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Keep me safe......

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Thanksgiving Adventures...

November 26th 2010 4:56 am
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Sooooo, me, mom, dad and Turner took a ride over to grandma and grandpa's this weekend. it was about 3 1/2 hours of driving and we arrived. Boy are they in the woods!! Dad took my crate in the house so mom and dad could unload the truck. I'll tell you I was pretty scared. But mom had me on lead and I knew I was safe. Mom took me and Turner for a walk in this huge field outside of grandma and grandpa's house and I went potty with no problems. My nose was on overtime - all these new smells!! Got up on Wednesday and mom took me and Turner for a walk. Their driveway is so long - it's a dirt road and there are no other cars on it. It was great to walk in this new place with no cars to scare me! We saw, deer, rabbit, hawks and big fat grey squirrels.... Mom wouldn't let me off lead to chase the squirrels but it's alright. I came out of my crate all by myself and joined Turner on the bed. There is this bed on the porch that looks out onto the field. We layed there all day watching the birds and squirrels at the feeder!!

Then Wednesday late night Uncle Mark and Aunt Deb (mom's bro and SIL) came through the door. I knew Uncle Mark from when he visited us at home! Mom took us out for a walk (12:30 am) and we went back to bed. When I woke up the next day it was sleeting! Mom put on our coats and took us outside. When we got back in she put on my Anxiety Wrap - way too many people in this tiny house!! I was pretty nervous. The wrap helped sooo much! I actually layed on the bed, mom sat in front of me, while everyone was talking. I did real good!!

Everyone went out to dinner so Turner and I snoozed for a bit. Then mom and dad came back and started to load up the truck. Wahooo - heading home!! We drove back though the mountains (all covered with ICE!) and made it home after dark. Turner and I ran around the house and back yard playing for a bit!! I had so much fun....

Edit: Oh yea, grandma and grandpa we're thrilled with mom bringing me up from TX. Now that they've met me they both complimented mom for getting me here forever. They both agreed that mom did a great thing and that I'm real lucky to be here forever!


Life is moving forward....

November 22nd 2010 4:42 am
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So last night I was sitting on the chair and Turner was doing his staring thing at me. This drives me nuts!! Next thing I know Darcy walks up next to him. Put her head down and moved towards me sideways. This means touch time!! :) I pet her for about 20 minutes stopping once in a while and she would move in closer!! Then she went and laid down on a pillow. This is soooo huge... for her to come to me for touch is really big. When I come home she greets me at the gate with Turner - tail a waggin!! When we walked yesterday for about half of the walk her tail was all the way up and wagging. Even hubby noticed it!! He said, "Look she's smiling from behind!!"



November 20th 2010 4:55 am
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So mom picked me up from Rainy Day Farms last night. I has sooooo much fun!! I played with the other dogs and got lots of treats and handling from the women there!! I did so good!! The said anytime I needed to be watched they would be glad to have me!! Yippee!!!! :) I was wagging my tail the entire time I got home!! Turner gave me the nicest playbow greeting when I got home! Missed him to!


Walks at the Lake

November 15th 2010 6:27 pm
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So mom and dad have taken me and Turner 2x's to the lake for a walk. Both times I had on my Anxiety Wrap. Know what? The walk wasn't too bad! It was colder today so mom put on my tie die shirt over the wrap and I was nice and warm! There were more cars on the roads today and I did exceptionally well!

I've got to tell you this crazy thing that mom does. Alright - during the evening I will jump on the sofa next to mom. She will lay her arm on me and either use the laser light with Turner or watch tv. Feeding me treats occasionally. Then out of the blue mom will give me a hug. I mean just hug me. I feel funny, and start to follow her all around. I think I actually like them. Hmmm.

Well tomorrow will be a big day. Mom is taking me to Rainy Day Farms for a few nights. Her and Turner are going to grandma and grandpas for a couple of nights. Hopefully I'll do alright (as long as she picks me up on Friday!) Wish me luck!!


Company? Who are these guys??

