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Pulled a fast one on dad! :)

November 6th 2010 9:37 am
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So dad was loading up his truck and decided to leave the gate open. Well Turner being Turner took off a runnin through the gate. Needless to say I wasn't too far behind! Zoooommmm!!! We ran up the hill and chased each other for a bit! Dad was kinda freaked, I've never been outside the fence with him before and he thought for sure I would run away. What and leave my HOME? No way!! Well dad went back in the house, called Turner who of course went to dad. I followed Turner and went in the house also. Dad was releived. Went out and closed the gate. He though for sure mom would kill him if I ran away!! But mom knows, where ever everyone goes I'm going!!


Calming Cap/Anxiety Wrap

November 6th 2010 6:01 am
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Ever heard of one? Neither did I. But apparently mom did and we started our training with it. At first I just froze. Like I do with everything that scares me. But mom took her time with me like she does and I started to eat some treats. It wasn't too bad after all. We worked with it for about 35-40 minutes.

Then we took an hour break and mom put on the Anxiety Wrap. I really like that!! It's like a great big hug! Mom left that on for an hour. Everyone stayed quiet and I stayed in my crate, you know my safe place. When mom took off my wrap she gave me a great rub down. I think I liked that even more.... maybe.

Mom decided to use them because we went for a walk earlier and I really freaked out. Not sure if it was the cars/trucks in the distance or the mini-horses that were neighing. Their pitch is higher than an average horse. I was white eyed and looking behind me the whole time. But I'm not worried I go to mom and lean on her when were walking if I get scared. She stops and puts one hand on my side and one hand on my chest until I calm down. Some days are good, some aren't so good. But mom stays calm and I come around. Slow and steady....



November 3rd 2010 12:20 pm
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So this morning mom got us all dressed. It was 20 degrees outside and took us out to clean out birdhouses. WHY? They're birds! Anyhoo, she had this cordless drill and lost the tip for the screw. So then she looked for a replacement and couldn't find one. So that ended that.

Then we took Turner to the vet. I stayed in the truck in my crate and just watched the show around me. I don't like cities too much. Too much movement, but I was safe in my crate! Well they were inside for a while then mom brought Turner out and she was pretty happy. Said that Turner was so awesome in the office and she was so proud of him. Guess his lump is no big deal and that's good!!

We got home and mom started to clean - that means it's nappy time for us dogs. I joined Turner on the bed in front of the window with the warm sun. We took a nap for about an hour and then we heard mom going outside. So we joined her. She let's me go outside of the fence behind the house alot now. It's great! I get to run up and down the hill and get a good run in! We just got in and mom decided to check her e-mails and found out that Turner is Diary of the Day!! :) That's so cool!! Now it's chill time again. Waiting for dad to get home so we can go for our walk - my favorite time of the day!


Another Bath

October 31st 2010 4:23 am
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Mom said I smelled funky. So she gave me a bath and I smelled like coconuts.... Hmmmmmm.... and THAT doesn't smell funky? I avoided everyone for about an hour after I got my bath but mom, dad and Turner didn't mind. They give me space when I need it. Turner was just glad it wasn't his turn to get a bath!

We went for a long walk yesterday. Mom put on my sweatshirt and I was warm and comfy. I'm starting to get the hang of this getting dressed thing. I'm even lifting one of my paws up before mom asks.



October 30th 2010 6:02 am
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Mom came home and we all went for a walk - which I LOVE!! Mom put this really warm coat on me. It's green quilted on top with fake lambs wool on the inside. It was soooo warm!! I actually had my tail up and swaying for most of the walk. I knew I looked good in my coat! Mom is threatening to give me a bath soon. But it's soooo cold out!! Today it's supposed to hit 50 degrees and I may be hit for the bath! That's alright I stink! :) It was 38 degrees when mom took us outside this morning - brrrrrr......


Mom's Back!!

October 29th 2010 7:34 am
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Yippeeee!!! Mom was gone for a few nights - sure did miss her. But, while she was gone, Dad took me and Turner for walks. I wouldn't walk up to Dad, he actually came to me in the crate to put on my collar. I walked behind him for a bit, then realized that he wasn't going to hurt me and decided to walk with Turner out front! Got a little scared part of the way down the road so dad turned us around to head back to the house. We got back to the house and dad gave us both a cookie!! Awesome!!

So mom pulled in and opened the gate for me and Turner. We ran up and down the hill sooooo fast!! It took mom and dad about 15 minutes to unload the car so we had some playtime outside of the yard!



October 25th 2010 5:10 am
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So yesterday mom and dad took us for a walk as always. But instead of going to the house we went up the hill behind the house. Then up another hill to a small clearing. Into the woods we went to find a note mom left on a tree. There are unknown hunters on the property and mom is keeping them in check. Well there was no trash on the ground an we headed back towards the house. At the clearing mom took off my lead. I stood there for a minute not knowing what to do. Turner came over and nudged me and it was on! We ran like crazy!! It felt so good. Mom swears I was smiling the whole time!!

Then we went back into the house and mom found these things on me. Ticks!! Yuck!! Mom and dad got the heebie jeebies and checked themselves and found some as well! Yuck!!


It's Cold

October 22nd 2010 10:50 am
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Alright - it's cold! Mom has to put a sweatshirt on me everytime we go for a walk. And today - it snowed!! Not alot, but still - it snowed!! We had snow for a whole day in TX so I know, kinda, what it is. Now it's cold! Today's highs are in the 40's. That's a bit chilly for me!! I've been sleeping in one of the open bedrooms at night. Mom has a really warm blanket on it for me so I don't freeze and die!! :)

Yesterday when mom came home she left the gate open after she put on my collar.... I followed her to the car and back a couple of times and then mom ran up the hill behind the house and boy did I take off like a shot!! It felt so good to just run!! Mom lost me for a second and sent Turner up to get me!! I ran so fast down the hill!! I was smiling the whole way!! :)


Good Day

October 19th 2010 8:25 am
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So yesterday was a good day. Turns out as I was playing with Turner while sitting on the floor, Darcy walked right over to me and turned her head. This was the first time she approached me without be asked to go for a walk or anything. I pet her with long slow strokes with the back of my hand for about a half hour or so. When she was done she walked away slowly. I swear I had tears in my eyes!! I was so happy for her. That was a very big step in the right direction! :) I'm off for the next 2 days so we'll see how it goes - keeping our fingers crossed!



October 18th 2010 4:33 am
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One of our exercises we do with Darcy is to tether her to me so she can interact and not hide. During this time I usually sit on the floor and just place my hand on her side. No petting, no talking, no eye contact. Just sitting and breathing - calmly. I usually sit with her for about 30 minutes watching the news. Well yesterday while we sat all Darcy did was shake. Sometimes it makes me so sad other times angry. How could someone make a dog so afraid that the only touch it received from humans was one of frustration or anger. We have a long road with Darcy, this we knew ahead of time. She's made great strides with leashes, walks and feeding. But the touch is going to be the hardest to do. When we walk and I see a car coming, I have to walk her off the road and rub her chest for reassurance that the vehicle will not hurt her. She flinches to my touch and hits the ground when the vehicle passes - tail tucked to her belly.... Yesterday, while we were walking a car approached us, I rubbed her chest, the car passed and she shrunk down just a bit. I told her what a good girl she was and we continued to walk. Her tail wasn't tucked and we continued. The only thing is after the car passed she kept looking behind her. She will not treat (not even cooked chicken) when she is like this. We only walk the lake once a week, but each time is getting just a hair better. Frustrating? You bet! I just wish I could choke out those who did her wrong.

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