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Binx's Tails! :)

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I Worked At Pet Palooza Today!

October 10th 2009 9:08 pm
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Dear diary, what a day it was today! Mom and I went to the Pet Palooza today and did our volunteer work for them and it was so great! Mom got to take all kinds of pictures for their website for it and every time that mom took one I did not move at all and she said that over the 100 that she took there was not even one blury one! I stood still on the stage when mom and I were up there for the contests for dressed up dogs and kids and didn't try to go on over to take a sniff of the doggies or anything! We met all kinds of really nice people today. Oh, the Pet Palooza was a fair that was a benefit for a really cool new place called the Orange County Animal Pantry. They give food to hungry pets, how cool is that! It was an idea of a founders son. Oh, he was sitting in front of me eating fries and I really wanted some of those. Didn't beg though, just stared at his plate was all hoping for one to fall!! None did though, pooh!

Oh, they are having a poker run to benefit the pantry sometime soon and they might have me be the spokesdog for it in my Harley Binx costume. How cool would that be to have my picture on posters! Will let you know when I know more though. Anyway, we had a lot of fun and mom and I were a great team. We sure do get a lot of attention when we are out and about! Here are some different pictures that mom took.






They are just a few that mom took. Hope that you liked them! Until the next adventure, thanks for stopping by :) Binx


We're Working At Pet Palooza This Weekend!!

October 7th 2009 9:49 am
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Dear diary, yesterday when mom was on her Facebook thingy one of the places that she follows is for an animal shelter in the area and they are having a big thing called Pet Palooza this Saturday. They posted that they needed volunteers so mom thought what the hay, why not ask about it. So she emailed them to see what they needed. They sent her a list of helpers that they needed so mom thought again, what the hay, let's see. She emailed them back and told them that she would like to help but she is a package deal and that she comes with her helper, ME!! She wasn't sure if they would still be interested in a helper with a service dog so didn't think much more of it. WELL.... she checked her email a little bit later and there was a really great note from them saying that they would love to have both of us help them! Mom was surprised and we are both real excited. They want mom to take pictures of everything and help with other things too. You know how camera happy mom is already so this is right up her ally for sure! So on Saturday we are heading to the big event, stopping to get the volunteer shirt, and getting right to work. I am betting that it is going to be a great day! This is our first job together how cool is that! :)


Dogs... On Boats.... Everywhere!

October 3rd 2009 11:11 pm
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Dear diary, every day that mom and I sit in the yard by the lake we see all kinds of things. We see tons of boats, jet skis and water skis, boats pulling huge floaty things with people on them, and we even seen an airboat thingy before too. We even saw a sailboat once. Well, would you believe just how many doggies are actually ON the boats! They aren't even sitting inside the boats usually... oh no.... they are standing right up there on the front of the boats watching the water. I swear that there were a couple times they looked like statues they stood so still! It looks way cool and I sure would love to throw my life jacket on and hop up on a boat too and go for a ride, woohoo and weeeeeeeee!! But for now I will be happy sitting on my favorite swing seat on our beach while mom is gently swinging it and just looking out at the water to keep watch of the doggies on the boats since that is something that I just love to do!


A Wobbly Walking Little Person, Oh NO!!

October 2nd 2009 12:14 pm
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Dear diary, it has been a little busy this week here. The weather is changing mom and I have been outside lots more in MY yard! The pool water is getting a little cooler but we keep going swimming anyway. Mom had a cold this week so we stayed on the couch for a couple days and napped together until she felt better. She is all better now though. Yesterday mom and I went swimming then she sure fooled me after that..... Yup, that's right..... usually she just hoses me off from ears to tail real good after the pool but yesterday, oh no.... She had my shampoo outside too.... That's right, she scrubbed me down right outside. It wasn't bad but geeze, I was ready to get to our swing seat by the lake to relax like we always do. After she was done washing me we went and sat for awhile until we were dry then we went for a walk to the park across the street and then the neighborhood. It was a really nice day outside. Oh, forgot to mention that I actually picked up mom's phone that fell on the ground yesterday. Mom was SO happy because even though I get things right away in the house I am still learning to do things outside. Mom said that I made her day! I so got a good treat for that when we came in!

