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Binx's Tails! :)

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A Morning Surprise!

November 10th 2009 7:42 am
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Dear Dogster, thank you so much for making me Diary of the Day today! What a pawsome surprise that was to wake up to this morning! Woohoo!! I am so a very happy boy today!!

Thank you also to everyone who sent pawmails and super cool gifts too, it really made the day even more special!! I have such pawsome friends here! And can't forget the new friends that we are meeting today too, so glad to meet you here!

Well, today we are supposed to get some rain and wind this afternoon from the hurricane out there. Supposed to be tomorrow some too. Can't complain though since it could be a whole lot worse. Haven't seen the news yet since I got up and started writing all the thank yous but sure hope that it isn't hitting anywhere hard right now and everyone out there in the rainy and windy path are ok.

Mom said after the rainy and windy time is over we are going to get a doggy ice cream sundae to celebrate my Diary of the Day, I can't wait! Today we are hanging around home and relaxing. Hope that everyone has a pawsome day and THANK YOU AGAIN, WOOHOO!!!!


What I Have Been Up To

November 7th 2009 2:10 pm
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Dear diary, it has been a busy couple weeks.... Last week my shots finally came in so mom and I went to the dogtor's office so she could learn how to give them to me and boy was she nervous! The dogtor came in and explained everything to us then had the nurse lady come in to show mom how to do everything. WELL..... She had this bottle of liquid vitamins for us to practice with.... She put the stuff in the needles and gave me a shot.... then it was mom's turn to try..... OH BOY! Mom went to give me one and when she took the needle thingy away she looked under my fur and it was red..... She freaked out! The nurse lady told mom that it was ok and that she didn't make me bleed.... she never even got the needle in me and it was the red color of the vitamins, haha!! Well, she tried again and got it that time. She gave me my first two shots at the dogtor's office. Then three days later she gave them to me at home all by herself, she did a good job. Tomorrow (Sunday) I get two more. Mom is dehydrating some bananas for me for a treat right now for after, yummy! The dogtor said that it will take months to see me getting better.

On Thursday Blake and Gregory had the day off work so we jumped in the car and went to a beach we haven't been to in a long time called Flagler Beach. We love it there but don't go to that one often since it is 84 miles each way. We had a great day there all of us. Part of it is a dog friendly beach and since there was only one guy and his dog there I got to run leash free all over, woohoo! This weekend we are staying home and relaxing since we went to the beach already. Not that mom and I wouldn't love to stay at the beach all the time though! So that is what I have been up to pretty much. Until next time :)


Happy Howl-O-Ween and Change Your Clocks!

October 31st 2009 3:35 pm
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Hey there to all my furry friends! Happy Howl-O-Ween today! Mom took me to Petsmart today and found me some more healthy treats that I can have, woohoo! Got more of the new food that I can have and really like alot too, might I just say YUMMY!! Anywho, had my Halloween bandana on and can you believe that Gregory laughed at me because it said bad to the bone on it! He told mom that I was just too cute to be bad to the bone! So mom laughed at him! haha!!

Mom and I are real happy that we get to sleep an extra hour in the morning because of something about the clocks going back an hour. I don't get the whole clock thing but I sure do get the extra snooze time, uh huh!! Well, gotta run for now. Mom is talking dinner here and I sure don't want to miss that! :)


OH MY DOG! I Won A Contest Here!!

October 26th 2009 6:35 pm
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Earlier this month mom entered us in a contest here on Dogster for a professional painting. Here is the contest page, you have to scroll down aways to see our entry then we wrote an update on our entry a little further down from there:


Anywho, it was for adopt a dog month and here was the question for it: "We’re offering up a free 16″ x 20″ head-shot portrait.... Since this is American Humane’s Adopt-A-Dog Month I’ve used that to come up with a contest. To enter the contest leave a comment in the comment section sharing what you are going to do to celebrate Adopt-A-Dog Month. It can be something special for your own pup, or volunteering at a shelter, donating a few dollars, giving a shelter something on their wish list, or even walking the dogs..." Well, mom put that her service dog, (Me!!) and her were volunteering for the Pet Pantry at Pet Palooza and it was our first job together. After that we forgot all about it. WELL.... this morning there was an email from Bo here on Dogster that said we won! Woohoo, was there a doggy dance going on here for sure! Mom sent the artist pictures already and not sure which one she will be doing yet. Pretty soon I will have a brand new painting of me for the wall and the artist is going to post it on her website even! Oh, oh, can't forget to tell you that when she is painting it she is going to record it to post on her blog! How cool is that! Here is the artist site if you all want to see any of her pictures that she has painted before:


Mom and I are so happy! There has been so much going on lately with my allergies and everything else that it is so great to have something cool happen for a change! Thank you Bo from Dogster and Kathryn Beals the artist for liking what we did so much to pick us! I can't wait to show everyone when I get it! Now the only problem will be figuring out how to get the painting to be my profile picture here when it is done! :)


New Page, New Food, Same Treats, Yay!

