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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 28th 2013 1:39 pm
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Everyone!! I'm thankful for my mom and dad. Their patience has brought me so much joy! I can be myself with them and have no fears. For all the beds and pillows in the house. For they are all mine at one time or another :) For the yummy food, the home made ice cream in the summer, the bully sticks I get every night after I finished my dinner. The cookies that are soo yummy. The beautiful collars, lead, shirts, sweatshirts and jackets to keep me warm in the winter. The bubble baths to keep me clean and shiney. The crate in the car and in the living room so I can feel safe if I get nervous. For Dr. Mount, my absolute favorite vet. She is so gentle and sits on the floor with me for my exams. I adore her. But most of all, I'm greatful for my mom. She saw me at Petco when I was a wee pup and knew she was my mom. She has never given up on me, never lost patiences with me and has loved me unconditionally from the start. She keeps me safe and I love her...


Whoooo hoooo!!

November 26th 2013 12:56 pm
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3 inches of snow and counting! Not letting up any time soon! :):)


It's coming!

November 25th 2013 3:03 pm
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Starting tomorrow it's gonna start snowing. And we're supposed to get a bunch of it! :):) I'm so excited!! Mom said something about making a maze in our yard this year. Wonder what it is...


My smiling tail!

November 24th 2013 7:52 pm
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Mom says she's so happy! She says I have a smiling tail! When I see her I wag my tail. When she talks to me, I wag my tail. Mom says I'm happy so I smile with my tail!

Mom gave me a bath and a manicure the other day. I'm so shiney now! :) Mom gave me such a good massage. She said my eyes were soft and I looked like I was stoned! :) Truth is, it just felt so good!! :):)


Another day at the lake!

November 20th 2013 3:13 pm
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It was a good day! Mom and dad took us to the reservoir today. Mom had me on my 20' lead and I was all over the place. Woohooo!! Mom won't let me off lead because I may not come back. She doesn't want to lose me ever she says! That's good! :):) Mom picked me up and put me on a rock where she was sitting. Grunt jumped up and joined us. Dad took a picture. Hopefully mom will be able to upload it to my page. Mom has this silly orange hat on and looks like a gnome! :):)



November 17th 2013 1:27 pm
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It poured this morning! Mom woke up and I was next to her on my pillow. I've been sleeping in the room with mom and Grunt more and more. Mom's pretty happy at how much interaction I've been doing lately! :) There is supposed to be really strong winds tonight and tomorrow. Grrr! Mom said I'm to go down in the basement if I get scared. Mom and dad are at work but Grunt said he's got my back and I'll be safe with him home!

It's gonna be a long night and long day tomorrow... :(


Ugh winds...

November 14th 2013 1:21 pm
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Again... I hate winds,,, they scare me. They remind me of Hurricane Ike. I'm just waiting for the roof to blow off. Mom keeps telling me I'm safe but I'm not so sure sometimes.

Wins are here again... :(


6 Years Ago Today...

November 11th 2013 1:34 pm
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I was born under and abandoned house in Beaumont, TX. My mother was a beautiful fawn boxer. I don't remember how many siblings I had but I had quite a few.

My life has been full of ups and downs. Mostly ups in my world! :) I'm scared of most things but I am learning how to be brave. I have a wonderful and amazing home and never worry when my mom is near.

It's my lucky day to day, mom says, because today I was born. Maybe not in the most perfect situation, but I am here today because of people who cared enough to rescue me and my family. Pinewoods Animal Welfare Society P.A.W.S. And my forever family who knew their lives wouldn't be complete with out me!


My latest

November 3rd 2013 4:11 pm
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Now I climb up on the sofa with mom and Grunt. I never used to do this but mom pets me and talks to me. I love it! There are times when I go to the bedroom and chill. Just seems like lately I've been up on the sofa with mom and Grunt...


Dad gave me a compliment!

October 29th 2013 1:52 pm
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Another one of dad's friends showed up at the house. He had a little person with him (his son). Grunt loves little people and he was loving on dad's friend as well. I got pretty curious and managed to walk right up to the man who was kneeling and sniffed his hand! Mom was blown away! Dad said to mom tonight that it seems like lately I've really been engaged in everything. I sit/lay on the couch with mom and Grunt; I jump up on the bed with mom and Grunt in the morning and now this. Smelling a strangers hand.

Mom took me and Grunt to town to walk around the lake today. I was happy tails and smiles when we first started. Got a little concerned around the waterfalls (normal) then was checking out the geese. Got back to the house and me and Grunt battled it out for a bit! :)

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