Then there was today... A friend of mom's that she went to college with wanted us to go to lunch at Olive Garden so off we went. I of course got under the table like I am supposed to and then people came to the other table next to us with this very little person that was VERY loud. That little person was banging real hard on the plate on the table and yelling LOUD. They didn't even know that I was there, well.... that is until they went to leave... They walked past our table and the wobbly walking little person and the mom stopped right in front of our table and the mom said loud to the wobbly little person "DOGGIE!", the wobbly little person stood there with their hand in their mouth watching me for a minute. Mom thought that the wobbly walking little person was going to run right under the table to grab me but thankfully the mom finally took the wobbly one away, whew! I am happy to report that even with that happening I stayed right still and didn't even make a noise, nope, not me!! You know that I got a great treat when we got home for that!!

Oh, after our walk yesterday mom and I went back to our favorite swing seat to watch the sky get lots of cool colors in it when the sun was going down, mom called it sunset. We thought that we would try to take the computer outside when we were sitting there to see if the internet reached out that far. It does, woohoo, now we can check on our Dogster friends when we are sitting on our beach in the evenings! Anyway, not sure what we are doing this weekend but mom said that she is in the mood to do something, I can't wait to see what it will end up being! That's all for now, have a great weekend friends :)


My Busch Gardens Trip With Mom

September 26th 2009 10:47 am
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Dear diary, well I have had another adventure with my mom this weekend. I went to Busch Gardens with mom yesterday and it was pretty wild for sure. When Blake and Gregory went on the crazy rides mom and I found a good spot in the shade with a bench to sit on and we got to see lots of animals from there. There were giraffes, zebras, pink birds, and all kinds of other stuff too. It was very cool seeing so many different animals! Earlier we went through where there were some monkeys and mom and I were standing at the back and they were through a huge window. Well, when we were walking away that monkey ran real hard and fast up to the window and scared the whiskers off me I have to say! Oh my dog! We got outta there in a fast way! We decided not to walk through where there are huge kitties mom called lions and tigers. Mom said she didn't want me to get scared again like that.

Here is the monkey that scared me!


Here are more pictures of our day, what a great time it was and mom was very happy and said that I did really good. Not a single bark or anything!





We are staying around home today to relax and getting ready to go for a relaxing swim in the pool since it is real hot outside. Then I am coming back in for another snooze! Have a great weekend everyone :)


I Earned A Pin Today!

September 15th 2009 8:23 pm
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Dear diary, what a day I had when I went to mom's medical transcription meeting tonight! When mom and I got there two of the head people that we saw as soon as we walked in the door remember me from the last meeting and asked if I would bark on comand. Mom said that since I love to bark she didn't want to teach me to bark any more than I already do. They were having this little play that they called a skit for the new people that were there about medical transcription and they were showing how different distractions could happen for people that work from home and one of them was a dog barking. WELL, I was relaxing by mom's side and all kinds of quiet until I heard someone in the back doing a really LOUD bark sound and I just couldn't help myself, I just HAD to give two good barks. Oh my dog, everyone started to laugh real hard! They told everyone that they asked if I would do it and mom told them that probably not and that they were real glad that I did. After it was done everyone that helped got a special pin and I got one too! Mom put it right on my vest. Mom was real surprised that I barked since so rarely make a sound when I am working but she wasn't mad at all since they all wanted me to do it. Well, that was my night. I am so excited that I earned a pin by helping and it was so cool to be able to do a little bark to boot! Hope that everyone had an exciting night too! :) Binx


Lost Sheltie Alert in Frericksburg *FOUND*

September 13th 2009 9:04 pm
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This was posted on a Sheltie group that we belong to by a friend and thought that since we have so many wonderful friends from all over we would post it here also. The link in here takes you to the page on petfinder that it is listed on. We sure hate to hear when a fluffy one is lost and that he is found real soon.

