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We went for a walk!

March 1st 2014 2:11 pm
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What a great day! The sun was shining yesterday and today. Yesterday mom and dad went to the Chainsaw Art thingy. They did get home in time for us to go out front to play a little. Then today we woke up with the sun on our faces! It was wonderful! Mom took us for a walk. At the end of the driveway we heard a vehicle. Mom said car and I got behind her and Grunt got next to her. Well it was FedX. They drove up to mom, she figured it was a package deliver. Nope! They gave me and Grunt cookies and drove off! Mom said to have a great day! SCORE!!!!

So we got our walk in, when we got back to the house mom gave me my cookie. I was too scared when the van stopped to eat my cookie...


Vet Visit

February 25th 2014 5:48 pm
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Me and Grunt got our Lyme booster shots. Everything is good. Even my lump which was real tiny, not enough to put a needle in it. The new vet was alright. She's young, but was quiet and moved slowly around me. So I didn't mind her touching me. Mom forgot to have my bloodwork done, but that's alright. My kidneys were only slightly elevated when I was first diagnosed with Lyme. Grunt was Mr. Social Butterfly as always. I was shaky because of the new people who were there. But overall we did great! Mom and dad went shopping when we got done. We got to people watch for a bit. They weren't gone long and we got home to take naps. I'm still 72 pounds, but Grunt has gained 3 pounds! He's a whopping 75 solid pounds. Mom said she can't wait for winter to get overwith so we can exercise. :)


Vet Visit

February 19th 2014 12:14 pm
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Tomorrow I go to the vet for another check-up. Mom wants them to draw blood to make sure my kidneys are alright. She also found a lump on the underside of my chest. Funny thing about the lump is that sometimes it's as big as a marble and other times its small as a ju-ju bead. Weird right?


Awww mom!!

February 16th 2014 12:02 pm
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Mom got up, told dad to get up we're going for a walk. Well you know the word walk always perks me up! So I started to do my happy dance! :) We all went for a walk. Dad walked me. Grunt has been pulling while on walks lately - he's bored and wants to get out. Dads feet are louder than moms. So I was concerned at first. Then mom said how brave I was to walk dad today and I settled down. On our way back mom leaves Grunt off lead so he can run up and down our street. There aren't many cars because of the weather and mom and dad say in the road just in case a car does come by. So Grunt ran and jumped and digged in the snow. He was panting after a few runs. We went up the hill (our driveway) and played out front for a bit.

When we got in mom said peeuuuu! Someone smells rank! Next thing I know mom's giving me a bath! What???? It wasn't too bad. I got an awesome massage. When she toweled me off I got another massage. Then I got cookies! Yum!!!

Now mom's at work and I'm comfy in her bed with Grunt.....


Lyme Vaccination

January 27th 2014 11:35 am
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Mom took me back to the vets after taking my meds for 30 days. Everything looks good. However my blood work will test positive for Lyme for a while if not forever :( Me and Grunt got our lyme vaccination. We came home and slept for the rest of the day and pretty much all night. We were totally wiped out! :( Mom and the vet agreed, mom is doing everything possible to help us not get lyme disease. It's just that there are sooo many stinking ticks here (and that last winter was mild). So mom told the vet she only gave me 3 days of Rimadyl because of her concern for kidney damage. The vet agreed that as long as my wrist wasn't swollen, warm and I was walking it was alright. Plus mom said if I start to limp again she'll already have it for me. Both me and Grunt go back to the vet again in a month for bloodwork to make sure we're alright after the vaccine. Mom agreed it was a good idea, stating that she wants to do bloodwork next time to make sure my kidneys are alright.


Not happy :(

January 19th 2014 5:16 pm
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Mom has been posting my diary since she got me on Dogster. With me being so fearful she says it was good to document what worked and what didn't. What some triggers may have been and how they were calmed. Now Dogster is going away. POOF! We no longer exist in the dog world. Not happy! Mom got to copy all of my pages to keep and may start my own page on FaceBook. Mainly because I've come so far with my fears. Mom hopes that my story will someday help someone with a shutdown dog like me. We've met so many amazing people on Dogster and will miss them all so much. I've still got a vet appointment for my follow-up from my Lyme treatment. We will post an update and then our final good-byes... :(


Brrr, we're not in Texas anymore!

