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Binx's Tails! :)

Oh Brother, I Had To See The Dogtor Today...

April 4th 2009 3:05 pm
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Mom and I took Blake to work early this morning and since my ears have been bothering me yet again and I have been itchy again she decided to take me to the Dogtor on the way home. We haven't had to be there since last October and they were happy to see us. That Dogtor, they took my temperature and boy do I hate that thing! Oh the humilation.... He checked my ears and said that both of them are a little infected this time. I was doing so good for quite awhile this time, too. But we got it early so it isn't real bad, let me just say - whew! My allergies have started up again on my skin and mom ordered more shots for me so I will be starting them again soon. And oh, let's not forget the vacine shots that I had to have today, 4! Mom says that I always do such a great job for those. I say let's just get it over with you know! Tomorrow I start taking those pills again, I don't mind though. Mom has these things that she calls pill pockets that she got me. I say bring on the treats! That is just what they taste like when she puts those things in there and closes it together, a yummy treat! I think that she got the chicken kind this time! Yum!! After my Dogtor was done with all that stuff mom got me 4 new tennis balls and a frisbee! Oh boy! She hardly ever gets me frisbees anymore. You see, I am a really good frisbee chewer, oh yes I sure am! That thing doesn't have a chance let me tell you! The first time we take that to the park it won't be coming back home, I will have that chewed so fast! She throws it and I bring it right back to her but chew the heck out of it the whole time! Well, I am going to snuggle my mom again for awhile. I am feeling a little tired out and all from this morning. Hope that everyone had a great weekend! :)


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