November 14th 2010 10:23 am
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Mom came home and took me and Turner for a walk - it was wonderful. We got up behind the house and got to run up and down the hill. I even snuck into the woods for a little private time... :) Mom was ironing her uniforms and we all heard this sound. Turns out the hunters who rent the basement were in town for a day. They stopped by to check in. Scared the living daylights outta me!! I ran into mom's room and hid out on my pillow there. Mom came in and got me on my lead. She walked me out to the living room staying between me and and these strange men (3). I was shaking so badly. Mom sat in a chair furthest away from them and put me along side of her so I can look and see who they are. They were all wearing camo and orange clothing and one still had his hat on. Boy was I shaking. Mom tried to treat me and I wanted nothing to do with it. Mom gave me some good long rubs and I settled a bit. Then she walked me back to the room after a few minutes and let me stay on my pillow and hide. After everyone left I came out and stood next to mom (she was sitting on the floor). I took a step closer and closer everytime she stopped petting me. Did this all on my own!! Then mom let me back into my crate and I ate dinner. We settled down to watch a movie and all was well....


Walks at the Lake

November 13th 2010 4:11 am
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So mom and dad took me and Turner to the lake. Mom put on my Anxiety Wrap and away we went. First I was sniffing where Turner was sniffing and he peed on my head !! Rude!! Mom pulled me away, but he still got me. So mom and I went back to the truck to get cleaned up. Then we started our walk again. I did really good. There were a couple of school buses that kinda scared me, but I was still sniffing the ground. Mom held me while they passed and I didn't cringe at all. That was a first! We walked down by the waterfalls and I was alright. The noise was a little loud but I was alright. By the time we headed back to the car I was pretty relaxed, panting even. My ears were back but not pinned and my tail wasn't tucked at all. These are all good signs! We got home and mom gave us both a cookie!! Yum!! Slow and steady as always!


Today is my Birthday!

November 11th 2010 4:32 am
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I'm three years old!! Wow what a life!! I was found at 8 weeks old and mom counted back from that day eight weeks and today's date is my birthday! It's been a long journey for me in just 3 years. I was found with my siblings and mom (a beautiful fawn boxer) living under a house. The rescue people had to crawl under the house to get all of us - we were scared of course. We were loaded with fleas and got a bath. However the people that gave us pups a bath just put us out in their yard after the bath. Not much hands on. And I started to be fearful. Well my siblings and mom all got adopted. Except me, I was a scardy dog by then and nobody helped me get over it. The humans just left me alone instead of treating me and making me feel good. So I just kept going with all my pup friends to Petsmart on the weekends. All of my friends were going to new homes, but me... :( That's when I met my future mom. She came one day and noticed how quiet I was. How I was trying to make myself so small that nobody would touch me. When she asked about me she was told - oh she has a harness on because she's so shy we can't grab her. What?! Of course she put a lead on me and took me for a walk. We sat behind the store in a grassy area. Future mom just sat there and didn't say a word. When she tried to touch me I jumped like I was being shocked. Please don't hurt me! White-eye and shaking. That's when mom started to plan my life. You see mom had just moved to TX from FL and was renovating a house. They had a pit/boxer who was dog reactive and mom had to come up with a plan to get me out of my situation. So a section of the yard got fenced in, doggie doors installed and mom spent alot of time with me on the weekend at Petsmart. Finally one day mom came home and said to dad that she had seen enough and wanted to foster me. Dad was a little leary at first (like he always is) but of course mom got her way. So after they caught me at the rescue owners house I got to meet Turner and my future dad walking on their 20 acres. I completely ignored Turner - I was soo scared. Turner realized I wasn't going to hurt or challenge him and ignored me. Hooray!! Mom fostered me for 9 months in TX. I got a little better and soon Turner and I would play for hours!! I can read him like a book and when he would start to get upset I would walk away from him. It was great. Then one day mom said that her and dad were heading north to help mom's parents. That I had to go back to the rescue. The saddest day was when mom took me back to the rescue. They had a new place in Silsbee and there were loads of dogs. Once again I faded to the background - scared... Then one day in September of 2010 Marcie came and got me. She took me to Covington, LA to St. Tamany's Humane Society. She gave me a big kiss and told me to have a wonderful life! What did that mean? Well I spent 2 weeks at the HS and then I was taken to an airport. Pilots and Paws flew me from Covington, LA to Allentown, PA. Our flight was early and I had to wait in a mini-van with 8 barking little dogs! What in the world was going on? Then I saw her. A SUV pulled up behind the van and I notice the person driving - it was mom!! I knew she wouldn't leave me forever!! I knew it! Mom's came over to the van, slipped a collar and lead on me and said hello my love - welcome home. I was so happy!! Now I'm at my forever home with mom, dad and of course Turner. Mom and dad are so patient with me it's wonderful. We have a big house and lots of woods to sniff in! Mom and dad are helping me get over my fears and hope that one day I'll be able to take a deep sigh and enjoy life to the fullest. There have been soo many adventures since I left Texas and I know there are soo many more to come! So happy 3rd birthday to me - the luckiest girl in the world! :)


