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Binx's Tails! :)

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Oh Boy, I Am In A Contest! PLEASE Vote For Me, Please! :)

August 3rd 2009 12:56 am
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Hi everyone! Mom entered me in a photo contest for the Animal Rescue Site and it is a real cute picture too! I am so hoping for some votes from my friends and each person can vote one time a day. If anyone else is entering please let mom know so that we can vote for you too! Mom and I found this site and we click on it everyday for their food program that they have and that is how we saw the contest! Thanks so much everyone and don't forget that if you enter make sure to tell us so that we can vote for you!



You Are Not Going To Believe What Happend!!!

August 2nd 2009 2:33 pm
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Dear diary, this weekend we have sure been busy here! Blake and Gregory both were home from work on Saturday SO we all got in the car and off we went for the whole day, woohoo! We went to two beaches Saturday, can you imagine that! We went to our favorite Jetty Park where mom and I jumped right into the water and boy was it great! Mom even put pictures of us on my page already and did a new background. Anyway, when we first walked into the water, OUCH!!! What was all that under my little feet.... Mom was all kinds of happy even though she was saying ouch too.... There were all these things that mom called seashells and she was scooping them by the handfulls to put into bags to bring home. After mom and I got a little wet at first she gave Gregory my leash and said that she was just going to dunk in real quick.... WELL, I started jumping up and down in the water to let her know that I wanted to go in more too so she came right back and got me! After we were all done playing in the water we sat under my umbrella and relaxed for awhile. After we were there for a long time Blake and Gregory wanted to go to a place called Cocoa Beach so off we went again! We sat right next to the water there and boy was that water loud when it was moving! It was a cool day for sure.

Now for what happend today, oh boy you won't believe what happend to me! We went in the pool for awhile and after we went to my dock to see all the boats that were on the lake. Gregory came on the dock after awhile and I tried to grab his towel and all of a sudden I was going backward.... right off the dock and into the lake! Mom was hollering at Gregory to get him, get him!! But you know what, I swam all by myself to the beach and I was ok doing it! Oh yes I sure was! Oh, Gregory jumped in with his sneakers on, haha!! After I got back on the dock and Gregory went back in the water and when I saw him put his head under I jumped right off that dock into the water all by myself! Oh yes, you sure did read that right... I jumped right off that dock and then swam to the beach again. Now I am getting ready to rest a bit, I am just tired right out from all of this weekend excitement! Hope that all my friends had a great weekend too! :)



July 24th 2009 4:22 pm
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Dear diary, oh brother, yesterday mom and I were talking to a neighbor that we just met outside and there was a HUGE BOOM! Let me tell you, mom didn't have a chance, I was pulling her all the way home! She didn't mind because she doesn't like to be out in storms either. Anyway, it is a good thing that we got swimming this morning because we were only in the pool for a few minutes tonight....... yup, you got it, BOOM!!! Well, there was no floating from me tonight, oh no! I swam all by myself really fast to those steps, oh yes I sure did and we weren't really that close either, it was the farthest that I have swam by myself so far! ! Mom and I were out of that pool and in the house in no time at all! Huh, stinking thunder BOOM's! Well, gotta run and have mom check my ears, think that I got a little water in one!


HUGE NEWS! I Am Now Binx, Water Dog!

July 22nd 2009 3:01 pm
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Dear diary, I know that I already wrote today but something HUGE just happened and I just HAD to write again! Mom and I went in the pool for a second time today since there is still no one else around using it. Well, started sitting on the step like we have been doing then it happened.... My front paws were flopped over on mom's arms and she had her other arm under my back legs and oh my dog, she started walking in the water WITH ME with her! At first I was so not sure of this new thing, but mom kept talking to me and giving me kisses and before you know it I had my chin on her shoulder and was just hanging out IN the water. After awhile mom didn't even have her arm under my back legs and I was floating with only my front paws on mom's arms! HOLY WOW!!! We were in for a long time, mom said over an hour. Then she thought I wanted to get out so she started for the steps and you know what I did.... I swam all by myself to the steps (it was only a little ways, but who cares, I did it all by myself!!) mom was right with me the whole time and I wasn't even scared one little bit! I ran around for a couple minutes and then guess what I did next...... I about jumped right back in the water with mom! Since I wasn't at the steps when I tried to do this mom helped me back in and we floated and hung out again for awhile. It was so great, this pool thing isn't so bad after all! I can't wait to get back in there again, woohoo!! Yup, that's right, I am now Binx, Water Dog!! :)


Dear Diary, I Was A Good Binx..

July 22nd 2009 12:59 pm
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Dear diary, since I have been having so much trouble sharing MY new yard with all the people and other dogs that have been hanging around it lately I have been on restriction mom calls it. Let me just say, restriction STINKS, oh yes it sure does! I have to have my Gentle Leader thing on my snutt (yes, mom calls it my snutt, silly mom!) and dare I admit, I have to have a leash on too. Oh brother, the humiliation of it all... Well, at first I was still barking and trying to get the people and dogs in the yard even with the snutt thing on. Yesterday and today mom and I were outside and all of a sudden there were the people and dogs again and guess what..... not a single bark or anything! I am making getting better mom says, but she said I am not ready to be leash free yet. I think that I will be soon though, mom says that I need to learn that it isn't only MY yard and I have to learn to be good all the time first. Oh please, let me stop being the devil dog that mom says that I have been so that I can get off this stinking restriction soon!!!

