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Binx's Tails! :)

What a Week, Then Came Easter! :)

April 12th 2009 4:38 pm
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Wow, what a week I had. Mom and I started out the week really good. We were going to the park for walks and then two times in the week I got to play with my Frisbee and tennis balls when mom threw them. I ran and ran and had a great time! Then a few days ago I really scared my mom, sorry mom... See, since we have been so busy lately we haven't been playing like that as much. All of a sudden when I went to get up I couldn't for a couple days. Mom was sure scared and crying. She didn't know what was happening to me, neither did I though. Turns out that I was playing too hard and just got real sore. I am better now and mom and I are real happy about that. So my Dogster friends take it from me, be careful when you play real hard when you haven't done it for awhile so that you don't scare the whiskers off your mom! Mom and I talked about it and decided that it will be shorter run times for a couple weeks until we get in better shape!

Well, it is Easter, can you believe it already! I got Easter eggs and a basket of my very own with new toys in it! That mom of mine was taking all kinds of pictures again. I am sure tired out now and getting ready for a little snooze with mom. She is not feeling real good today. I don't know why she sounds different today, when she talks it sounds just awful. It is getting worse and worse as the day goes on.... What is happening to my mom???? Well, off I go to get my pictures on my page of what I did this week and all then take care of mom. Hope that everyone had a great Easter and Passover, I sure do love all of my Dogster friends! :)


Binx, Service Dog -In Memory


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