October 22nd 2009 8:13 pm
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Dear diary, today mom took me to the old vet to get my rabies shot and other things that I was due for since they were paid for already. Mom got the actual report from my first allergy test a little over a year ago and it does turn out that a bunch of the stuff I am having so much problems with were tested then and I was ok then. Mom does wish that the dogtor told her that my allergies could change like they have though so she could have been warned ahead of time. But what's done is done so we have to move on and we are. Today we went to get new treats and food. Turns out that one of my most favorite kinds of treats, VitaLife, I can still have! So mom got me a new bag of one of my faves chicken and banana and might I say, YUMMY!! I can still have my Charlie Bear liver training treats too! It was really ruff finding a good food though, oh brother! Mom found only one kind that didn't have apples, potato, sweet potato, barley, soy, beef, lamb, turkey, and/or eggs, and like that that I can't have right now. She got me Avoderm chicken and brown rice and I had some for dinner and might I say again, yummy! I liked it! Oh, and I can still have my favorite doggy ice cream too so am just tickled about that, uh huh!! Mom is still going to keep looking into new and healthy things for me but we are real happy that she found something for me that is good! My shots should be in tomorrow or Monday so hopefully I can start getting better real soon. Made mom sad when people in the stores asked why I was missing so much fur :(

Ok, and now for the new page, did you see it!!?? Mom went to put a new Halloween page on for me last night and couldn't get anywhere with it at all! So she asked Flicka's mom Pam if she could take a peek and see what was going on. Thank you guys for fixing it and sending us a pawsome page! I just LOVE it! Oh, and if you all do look at it make sure to notice my new cursor, hehe!! They surprised us with it and it is super cool!! Ok, until next time... Have a great night friends :)


Look At This Stupid Allergy List :(

October 21st 2009 12:38 pm
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Got the results today from the vets and what a list it is.

These are the POSITIVE allergies with ranges from 200-400:
Yeast - 242
Potato - 218

Queen Palm - 205

Grass smut mix - 236
Penicillium mix - 226
Rhizopus nigricans - 200

These are the BORDERLINE allergies. The range for borderline is 151-174:
Barley - 163
Beef - 166
Egg - 164
Fish mix - 168
Lamb - 169
Soy beans - 171
Sweet potato - 162
Turkey - 166
Apples - 171
Duck - 158

Birch mix tree - 176
Box elder/maple mix - 171
Cedar mix (Juniper) - 163
Cottonwood (Poplar) - 146
Eucalyptus - 181
White mulberry - 156
Pine, mix - 159
Sycamore mix - 158
Black walnut - 170
Black willow - 168

Bahia grass - 167
Bluegrass (Junegrass) - 167
Orchard grass - 156

Cocklebur - 161
Goldenrod - 160
Marsh elder/poverty - 165
Mugwort, common - 157
Ragweed mix - 156

Alternaria tenuis - 166
Posarium - 170
Dust mites - 169
Flea - 169

These are the BORDERLINE-POSITIVE allergies with ranges of 175-199:
Salmon - 192

Bayberry - 176
Beach, American - 185
Ca. Pepper tree - 176
Elm mix - 181
Oak mix - 177

Dandelion - 194
English plantain - 176
Mustard pollen - 176
Nettle - 196

Aspergillus mix -189
Halminthosporium - 176

I think that I got them all! A lot of them are in the low borderline range so that is really good I am thinking! Mom is going to start researching food and stuff now. Seeing that most are borderline we feeling much better about that. We can get through this I just know it! Wish us luck friends, we are sure going to need it for the two shots a day every four days :(


The Test Results Are In :(

October 19th 2009 7:30 pm
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Hello everyone. As a lot of you know I have been going through a whole lot with my allergies the past few weeks. I was going to the same dogtor for three years for these and he told mom that I was highly allergic to dust mites, flea saliva, and borderling lamb. Then all this time I had some shots and that was pretty much it even though mom kept going back all the time because of my skin. Well, this time I am missing a whole lot of fur from my whole belly area and it is starting to spread to my front arms and under my neck. Mom said it was time to get another opinion so we went to a new dogtor last week. Got another allergy test and today they called with the results this morning. I have more than 20 allergies it turns out. Mom is so upset that she trusted the old dogtor all this time. I have to have two shots every four days that mom has to learn to give me, she is a real wuss when it comes to needles though..... I also have to have pills every day and a new flea medicing too. Oh, and another food too. Mom said that she has no idea how she is going to afford all this since she is disabled but she is determined to make sure that I am ok and figure it out. Mom and I want everyfur out there to tell their moms and dads that if they are ever going through stuff like that with their dogtors then please don't wait as long as we did because of trying to trust them and make sure to get another opinion real soon! Please wish me luck my friends, I am sure going to need it and thanks for stopping by.