And some days are good...

November 10th 2010 3:24 pm
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So I had to wait for the satellite guys to show up at 11:30 am. Had some bushes and stuff to pull out of the ground today and decided that after our walk I would get to it. Well I let Darcy stay off lead. Oh boy! I don't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing. She smelled around for a bit and the zoom she took off! Ran into the woods in the front yard and I watched her and Turner hop around for a bit. Then she ran in front of the house, around the side and up and down the hill. I laughed sooo hard! Her and Turner were chasing for a good 10 minutes. Then she started heading to where I didn't want her to go. I've got unknown hunters on my property and I'm not sure if they are in deer stands today. Luckily Turner will chase her, turn her and head towards the house when I call him. After about 10 more minutes she finally followed him in. I went back outside and tied her to about 20 ft of lead. Got the bushes out of the ground and decided alright we'll head to the back, again and I'll see how she does. Zoom, she took off again. This time took a little more bribing to get her in the house but she did come in after a bit. I know she got some really good exercise in - she needs it and she is so beautiful to watch run. While waiting for the satellite guys (who didn't show until 2:45!) both Turner and Darcy took a well deserved nap.

Once the satellite guys showed up, Darcy was crate bound. Bless her heart, they were here for 2 hours. Once they left I took her out for a much needed potty break. I wish I had a couple of acres fenced in so she could really get a run on but there is no way hubby will go for it. We don't have any dog parks around so that is out. I was nervous a couple of times when she headed to the woods. I lost sight of her and am concerned about her. Luckily she is micro-chipped and has her lost tag on at all times outside. So it was a much better day today.

By the way, thanks everyone for your comments. It's comforting to know that I'm not babbling into space. :)


Some days are good and some days are well... not so good

November 9th 2010 6:56 am
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Last night was alright I guess. I got home and Darcy and Turner ran up the hill behind the house. Playing like usual. We got in, got ready for our walk with no problem. Once we got back from our walk Darcy started to shut down. Some nights she's just plain scared at everything. Last night was one. So I put on the Anxiety Wrap and let her stay in her crate. Brought her out on lead and tried to work with her a bit. The entire time her tail was tucked under her belly. She wouldn't take a treat for anything. Any eye contact and she would go white eyed and start shaking. So I just let her be.

Once again, I wonder, what is she thinking? I wish she could talk and tell me everything so I could make her feel better. Let her know she's safe and no harm will ever come to her.

So tonight I'll go home, get changed and take them for another walk and hope tonight it will be better for her...


And the training continues

November 8th 2010 3:42 am
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So last night I put the Calming Cap on Darcy. We actually walked around the house with it for a bit. A little shakey but she is definately getting used to it.

Then later, I put on the Anxiety Wrap. I think I'm getting more response from the wrap. I left it on her a good hour. We just let her lay in her crate. Took her outside for a bathroom break, once back in the house I took it off of her. She had her tail up and wagging at me. Her eyes were a little stressed, but overall she was calmer. She followed me around the house, first heading towards her crate, then changing her mind and following me. She finally jumped on the sofa and settled down. Turner jumped up on the sofa to have some lovin time and all was calm.

Darcy just loves going for walks. When I get home she is sooo excited, she runs into the bedroom and sits on her pillow with that look - like come on get changed, lets go!! Even the walks are getting much better for her. She's not hitting the ground when cars go by. She may cringe once or twice but her recovery is really fast now! There are times when you can tell she's struggling. She wants to come to me for a pet on the chest, but then seems to catch herself and stop. Usually that's when I approach her side and stroke her a few times and then just walk away. Slow and steady with this girl, she's so worth it.

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