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Missed it!

August 4th 2013 12:13 pm
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Mom missed my Diary Pick of the Day!! Ooops!! Mom was sick and missed it! :)


Chewing out mom!

July 28th 2013 2:57 pm
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Mom left for 4 days. 4 whole days!! Can you believe that?!?! She came home last night. Boy did I bark her butt out! We'll be having no more of THAT mom! I barked, barked and barked. I boxed her and then I hip checked her a few times! Then I gave her the sweetest kiss on her arm. I still love her, but she needs to stay HERE! And not leave. Grandma made sure we had plenty to munch on and dad took us for walks everyday. BUT, it's not the same unless mom is here!


Peanutbutter Cup!

July 23rd 2013 12:16 pm
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Mom took us for an awesome walk today. It stormed yesterday and it was in the low 70's and cool for our walk! When we got back to the house mom didn't take off my collar. Instead she walked me into the bathroom. Uh oh! Mom opened up a jar of peanutbutter and gave me a scoop! Yummy!!! Then she put some on my right leg! What????!!! I know I layed under my spruce tree, it's just a big glob of sap. I'll lick it off! HA! Mom put the peanutbutter on the sap, worked it in and started to give me a bath... strange huh?! The last area she washed was the peanutbutter area. I smelled like a peanutbutter cup she said! :):) Well mom washed it and sure enough the sap was gone! Awesome! Mom learned this neat trick from Toto's mom! Thanks!!! :):)


Whew! Pant, pant, pant!

July 18th 2013 12:08 pm
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It's sweltering outside today! Good thing my mom and dad have my a/c on! I went outside to lay in the shade a few times and it was too hot! Grunt got a bath so I hid outside thinking I was next. Turns out I wasn't. HA! I ate some of Grunts food again. It's so hot he's not eating as much. Sooooo, I'll pick up the slack and eat his leftovers. heh heh heh! :) Dad left of the motorcycle, he came back with a bunch of rope to make things with. I love it when dad does his braiding things. I lay on his bed with Grunt with the a/c blowing on us. It's pretty peaceful in that room! :)


Check this out!

July 14th 2013 4:19 pm
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Mom, dad, Uncle Mark and Aunt Deb were sitting outside the other day. Mom said to Uncle Mark, do you know anyone who wants the indestructable ball. Grunt and I don't use it. Turner was crazy about it, but he's in heaven watching us. Uncle Mark said sure, so Aunt Deb walked down to the playground to get it. Well I was on the other side of the playground when she came down. I ran across the field TOWARDS HER! Yup! I wanted to get closer to check her out and see what she was doing. Well Aunt Deb kicked the ball up the hill and I stayed about 20 feet behind her. Stopped and sniffed where she walked, then ran back to my spot and chilled. Mom was freaking out! Where was her camera! I ran towards a stranger!!! Needless to say I got a big bully stick that night! :):)


Gaaaahh! Company!!

July 8th 2013 1:25 pm
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So last night this truck and trailer pulled up in front of the house. This guy and lady were walking back and forth. They were talking nice to me and Grunt but I kept on barking! Every once in a while Grunt would tell me to shut up! I ignored him and kept barking. Finally, they went into the basement and me and Grunt played! Thunderpaws Time! :):)

Well this morning mom took us outside for our morning pee and I had diarreha (cha cha cha). Mom said, Darcy today you get your Anxiety Wrap on. So we went into the house, mom gave me my pills and put my Wrap on. Aaaahhh, my tail came right up!

We went downstairs to meet this guy and lady. Turns out they are mom's brother and sister-in-law. I met Uncle Mark before, but not his wife. She scares me. Not for any reason in particular, just scares me.

Well everyone ate breakfast and then Uncle Mark and Aunt Deb got on their Harley and rode off. Yea!! That meant mom closed the gates and out I went! I got to sniff everything!!!

Mom left the door to the basement open for when they get back. She said me and Grunt could hang out with them if we wanted to. I don't know,,,,


Spoke too soon....

July 7th 2013 3:18 pm
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Well yesterday I didn't eat all day. I've been verping and been nervous again. Dad went to work and mom stayed home with us all night (Yipeee!). She put on my anxiety wrap and I layed on the porch. I've got my own blanket and spot that I lay on. Well mom cleaned the rugs in the house and then sat outside with me and Grunt for a while. Then she went into the basement. I followed and she closed the door to the outside and then the door to go upstairs. Hey! No fair! Well I jumped up on the bed and took a nap. Grunt sprawled out on the futon and went right to sleep! Mom was sprucin the place up for company...

Mom took off my Anxiety Wrap and I ate my breakfast (at 8pm!). Then I layed on the floor while mom was on the computer. Mom got up and got me another bowl of food, since I missed a meal and just left it for me. Around 11pm (after dad was home and all was quiet again) I ate that bowl of food.

We went for our walk this morning and mom put out my food again. I didn't eat it right away. But I did eat it before mom went to work. I guess I'm frustrating mom by not eating. She just wants to know whats bothering me but I cannot talk. At least not in human language.

Before mom went to work me and Grunt got baths! Uggghh! I wasn't too thrilled at first, but the massage I get during my bath is awesome!! Mom said we're having company for the week! I was hoping it would be grandma. No such luck. It's Uncle Mark and Aunt Deb, I know Uncle Mark, not Aunt Deb. Mom says they're good people. We'll see.


Rainy Day

July 1st 2013 5:16 pm
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Grunt gave mom the stare and she took us for a walk today in the pouring rain. I would've preferred to stay at home, but I just cannot refuse a walk. Mom gave us a good rub-down with a soft towel when we got home. Grunt got the zoomies, I just looked at him like he's nuts!

Mom has been adding pumpkin to my food in the morning. My verping has all but stopped! :):) Mom said pumpkin is pretty expensive but found a scratch and dent store that sells it cheap.

After our walk mom and dad went shopping, that's when me and Grunt make our moves on the beds. Mom says it looks like we have a party when they get home. Pillows all over the place blankets mussed up! :) HAHA! Serves them right! :):)


What's up?

June 22nd 2013 12:25 pm
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Mom and dad went out yesterday. All day!! Today though they're staying home all day. So far they have. Mom and dad painted the deck while me and Grunt sniffed around outside. Dad got hot and mom banished dad to sit under the spruce tree with Grunt. While mom finished up the deck. I have a few hiding spots under some things outside. It's a bit warm today so I was in and outside all day!!


New Adventure Today!

June 18th 2013 12:32 pm
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Wow! Mom took me and Grunt to the DMV. She was inside for about 20 minutes. We were in a city and I was like, Grunt, look!!!! Then we went to this lake. There was this awesome walking path that went in the woods, over 2 bridges and around the lake. I took a walk in the lake and cooled off - it was awesome! Then on the far side of the lake me and Grunt went in for a dip and drink! On the way back to the house mom noticed that I wasn't panting while in my crate! That was a first!! I sniffed and smelled so much I forgot about being scared after a while! Mom stopped at the food store (we go there all the time) and I peeked out of my crate to look around. When we finally got home me and Grunt were pooped out! Big change in our routine! But it was fun!!

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