Today mom and I had the whole yard to ourselves for awhile this morning. We sat on the step in the pool for a long time in the water. I just love sitting on her lap in there like that, it is so cozy! Oh, when she wanted to take a dip I sat right there on the step when she told me to the whole time too! Yup, I think that I am slowly getting better and it won't be long.... :)


Dear Friends, We're Back, WooHoo!! :)

July 18th 2009 9:28 am
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Dear Dogster friends, after almost a month of not being able to do much online we are so back today! The phone company just called and told mom that we were good to go finally!! Mom and I have so been doing the doggy dance because we are so happy!

Thank you for the great notes, coments, and gifts while we were going crazy waiting to be able to get back to normal, it really meant a whole lot! Mom and I will be checking out the bark board like we always used to so that we can see what our wonderful friends have been up to. It is going to take awhile to catch up on everything, but we are back! Yay!! Hope that everyone is having a great day and will be talking to you real soon!! :)


Oh No!

July 15th 2009 9:02 am
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Dear diary, with not having much internet I found that I completely missed my first anniversary here, it was on July 10th. I am so sad that I didn't get to share it with all my great friends here. Mom was mad at the phone company a lot before for taking so long to turn our stuff on and she is even more upset now since this is our favorite doggy site we were really excited about our first year. They told mom that our net will be on today finally after all this time so mom and I will have to make a cool pic to put on my page, she really likes making my pages and since they come out pretty cool I let her. Have to keep the moms happy you know!!

This morning we went to the Doggy Park to meet some of our friends. Oh that Kacey went and rolled all over in the mud before we got there. Kacey's mom had to spray her with the hose, haha! Not me, oh no!! I stayed right out of that mud, uh huh!! It was getting real hot even though it was early and there is no shade to play in there. When we saw a car come up with these really BIG dogs that were kinda scary we all thought it was time to go anyway. Mom said that I was real good at the park, no barking or carrying on like I do here in the new place! Oh, last night mom and Gregory went in the big pool again with all that water after everyone got home. I as always was running around the outside and dropping the ball in the water for mom to throw at me. I am getting much better at all that, I only barked once or twice at them when they were in this time! Mom took me on the step again and that was ok, I am getting used to it a little a a time! We didn't get to go shopping for my new life jacket yesterday because we had a storm so looks like it will be today! Anyway, gotta run and we are real sorry that we didn't get to share my one year with all my great friends. We will be back to normal real soon and can't wait!


Me, Mom, And The Pool Today...

July 14th 2009 2:51 pm
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Dear diary, this afternoon when no one else was around in the backyard mom and I went out to play! Mom went into that big pool and I kept walking beside her when she was going around the edge in all that water. I had a tennis ball that I kept giving her that she kept throwing and I ran, ran, ran to get it and brought it back to her. It sure was hot outside though, whew! Mom got out of all that water and came over to me, you know I had a feeling that she was going to try to get me in that water.... Yup, I was so right! She scooped me up and in we went.... Oh no I thought, what are you doing to me mom!!! But it was ok though. Mom sat right on a step at the top of the water and I was sitting right there with her. It wasn't scary at all and boy was that water nice! I sat there for a few minutes and then when I had enough mom let me hop right out, I didn't even have to fight to get out or anything! How cool is that! I think that it might be ok to do that again with her soon, will let you know though...

Oh, mom wanted me to tell everyone that after almost three weeks we just got our phone on last night and our regular net is supposed to be back on tomorrow. She is real excited to get some of the silly pictures that she took of me all over the place you know. Besides, we have really missed our friends since we haven't been around as much because of all of that stuff. Oh, just let me say that I am one happy guy! I got to start doing my most important job again last night! I got to give mom the phone! I can't tell you how much I missed doing that for her! Woohoo, I am back to work now! :)


Dear Diary, I Am A Devil Dog Around The Pool...

July 12th 2009 5:42 am
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Dear diary, oh this new pool thing that mom calls it in our yard is just making me a little devil dog mom says! Gregory was in it AGAIN last night andI was running circles around it to try and get him out of there. I don't know what the heckaroo is going on in there, all this splashing and all and then he goes right under and you can't even see his head! That CAN"T be right can it!? I just can't stop barking at him to get out the entire time he is in there but he just starts laughing at me. Mom said that she is going to find my life jacket thingy and have me go in, right I say, we'll so see about that, huh!


Dear Diary, I Got ALL Wet today :)

July 10th 2009 7:23 pm
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Dear Diary, it sure did rain a lot today, WOW! Mom and I had to go and get the guys from work during a really bad thunderstorm - so not my favorite thing to do! After we got home it finally stopped raining so out in the backyard we went! We all went to our little beach in the yard and oh boy did I have fun playing with Blake and Gregory! I ran, ran, ran down the long dock back and forth and then yup, that's right, jumped right into the lake! Haha! I even got to sneak on the neighbors dock for a couple seconds when my mom was taking pictures of the guys, haha! After we came up to the pool mom put dinner on the grill for us when Blake and Gregory got in the pool. I didn't want anything to do with that at first, oh no I didn't! I grabbed my tennis ball and kept running around the pool after them when they were in. I was barking my head off to get them to listen, didn't want them to get lost or anything you know! After awhile Gregory picked me up and sat on the top step of he pool and you know what, it wasn't bad at all! Mom told him to not take me in any farther my first time, something about not wanting me to get scared or something. All in all I was a very wet dog today and I sure did love it! After all the playing we had dinner, yum! Steak and sausage from the grill!! Woohoo, I am sure loving my new yard and the food that is cooked for me outside!

Oh, mom wants me to tell everyone that we STILL have no phone or home net even after two weeks. They said in the next couple days though.... Anyway, as soon as we are up and running again we will have tons of stuff to show everyone, we didn't forget the wonderful friends here, just waiting for our stuff to be on still! Talk to you all real soon with more adventures! :) Binx

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