January 6th 2014 2:06 pm
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Man is the wind blowing! It's really cold out there! Mom said it's supposed to get to 40 below tonight. Brrr!! That means I'll burrow down in my pillow. Mom has a flannel blanket on it that's sooo soft. She'll move my pillow closer to the heater so I'm nice and warm! :):)


Cold outside

December 31st 2013 2:31 pm
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After our walk this morning mom gave me a bath. Brrrr! She towel dried me most of the way and then wrapped me in a blanket. Now I'm toasty and warm.... Happy New Year everyone!


Oh NO!!!!

December 29th 2013 12:29 pm
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So mom got home after work Christmas eve. I was now hopping and refused to put weight on my foot. Mom was pretty concerned (of course) She took me outside and when I got in I was like velcro to mom. No way was I letting her leave my sight. I was hurting! Mom then rotated my shoulder, no grinding; no flinching, then she touched each of my toes and my paw, no reponse; then she felt my wrist - it was warm and felt like there was fluid there, uh oh, then my elbow - no problems there. So back to the wrist. Mom felt and compared both of them. Yup there is something definately wrong! :(

Then next morning mom got up early, called the vet and away we went. My regular vet has moved onto a new clinic (mom will have to find her I like her) and the vet that saw me is a woman who is a bit loud. Her assistant was pretty loud also. Well she checked me over and said - nothing appears broken but wanted to check to see if I'd had a Heartworm test done recently. I didn't. So the vet suggested I have bloodwork done to test for Lyme. The ticks are all year here (yup, even in the snow!!) They drew blood from my back leg (I was soooo good!) And mom took me outside, she thought I would potty but I was too scared. So she put me in the truck and turned on the heat.

Mom was inside and the vet came out shaking her head with "that look". Uh oh. She told mom I tested positive for Lyme. Mom said, what's our course of action. The vet said she wanted to check my kidneys but the blood work would be X amount of dollars. Mom said, look, I don't have kids, she's my kid lets test it. Then she said depending on the kidney result I would get a anti-inflamatory and some antibiotics. Well I had to come out of the truck, back in the office, have blood drawn from the other back leg (thank God I have 2). Mom said, we're done with her if she's more comfortable in the truck put her up. So I went back to my crate.

Mom waited inside and the blood work came back. My kidneys were just slightly elevated. So I mom paid for my meds, made my follow up appt in 30 days and discussed me and Grunt getting Lyme vaccines.

Now it's been a few days and I feel much better. I take my meds with no problems, my wrist isn't swollen or warm any more.


I'm hurting today....

December 25th 2013 12:05 pm
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I've been having a slight limp on my front right leg for the last couple of days. Mom figured me and Grunt must've played a bit too hard. Well this morning mom woke up and I was in my room on my bed (which is on the floor). I got up and limped to the living room and slowly climbed on the sofa. Mom covered me with a blanket and I went back to sleep. Well mom and Grunt went outside. Usually I go out after them. I didn't. Hmmm... Mom came back in and I was still under the blanket. Mom decided to put my Christmas collar on. It looks so pretty! Onyx gave it to me and I love it. Well I got off the sofa and I was hopping on my front. I wouldn't put my paw down. Mom did a once over on me, no reaction to my paw/toes, flexible at the ankle, no swelling, rolled the shoulder like a cho-cho train and no reaction, no grinding. Hmmmmm.... Well mom put a lead on me and took me out to potty. When we got back in I stayed real close to mom. Mom I've got an owie! :( Mom massaged my shoulder and checked my leg again. No flinching, no response. Hmmmm...

Mom took Grunt to Elk State Park for photos. Dad stayed home with me. I ate Grunts left over food and my food. When mom got home I hopped over to her on 3 legs. Mom was so sad. Mom took me out again and I pottied. We got back in and mom sat on the floor and really gave me a once over. Looks like my shoulder is hurting. The way I'm standing on it and not walking right on it.

Mom said if it continues we'll go see Dr. Mount. And I'll get fixed up. Mom gave Grunt strict orders of no playing or rough housing tonight while she's at work. I layed on my ortho pillow while mom was getting ready for work. It's very comfy and I started to snore. Maybe with some sleep I'll feel better...

No so Merry Christmas for me :( Merry Christmas everyone!

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