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My latest

November 3rd 2013 4:11 pm
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Now I climb up on the sofa with mom and Grunt. I never used to do this but mom pets me and talks to me. I love it! There are times when I go to the bedroom and chill. Just seems like lately I've been up on the sofa with mom and Grunt...


Dad gave me a compliment!

October 29th 2013 1:52 pm
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Another one of dad's friends showed up at the house. He had a little person with him (his son). Grunt loves little people and he was loving on dad's friend as well. I got pretty curious and managed to walk right up to the man who was kneeling and sniffed his hand! Mom was blown away! Dad said to mom tonight that it seems like lately I've really been engaged in everything. I sit/lay on the couch with mom and Grunt; I jump up on the bed with mom and Grunt in the morning and now this. Smelling a strangers hand.

Mom took me and Grunt to town to walk around the lake today. I was happy tails and smiles when we first started. Got a little concerned around the waterfalls (normal) then was checking out the geese. Got back to the house and me and Grunt battled it out for a bit! :)


Halloween Pics

October 24th 2013 1:20 pm
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Check out my page and Grunts page. Mom did it again! She dressed us up! I think I look bewitching! :):)


Did it again!

October 23rd 2013 5:23 pm
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The other day Uncle Russ (dad's friend) came over. I don't mind him too much. He's pretty calm and doesn't look at me. Well Uncle Russ was eating a steak sammy that mom brought him back from NJ. Boy did it smell wonderful! I had to go say hi! Ears up, looked him right in the eye and waaalaaa! I got some sammy! That's 2x's I've taken food from him!

Plus since I've been back from the kennel I've been following mom around behind Grunt! I've been asking mom to skritch my back and she's always happy to oblige! In the mornings I've even jumped on the bed with mom and Grunt. Mom said she loves it when I join them! I've even been joining mom and Grunt on the sofa. Finding my new spot on the couch and enjoying the attention!


My 3rd Anniversary

September 22nd 2013 5:35 pm
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Three years ago yesterday I was put on this little plane. I was in Louisiana at the time. My rescue in Texas had taken me to another rescue in LA so I could be "transported" to my new home. I had no idea what was going on, I was excited but scared. Then it happened, I was put into a crate with a pillow. They said it was my crate. What?? MY OWN CRATE? Then I was taken to this airfield and loaded up on this plane. There were other dogs with me in the plane, they were small dogs. There was a catahoula puppy with us also. Well we took off then a long time later we landed. But where was my new "mom"? Apparently the rescue never called her to tell her my flight was early. Well after a while this SUV pulled up. I was in a mini-van with all of these barking little dogs and I looked out the back window. WAIT, I KNOW HER!! Sure enough it was my foster mom from Texas!! I was wagging my tail, I KNOW HER, I KNOW HER!!! Well in my crate was the catahoula puppy and she peed on my pillow! Hmpf!! Well I was thrilled to see my foster mom, well now my MOM!!! She had a friend, Aunt Jackie, with her. We stayed with the Catahoula pup and waited for her foster dad to show up. Meanwhile we walked around, sat in the grass and mom told me welcome to your forever life Darcy! Yippeeee!!

Three years later and I've got an amazing life! I miss Turner terribly, he was a huge loss to the house. But I've got Grunt who I love and want to strangle sometimes. But overall my life is wonderful. Mom takes me everywhere with her and Grunt. I love going to the lakes and creeks. I love just going for a ride and being with mom. Mom has taken the time to work me through alot of my fears. I still have some, BUT! I wake up in the morning and do the slide with my tail thumping along the side of the bed! I love, love, LOVE my morning scritches and rubdown first thing in the morning. I go for walks every day. Yes everyday! If the weather is bad we go, if mom isn't home dad takes us! I love it!! I love going for rides. I've even been coming out of my crate to check it out first hand lately!

Life is pretty darn good. I am one lucky girl! Mom sent pictures of me back to the rescue I came from telling them thank you for letting mom have me and helping get me to LA for my transport. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!


Great news and not so great news.

September 13th 2013 8:00 pm
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Great news... I went to the vet for my Bordatella/physical. I did awesome! I was crying at some other dogs in the waiting area. I looked at Dr. Mount and didn't flinch when she examined me! Overall Dr. Mount gave me an A+ for my visit! Even my teeth look so much better now that mom is brushing them for me (no thumbs to hold the brush with!)

