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Life According to Django

I am Django and I am Happy

August 3rd 2005 9:18 pm
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Hello my name is Django. My brother Thelonious has a Diary and so I have decided, even though I'm not much into writing, that I need a diary. I think everything that Thelonious does is cool. Anyway I was named after Django Reinhart (a gypsy jazz guitarist). I guess a diary is a way for you to get to know me. So, in that spirit, here are some of the reasons that I am happy. I am happy because I get to live in a run with my big brother Lonie. We play "rough and tumble" all day long. In my run I can go into the dining area and lie on our pillows and feel the fresh breeze of air conditioning (a must in this 100+ Oklahoma weather). Then I can go out in the back yard through our "special door" to look at the fish in the pond or bark at the neighbors. It's a good run. I am also happy because I get cookies when ever I sit or lie down or roll over or even when I whisper. The current cookie selection is made with liver and that in itself makes me happy. Another reason for my inherent happiness is because I can sleep on the couch when my people are home and they give me kisses and rub my belly. Thelonious on the other hand is not happy. He believes our run blows and we should sleep on the bed and not in our kennels. He thinks we should eat all of the cookies with out performing tricks or even whispering. I guess I'm just an optimist and really a happy pup.
The only time I am not happy is when I get left out. Sometimes Mom takes Lonie to work with her and leaves me behind (she says it's because he's sick and she works for dog doctors). I mean I never really like to be at her work anyway but it's just that I hate to be home all day alone. That doesn't happen very much though and so that's good. Well I'm done writing now. Bye


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