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Binx's Tails! :)


April 20th 2009 6:02 pm
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Hello everyone! What a weekend it was! On Saturday mom and I went to our favorite park where they had a neighborhood Spring Fling they called it. There were people from the City and community there. Mom and I sat at a shady picnic table right up front. Mom had a rootbeer float and I got some vanilla ice cream, yum! We met a lot of really nice people that run the City. We might have even found a cute apartment to go to in a couple months. PLEASE wish us much luck, we will need it! Anyway, Sunday everyone was home together so we got in the car with a cooler of cold stuff and a big picnic basket and off to the beach we went! It was called Jetty Park mom said. We walked on this really long thing over the water where a lot of people were fishing and looking for stuff in the water. Mom got excited when she saw a sea turtle and dolphins. We found a spot on the beach after and Blake and Gregory put the beach umbrella up for me so that I wouldn't get too hot. Mom should have stayed under it with me all the way, one of her arms is real red now! Blake and Gregory got red too. There were kites all over, sailboats, and all kinds of stuff. It was a great day! Oh, we saw cruise ships on our way there. They are huge! Here are some pictures for you to see! Oh, before I forget, Mom talked to her teacher today and she got into the National Honor Society for her college class! She has a ceremony in two weeks. We are all really happy for her!

Click here to see a ship
A casino ship

Click here to see the beach
The beach

Click here to see the beach from boardwalk

Click here to see a sea gull

Click here to see a boat

Click here to see Binx and Mom cooling off

Click here to see Mom smooching Binx

Hope that everyone else had a great weekend, too!


Binx, Service Dog -In Memory


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