Not the not so great news... my fecal came back with hookworms. Mom was pretty upset considering my Heartguard Plus said it helps take care of them! Well she called Dr. Mount and requested that Grunt get treated also. She asked Dr. Mount if the Hearguard had failed (she agreed) and if we needed heartworm checks. Dr. Mount assured mom that the heartworm meds would be fine, but would do a blood draw at mom's request. She also said if mom wanted she would change my preventative. Mom said let me think on it. Well mom got the meds for me and Grunt. They're real expensive. Grunt had a belly ache from the meds, I just chill regardless! We have to have a second dose in 60 days (mom marked her calendar) and a fecal recheck in 90.

Mom just bought 6 months of HW meds and doesn't want to lose them so she said after they're done we're going in for bloodwork and then changing our HW meds. Mom and Dr. Mount agree there is a parasite issue with where we live. Mom's going to do a fecal check every three months until things seem alright, then she will do a fecal 2x's a year. Can't hurt right?


Vet Visit

September 1st 2013 2:45 pm
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I had to go in for my annual exam and Bordatella. Not happy! Mom took a bag of my poop also. Ewww! Grunt came along as my buddy (thank God) and all I can say is. It wasn't too bad! Really!! Mom weighed me 68.3 pounds. I put a whole pound on! Not bad. My teeth (that mom brushes 5x's a week) look a million percent better! No dental at this time! Yippee!! When I got in the room I was concerned and shaking but nothing like I've done before! Dad was impressed. Told me I was so brave. Yes I am!! :):) When Dr. Mount came in I looked right at her almost the entire time! I wasn't too happy when she walked behind me, but she did kneel down to do my physical. She was so impressed at how I was doing! Asked if I was still on Prozac, yup! Mom said it's the best $8.00 a month ever!! Mom told Dr. Mount the story of Aunt Deb and the ball. How I ran across the entire front yard to watch her up close, then sniff where she was! All by myself! How I'm so much more engaged in everything now! Still scared, but I stay close to mom and check it all out! Dr. Mount was so pleased. She shook her head (again) and said to mom I love what you're doing with her. She looks amazing and gets an A+ for this visit! Whooo hooo!! Dr. Mount did manage to squeeze something liquid up my nose! Rude! But I was fine and recovered quickly!! On the way home I was listening to mom and dad. Dad was saying how good I was and that he cannot believe how far I've come since I got here! Mom just looked at me in the mirror, winked and smiled! :)


Rollin rollin rollin....

August 25th 2013 4:16 pm
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I have been in the SUV with mom and Grunt so much over the weekend. I've logged on sooo many miles. Mom has been taking us to the lakes, parks, stores and to go get gas. Oh my gosh!!! It's all good though! I've got a comfy pillow in my crate and the views are awesome!

Plus dad has been gone for a few days. He left on the HD and mom has been on the go ever since!! We did this crazy thing called painting twice! Mom made me walk over this sticky stuff on this cloth thingy. It was weird but I managed. Mom gave me treats the first time. I ate a few of them. The second time we painted mom gave me tons of praise. Then after we were done she took a picture of my feet, they were multi-colored from all of the paint that I walked through.

THEN, last night mom gave me and Grunt baths! I don't like them much. But I tolerate them. Afterwards I sleep like a rock!


I've been here and I've been there!

August 19th 2013 3:00 pm
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Mom has been taking me and Grunt out and about quite a bit lately. She said I'm getting braver by the second! On our way to the reservior I was out of my crate for 1/3 of the way! I poked my head out the window and even sat in the middle of the SUV!! :):) I love walking around the reservoir, there are lots of trees on the majority of the walk. We came across a couple taking pictures and they were loving on Grunt. Good thing, I was behind mom and mom explained to them that I'm terrified of people and that Grunt would accept all of my lovin. They were so nice about lovin on Grunt for me! Then after our walk/swim we went to WalMart, mom left the SUV running with the A/C on and I fell fast asleep to the music and cool air. Grunt was people watching, which he loves!

Today mom took us to the post office. Funny, now when I'm in the SUV I don't pant. I'm so busy looking around from my crate. Once in a while I come out and check things out. Going to the lake I was out a long time. Mom was so proud of me!! I was pretty proud of myself. Anyway, today we went to the post office. Then we walked around the lake. I'm getting better with walking there. I still don't like the cars, but I just stand behind mom and she protects me. I follow Grunt's lead on sniffing. Once in a while I find my own awesome smells and he bumps me for a sniff! I was in the lake a few times. Grunt was barking at a plant in the water and I walked over and sniffed it. Big scaredy dog! I was brave for him to see it was alright! :):)



August 8th 2013 2:23 pm
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Mom said she can hear my nails clicking on the pavement. That means any day now she'll trim my nails down. No problem. I find the clicking annoying anyway! :) I heard mom saying something to dad about going to WalMart to pick up my meds and then taking us to the lake for a swim! That would be awesome! We haven't been swimming much this year! Something must be done about that! :)

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