots of things for her since she hasn't been able to do it this week. I have been staying close and making sure that she is ok. We just wanted to let our wonderful friends here know that we haven't forgotten about anyone, mom and I have been having to rest a lot is all. Hopefully she will be able to move around some tomorrow becasue we are really getting bored that is for sure. Mom promised me that she is going to be extra careful from now on so that this doesn't happen anymore and she says that she is so happy that I am with her because I am the best helper she could ask for. Gotta go for now and make her lie back down. Talk to you soon my friends :)



June 13th 2009 6:17 pm
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Ok, the other day we went to Universal Studios and when we were there it got real hot outside and my little feet got really hot! Mom kept taking me in the air conditioned stores and Blake and Gregory got me a water bottle that has a fan on it so that water sprays on me. Let me just say that when mom first turned that on and the water flew out on me it freaked me out a little, oh yes it did! I didn't bark but sure did try to scoot away at first though! I got used to it real quick and it felt real good after that first spray so it was ok. Anyway, today mom took me to Petco to get my food. The manager Scott that I haven't let pet me hardly at all for the past three years that we have been going there was there today and mom asked him if they had anything for my feet. She said that I needed shoes or something like that, WHAT!! Dogs don't wear shoes, you have GOT to be kidding me! Well Scott got some for me and I sat down when mom told me to and before I knew it he had put those things on my feet. He was so happy that I lt him do that that he started petting me and I stayed right still while he did it. Of course after I was trying to fling those silly things off my feet but they wouldn't go! I shook each front paw then I was trying to walk and shake each back foot and they still stayed on. Oh brother! After a few minutes of that he brought over this little thing that spun and made noise. He put it on my nails that are long because I will not have any part of them getting cut. Nope, won't have none of that! Well, I did let him put that on three of my nails and stayed right still then I had enough and mom told him no more right now. I heard her say that we are going back for more Monday though, we'll see about that though... After we left Petco mom and I went to the store and mom got me my favorite Dogsters doggy ice cream for being so good today and oh boy was that good! So all in all it was a pretty good day, I was real good and let someone pet me A LOT and didn't eat my new shoes and got to go to the grocery store too. Here are some pictures of my silly new shoes.




Holy WOW!!

June 8th 2009 5:10 pm
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Hello friends! Sorry that mom and I haven't been doing as many pawmails and diary's but mom and I have been a bit under the weather lately. Mom said that she thinks our apartment is making us sick. See, since we moved in here three years ago there have been lots of floods from the people upstairs and even from the air conditioner as we were moving in. The people here never did anything other than to stop the water from coming in here. Mom thinks that there could be water damage in the walls and floors and that is why we have not been feeling good for awhile.

Anyway, yesterday we got to go to the new apartment and get a good look at it and the yard. HOLY WOW is that yard HUGE! WooHoo! There are tons of trees for shade and when we sat by the lake for a few minutes before we left it was so breezy that it felt great! Oh, and mom asked the landlord if I could swim in the pool when we move there and he said yes! Yippee! Mom and I will sure be outside a lot that is for sure! And it is quiet too so when mom starts working from home she might be able to do some outside, can you imagine! Oh my dog, my very first yard to play in, I am SO excited! I will get to run and play and swim everyday!! Oh, and there is this long wood thing that we walked on over the lake, mom called it a dock and she let me off my leash and I ran all the way down to where Gregory was. On the way back though I almost fell off the side and into the water, I wouldn't have minded a little dip but mom said that we are not swimming in the lake. Geeze... She asked the landlord how many gators have ever come up in the yard and he said that he has lived on that lake his whole life and never seen a gator in it. Mom said she is not risking it though and we will stick to the pool. Oh, and you won't believe how the landlord gets to our new place from his! He rides his boat across the lake! Now Blake and Gregory said that they want a boat too, silly guys! Anyway, we are moving in on the 28th I think and I will have tons more to tell and knowing my mom there will be tons of new pictures coming soon too! Hope that all is well with my wonderful friends :)


We Had Two Graduations This Week!

May 29th 2009 4:55 pm
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Hello to all of my wonderful Dogster friends! Well, we finally did it, two of the three college graduation ceremonies for my family this year are done! Gregory's was Thursday and Mom's and mine was today (Friday). Blake is all done with college but his ceremony isn't until September. For Gregory's I stayed in my spot by mom's seat when she was taking pictures, you know how she is with pictures! She did get mad at the camera because a lot of the pictures came out dark inside, she said that she wanted to throw it! Oh no! For our ceremony Gregory took them for us. When we got to the school the Dean of the school mom said he was wanting to know why I didn't have a cap and gown on like mom, I was thinking that that is ok, I am just fine like I am with my worker vest on you know! Oh, I got to wear mom's school tassle though and that was cool. Mom had a different one for the Honor Society so she said since she wasn't using the other one that she was putting it on me. I didn't even try to eat it or anything the whole time! We are all a very excited, happy, and very tired family! Mom said that she is going to put a bunch of pictures on my page for everyone to see. Hope that all is well with everyone!!


What I Have Been Up To

May 25th 2009 6:10 pm
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Hello friends. Wow, it has been busy here that is for sure. Mom and I have been on the go a lot it seems. Mom and Gregory (her youngest human son) both graduate college this week. She said that she can hardly believe that it is finally here! With Blake (her oldest human son) finished with college in February it makes the whole family of them college graduates this year. How cool is that! We are also moving next month finally! Mom says that I am going to be a very happy boy where we are going. Not sure what a yard is but she said that I will have one to play in. Since I love to play I am thinking that it must be a good thing!

We have been getting some real bad weather here this past week and it is still happening. It has been raining a ton here. The creek out back is almost to the top. Mom said something about a gator might be in it so we don't go out there right now. We just had another storm here and it was loud! You know, I do bark at them to make them stop but it never works!

Oh, there is this thing that mom calls a lizzard in between the screen and the window of our room. Mom won't open the window because she doesn't want it running inside. Well, let me tell you that I sure have been jumping at that window a whole lot to get it!

And for today. Mom thought that we would go to this real huge store called a mall. It was my very first time. I have to admit that I was a little scared! I have been doing real good when we go all over the place now but this place was crazy for sure! We didn't stay long and mom kept talking to me the whole time and when I would get too scared we would stop off the the side for a minute before going on. I have to say that I think that I did pretty good for my first time and not even one little bark did I do! We found a doggy bakery in there and stopped. I got yummy cookies and mom got paper and a pen that have a dog that looks like me on it!

So, that is what has been going on here lately. School, getting ready to move, bad weather, and all kinds of stuff with mom. Hope that all is well with all of my wonderful friends!

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