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What was that?

June 19th 2011 7:07 am
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Mom came home from work and took a 3 hour nap! What?! She said all of this driving has her exhausted and she needed a break! When she woke up we went for our walk. It was nice and cool out (68). We walked to the cemetary and came around the perimeter of it. I like this walk and smell alot of critters there! Well in the woods mom heard something rustling and then running away. She figured it was deer since we've seen soo many of them on our walks. Nope - it was a black bear! :o Needless to say we walked on out of the cemetary quickly!! Mom said - gee wish Blaze was here to keep us safe.. Hmmmm.....

Then we were walking back and mom saw some ears in the high grass. Sure enough 2 doe were watching us. Then we saw a baby bunny! He was so cute!

This mornings walk was pretty uneventful only another baby bunny. Maybe we didn't see anything because we went in the other direction! Mom took me about 50 feet further than our usualy turn around before I started to get anxious.

Today I'm getting a bath, mom said it's a necessary evil. Company is coming on Wednesday and I've got to be clean... oh well...


It's Alright

June 18th 2011 4:02 am
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Please understand the medication we're looking at for Darcy aren't because she's bad. It's to help her relax mentally while we work on her to develop more confidence. Darcy wants to do things when she starts to it's like she remembers be afraid and stops, backs ups and leaves. The meds will help her relax and focus on moving forward. It may or may not help. But we won't know until we try. It's not just a pill it's also behavior modification that goes along with it. It's the last attempt to give her a calm life where she feels confident to interact with humans.


Going for Bloodwork

June 17th 2011 5:34 am
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So after Darcy shut-down around Blaze I made a bunch of phone calls to some behaviorists I know. She's hit a wall and has been "stuck" for quite some time. So I made an appt for her to have bloodwork drawn and I'm going to put her on meds for a while to "get her over the hump" and hopefully, move forward with more confidence. Luckily our new vet is experienced in this field and we are hoping for some positive results soon.


Not a Happy Dog... :(

June 12th 2011 5:13 am
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I went to the kennel for a few days. I came home and there is another dog in the driveway. Hmmmm. Dad was walking him. So mom and I walked over to meet him. We sniffed, he's bigger than me. We took a walk and he seemed alright. We got back to the house and mom and dad took our collars off. We did a bunch of playbows and ran around. Then WHAM! He ran right through me. Hey, I don't like that! Stop. Then he ran around and wham, got me again. Stop! So I ran away from him.

He's been here a few days now and still trying to get me to play. I would just freeze and look away. He's tried to get me to play and I've growled at him. Yesterday, he playbowed at me, shaking his head. I looked at him and he mouthed my leg. I growled at him. He put his paw on my side and shoved me, then I snapped. Stop! Mom was right there and pulled him away from me. Luckily she had a ball to throw for him and he left me alone.

Darcy isn't too thrilled with Blaze. Which is too bad for Darcy. Blaze is bigger than her and we don't think he realizes how big and strong he is. He's a wonderful dog, but he's too big for Darcy. We're taking him back to the rescue on Wednesday. Darcy may be relieved but we are going to miss him - he is a wonderful dog with an amazingly calm temperment...


The sun'll come out...

May 28th 2011 10:21 am
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Today!! Wahooo!! This afternoon the clouds went away and the sun is shining!! :) I'm on my raised bed outside. Mom puts a blanket on it for me so I'm comfy! Gonna be sunny all week...

Blaze update: The first week of June I'm going to Rainy Day Kennel for a week at the "doggie social club". Mom scheduled this week for me a month ago. Mom got in touch with CompAnimals about blaze and her and dad are going down to meet him on Wednesday. So when I come back from Rainy Day I should (I hope) have a new friend!!

Mom and I have been walking like crazy. Mom figured out that if she does this quick walk I trot and have a good time. I've been taking mom to the cemetary and back it's a couple of miles each day and I love it. A car came by us yesterday and I just kept my head and tail up and kept moving forward. Then a pickup came and I got freaked. Mom kept me off the road for a bit, until I calmed down and we continued with our walk.

Mom has been threatening me with a bath for a week or so now, so far I've been keeping mom busy so she'll forget!! I think with me heading to the kennel soon I'll have to get a bath though. Mom loves sending a shiny dog to the kennel.


Diary Pick of the Day!

May 24th 2011 3:53 am
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Whoot Whoot!! We got diary pick of the day!! That is soooo awesome!!

We're gonna ask everyone who read this to keep their fingers crossed for us!! We put in an application for a friend for Darcy. His name is Blaze and he's a 7 month old American Bulldog. We're being patient and hoping that we get approved so keep your fingers crossed....

Thanks for the Diary of the Day pick!! :)


Go for a ride and get a...

May 23rd 2011 3:09 pm
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Ice Cream!! Mom and dad wanted to get some ice cream and check out the local high school baseball game. So mom put on my collar and put me in the truck. Mom keeps my crate in the truck all of the time. She took the door off and I love it!