What A Great Gotcha Day It Was!

October 18th 2009 1:44 pm
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We didn't make it to the Wiggle Waggle Walk out of town like we wanted to for my Gotcha Day yesterday because we didn't get to sleep until 4 am from getting Blake from work that late and mom was super tired and we slept in. In the afternoon when we got up and about we did one of my favorite things though, we jumped in the car and off we went! We went to a place called Pookies Bow Wow Bakery and I got some apple cinnamon biscuits to bring home. Yummy! They actaully bake them right there and you can watch when they do, there was even a real big black dog back there supervising the guy who was making the biscuits! After we left there we headed out to a place that we have been wanting to try for a long time, it is called Bruster's ice cream. Mom heard that they give free doggie ice cream sundaes when their pet parents buy their own. Mom had chocolate almond and I got my very own cup with doggie ice cream and a biscuit sticking out of it! Oh boy was that really good! When I got to the part of the ice cream with the biscuit in it I stopped and looked at mom and she took it out and I licked the ice cream off it before eating it! Of course I got done before mom but wouldn't you know it, she would not share hers with me, pfft! We had a real good day together mom and me. Oh, some people think that I was a rescue dog because mom said it was my gotcha day, but I came to be with her when I was a little bittle 8 weeks old. We celebrate that day because she said it is a special day, the day that her life changed forever, the day we found each other!

Anyway, tomorrow we are really hoping to get to the ocean beach. Blake and Gregory finally have the same day off work! We won't get to bed until about 2 am from getting them from work though so hopefully we can get up in the morning to get out on the road! Hope everyone had a great weekend too! I am off to get yet ANOTHER bath. We can't wait for the test results to come in so that I can start regular medicine and not have to have so many baths in a week anymore! :)


Happy Gotcha Day My Sweet Binx!

October 16th 2009 11:08 am
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This is Binx's mom writing today. Tomorrow October 17th will be 5 wonderful and amazing years since Binx and I found each other. The day my life changed forever! What a wonderful adventure it has been with my sweet boy! He came into my life after I became disabled to be my companion and has been so, so much more. After my surgery I didn't walk very well anymore and pretty much stayed inside a whole lot. After he came to be with me had to get out and about, he had to do his business outside you know! I had to finally learn to drive a car (didn't want any part of that since the terrible car accident I was a passanger in that made me disabled), anyway, when my sons wanted to move to Florida to go to college I had to learn to drive to get Binx to Florida with us. We shipped all of our stuff with a mover and I had this bright idea that with all the public transportation here that we could take a bus to Florida and then use public transportation here. No dogs allowed on the bus so learned to drive real fast! And this year he changed my life yet again when he started learning to be my service dog. WOW have things changed even more for us since that! He went to college and graduation with me and we have really started to get out and live life more by doing more and more things that I would not have done. I look forward to every single day that he is with me. Binx is my first dog and I truly believe that we were meant to be together. So Happy Gotcha Day to my best fluffy friend, my helper, my companion, my heart, I so adore and love you very much!

Not to long ago I wrote some of the story of Binx and here it is again:

October 17, 2004 started out as any other day really. We lived in upstate NY in a Village called Fonda at that time and I lived two houses away from my longtime boyfriend Ray. We were actually getting ready to take a daytrip to Vermont to see his niece for her birthday. I had wanted a Sheltie for a few years after becoming disabled, not working anymore, and I first saw one on the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show that I watch every year. I fell in love with the Sheltie breed! I never thought that I would want a dog of my own after I was attacked by two dogs at a friend’s house when I was a kid in an unprovoked attack while the owners were standing there just looking and not stopping it at all. Thank goodness for the neighbor who jumped over the fence to save me! I had been scared to pieces of dogs ever since. Then when Ray and I were together for so long and he got a purebred cream color Chow when we broke up for about a year. Her name was Kobi. Believe me when I say that I was terrified of her, oh yes I was! I was standing at the door looking outside one time right after I first met her, Ray was outside, and she nipped me, and good! I had to go to the hospital and all and even had to miss work because she broke my skin on my hand! I don’t know what happened, but from the moment that she nipped me it was like she was mine! I grew to love her so much, but she wasn’t mine and finally I decided that it was time to have a dog of my own, one that no one could make me take back home because home would be with me! By then I already had my surgery and didn’t like to go out much anymore because I didn’t walk very well. Ray told me that if I found one that I wanted he would get him for me. So, the search began!