Can you all pass this along and around... Please be on the lookout for buddy..The owners must be so worried about him... From the picture Ive seen posted his Color is sable/white Buddy Features: Date Posted: 09-07-2009 Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie, Adult, Male, Large Buddy was lost in downtown Fredericksburg, VA. He was in a groomer shop on William Street and ran out. He has lime disease. He is friendly & scared. REWARD. Read More. i?state=VA&order=created+DESC&keyword=sheltie&type=L

Buddy on Petfinder



I Helped Mom In The Pool Today

September 11th 2009 4:04 pm
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Dear diary, today was another hot day outside so mom and I went into the pool this afternoon. There was no one around just the two of us so the yard was nice and quiet. I really love putting my front paws on mom's hands and relaxing and floating around when she is walking back and forth in the water. Well, today we were in alomst the 5 feet deep part and mom is only 5"3 and all of a sudden she lost her balance in the pool and ended up over her head real quick! Mom started to panick for a second then she let go of me so that I could swim to where we were and she took hold of the loop on the top of my lifejacket while I was swimming and she was able to come with me until she could touch the bottom. I got a ton of hugs and kisses for that and mom said that she is so happy that we are together and thankful that I was there today with her. She loves to be in the water but not so good if she can't touch the bottom. She said that from now on we will stay away from where it is too easy to lose her balance and end up over her head though!

After we were done in the pool I got my first outside shower. Mom took my shampoo out with us and it was pretty cool that shower! We got done with it real fast and then we went on my dock and then sat on our swing seat on our beach and watched the boats on the lake. Have to run for now to get brushed, want to look my best for when I go to Blake's college graduation ceremony with mom tomorrow! Binx


A Sad Memory Today

September 11th 2009 10:45 am
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Dear diary. Today is the 8th anniversary of 9/11. Even though I was not born and with my mom she told me all about that sad and awful day. She said that she remembers it like it was yesterday. She was still in upstate NY and Blake and Gregory went to school like any other day and she was cleaning the kitchen. She finished what she was doing and walked into the living room where the tv was already on. As she was looking at the tv while walking to the couch she saw a plane go right into the second tower while it was happening and heard Matt Lauer on the Today show say to someone was that another plane that went into the second tower. Mom said that she didn't know what to think at first and sat down to watch and it really was two planes that hit the towers. Then a little while later there were two more plans that went down also. She said that she was so scared she felt like she was almost frozen still. So many people were lost that day and so many lives were changed forever. We will really never forget mom says.


I'm Sooo...

September 7th 2009 6:23 pm
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Dear diary, today mom gave me some tiny pills and all of a sudden I got soooo sleeepy. After I was all kinds of sleepy mom got them out..... those awful things that she thinks she is putting on my nails... oh no... don't even think about it mom.... keep them away from me.... Oh pooh, Gregory was holding on me tight and there were those darn things cutting away, oh no.... Well, let me just tell you that I didn't go without a fight, oh no I didn't.... She got me anyway some. Well, after that was done I was wide awake for awhile. We all went to Golden Corral for dinner. I had to stay under the table. I have to admit that I did something that I have never done before when we got there, I tried to jump up on the seat! Mom said nope, go underneath... so that is what I did. I stayed right there and was good so mom brought me home a tiny piece of steak she didn't finish to go with my food and it was so good!

Anyway, there has been a whole lot going on here at the new place. We were so excited to move here but it has been nothing like we thought it was going to be. Our neighbors on the other side of the house have a whole lot of parties in the day and night and keep us awake A LOT! Mom had to say something to the landlord since they would not listen to her and holy wow was there TROUBLE! The guy was so mad that he wanted to have his pit bull get us, he denied it a week later when mom said something to him about it. Mom and I stay inside most of the time since we have been here and haven't even been in the pool in weeks. It has been much quieter since the explosion last week with them so we are hoping that it will be all good now.

As for my restriction, I am happy to say that yesterday when mom and I was in the yard when no one was around we were sitting on our swing seat when there was Shadow, the landlords dog running all around the yard. They had been next door for a party. Shadow stopped in front of us and looked at me and guess what..... Not even a little ruff from me at all! The landlord came over to pet me and I gave him nothing more than a sniff. Then there were three kids who tried to run to me and mom put her hand out and said no and they were not happy but went away. Mom said that she isn't going to let anything mess up our training again by trying to get me to be friends with the people around. She said that we worked to hard to learn what we did to have it all gone like that! It looks like I will be staying on the leash in the yard most of the time since mom said it is safer for me right now until the other dog next door is gone. But that is ok, we walk all over the yard when we do get to go out and we have been going for walks and to the park across the street to. Anyway, that is what we have been up to. Hope that all my friends are doing real good! :) Binx

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