Anyhooo... so we pull up to this tiny ice cream place in town. Man were there alot of people. I stayed in my crate but I got to smell, listen and watch everything. Mom got Tutti Fruiti, dad got Bubblegum and they got me a small dish of vanilla. Well I was a bit freaked out. So mom decided we should go by the game and park. I got to see baseball and the kids running around and the parents in their cars/trucks watching the game. I stayed in my crate.

I calmed down enough to take a few licks of ice cream. Hmmmm.. mom says that's a good sign. Well then I started people watching again and decided I didn't want the ice cream just yet. So mom and dad finished their cones and we watch the game for a bit. Then mom drove us home. Well when I got out of the truck mom had my ice cream in her hand. I watched the bowl the entire time. We got into the house, mom removed my collar and got the ice cream bowl and said come on! She held the bowl while I licked it clean! It was soooo good!

We went to bed and at 2 am I heard thunder. So I went into check on mom. Alright I was scared a bit. Mom turned on the tv and I settled in on my pillow for the night.

Today was beautiful after a cloudy start. Cool breezy and some sun. Tonight the storms are coming, guess I'll be sleeping on my pillow in mom's room...


Mom's Back! :)

May 20th 2011 4:27 am
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Well mom went to Grandma and Grandpa's this week. Seems she tried to have their computer fixed, but no luck. Grandma's computer is no longer in the working world! Mom spent 4 hours and 45 minutes on the phone with Dell in India. This was the 5th call, most calls were 2-3 hours.

Mom got home last night and it wasn't raining so we went for a long walk! Everyone, I mean everyone, was cutting their grass. It just won't stop raining here!

Well after our walk mom and I played outside for a bit. Then we went inside so she could unpack. Of course I got to smell everything. Mom lets me check out and smell everything that way I know things aren't scary.

We're still waiting to hear about my possible new friend. Mom talks to me about him all the time. She says the application is in, she called the vet to okay release of information and now we're just waiting for the rescue to call us. I hope they do! I really want to have someone to play with.

Fingers still crossed! :)


A new friend soon?

May 17th 2011 4:30 am
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Well mom and dad inquired about a lab/weim mix. Turns out he's going to a wonderful home in a couple of week!! Yea!! The rescue he was at sent mom and dad a couple of pictures of some other dogs available. Well mom and dad saw this American Bulldog and smiled. They put in an application and are hopeful that they will get approved. Then mom's got to schedule us for a trip down to meet him (yup, it's a him!). Mom loves the bullies and after losing Turner who was nothing but energy she missed the constant movement. We all miss Turner, but I'm lonely and need a friend to play with. Fingers Crossed! :)

Mom had a tick on her yesterday and came home last night and cut the grass in the dog yard. She's gonna treat the yard this weekend, it's supposed to stop raining. She also put on my dose of Frontline Plus. No more buggies on me!! We went for a walk and there was a tick creeping up my paw. Ewwwww!!!

Mom is heading to grandma and grandpas tonight. Since dad is on vacation we're staying home. Dad has been taking me on walks while mom's at work. When we're in my room, dad will lay on the bed while mom is on the computer. I've been laying next to dad. Mom and dad are amazed. I'm even letting dad pet my chest with the back of his hand (mom told him to use the back of his hand, not the front, less threatening). So I'm ever so slowly warming up to dad. Yesterday morning I was pacing around the house and was going in to look out the slider in dads room. Then I would check on him and trot out of the room. Dad has been giving me chicken for treats so you know I'm loving on him. Dad had some chicken for lunch and I came out to say hello friend. He gave me a couple of pieces and talked to me. Another good day!


Here we go....

May 15th 2011 4:22 pm
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So it's been a while since mom has written in my diary. Hmmmpf!! But things have been crazy here with Turner getting sick and then leaving me forever. Mom and dad went on vacation for a week. That meant that I went to the kennel for a week! Yippeee!!! We pulled up and my tail was thump, thump, thumping!! I was sooo happy to be there. Our house is too quiet and I need to play!! Well mom and Nancy took me to the back and Nancy placed me in the middle of the kennel range. She said that I don't need to be on an end kennel anymore. Yippeee!! Well after I got in I was smiling my biggest goofy grin at mom, my tail just a waggin... I went outside and said my see ya's to mom and dad. They were standing there in shock, my smiling face and waggin tail had them in a state of wonder and shock! Hmmmmm....

Well after a week of total fun and playtime mom and dad came to pick me up. Nancy just opened my door and I went out front to greet mom with a wagging tail! Amazing!! :) Dad was in total shock - he's never seen me so happy! So now I've been home for a couple of days and dad and mom are talking about getting me a friend. Sounds good to me!! I'm bored and need another pup to play with. They've found a couple of possibilities and told me that I have the final say as to who stays!! Whoever the lucky pup will be they're in for an amazing life that's for sure... But for now, I'm still sleepy from my time at the kennel. Turns out yesterday a lab mix pup came in, he was like a bulldozer. Well Nancy put us outside together and boy did we play!! I'm beat and gonna get some rest...

Good night everyone!! :)

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