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Keep me safe......

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Leg 1 Complete!!

September 16th 2010 2:58 pm
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So yesterday you made it to Covington, LA with the San Antonio pups!! We're sooooo excited!!!! Just waiting to hear when your arrival date will be.

Hubby is in the process of making you a new bowl holder. I must've bought you 5 new collars!! You know a girl has to accessorize!! :)


Getting there - to get you here!

September 7th 2010 10:37 am
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Alright! Darcy's crate and travel supplies should be arriving today or tommorrow. Darcy should be transported to Covington the week of Sept 27th. and then hopefully sent north soon after that!! We're getting there slowly but surely!!

Meanwhile, Southpaws is pulling some of the most beautiful dogs from kill shelters. We hope that each and everyone of them finds a good home!! ;)


Holy Dog!! My luck is getting better already!!

August 26th 2010 2:58 pm
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Mom just read that I got Daily Diary pick!! Wahooo!!!

I won't make my trip until October - scheduling issues. But it's alright - I'm not in danger. The rescue loves me. However, I can't wait to head north - just hope to make it there before it snows!! So far mom and dad bought me new bowls and dad made me a new bowl holder, new collar, leash, crate, bed, some special toys and chewies!! Mom went and bought my food, both can and dry, so when I get here she can start hand feeding me again! Mom can't order me a coat until she gets me in to measure me!! Pretty exciting - just need to get from point a to point b and my life will be forever in Western PA!! Thanks for reading about me!! Just remember "special needs" dogs need a home to - we'll love ya furever!! ;)



August 20th 2010 10:18 am
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Alright - latest update. Darcy is definately coming home!! We are so excited. I've been in touch with the rescue, some friends and the transport angels! Her ticket is paid in full and now we just have to wait until the others arrive for travel. Soon, very soon......


Come on Home Girl!

August 14th 2010 4:54 am
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Talked to Nancy last night. She's all for Darcy to come to us -FOREVER! Now it's just a matter of transporting. We're very patient and will do what it takes to get her here!! Promise!! There's so much to do - get her raised bowl station made, put her crate back together, buy her a new pillow and food - can't forget the food!!

Nancy (owner of the rescue) said she still won't come to anyone on her own. That the only person she ever came to when called was me. Gotta love that!! We're gonna start from the beginning with training but it will be alright. She's gonna be safe with us - forever!

Can't wait to see her again!!


Fingers Crossed

July 25th 2010 6:33 am
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Well I wrote the rescue's owner. I'm hoping that I can adopt Darcy permanently. I may have found a way to get her here (by Dogster Railroad). I've just got my fingers crossed.....



June 7th 2010 10:52 am
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Darcy, I have been thinking about you alot lately. I sure wish I could've brought you with us. I know that you are in a great rescue but you just plain haunt me. From the first time I saw you to when I took you back to the rescue because we were moving. I wonder if you were here would you be better at understanding that humans will not hurt you anymore? I sit at the house with Turner and try to think of a way we could get you here and make it work. I just don't know..... But I'm still trying to figure it out....


Having Fun!!

March 15th 2009 5:54 pm
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Mom got an update on me from the rescue group. I'm doing really well. Sounds like everyone is having fun keeping my routine up. I'm responding to everyone in a positive way!! I've got lots of other dogs to play with. One in particular, Billy Jean I'm goofy with!!

I'm still looking for a forever home. Hopefully someone will see that it really isn't to hard to work with me.

But until then, I'm going out to PLAY!!


I'm on Vacation

March 6th 2009 7:47 pm
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Kinda. See mom and dad have alot of travel and time away from the house for the next couple of months. I really need stability to feel good about myself. So, as planned, mom and dad took me to a new foster home.

There was lots of other dogs!! I mean lots of them!! I was a little scared at first but my tail came up pretty quick. Then I sensed that mom and dad were leaving. Hey!! Take me with you!!

Well mom and dad left me behind ;( I did my best to try and follow them out of the gate - no luck. ;( But I'm in really good hands. My new fosters are wonderful!! Mom wrote a "Darcy Do and Don't" handbook to help them out.

Mom and dad have lots to do, so I'll just kick back and enjoy myself. Who knows I may get lucky and find a permanent home!! If not I'll see mom and dad around June 1st.

Wish me luck!!



Another Bath!

March 3rd 2009 7:33 pm
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Mom said it was time to get a bath - alright - I stunk!! I'll only be with mom, dad and Turner for a few more days. Friday, mom and dad are taking me back to PAWS for a few months.

Mom and dad have alot to do in the next few months. Quite a bit of traveling, mom has a new job and isn't home much. I don't like dad to walk me so my walk time is down. So mom made arrangements for me to go to another foster home for a while. Mom is typing up my training schedule, just in case I get lucky and find a forever home!!

I enjoy being at mom and dads. Turner is fun - when he wants to play, but mom said there are lots of other dogs to play with at the new foster home!! I'm pretty jazzed about that!!

Well, wish me luck!! Let's hope that I can find a forever home!!


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