As I said, October 17, 2004 was just a day that we were going to take a road trip to Vermont for the day. Ray, my sons, and I got in the Jeep and off we went. I don’t remember what newspaper I had that day but there just so happened to be an ad for Sheltie puppies for sale in it in Schenectady I think. It was about an hour from where we lived and we were headed through that direction. I called the number and asked them if they still had any male puppies and they said yes. So a little detour was made to their house. We got there and went in and there were several puppies running around. I sat down and put my purse on the floor and about all the puppies ran to me, it was too cute! They were putting their noses in my purse and jumping all around me. I picked up one that laid right on my lap. I told Ray that I might take that one. Well, I had not noticed what he was doing while I was with the puppies and he said, I don’t think so, I think you are going to want to see this one! I looked up at him and saw the cutest Sheltie ever! One with freckles on his nose and dark rings around his eyes that looked like little glasses! I knew that he was so right, that he was the perfect one for me! We told the people that we had to go out of state for the day and asked them to hold him for us and I would call them in a few hours to let them know for sure. They said ok so off we went. Right after we left, I told Ray that I was completely sure that I wanted that little puppy. I called them back and told them that we would be back for him and to make sure that they didn’t let him go to anyone else since they had other people coming that day. On the way home we stopped and got him. We took him to Petsmart on the way home to get him a little dog bed and his first toy, a monkey. We got home and went to Rays. Well, when it got to be later at night I was told that that adorable puppy couldn’t go home with me, he wanted to keep him there for the night! WHAT!! I was so not happy and it was a very long night that is for sure! I got up extra early in the morning and went to his house and when I walked in there was my adorable little puppy sitting there in his little dog bed shivering and so wet! That little guy stayed right in his bed all night long even when he had to go to the bathroom! I scooped him up in a towel and let me tell you, that was the last time that he spent the night away from me!

Now, his name was a tough one! I had no idea what to name him. All I knew for sure is that I wanted something unique, like him! After being with him all the time and playing with him so much I kept thinking of a word Binx. So I went and told Ray that it had to be that, he said that he had suggested that a few days before, but I don’t remember it. At first he kept trying to get me to name him Bob. I said no way are you naming him Bob! Can you imagine! So Binx it was! Ray came up with the rest to make it Prince Xavier Binxley.

Binx has changed my life completely! At the time that Binx came to be with us my sons were getting older and still in high school and sports and Ray was working all the time. I spent a lot of time in the house by myself. Because of Binx there have been a lot of changes in my life. One change is that I had to learn to drive finally. Never wanted to do that either after the car accident I was in as a passenger that had a lot to do with my disability. All of a sudden I had to learn to drive to get my dog to Florida, people that knew me thought that was pretty funny! Because of Binx I get out a lot more than I was. Binx is my companion, my best friend, and now my helper! I just could not imagine life without him! I look forward to going new places now that I would most likely not bother going, he has learned to be a wonderful helper to me, and I am never lonely anymore! And because of him I have met a lot of wonderful people as well!

Binx is people shy but dog friendly. He is very loyal and protective of me. He barks when we are in the car when someone talks to me of if anyone approaches it when we are in it. He goes crazy when someone rings the doorbell and has even been known to bark at the doorbell on tv. We went to weekly classes and he got his CGC in December 2008 on the first test night. He is also doing amazing learning new service dog duties. This is some of the story of my Binx : )


I Had A Dog "Reading" Today, HUH??!!

October 15th 2009 8:13 am
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Ok, yesterday mom and Gregory took me to this place to get good shampoo for me. It has lots of oils and stuff in it. WELL.... we got there and as soon as we walked in this lady got right on the door and started grabbing me! WHAT!!! I kept trying to get away but her hands were all over me! She would not stop! After a few minutes she told mom that she was trying to give me a dog "reading" so that I could tell her what was wrong with me. Then she says that I have allergies, oh my dog, can you imagine that!! Hahahaha!! REALLY, I have allergies! Duh! Oh, she also tried to say that one of my ears was deformed, WHAT!! Oh NO it isn't!! What a time I had, oh brother! And all we wanted was shampoo.... I am thinking that the next time mom wants to get me that shampoo she should order it through the mail.....

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